Rust | 2021-01-30

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2021-01-30
    Originally titled "The Cult of Rust Kingdoms RP"
    Some audio may sound distorted, is muted or trimmed out entirely due to the use of copyrighted music.
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    1. Raid Shadow Legends Spokesperson

      The cult of GLOSHNACK not really a cult but a tribe is the nicest group of religious fanatics I’ve ever joined

    2. Newman0067


    3. Silent Echo

      The introduction of the cult was something straight out of a movie, Subverting the expections of RTs man hugely. I also decided that Kevin leading an army of Bone men while riding a bear is the coolest thing i have ever seen.

    4. LGe

      Whens the next rust stream??

    5. Ethan Gatenby

      Any stream is a good stream if Spif is in it

    6. Dan

      This was such a fun watch. I really hope you do more with Rust.

    7. AnnoyingTiger888

      "Potato. More Potato 🥔 " I'm dying

    8. AnnoyingTiger888

      Kevin omg xD you don't even need the feckin chaos mod to create pure chaos I love your content so much

    9. Nathan

      When is this happening again?

    10. apples from the ground sir

      The part where he goes eat that meat 2:02:26

    11. HerHollyness

      It’s only watching the other streams that you realise how quiet Kevin’s mic was. It probably didn’t hinder him much but it’s pretty hilarious seeing him squeak at them from other POVs!

    12. Zekyu

      I loved absolutely every second of this. I need more Rust content from you Kev

    13. Vapor_x_ Fire

      Up the Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👊👌

    14. Electroshock Therapy for the Soul

      The Legend of Edoller

    15. natalia

      this is my favourite thing in the world

    16. James Bourne

      please do more of these videos

    17. captain_awesome 21

      Seeing the cult out in full force like this is amazing and kinda terrifying at the same time.

    18. Mr Mandalorian

      Uncle Kevin 💂🏻

    19. Sarah Fowler

      RT calling Kevin a magnificent bastard as Kevin leads the charge for Glashnok is truly a brilliant moment.

    20. Venom Spark


      1. Venom Spark


    21. Liam white

      Kevin had one of the best fan bases,

    22. craig

      its *CHUNKY*

    23. Adam Datboi

      RT is so stupid smh

    24. Intrinsic_BME

      This is must see tv

    25. Ron Howard

      I loved when Rimmy visited the church.

    26. a solid state hard drive

      I love spiff as the king

    27. Shade Parker

      Kevin is literally how legends of gods and demons were created in medieval times.

    28. bruh


    29. Philip Kyriacopoulos

      Is Daniels the same guy from that DNSL Rust video?????

    30. grognak #176

      Im soo annoyed that i didmt know this was.gonna be a thing

    31. Pardon My Bumbershoot

      Rust but it's a completely accurate portrayal of the Welsh.

    32. akaMyThought

      I'm glad you had fun playing Rust Kevin!

    33. ObligedUniform

      39:00 the bone bois return home, laden with the spoils of the evening hunt.

    34. Anime -rwk

      I watched rimmy's vid, then came here

    35. Maga Land Bros

      is kevin claiming cork

    36. PremiumTulip 89

      do more of this i love this game and this rp haha

    37. KARL104

      Came here after seeing Kevin in RT's Rust vid xD

    38. Dylan Willmon

      Impressive castles? I think you mean oppressive

    39. Bbobsillypants

      Oh god i love how kevin immediately enacts his sim tatics the momemt he finds his base 30:00

    40. SSJAbeLincoln420

      2:43:00 A massive Kevin appears just outside of the window.

    41. Zamorak666 Ave Satanas

      are these rust streams going to be a once a week thing or something?

      1. Dollar2Cents

        I hope so

    42. LilerArt

      Kevin should've said he has a "bone to pick" with RT when he got to his camp.

    43. Liam Milburn

      Best stream I've ever seen can't wait for the next

    44. Jev 235

      The Glashnok tribe: a strong, and religious tribe. What everyone else thinks the Glashnok tribe is: the cannibals from the south!

    45. the pumpkin witch

      The irony that to Kevin begal was the hero and to rt he was the reason he lost the first war because he was helping Kevin

    46. A Zombie War

      Kevin: you were free to leave when ever you wanted! Also kevin closing the gate everytime they opened to keep him in

    47. Dod40

      “You wanna bone Spiff” I died of laughter and then my soul died realizing there’s probably fan art of that.

    48. It's Seraphie

      I still don't know how the Glashnok joke got so out of hand, but it was definitely fun to play a cultist from Cork 😅 I hope there are more community games like this in the future! Super fun to participate

    49. Jackson

      0:05 People when they meet Kevin IRL in direct sunlight.

    50. Samael

      Wait is the Liam calling Kevin weak the same Liam as lumberjack Liam who hails for RT

      1. Jev 235

        No, the CMK Liam is the trusted right hand man for Kevin, who is knowledgeable enough to build kayaks, and forges. The ZACH Liam is a yes man to RT, and would gladly die for RT instead of fighting.

    51. Andreea

      this is just the funniest thing ever

    52. VJW

      “A cult but not really a cult.” That didn’t last very long

    53. Lynnk

      "I'll see you in Cork."

    54. SteelGnat 7438

      Im probably ober thinking this but Kevin Cult would probably follow RT over Spiff if Ireland become a warzone and Kevin is abesent

    55. Hugo Vinicius


    56. Nova Akashi

      I thought I recognised digby's voice 😋

    57. A Zombie War

      It's amazing watching rts stream vs Kevin's. Rts is complete chaos as far as talking, kevin says quiet and they listen

      1. A Zombie War

        @It's Seraphie the dear leader shows us the ways of glashknock

      2. It's Seraphie

        Very important to follow our brave leader lmao

    58. Goose2

      Liam was the best

    59. Parker Boudloche

      Just came from watching Rimmy’s video, seeing the church was terrifying😂😂

    60. izzywolflover

      Is that Digby from Soviet Womble’s channel?

    61. Christopher Whitley

      Im just sitting here imagining that this is how the Irish settled things in the past. Lol

    62. Tori Kaufman

      I love how this cult formed completely unprompted from Kevin

    63. Megan Bound

      That was an epic journey from start to finish.

    64. Tori Kaufman

      I love how both RT and Kevin say "the other guy is a mess" behind eachothers backs.

    65. Isabella Sandore

      The other tribes may have common sense. But Kevin’s tribe has the attitude

    66. JerryLordScrub

      "Kevin you magnificent bastard"

    67. M M

      This was one of the most entertaining streams I’ve seen Kevin do. My only regret? There wasn’t more of the stream! Having watched the other streamers I would have LOVED to see hilarity and shenanigans ensue at the final Battle at Hadrian’s Wall!

      1. Jonny Boy

        Psst...I think this is what you're looking for: Do you mean that you didn't see the end battle, or that you wished Kevin was there for it?

    68. Riswan Haryo Yudhianto

      Was watching both this and spiff's streaming, but kinda missed some details, so here I am, watching it from the start. The battle reminded me of Helm's Deep lol

    69. Brian Yearwood

      This should’ve been called “Game of Bones”

      1. Tyler Richard Carstens

        This is a quality comment

    70. Patryk

      This is so cursed, I love it

    71. Kevin Cerezo

      This is one of the funniest vids I’ve watch in a LONG time 🤟🏼

    72. Cidnie

      26:30 Kevin is every colonial explorer ever

    73. Aut0d0ll

      Kevin becomes a cryptid

    74. Kristina Havens

      no one: Kevin: SPIKES

    75. Malkatrix musik

      Kevin = a little crazy Kevin + followers = Freaking insane

    76. Vio Dore

      I started watching and eventually fell asleep 1h in. I woke up to a human sacrafice for Glashnok. I am confused :P

    77. Dominic Mcgaughey

      I wud like to know wat server this is.. I don’t have the game buh I do play it in my dreams.....

    78. SharkSprayYTP

      all the characters in this are great

    79. Blitz Marshmallow

      2:31:07 I love the pumpkin bone boy playing the xilophone.

    80. Marita Parizzi

      I loved this OMG hahaha subscribed, kevin as a lord, everything i needed and didn't know

    81. The Average Artist

      This is the most hilarious stream ever :D thE ENDING hahaaha

      1. Jonny Boy

        Absolutely! The three hours absolutely flew by, because it was basically like watching a comedy/action/adventure story. Never a dull moment, and I loved it. "Okay I'm a bit of a narcissist, so I'll need to get on a platform before talking to you." Climbs up the ramparts, then crouches inside a tree. So many moments I almost died laughing. Spiff: "Why are you cutting down so many trees?" Kevin: "We just hate trees. I mean, look at em', those feckin' tall bastards, lookin' down at us!" LOL

    82. B-Wrecks10

      watching this at x2 speed is amazing xD

    83. B-Wrecks10

      is Digby Shadiversity???

    84. Merlijn Van Hintum

      Kevin this is amazing!

    85. Anthony Bellecomo

      Well everyone does think in a "herd mentally" nowadays. They believe something because others do and so on. Like with covid. You're told to believe it's real and most people only believe it because everyone else does and the others do because they're told to. Like sheep. And anyone who doesn't believe it is just an asshole or some conspiracy theorist who should be wearing a tin foil hat and thinks the earth is flat lol. Humanity is so disappointing..

    86. howaboutgrapes

      I think it’s the random element of noncontent creators but I like this way more than the OTV server

    87. IrmantasRei.

      eat that meat eat that meat eat that meat eat that meat eat that meat eat that meat eat that meat

    88. Tori P

      lmao the country roads tribute

    89. N Patrick

      “I’ve not had soup today. I never have soup.” -Kevin

    90. Connor Duggan

      I need a full series of this. I’d watch every episode. This world that’s built, I love it. Hail Glashnok!

    91. Ari

      I loved this 😂

    92. william willis

      do more of this this is uhmazing

    93. ComUniity

      You know Kevin definitely fits the personality of a cult leader, he maxed out speech

      1. Jonny Boy

        I got chills at, "Over the wall men!" I think him and the Orc leader were tied for best humor and charisma.

      2. ComUniity

        @Oatmeal_Raisin_ Cookie ill never forget in one of the gta rp videos he convinced a cop to let 2 people go and when he said I love you to one of the guys the cop said ' i love you too wait were you taking to me "

      3. Oatmeal_Raisin_ Cookie

        Honestly though, this man has got charisma for days

    94. T !

      This would make an excellent series.

    95. Ryleigh S

      When they started gathering weapons for the war with the Orcs, and people were asking where they were and if there were any, I was just waiting for someone to say "Oh man, all we have are sacrificial daggers! We've kinda just working on those and the skull shrone for Glashnok..."

    96. Ryleigh S

      All hail Glashnok.

    97. BexTheBoo388

      This is the most fun thing I've watched in months

    98. Timothy Simmons

      After the meeting at the bar, I think Glashnok might be Lord of Locusts.

      1. Jev 235

        How dare you speak about our God Glashnok like that? Glashnok is a healer!

    99. richard 0

      should have demanded rt for sacrifices

    100. The Drizzle

      That was an epic stream