The Day Parks and Recreation Was Born

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    In this video, I explore Parks and Recreation's troubled beginnings and the episode that sparked the show's rise to excellence.
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    1. Entertain The Elk

      What should I explore next in my new Day ___ Was Born series?

      1. Publius Velocitor


      2. Norman Bates


      3. Lauren Faylor

        Schitts Creek

      4. Carlithian Lowsey

        Avatar the last airbender

      5. KryofFear 1337

        Can you please explore Oz (HBO).

    2. Jason Boyd

      The sentiments in the video regarding season 1 I think are very accurate. I originally watched only a couple of episodes and then stopped for a long time until I got the push to watch it again, after making it to season 2 and beyond it quickly became a favourite show of mine. Also I counter the claim that Chris’s line in flu season as the funniest lines in the series with “I think there has been a mistake, you have given me the food that my food eats”

    3. margareth SIGNORELli

      I thanks very much my son Alexandre for forcing me to go to the second season. I watch each episode loving more and more. It was my companion for COVD time in 2020. Thank you very much for giving us such a pure, naive and happy characters to distract us in such a hard time in everybodys life.

    4. Phyvemin

      I didnt realise that Michael schur is moses

    5. Norman Bates

      I love The Office but then I got Jammed.

    6. Stevek812

      Really enjoyed the video and love the new series!

    7. Lauren Faylor

      I appreciated your review on this because I'm not a fan of this show, so it was helpful to see it broken down so analytically. I never thought this show worked unfortuantely, and I wanted to like it because so many people do. The problem lies within the fact that it's made in the style of The Office but none of the subtlety of The Office. The characters are too big, I never mind that under any other circumstances, but it doesn't work for a documentary style. The Office works because you still have characters that are voices of reason that play off the Michael Scotts and Dwights. That doesn't exist here. Everyone's too big. There is no basis in reality, even when they feature news segments, they're completely off the wall, failing to establish reality again. It's more interesting to see ridiculous juxtaposed next to something that's not.

    8. Brik Haus

      Mark Brandanoquitz

    9. Kerrie Smith

      This is a fantastic idea! I love it! I would like to see Rick and morty or the venture brothers please! 😄

    10. Pataplum

      To be honnest, I didn't know the first season was this decried by fans until now. I love it. Really. The pit thing was so simple and yet brillant. But ok.

    11. Carlithian Lowsey

      Completely agree, tried many times to get into it, finally forced myself through the first season simply because of all the memes I had seen, finished it last night, love it

    12. Bocop

      I don't think the first 6 episodes are that bad at all. Sure the show gets WAY better but there is actually some really funny content in the first 6.

    13. Daniel Gertler

      Community never died, there was a gas leak for one year

    14. MJ

      My favorite episode is Eagleton!

    15. charmie1984

      Why the heck wasn't Michael Schur in Parks and Rec?? Come on, Mose.

    16. georgia •

      okay maybe i will watch this show, i just cant get through the first season 😩😭

    17. Stealth Cobra

      I mean honestly the Office had an almost unwatchable first season too, with an unlikable Michael Scott and gags that didn't really land, so it's pretty par for the course and it seems kinda strange to hate on Parks and Rec for having six meh episodes.

    18. martyswild

      I went to re-watch parks and rec on Netflix and you’re right I skipped over season one

    19. B.I.C. Violet

      In hilarious irony: I watched the first episode of the Office, didn't like it and skipped but then I watched parks and rec and was like "why did nobody tell me that parks and rec is filmed like the office but did it better????" Which I am suddenly ashamed by and will prob give the office another shot but nevertheless the office has a worse first episode than parks and rec

    20. Talaris Watts-EL

      Great video. I hope to see more in this series.

    21. James Jones

      I rewatch at least once a year, parks and rec is such a big comfort show for me and the finale makes me cry everytime

    22. Felipe Junior Moreira

      From the start to the end everyone dream about the trio Ron, Mark and Andy.

    23. David K

      I think the show was born on episode one of season two. The Zoo was one of the best episodes ever.

    24. David Jones

      Superb analysis of a wonderful, wonderful show. Season 1 made me smile occasionally, but season 2 made me laugh and every season after that made me stand up and cheer. This video captures the reasons why. Thank you, sir.

    25. lauren

      literally all three golden age star trek shows fit in this category. Took 2/3 seasons to find their footing

    26. diane ridley

      Any day where RONALD ULYSSES SWANSON was NOT wearing a tie at work is the BEST day in Pawnee, IN. Seeing him in season 1 almost makes me physically ill. I love Ron Swanson.

    27. Reykjavík 1

      the whole show seems to me to be very convulsive and fake acting, I've watched all seasons 2 times and can't get anything out of this show ... with one exception, nick offerman- he's the glue that holds the show together

    28. carl morandell

      I think season 6 finale is also worth a mention. It was a really great episode

    29. Kari Thompson

      I actually really liked the first season.

    30. SamiJay 5000

      I really thought my dad would enjoy this show but he had his doubts because he doesn't like the offfice. He said to show him the best episode so I watched this video for help and decided to start him off at flu season and he was hooked we watched 5 episodes that night! I don't think he would have stuck through the first 2 seasons. We're now up to season 6!

    31. bbyhol33

      Retta said nothing in the first ssn and she looked so old dhsjsj

    32. bbyhol33

      I am on my 13th rewatch of the show lol

    33. This account is unavailable

      I was watching it on peacock and I was so excited to rewatch season 3 but you have to pay for the rest of the series 🙂🙃

    34. Phil A

      Really liked this show. But the last season was terrible.

    35. Your Wrong

      Season finale is incredible. Not worth the bore fest that is this show. Watch the highlights and save yourself the time

    36. Sara amiri

      TBH I really liked season one

    37. Ganga Huweed

      Unpopular opinion: farts and recreation was dead on arrival. From the beginning it was a shoddy cash grab for officetards

      1. Ganga Huweed


      2. Motochika Chosokabe



        Office is a ok show but the fans of it are reatarded

    38. Rachelcookie321

      Honestly when I was watching parks and recreation I didn’t realise Mark was gone until Ann started dating Chris and I thought “haven’t they already dated before” which lead time to realising she had dated Mark and then realising Mark was gone.

    39. Rachelcookie321

      I haven’t watched the office but I have watched Parks and Recreation. I don’t think the first season was bad, I enjoyed it, and that’s what led me to watch the full show this past few weeks. I can’t really compare it the office but from what I know, the office also had a rough first season because they based it off the UK office. I think Parks and Recreation wasn’t bad but it did definitely better. I think a huge turning point was when they finally gave Jerry a personality.

    40. tidge879

      I did exactly what you described, watched season 1 and quit. I'll give it another go after watching this.

    41. Vinicius

      Rom is the only one ho kept me watching the first season

    42. Butterfly13

      I remember when I first started binge-watching Parks and Rec last year. I initially thought it was pretty mediocre and didn't really understand why people liked it, but I decided to give it a chance anyway...One of the best decisions I ever made

    43. ANGRY KUMU

      Please do “The Day Seinfeld Was Born”. ❤️🔥

      1. oh man


      2. oh man

        Poofeld is a terrible show

    44. Ben Shinko

      Mark Brandanowitz was so boring that IRflow automatically played an ad over his section

    45. zoe

      okay lets be honest, parks n rec is just the office, but 100 times better

    46. Ninad Patil

      "You may have network connectivity problems" always makes me giggle

    47. Alex B

      I thought flu season was one of the worst episodes

    48. DC2k4

      It gets too exaggerated compared to the office. The office obviously gets carried away sometimes but definitely not as much as parks n rec..

    49. Mat

      HARD TRUTH: Community is better than P&R and The Office combined.

    50. Jastus Vilbum

      I would say Parks and Recs is a B+ tier show for me.

      1. oh man


    51. Hakan Barr

      the show was always great.

    52. Andre Setiawan

      I approve of this message

    53. Davy Villano


    54. Emily lol

      In my opinion I always feel like every sitcom isn’t worth watching prior to season 3. Seinfeld, Frasier, everybody loves Raymond, king of queens, the office and parks and rec. Anytime before S3 is almost always unbearable. The characters are flat, the writers are always trying to figure out their formula, The humor is experimental. It’s always just so awkward.

      1. oh man

        King of queens was less funny and imaginative then a toilet flushing from day 1

    55. Peter Conley

      Pasadena City Hall lol

    56. Ladylovespie 8

      Funny, because for me, I always tell people to "hang in there" when recommending 'The Office'. The office had a terrible start for me.

    57. WIIC TV Channel 11

      Season 2 of the Office is my favorite season and rewatching Parks and Rec my favorite season is season 2 as well!

    58. Elizabeth Valvo

      This show literally gets better!!!!!!

    59. Electric Sky

      Nah Mark was supposed to be Jim, not Tom!


      I loved the first season

    61. 1911

      You know, the 2nd time I watched it, I appreciated the first 2 seasons much more. Also Mark seemed less boring, and the conflict seemed more interesting.

    62. TheSiemek

      I had to force my wife to watch first season and then she loved the show :)

    63. John B

      How about the day MASH died?

    64. Jonathon Smith

      Season 2 is still my favorite. Probably top 5 in all my tv show seasons of all time. In no particular order: Parks and Rec season 2, The office season 2, Arrested Development season 1 and 2, Community season 2.

    65. eli

      alt title: the day Harris Wittels joined the writing staff

    66. bigman man

      I loved this show because I was working for government and saw the similarities to where I was working..funny

    67. XCVII

      I thought that Pawnee city hall panning-down shot at the end was straight from the show for a second

    68. R.H.

      Leslie Knope is such an inspiration

    69. Billy Scott

      the show got a lot better once mark left and ben+chris came in

    70. orangemamba

      Forever my favorite webMD result.... network connectivity problem.

    71. Hayden Lane

      I was one of those people who jumped ship after that lackluster first season but came back years later and binged the whole thing on Netflix. Glad I came back to it.

    72. P K

      I actually enjoyed the first season. I don’t understand the harsh reviews.

    73. J Mystic

      All of Dan goor and Michael schur and Greg shows start slow in season one. They pace the character development and figure out their niches until everyone gels. Just like the office / B99 / parks and rec all started very slow

    74. theTJP3

      I must be the only one that was/is bother by the fact that the show doesn't address the fact that it's a documentary at the end. It doesn't take anything away from it, the show is still fantastic, but that has and always will bother me.

    75. Kuzon9

      If tried the show twice and gave up. Guess I'll just skip season 1 lol

    76. J

      playing in the nba... simple life... making music.... some people are twice as slow...

    77. Ofanichan

      I just recently watched this show and I loved it all. Even the first 6 episodes

      1. Jenny Anydots

        There's not enough blacks though.

    78. Alex Iveson

      The day entertain the elk was born

    79. Lego Gandalf

      Ah yes, The Office, but worse.

    80. Nicole Bing

      Leslie and Ann’s friendship is so sweet. I love how much they lift each other up

    81. James Reed Jr.

      I think you’re two episodes off season 3 ep. 4

    82. Jiten Mehra

      Its called Jumping the Shark

    83. Chalet Time

      Wanted to relisten to that show but the first season was always unappealing to me... But you just made me realize I don't have to start there.

    84. Michael Christenson

      Coo now I know where to start binge watching at.

    85. Kurt Witten

      What worked so well for Parks is that during season 2 they began first to adapt characters to meet the personalities of their actors (especially Ron, Tom, & Andy) and not be so one-dimensional, and then of course to change Leslie from ditsy to optimistic. The rest just began to fall into place, as you said, as they focused on less internal conflict and more on the craziness of the world around them. And of course, swapping Mark for Chris & Ben was huge!

    86. Ultimate Kehop

      To me it was Venezuela episode. This is when I started to realy enjoy the show

    87. Brian Cherry

      I was told the show was great, and my family tried to watch the first few episodes (nobody warned us), and now nobody will watch it anymore.

    88. Craig Johnson

      I'd like to see the day TNG was born.

    89. Jimmi Q

      I loved season 1 and Mark was one of my favorite characters. Wish he came back later in the season and wish he came back for the covid episode

    90. Alex Najdek

      I would like you to narrate many of the IRflow channels whose topics I greatly enjoy, but with narrators that sound like they're reading from a book in front of their 4th grade class.

    91. prince mukherjee

      Parks and recreation has the most satisfying ending .After the last episode you don't want anything more like reunion episode. A perfect end.

    92. Troy Helton

      Season 1 - Leslie was a Michael Scott-ich (?) character 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️ Seasons 2-7 - MAJOR improvement!

    93. Leuven Wijk

      I think that the show showed its true colors when Leslie is at the banquet to honor her Mom at the end of season 1. Leslie finds out that the husband of a rival in government has a drinking problem. Encouraged by her mother to use this information to force the rival to give Leslie what she wants, Leslie instead tells the rival that she hopes her husband gets the help he needs to overcome his drinking problem. And Leslie walks away...without the vote she needed but with a TON of self respect and integrity. The writers showed that they wanted this to be a positive show about local government and more importantly there was some honor in working for local government.

    94. Nick Oliveira

      This was really cool. If you knew me, you would know that this is a Ron Swanson level endorsement. I expect this to be redacted shortly, please and thank you.

    95. Alvin Figueroa

      As a Parks and Rec super fan... yes. Yes to everything.

    96. Tatiana Charlotte

      I always tell people to speed thru the first six episodes when I recommend the show

    97. Ishan Kukade

      this video died at 11:47...

    98. Nithun Sridhar

      Flu season is the one of the best episodes is one of the best shows ever made.

    99. Zeca Milleo

      Parks and rec is better than the office

    100. verdatum

      I have a friend who worked for Kaboom, when the season 2 episode, Kaboom was both produced and released. I don't remember all of the details, but, it was apparently a rather difficult experience. I don't even remember the episode well, since I'm only an extremely medium fan of the show, but, apparently, they did not represent the organization very well, and since the show was not yet strongly popular, the organization got strife for working with it.