Who Wants to Be a Millionaire & Little Nightmares II | 2021-03-04

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2021-03-04
    Originally titled "Who wants to (watch me) be a millionaire" and "im crying again"
    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:12:54 - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
    02:23:03 - Little Nightmares II
    00:00:00 - Outro
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    1. Lucas Cavalcanti

      Who the feck is Pablo? That's clearly dear leader Jim Pickens

    2. Bitter Charmer


    3. Alyssa Orton

      Little nightmares ll starts at 2:22:59

    4. Dustin Malpass

      Max sounds like the host of Westminster Wireless in GTA London.

    5. Brand Neutral

      I can definitely relate to not thinking straights have any relevance to me 😏

    6. Silvers S.

      "I'd stake my life on it!" "PABLO"

    7. Raisa

      The only reason I knew Richard Nixon said "I'm not a crook" is because I know for a fact that he was in fact a crook.

    8. Temporal Nix

      2:14:40 I am sure others have answered this, but the translation to the question Kevin got wrong was "How many continents are there if you count landmasses". It is a super odd question but apparently while we recognise 7, depending how you look at it there are 4-8 continents, at least according to google.

    9. Andrew Dunder

      All of us LA Olympics fans already knew it was Mary Decker, Kev.

    10. Emerald Warrior

      2:14:40 The 8th continent is Zealandia if anyone was wondering. Its a submerged continent.

    11. Zeke_A_Deke

      Kevin the 8th continent is a bullshit answer as there are only 7 continents, however the show is referring to the 8th "continent" known as Zealandia, a submerged landmass discovered under and around New Zealand in 2017. This landmass is redefining our knowledge of travel during the Prehistoric period as it suggests Australia was not the only large landmass in that region. Similarly there is submerged landmasses between Europe and Britain known as doggerland which suggest Britain and Ireland were not actually islands. You could theoretically have walked from Ireland to Germany. :D

    12. LongLiveHarryPotter7

      Kevin: I am a cold-hearted monster! Also Kevin: *feels bad about burning the toy of an NPC*

    13. Shadowstar

      HOLY CRAP ITS CROWLEY, I was so worried they weren't friends anymore. I wonder if Crowley still lives in the closet then.

    14. Mnoelis

      1:09:37 Is that the Crowley that Kevin did videos with in his old channel?!

      1. Shadowstar

        Indeed it is, I was blown away to hear him lol.

    15. Penguin


    16. Noah Wattel

      Just C 1:31:26 it's only an N no extra symbols. 1:31:51 come on... there's no reason for it to be Ni they only put an extra symbol behind it if there's already a different element that has N which there isn't not until Neon or something. 1:40:04 it did have the word "Jard" in it but it was a tough one. Especially if you don't speak french or multiple languages. 2:03:40 you know: mono, di, tri, tetra, penta, hexa, hepta, octa, nona, deca. It said Junkstein's revenge which is a halloween event in Overwatch. 2:13:30 2:16:10 the 8th is Zealandia but that's kinda dumb + europe and asia can be counted as one continent making it 7 again.

    17. S Doerr

      speaking of falling asleep to your streams -- i'm rewatching cause I fell asleep during the hospital bit, I also watch your videos to help me relax at night!

    18. Noah Wattel

      1:15:00 you should have gone with that

    19. sidonie gabrielle

      i think i always assumed that kevin’s ears got mildly hurt by the headphones bc i have like 6 ear piercings so it hurts even putting them on gently a lot of the time

    20. Catherine Rothschild

      How could anyone pity sub Kevin?! He's a legend!

    21. Jarred Wise

      17:25 what a fucking threat 😂

    22. Mnoelis

      38:15 I use my knowledge of medical terminology to say that it's not A or B

    23. Emily Poull

      Would love to see you play Little Nightmares 1!! Thanks for giving us something to look forward to each day!

    24. Blu Wolfe

      2:37:00 "this is a friendship test right here" no comment

    25. Secret

      Prob should just mod to get the points, I wanna see the Harry Potter round

    26. ReLaxX_Takeo T3gg3

      I watch the stream then random insult about germans... im a german dudee

    27. Brittany S.

      Gameplay starts at 12:33 (:

    28. TTV__ZJAM1996 Gaming

      Zealandia is the 8th Continent. Established in 2017.

    29. Pokabrows

      "Why didn't they just put microtransactions in this game?" That's not something I've heard before. I'm sure someone can mod it or whatever to get you the other categories. Maybe mess around in the settings files and see if there's a text doc in charge of unlocking stuff that you can easily change?

    30. Simon Schnedl

      Kevin trying to decipher Deutsch brings me back to Latin class...

    31. Matthew Getman

      I can't believe you almost cheesed that scene with the flashlight

    32. Matthew Getman

      how does the second disappear? That happened to me too

    33. Angus McCoy

      not me being a soccer referee knowing we use checkered flags

    34. Tiamoi Rowe

      I feel betrayed!!! You were not hurting yourself for my amusement!!!

    35. Rachel Wolfgang

      When I was a kid I talked my parents into getting me march of the penguins thinking it was happy feet, I was disappointed. Tried buying it again this year... I bought the bonus disk not the movie...

    36. brokeboysteven

      please play more how to be a millionaire

    37. Metasteel Gaming

      Who is this Tim Cook you spoke of at 1:03:10? The smartest president in US History said his name is Tim Apple

    38. Harvey Pilmer

      52:41 good job I knew it he deserves it

    39. Zulaigah Hendricks

      How is little nightmares so cute AND so scary???

    40. GHOST101131 WHOA

      I do t even know what a viol is but ik there was only 4s’s

    41. Cheza

      You could, off stream, google the answers to the questions and get a millionaire a bunch of times to farm the coins for your Harry Potter category

    42. Dr.Dementor

      Where is my bye,bye,bye?I need that!

    43. Elise R

      Junkensteins revenge Kevin!!!!!!

    44. Siddharth Anburajan

      the headphones don't hurt. my whole life is a lie...

    45. Gemgem

      The fact that Kevin doesnt even pause the horror game @3:02:07 to go to the toilet, shows a whole lot of confidence Ive never seen in Kevin before. Kevin is indeed a tanned brave Irishman.

    46. Carolin Lachance

      German Kevin did very gut :D

    47. Jackson Carse


    48. Ferrel Agrios

      The way Six walks in this game is so adorable 😂

    49. Rvan B

      Every time Kevin says ‘sus’ I actually do laugh

    50. ilose3

      Is it bad that I skipped straight to him playing little nightmares 2 as I am more interested in how that gameplay goes.

      1. April Draws

        Nope. I did the same thing, just want to see games

    51. jtmarlin336

      Singing works in horror games i was playing outlast 2 and sang the Lord is good to me like the entire time Lol

    52. s dub

      59:39 of course Ruben only has male relatives as options for his lifeline 😂 dude sucks so bad

    53. Squatch84

      Tetragrammaton is the Hebrew name for the 4 letter word that means god.

    54. Song Flyer

      after watching kevin play i gotta say it's amazing jack figured out the puzzles so easily

    55. ShaePeacockArt

      My dumb brain saw the title and went "who wants to be a nightmare"

      1. sidonie gabrielle

        honestly not a bad show to pitch. run to netflix before anyone else thinks of it

    56. 1Umbreon 4Life

      Who Wants To Be A Millionaire starts at 13:35 Little Nightmares starts at 2:23:05

    57. Hannah Charlesworth

      3:01:57 so turns out it only takes Kevin 40 seconds to pee 😂

    58. the King

      My favourite part of UK is northan Ireland

    59. Carlos Thadeu

      Jardiniere, Jardim, Garden in portuguese lol I would have taken a wild guess on that

    60. Hannah Charlesworth

      Absolutely loving the LN content!

    61. Tamara

      Was Kevin legit an asmr streamer?

    62. WhiteScorpio2

      Guys, the game Tetris is called that way because the figures in it have 4 blocks and 4 = tetra. I never considered it!

    63. Nathan M.

      1:52:20 wait, Goldberg ? I know this ! It's the default username of a hacking method to play cracked steam games online x)

    64. Tommy Kammers

      The game isn't over yet Kevin you still have two more chapters to go

    65. SweetPeatie

      Me, a young adult American, learning more about America through Kevin from Ireland. He knew more than I knew because I shrugged my shoulders to a lot, especially what states are known for what lmao

    66. EighmyLupin

      Fs in the chat for Pablo

    67. EighmyLupin

      Their American because the game was made in America and they couldn't bothered to record multiple versions of voice lines for a game almost no one was going to play lol

    68. Flying Carpet

      High girl interesting facts since the audience couldn't tell him: Scalene Triangles are triangles that have no matching degrees inside the triangle. Unlike Equilateral which they are all equal in, and Isocoles, which has a pair that match.

      1. sidonie gabrielle

        thank you!!! i thought it was something like that but i wasn’t sure and too lazy to open google

    69. Flying Carpet

      "It doesn't actually hurt." *I speak for the whole community when I say that I am shocked and appalled.*

    70. emils r.

      *video starts* Kevin: EeEeEchhnsss

    71. Divine Coconut

      Just thought I'd share, I share a computer at work. And everyrime I log off I make sure that when the next person logs in the screen is filled with pictures of Bimpson.

    72. Sasuke Uchiha

      how tf is it 8 continents????? its 7 right?

    73. XxNova TitanxX

      He was singing hypa hypa by Eskimo Callboy

    74. turg

      that long running children's show is uh "why don't you just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead" with a banging theme tune too

      1. turg

        the only one I could properly answer 😔✌️

    75. Let's Get Tanked

      Love this game please finish it when you can! And id love to see the first one too!

    76. Willow Moon27

      More little nightmares!!! 😺😺😺

    77. Fegami

      The 8th continent is actually called Zealandia.

    78. Addict

      Dan West-Virginia the Villain

    79. brucelikesrock

      Kevin, cant you mess with the game files to unlock the Harry Potter?

    80. Alyssa

      Looking forward to you completing the game! Hope you play the first game too :3

    81. the milk human

      30:01 btw al rocker is an American news anchor

    82. Felipe Ramos

      2:15:30 center america is missing

    83. C vrstheworld

      If Kevin was not live he would never beat little nightmares without help

    84. Chronic Back Pain

      "America is one continent"

    85. NiK G.

      Yaaay Kevin plays in German now :D Endlich! PS: that continent question was infuriatingly stupid

    86. Michael Starkey

      12:34 WWTBAM starts on screen

    87. kefírzabáló állat

      it's so sweet of Kevin to thank people who follow and not just subs, like even going as far as putting up a follower goal. not many people do that in my experience :)

    88. NotHorror

      I try to keep calm when Kevin can't figure out the game but damn it's hard sometimes

    89. acidstrummer

      Scalene? That's a Right-triangle, you idiot!

    90. Anwar Salmi

      The dislikes are from people who didn't get a chair from Kevin.

    91. Trüffeltroll 666

      Dieser Kommentarbereich ist Eigentum der BRD

    92. Hayato

      42:56 I can't believe RTgame is in this game holy shit

    93. Grey

      You never heard the AL Roker holiday song "I heard Al Roker sh*t his pants."?

    94. DeadDancers

      That’s awesome. I’ve never seen someone just run past those things in the dark.

    95. King Of Natlanta

      Ah, yes, the cult leader wants to be a politician. This should go well.

    96. TG Wille

      Pablo committed crimes against stalin and the people

    97. noname 11011

      I loved the German bit, even though I suffered as a German 😂

    98. Chris Ingle

      omg someone asked on stream for conkur too xD

    99. Southside Serpents

      Was there another person talking to Kevin at 32:50

      1. Beanbags are Underrated

        yee he was doing the phone a friend thing irl as well as in the game

    100. ACline

      Kevin knows what I want 😏😫😰😈