Raymond Holt and Kevin Cozner Are Perfect for Each Other - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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    Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Kevin Cozner (Marc Evan Jackson) couldn't be a more perfect match -- both so wet-brained and into handshaking.
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    The hilarious heroics of New York's funniest police precinct continue for a new season, with a brand-new home: NBC.
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    "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" follows the exploits of the hilarious Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD's 99th Precinct. After Capt. Raymond Holt's (Andre Braugher) demotion to patrolman at the end of Season 6, the squad's world is turned upside down. Rounding out the ensemble is the newly promoted Lt. Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews). Reporting to him is Sgt. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), a consummate rule-follower with a weak spot for dork dancing and her husband, Jake. The other detectives in the squad include Jake's best friend, Det. Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), and the tough-as-nails Det. Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). Also part of the Nine-Nine are veteran officers Det. Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) and Det. Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker), whose only skill as police officers is their ability to make a passable pot of coffee.
    Raymond Holt and Kevin Cozner Are Perfect for Each Other - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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    1. Peter Foster

      "made him a new suit even when were fighting your funny STOP IT STOP IT!"

    2. Charles Jones

      I love how they are so in love but we question if they are human and not robots

    3. Bluish Blow

      THIS VIDEO IS SO PERFECT i have to rewatch it every week

    4. A Jar Of Maeo

      *give them their vow renewal D A N*

    5. Rubina Gomes

      Jake at 0:30 is me!

    6. Neil Dwivedi

      *L I G H T L Y S T A B B E D*

    7. The99

      Holt knew kevin was lying when he remebered: Nothing is better than a plain scone.

    8. DeadlySpecies

      Captain Dad, our dad's

    9. Marley Hampton

      *sobbing* Their marriage is such goals, they love each other so much . . .!

    10. Chris Shaffer

      I've always felt that Raymond and Kevin, deep down, have the same sort of relationship that Jake and Amy have, with Captain Holt being the 'Jake' in their relationship. (He is, after all, the funny one.)

      1. catlea xmas

        Actually that's a good observation. Remember that fight about the math problem?? that actually kinda similar to jake and amy's fight about which one of them is gonna be moving with the other

    11. Fahim Mustafa

      The music is so out of place cmon nbc

    12. Luiza Sabbaga

      Can we get a vowel renewal for the series finale plsss. On top of the perfection that that would be, we would see Marcus again, which would be everything

    13. DW X

      Less Ebony and Ivory and more Obsidian and Talcum Powder

    14. Laex Lade

      their personalities combined create the most perfect relationship- it’s like they’re made for each other

    15. A H

      You forgot to put the jokes Kevin made when Jake is trying to impersonating him. When he says "Aaa he loves it" that is so sweet

    16. Donald Erickson

      I love how Jake leans over and says, “Y’all are hella specific.”

    17. Leonardo Bermudez

      O I do hope we get another Kevin and Holt Episode where they retrace there steps on how they met. O My just thinking about that is making me tears up.

    18. Jac Mata

      Best couple in the show

    19. Anisia Rachel

      ✨rubber bands✨

    20. Jocelyn Vega

      i simultaneously trust b99 to give us a vow renewal ceremony more than i’d trust any other show and believe it would be too good to be true and i should not get my hopes up

    21. Meiji

      I'm bummed that we'll probably never get that "honest to goodness wedding" that they talked about during Gina's mom and Boyle's dad's wedding

      1. Lorraine Harper

        Me too :'/

    22. MNY

      2:00 Holt: “I was lightly stabbed” Kevin: “I’m sorry-yOu wErE STABBED??” Holt: “LIGHTLY stabbed” 😂

    23. Chobbledocker


    24. Harry Durrant

      It's like oatmeal. It sustains you.

    25. BethPaige

      Marc and Andre are the perfect casting for these roles. We need more of them!

    26. Seth Gideon Caringal

      the wise Holt here again giving us wisdom

    27. iftlatlw

      my TV dads.

    28. Grapes

      And to think Season 8 will not only be the last time we see them, but also the last time we see the entirety of B99 😭

    29. Silvia Panggabean

      I love this relationship !

    30. slugees

      I’m sorry but Kevin’s head shape is kinda weird

    31. Shreya Vijay

      PDA in the office?...my my 😏😏

    32. Taasfia Fatema Prapti

      The fact that Holt liked the gift that "Kevin" sent to him I can't even-

    33. Weird_Donut


    34. Michiko Manalang

      “Y’all are hella specific.”


      Holt-Cozner *_What an unusual Couple_*

    36. Aayush Chandra

      Whoever gave those dislikes, better take yours back OR Better get ready with some corticosteroids for your laryngeal trauma.

    37. Jishnav Tyagi

      B99 when I'm alone : 2:04 B99 when my mom enters the room : 0:35 , 0:58

      1. Jishnav Tyagi

        @Friederike Couldn't help myself - Raymond Holt ....... and ME

      2. Friederike

        Wildly inappropriate

    38. Cameron Madsen

      Y'all better cut out 0:37, don't wanna get demonetized 😂

    39. emmy wang

      The one dislike is Wuntch.

    40. Floffy

      Is this B99's way of saying they're getting their vows renewed in s8? 🥺❤

    41. arya sriram

      i am the 320th like!!!!

    42. Owen Lewis

      Does anyone know the song used in this amazing video?

    43. Callum92

      As Season 8 is the final season, we better get a proper wedding for Holt and Kevin in it. Its been almost 6 years.

      1. Shivani Koul

        @WallChart don't you mean questions

      2. Callum92

        @mae Yes NBC announce that season 8 will be the last season

      3. mae


      4. WallChart

        @Sean Fraser I assumed people would know. They were answers on Jeopardy

      5. Sean Fraser

        @WallChart You should probably point out that they are a musician and celebrity personality who used to be married.

    44. 123haninhk

      Our dads!

    45. Revanth sriraj

      Funfact : we have seen ray holy and Jake kiss the show but not holt and kevin

      1. White Bread

        Umm check 0:37 and 0:58 I think you missed it

    46. funkdafied

      I wish I can find something like that

    47. brandomeow

      these two absolutely slay me. The dead pan. Genius.

    48. Shubh Chaudhary

      YES GAGA YEEESSSS - Gina Lennetti

    49. George Prchal

      Still disappointed he wasn't on The Good Place as a *real* Judge to go against Shawn.

      1. Daviddd d

        I mean maya rudolph is amazing tho

    50. windstormstrike

      "america's greatest COUPLE!!!"

      1. Angela Zayn

        Most underrated comment ever!!!😂💟😂💟😂

    51. saravana kumar

      I'm not crying 😢

    52. Tanay Ishan

      After John mulaney and Nick Kroll, Holt and Kevin are the dads we have but didn't deserve.. 💖

    53. Jeremiah M

      They really are perfect they have the exact same personality and interests.

    54. Rex Racer

      So if they insist on ending B99 after season 8, can _Raymond Holt & Kevin Cozner_ be the spinoff? Jake, Amy, Charles, Terry, Rosa, Hitchcock & Scully could be recurring characters (every show, of course).

      1. Mac Peralta-Santiago

        @Arundhathy Shh, it’s my dad’s 🤫

      2. Arundhathy

        @Mac Peralta-Santiago Does Amy know you're using a phone Mac?

      3. Mac Peralta-Santiago

        And Mac! :)

    55. Vishnu

      Kevin: Buys only enough rice for one meal. My family: buys enough rice to last a decade.

      1. pearl

        and that too finishes

      2. TBNRAtlan Gamer

        Same for me to vishnu

      3. tAnyA

        Sameeee XD

    56. Vector! OH YEAHH!!

      POV:you aren’t first

    57. adam rosman

      whats the difference between black and yellow b99 channel and the yellow and black b99 channel? I jusg found out there are two of them...

      1. MVN

        I think the yellow and black one is run by Fox

      2. Anushree Buragohain

        this one is the official one, i'm pretty sure the other one is either run by fans or it was run when b99 was on fox

      3. Andrea Tiangco

        Same question lol they both post b99 content actively

    58. matthew bula

      The greatest dads ever

    59. Tyler Morris

      Oh two dad's I like Jake he's funny in B99

    60. Travis Jordan


    61. Sohum Khaladkar

      Jake’s family Kevin and Holt: Dads Gina: Twin Sister Terry: Older Brother Rosa: Older Sister Charles: Younger Brother Amy: Girlfriend turned wife Hitchcock and Skully: Lost lost relatives

      1. Sage Jennings

        Hitchcock and scully are the weird identical twin cousins

      2. Sean Fraser

        I'd think of Terry more like an uncle

      3. saiyaman28

        I always thought that Terry was more of a guardian/mentor to Jake, like a Jiminy Cricket to Pinocchio situation

      4. Nick Warner

        Doug Judy is Jakes best friend that Charles as the little brother gets jealous of.

      5. RockObama

        @Enuri Kuda grandson

    62. Kriya Prashant

      They were made for each other. And made to be my TV dads.

      1. Roman 'Sufferin Succotash' Reigns

        I’m teaching father the math.

      2. Amanda Shen

        And jakes dads

      3. Afiq Asyraf

        Captain dad

      4. imadooddood

        Our dads

    63. Rehani Hall

      Raymond Holt has a rock hard brain 🤣😂

      1. Rehani Hall


      2. SimPilot

        @Rehani Hall Yes the best LGBTQ couple, and our dads! But the best straight couple is Jake and Amy!

    64. Baby Yoda

      This was..... Pleasant

      1. Afnan Choudhry

        @Andres I mean if you want to go ahead I can't control you

      2. Andres

        @Afnan Choudhry some random commenter: _how about I do anyways_

      3. Afnan Choudhry

        It's at 99 no one touch the like button

      4. Andres


      5. TBNRAtlan Gamer

        Indeed IndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeedIndeed

    65. cryptwo

      kind of first

    66. John Wentzell