Creep - CallMeKevin (feat. ShoSheepy)

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    1. no one

      Kevin: of course this is where I come in Kevin: I'm a creeep

    2. callmebert bread

      Why that guy sound like a girl

      1. Chloe!

        because hes trans :p

    3. Dit is Emile

      Ohh! This is still one of my favorite duets of him that I saw live! (It's also how I found ShoSheepy!)

    4. Bailey Maharrey

      Kev you can sing my man. We should do a track together

    5. Jojo Reference

      I first heard this is lucifer season 4 but I lover Kevin's take on the song and the other streamer was also so good

    6. Rhett Becher

      Just added to my sexy time playlist

    7. Chloe!

      happy anniversary to this amazing video

    8. Pierre Habimana

      me watching this exactly one year old video: wow they sing so well.

    9. Outcast Nextdoor

      I’m genuinely impressed that’s was great

    10. Dragon fish Sword fish Honk

      this is my comfort song

    11. VideoGameGuy232

      "Accidentally" downloaded this video

    12. stresstive

      Damn these mans got bars

    13. Vinegar

      The other dude's background gives off IRA vibes.

    14. Jeweliana Lukasik


      1. Jeweliana Lukasik

        The way the person just flies into the sky

    15. Megan Dressler


    16. Goose2

      the high notes were awesome, but he kinda ruined the part where they sang together

    17. Beans

      I was there for this one :')

    18. Bryar Hills

      i love this so much

    19. TBCrazy

      when he did his own runs and stuff I legit got goosebumps dude

      1. TBCrazy

        Just checked out your channel and noticed your pronouns are they/them, sorry If I offended

    20. realEarthly

      What game is this??

      1. realEarthly

        @J Martinez thanks :)

      2. J Martinez

        It's called "twitch sings"

    21. realEarthly

      Kevin sounds like if Johnny Cash sang Creep

    22. AR JAY

      Jim dancing is just top tier

    23. Felix The Meddler

      This is how I found out about ShoSheepy, and he's inspiring me to sing more and not be ashamed of my trans voice 🥰

    24. Ellis Simmons

      I love shosheppy :) Hey and Kevin.....never forget Kevin

    25. ShoSheepy

      Twitch Sings dies at the end of the year. Too bad we haven't been able to sing together again. I sing here:

      1. Chloe!

        you did awesome man! trans rights

    26. Luke Corvo

      I like this version way more than the original, both of their singing combines so well. Also Jim Pickens dancing is just way too cute

      1. ShoSheepy

        Thank you! I have a newer recording on my channel.

    27. Vadim Blyat

      Holy fuck ...that ...was ...AWESOME!!!

      1. ShoSheepy

        Thank you! I have a newer recording on my channel.

    28. Theo Roderick


    29. russin gaming

      There so good at singing 😢😢😢

      1. ShoSheepy

        Thank you! I have a newer recording on my channel.

    30. Iris D

      He is absolutely incredible !!

    31. flora k

      i’m IN LOVE with that guys voice, it’s so angelic i wish i could sing like that :(

      1. ShoSheepy

        Thank you! I have a newer recording on my channel.

    32. Alexander Phillips

      Call me Kevin singing channel? Sign me up all hail the murder sim and his rocking voice.

    33. Christa Flurry

      It makes me happy that Kevin listens to my emo music

    34. UNCLE

      I prefer russian vampire

    35. Katie G

      not my two favourite things in one video Call Me Kevin and Radiohead

    36. Danle

      I can't stop coming back to this

      1. ShoSheepy

        @Danle Thank you! I have a newer recording on my channel. I hope you like it.

      2. ula


      3. Danle

        It's not just sheepy's vocals, it's the raw power and emotions he's putting behind them. It's beautiful

    37. Kool Monkey 187

      The dude who was singing with Kevin in so nice and im glad he sings on there and streams. Its so wholesome

      1. ShoSheepy

        Thank you! That was me! I have a newer recording on my channel.

    38. Smile More

      This was agonizing to listen to.

      1. Gray Prince Zote • 57 precepts ago

        @Smile More only thing you've commented on this video that I agree with is to pluck out your eyes.

      2. Smile More

        @Dan Daropa do it then.

      3. Dan Daropa

        Smile More your comment is so factually inaccurate that it made me want to pluck out my eyes

      4. Smile More

        @X a n please

      5. X a n

        I'm calling the police

    39. animeboi


      1. ShoSheepy

        Thank you! I have a newer recording on my channel.

    40. Maximillion Bazillion

      My favorite part is when Kevin just quietly goes “Holy shit” LMAO

    41. LogicCuberGames

      This is one of the rare occasions when I enjoy kevin's duet partner more than kevin, he was so fucking good!

      1. Venom

        @ShoSheepy you're so good!

      2. IneffaWolf

        *they But yeah! Such impressive vocals

      3. Poco Por Poco

        @ShoSheepy Hey, would you look at that. Kevin's duet partner.

      4. ShoSheepy

        Thank you so much. I have a newer version now.

    42. Fenelle Edwards


    43. Nuclear Effect

      bless ShoSheepy for censoring the word fucking hahaha

      1. ShoSheepy

        Little late to respond, but thank you! I changed it to "very" on my most recent one. 😂

    44. Mobile Sports Machine

      this was legit beautiful

    45. Astrid F

      Tbh I'm just listening to Sheep hitting the high notes holy hell

      1. Steve Nassen

        @ShoSheepy Glad you found the channel.

      2. ShoSheepy

        Thank you so much, I've recorded it recently on my YT with a bit better sound quality.

    46. what

      There's so many CallMeKevin fan channels, I love it. Not a single channel I've ever seen besides this one has such a supportive community. He has the looks, the smarts, the humor and the voice.

      1. IneffaWolf

        This one has permission from Kevin to publish his songs, I think Kevin has blessed this channel with good vibes

    47. Blue

      Well goddamnit im fangirling.

    48. Dan Daropa

      Oh man i wish my voice was as good as that guy’s! He sounds so good! Edit: they both sound feckin amazing

    49. Jim Pickens

      Jim Pickens song

    50. cjayne

      i think about this daily.

    51. jerry ruisseveldt

      this is a fecking nice duet, Kevin you're fecking special

    52. JustPickAlready

      Dude that other person was fuckin great. Shosheepy? Damn good.

      1. JustPickAlready

        @ShoSheepy oh my. You're very welcome 😶

      2. ShoSheepy

        Thank you so much.

    53. Kris Does Art

      Kevin's reaction to their singing just makes this so much better

    54. Piper Joseph

      i can't i've been blessed by this video again... :D

    55. Juniper Blackenstine

      That was so beautiful!

      1. Smile More

        That was agonizing.

    56. Sketch UT

      Genuine shivers lol ShoSheepy if you see this I freaking love your voice and that Pikachu hat you have in the bg :P

      1. I Like Potatoes

        Memento Mori

      2. DatOneWeirdo

        Memento mori

      3. Thermal

        @ShoSheepy Holy shit, you're good. I followed you on twitch just because of this. keep is up mate!

      4. ShoSheepy

        Little late to respond, but I did see this.

    57. Liz Nile

      He has a channel now!!

    58. Gareth Rees

      That was so fecking special

    59. Hotpink51

      Those high notes were glorious holy shit

      1. Max

        @Smile More I think you might wanna get that transphobia checked out, side effects may include your entire family leaving you and dying alone with nobody to hold your hand.

      2. Axel Preston

        @Smile More You sure that isn't transphobia speaking buddy, because I don't know about you hut you'd have to have weirdass distorted ears to not go "Hey, yeah that was pretty impressive"

      3. Smile More

        They made my ears bleed until I paused the garbage.

    60. Noah M

      Such a legend

    61. FirstName Germomium

      Reminds me of larry the cucumber but sounds reaaaaaally good

      1. FirstName Germomium

        @Bubblegum kinda high pitched like larry the cucumber, but they sound really good. Idk it j somewhat reminds me of his voice lol

      2. Crispy Gaming

        Yes please do

      3. Bubblegum


    62. Sean Carpenter

      Kevin is the only trans ally I need

      1. l o v e l y

        @Lalu killerlalu1 Gab is great haha

      2. Lalu killerlalu1

        Gab Smolders is great, too. Gab and Kevin are two of my absolute favorite streamers/IRflowrs! (I also love that they both stream on Twitch and upload IRflow videos!)

      3. Pixwool

        hotscottrulz Yes.

      4. hotscottrulz

        Wilbur Soot, anyone?

      5. Danle

        and maybe RT

    63. Kyro sucks

      Kevin has a beautiful voice

    64. Erin S

      I want a perfect body "Don't we all" Wow that hurt.

      1. That One Guy

        @Jack Leighfield i’m sorry but it being called a trance flag is so fucking funny to me

      2. Lavender Llama

        wow, that just made me realize how different of a meaning this song must have on those who identify as trans! It doesn't become about a girl, but about the internal struggle within yourself and your own body. Best of luck to all of you

      3. Devi Loaiza

        that hurt me on so many levels too

      4. Jeweliana Lukasik

        @Allyson Moore they're*

      5. Tommy Shelby

        Luckily I do

    65. Bubblegum

      I'm in LOVE with this. My favorite part is from 0:00 to 4:01

      1. Poco Por Poco

        @googol Hmm... Same.

      2. Theo Roderick

        Nice one

      3. googol

        @Geordie Tony i think my favorite one now is his hurt cover

      4. Geordie Tony

        I thought can't help falling in love was my favourite song by Kevin , but this tops that song

      5. Gape the ape god


    66. ReyCan2

      Petition for Kevin to make an acoustic cover of this

      1. WopZ

        Check SoundCloud

    67. Laura Harmon

      Plz help

      1. Catnip

        you alright? need to talk or anything?

      2. Bubblegum

        help with what?

    68. Laura Harmon

      I can not tell if the other one is a dude or a wamen

      1. Danle

        @Smile More he's a he. Definitely. No quotation marks, no second guessing

      2. Smile More

        It's a 'he'. Apparently.

      3. Danle

        he's a man

      4. aphiemi

        he's a dude

    69. Fredo_Credo

      Kevin singing with the wonderful ShoSheepy

    70. Green and purple dragon

      I keep listening to this one because it’s so goodddd

    71. TSG 23

      Does anyone else think it's weird when Kevin says fuck instead of feck

    72. Bubblegum

      Let's see how many days in a row I can listen to this

      1. igcdtrushkv

        I'm listening to it multiple times a day, it's just sooooo perfect 😍

      2. Elfin Dreamer

        It's somehow become part of my daily routine. ShoSheepy's raw talent, Kevin's impressed smirk through most of the song and the rare "fuckin" instead of "feckin" from Kev make this a true masterpiece.

    73. emma?

      Why can’t Kevin sing me to sleep? That’s sure to cure my insomnia 😖


      Damn that boy can hit those notes

      1. Mandy Bennett

        @ShoSheepy I am late, but you did amazing!

      2. l o v e l y

        @ShoSheepy you absolutely killed that, dude!! absolute legend

      3. Poco Por Poco

        @ShoSheepy You were very good!

      4. Bryar Hills

        @ShoSheepy you were awesome man!

      5. Tara Clark

        @ShoSheepy you were fantastic!! :D

    75. Connor White

      Where are my Lucifer fans at

      1. Catnip


    76. BabyLune_MS03

      I know I just commented it but I want kevin on the masked singer so bad

      1. giga what

        man, that'd be great. he'd probably do somewhat good. idk if he's famous enough, tho

      2. Zach Attack

        He'd go as Jim Pickens or Turg.

    77. Human Man Man Man Man

      469 likes on the vid.

    78. somerandom user

      That kid is going places. Holy fuck he's good

    79. somerandom user

      The duet is on point

    80. Jax Morris

      That guy was so good yet ... so bad

      1. Danle


    81. Jax Morris

      Cant tell if that guy was really good or really bad

      1. Smile More

        @Beril Ö. that thing sucked so fecking bad at singing. Good thing it's 'singing' isn't televised.

      2. Smile More

        That "guy" sucked ass at singing. You're not the only one questioning the fact. "She" made my ears bleed.

      3. Kinkajou Legend

        @Jax Morris Like I said, I don't particularly care. I'm not going to defend myself because I don't need to. You simply have to go back and read your responses to figure out that I'm right. Have a good day.

      4. Jax Morris

        Danle dude thats exactly how singing works And thats the point of singing shows to impress the judges

      5. Jax Morris

        Kinkajou Legend well actually thats not even close true and may i ask are you high

    82. louis b

      I can't tell if the person Kevins' duetting with is a man or a woman

      1. Quinn Burrow

        Also some people find being called "it" is disrespectful. Instead of it please use They're

      2. Quinn Burrow

        @Smile More He is male, check on their twitch channel if you wanna (Shosheepy)

      3. Smile More

        It's a 'he' apparently.

      4. Catnip

        he's a guy

      5. Danle

        @OYM a trans guy

    83. Bradyn Kesti

      Who the feck disliked this

    84. Tommy Klein

      It’s wierd to hear Kevin say “fucking” and not “fecking”

    85. • Lema •

      I need you to promise me that you’ll make Kevin a Spotify account

      1. NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton

        I was the the 69th lole

      2. Lizz, Your Hope

        You can post whatever song you like if you post it as a podcast

      3. FugginLosr

        @Jessie the book nerd well yea i know that but im saying i also want him to make a spotify acc

      4. Jessie the book nerd

        @FugginLosr no spotify unfortunatly, soundcloud is the best I can do. Sorry

      5. FugginLosr

        @Jessie the book nerd yes b-but spotify

    86. itsmeaubree

      ShoSheepy is amazing as feck GOD LORD

    87. Snow Cole white

      I kinda ship them 😀

      1. Someguy1237

        Maybe don't ship real people

      2. igcdtrushkv

        They should do loads of more songs together!!

    88. Pixwool

      Sheep is so good at singing holy fuck

    89. Two bit

      This might be my favorite duet ever

    90. bruh dez nuts

      I needed this

    91. Bruh-a-nator

      You should except ads or money and donate it to make a wish Ireland

    92. Lucas Belki

      Trans Rights

      1. SmoothTurtle

        @matt gray Well, I don’t think people under the age of 16 should be using those, because they might not fully know if they want to transition when they are a young teenager... but the other things, yeah, those suck.

      2. matt gray

        @SmoothTurtle it is an issue, the murder rates, suicide rates, hate crime rates, it's illegal in certain counties. thankfully the military ban has been reverted now, but that's just the beginning. especially with all the issues in the uk right now, it's horrible. they're trying to block puberty blockers for under 16s (i think they've actually gone out with it, but i don't remember too well) and so much more. it's so wrong. trans people should be able to exist without having to fear being themselves, or even just doing things like going outside. rant over, sorry :)

      3. matt gray

        Trans Rights

      4. SmoothTurtle

        @Axel Preston Luckily that is now being reverted :D

      5. Alistar Nonymous

        @SmoothTurtle Trans rights

    93. Sebi The Hunter

      That young fella has such an angelic voice omg

      1. Green Taigo

        @Marius Acripina If you want the definition of the word gender its pretty useful. Just backing up my argument man, but I understand you may not be used to evidence.

      2. Marius Acripina

        @Green Taigo I do not browse dictionaries very regularly but great to see you indulge in those

      3. Green Taigo

        @Marius Acripina "It's a new thing" Except its not, sex changes were a phenomenon in Ancient Rome, and a lot of Ancient Cultures and more modern cultures believe in a 3rd gender. Which is possible since you know gender is not the same as sex and gender is specifically social, cultural and psychological. (Most dictionaries will tell you that)

      4. That One Guy

        i see a comment like this and see 46 replies and think aw fuck who did it this time

      5. Max Gosen

        @Marius Acripina It's okay if you accidentally misgender someone, everyone makes mistakes, as long as you aren't rude about it and do your best to use the correct pronouns. I know that it can be confusing if you've known someone for a long time as a she, and he comes out as trans. But don't be a bitch about it. How would you feel if people intentionally misgender you all the time? Being misgendered isn't even the worst part about it, it's the fact that people will go out of their way to be rude to you and to ruin your day, when it's very easy to use the correct pronouns or at least try to and apologize when you get it wrong.

    94. Deadname

      god they fucking KILLED ot

    95. somewhat annoyed

      trans rights!

      1. ForeignReptile

        @Smile More you seem like a nice person

      2. Yes

        @Nope, I'm out! ok boiiiiii

      3. Nope, I'm out!

        @Yes Don't worry, we don't like you either :)

      4. Radek Chrabota

        @big chungus lover 3784 with a name and profile picture like that i don't think he had any braincells to lose

      5. Yes

        I do not like em :)

    96. Nevarixシ

      Bore ragnarok

      1. Robert Salter


      2. Ammagon

        More like Kpoop

      3. La Roja


      4. Altim4643


    97. chihirojoon

      2:28 that was really impressive holy

      1. Micha

        @_-Jester-_ lmao

      2. _-Jester-_

        then captain chiken wings donated

      3. Matías Riquelme

        @Desovsky he ment the dance moves at 2:34

      4. Desovsky

        Exactly. Voice of angel 🤩

    98. ButterMeBuns 69

      Helium man+Kevin= perfect duet

    99. iM3GTR

      I think what Kevin meant was 'so fecking special'.

      1. Company of Despair

        @PinkFurret That's just Kevin. And I would have it no other way. Besides, when he isn't murderous, he is the best person to ever exist. He is also that when he is murderous. Frankly, Kevin is just the best person ever. I simp for Kevin. I would do anything for him. I would kill for this beautiful man. I did kill for this beautiful man. I have sacrificed many in his name. Hoping to expand his life by many years. Hail our Dear Leader, Jim Pickens. And hail the best person to ever exist, CallMeKevin.

      2. PinkFurret

        @OYM He sounds murderous when he says feck, I think he always sounds murderous.

      3. OYM

        He sounded murderous when he said "fuck"

      4. Illinois Soy boy

        iM3GTR it unnerved me when he said “fuck”

    100. Bradyn Kesti

      Kevin and Sheep should become a singing duo

      1. Crooked Bunny

        @MajorSorra we all love to hear Kevin sing but don't be an ass kisser dood. That other singer was incredible too

      2. Adanua Is Dead

        @MajorSorra did you even hear sheep's belt dude

      3. MajorSorra

        lmao no that guy cant sing shit. Kevin is like 3 clases better

      4. Plain Bagel


      5. TOB

        Well ofcourse they would work well together, I mean kevin IS irish!