Media Share & Table Manners | 2021-03-14

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2021-03-14
    Originally titled "MEDIASHARE! If I laugh, I gift 10 subs" and "We are on a date"
    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:16:30 - Media Share
    02:04:00 - Table Manners
    02:59:30 - Outro
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    1. Sushi Daddy

      *-Time Stamps-* 33:40 - crab 57:21 - unlucky goalkeeper 1:05:50 - crime time 1:06:38 - shes a wolf in sheep’s clothing 1:09:38 - scott sterlings back 1:15:25 - shes my wife 1:18:05 - rude europe 1:20:54 - sterling please no -Updating Later-

    2. Panpan-pokan

      Was so excited to see Garth Marenghi's darkplace ahhh 😭👌

    3. Sean Looze

      Scott Sterling is this generation's Rudy

    4. Chicken Royalty

      the beatles are dead one is the funnist

    5. yee

      robert et is amazing

    6. OUTA mygaminmind

      29:05 turkeys sacrificing a cat to jim pickens

    7. Emerald Warrior

      Scott sterling, more like grr tiger! Lol

    8. Jersey Man

      Jonathan Frakes' beyond belief part was hilarious......I use to watch that show all the time

    9. Alex .Pruyn

      I didn’t know I knew Scott sterling but I’ve seen that volleyball one before

    10. AssMan78

      Kevin and anna need to do their version of the call me al music video

    11. pd

      Those teenage tiktoks were cringe though.

    12. Unofficial Majima

      Kevin proves that vtubers aren't funny yet again

    13. Ace 1265

      1:04:36 Me: sees mr blobby Also me: flash backs to when Lolathon scared the shit out of me with his mr blobby avatar

    14. Taylor Umbarger

      Someone please tell me how to acquire that Brendan Fraser picture please god

    15. naw man


    16. Irene

      2:26:30 am I the only one who didn’t realize Kevin isn’t his birth name 🧍🏼‍♀️

      1. Irene

        oh nvm it’s just his name in Irish 💀

    17. Ana-Maria

      I want more Table manners omg :))

    18. SH8 POST JOE

      1:26:01 cavemen finding rap

    19. British Barry

      Kevin set off my alexa

    20. Irene

      Kevin you could play among us w jack nd corpse 🤔 this is my dream stream I wanna see tbh your humor would literally light up that group

    21. Ana-Maria

      Table manners is so easy to screw up in but it's so fun at the same time

    22. Jason Antares

      I have a friend who was in that Volleyball Scott Sterling Skit. He is the dirty blonde haired guy on Scott's team. He was very proud to have been featured here haha.

    23. ᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟᅟ

      Imagine paying 100€ just to let the streamer watch a video. Easiest 100€ ever yikes

    24. Lucid Quinn

      Try not to get scared media share ???

    25. Anna Banana

      I am willing to fist fight the person who told Kevin he was getting fat lol

    26. Mike Housley

      The first song I learned was HORT. Haha

    27. LeoIsAway


    28. PrincessPikaPi


    29. Human

      fuck dee all my homies hate dee

    30. 1Umbreon 4Life

      I never thought I'd see Kevin and Studio C on the same screen XD XD XD

    31. NOSxRiiper

      The poster at 21:21 lol

    32. Shevlan d

      To the absolute madChad who paid $130 to show Scott Sterling, I thank you.

    33. Khalia Marking

      Kevin I'm begging you to mute your mic or something when you crunch into it D: chewing noises make me want to die v.v

    34. grifty mc grift

      I love chicken talk, it's the first song I ever sang for karaoke night. Sang it for a bar full of farmers, it was excellent.

    35. L Alexis

      The ducks thing....did that video come first or did the Simpsons reference?

    36. mira veta

      Wish I could fund you but I have 32 cents in my bank but PLAY ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED....please?

    37. Sonic Echo

      When I was four I stabbed a man with a fork in pizza hut.

    38. Egg

      Johhny is like irish Kevin Bloody Wilson

    39. Goose Bee

      2:04:03 kinda sounded like the n word(I know he wasn't obviously didnt say that! It just sounds like that)

    40. petpen

      the anime song to the slapping was the intro from Bakemonogatari

    41. Goose Bee

      LOVE rally cars! 😍

    42. JonFarah

      This is why I like Kevin. I laugh at the same stuff he does, while getting confused over long anime ones

    43. Prodemonslayer

      Him talking about riddles makes me wanna see him play riddle school

    44. Dstroke

      Clearly fake football goalkeeper massacre, people on his live chat: "is that real" Me:"are people really paying to try to make him laugh?Is that real?"

    45. Sashimiroll

      How has Kevin never seen the Scott Sterling videos? All of the Scot Sterling videos are literally amazing

    46. Luka Mitchell

      50:45 This channel: imma pretend I didn't see that

    47. Jared Dunigan

      Riker sits like that because Jonathan Frakes fucked up his back in college. It's easier on him to do.

    48. Ceramic Quill

      Scott Sterling had me crying

    49. Kana

      I'm so happy Kevin has seen Scott Sterling!! So funny I cry

    50. Eirik Bloodaxe

      I had completely forgotten about the Scott Sterling videos. That was a blast from the past.

    51. alex Barbosa

      Kevin really needs to watch King of the Hill. It would be right up his alley.

    52. Geronimo Tiger

      The shrek clip legitimately gets me every week, but I think it’s more Kevin’s reaction 😂😂

    53. Dillon Faol

      Joel Haver and Studio C. The only other things aside from Kevin and Daniel on my YT recommended

    54. April 25th

      Don’t date people who want extra salt on their fries and ketchup on their steak.

    55. A M

      I could watch Kevin play Table Manners forever

    56. Matthew G

      Demo knight tf2

    57. Márcio Gianotti


    58. The BuilderGamer

      Did no one told Kevin the Infographic minecraft steve is real? 41:44

    59. JesiPuff93

      Yo Kevin, I may be wrong, but that pen looks similar to the mont blanc pens my store sells. If you ever need more ink hmu

    60. Mootweak

      That Jolene cover tho...

    61. Mary

      His table manners video, around the time the pandemic started is what got me into him!

    62. EvilBlackCat

      Jonathan Frakes actually sat in chairs that way because of a back injury. This is also why he leaned on things a lot in the show. Of course, his height probably has something to do with it as well. Also, the Shockmaster may not have made it big but the man who played him wrestled for quite some time under such names as Tugboat and Typhoon.

    63. The Borzoi

      Hi Kevin, I know you have no idea who I am but I'd join you for some Among us. I also stream. I'm not going to pretend that I can grow your viewership because that's not true. Last time I streamed Among Us, I only got ~15 viewers. Also, regarding Riker sitting down, it's because Jonathan Frakes had a back problem so he couldn't sit down normally.

    64. Chocofake

      I wanted to put a Studio C short so much, I'm so happy Scott Sterling made it through ! They have so many good skits, cant wait for Jebedaiah to show up

    65. subpar 1224

      Scott sterling the only really long clip so far I just loved and was fine with how long it was

    66. mandawins

      whoever spent 100 to introduce us to scott sterling thank you i am in tears lmao

      1. Lil Block

        @Tris Pigeon Bane Odair it's a bot

      2. Tris Pigeon Bane Odair

        @Kole Raphael why would you want to do that

      3. Karter Arjun

        @Kole Raphael wow! It took like 20 minutes but it worked!

      4. Kole Raphael

        dunno if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for InstaPwn password hack ;)

    67. Zombyyy !!!

      You need to share to media share youtube qoue or playlist afterwards, there are so many good videos there

      1. Zombyyy !!!

        @Rusty96 thars smart actually

      2. Rusty96

        I screenshot the ones I wanna go back to to share with my friends. There's a photo album dedicated to this process on my phone.

    68. Funny how things turn out

      Bet y’all can’t swallow 7 times in a row.

    69. Anime -rwk

      who was that anime among us

    70. Francois Pelletier

      Dont smother your kids killed me XD

    71. Trey Walker

      Kevin has apparently never seen Goofy's Trial. Glad he got to experience an outside perspective of his own insanity and horror that only Goofy can match.

    72. fury1031

      1:46:30 Jonathan Frakes sat down like that when filming because he's a tall man, had back issues, and all the seats were so damn short, resulting in his unique way of sitting down.

    73. Mr Potato


    74. Jags

      25:21 When become cowboy in cowboy saloon and use spittoon oh yes

    75. Shaan P

      Stream archives are uploading faster. Nice.

    76. One Liner

      Kevin. The man the myth the legend

    77. Killerofcats


    78. peyton

      flight of the conchords!!!!!

    79. noname 11011

      HE CALLED ASMR "IT", how dare he :O

      1. A M

        more proof that Kevin killed ASMR

    80. An Angry Watchtower

      Those turkeys are just everyday stuff here in the US

      1. An Angry Watchtower

        @whenfunnydancingcockroach oops, they weren’t turkeys, it was Scott sterling!

      2. whenfunnydancingcockroach

        *I thought that was a headcrab*

    81. Jody Gregory

      Someone, please, I beg of you do "objects I've shoved up my arse" or "the lids a dickhead"

    82. Insanity Prevails

      Watching Kevin be apart of the Dr Phil but it's just the reactions video was amazing

    83. Chill

      36:37 sus

      1. Chill

        Also sus 36:49

    84. Travis Thorpe

      My Brandon Rogers clip didnt get played 😢

    85. MurderousLady

      the hand stretching out reminded me of the dog freaking out in the sims 4 vet clinic

    86. Bill Frantz

      Hypercharge Unboxed is my favorite new Switch game. I just got an awesome update too.

    87. Chloe Renae

      Bb Kevi

    88. Allyson Blomberg

      "COOOOOOORRRRRN!" They must be from the Midwest...

      1. HeartySquid

        Milk for the Khorne flakes

      2. Anime -rwk

        i think u would like mikeburnfire i bet they watch him

    89. Stokey Stevenson

      So is he just done with Pokémon heart gold? That's really disappointing if so

    90. Thorig Von Cleaver

      Stamper! Ah I miss that lad.

    91. Thē dAñCįNğ RăBbïť

      that popcorn is premuim pro too like his geo guessr account

    92. S -sentials

      Someone meme 30:49

    93. Zangyfish

      Somehow I laughed at Kevin putting popcorn in his mouth

    94. Trey Walker

      Aw... No chat replay? I like seeing reactions...

      1. Rusty96

        I'm glad it's not there. My eyes can't stand seeing how fast chat talks with the lines moving so much. It's why I usually watch smaller streamers live. Not as many there repeating the same thing a bazillion times in two seconds. Lol

      2. Riswan Haryo Yudhianto

        @Obo505 he should let the chat on in this kind of stream (mediashare and chatting) and turn it off while playing game. While playing game, the chat is distracting because it moves so fast and it reduces the screen size which shows the game

      3. Obo505

        Yeah, there's a rift between people wanting chat and people not wanting chat so they just removed it.

    95. natalia

      Grrr tiger! LOL

    96. The Legion

      "Anyone here for a good time, your in the wrong person" - Kevin "Call" Me

      1. :

        Laughed so hard 😂😭😭🙏

    97. Chelsey Jianni

      I thought the fangirling stopped years ago. But here I am, 28 years old, fangirling over Kevin.

      1. weeb lord

        @whenfunnydancingcockroach but of course, fangirling/boying has no boundaries

      2. SolidMoonbeams

        It never stops

      3. Laïs

        @whenfunnydancingcockroach absolutely

      4. whenfunnydancingcockroach

        Is there such thing as fanboying?

    98. Ryder

      How can Kevin not know about the demon spawn that is Mr Blobby?

      1. Gwinnell Heald

        @Ifu dunno if it aired in ireland. I just find it fascinating that such a cultural icon(?) Isn't even heard of in ireland since there is quite a lot in common between northern england and ireland (at least in my experience) we have practically the exact same slang and similar culture. It just never occurred to me that they haven't heard of mr Blobby

      2. Ifu

        @Gwinnell Heald but what about the irish ones?

      3. Gwinnell Heald

        Right???? Mr Blobby is responsible for so much childhood trauma in british kids

    99. agatha

      kevin pronouncing 'jaime' like 'jamie' hurt my soul

      1. agatha

        @jamie robyn oh wow, what makes that even more interesting is that it's the opposite for me! jaime is actually a masculine name here, and while jamie is not as common, we usually interpret it to be a feminine name.

      2. jamie robyn

        I didn’t know there was a difference in pronunciation at all, that’s so interesting. My name is Jamie but people always spell it like Jaime since that’s apparently the feminine version of the name

      3. Koala Kay

        @agatha Thanks for telling me :)

      4. agatha

        @Koala Kay where i'm from it's pronounced "hai-meh" :)

      5. Mr Potato


    100. Rafed ellabban

      Me love Kevin