CallMeKevin but he sings on stream a lot

Elis George

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    if kevin won't upload his music to spotify then i guess we'll have to make our own playlists smh. a collection of callmekevin guitar, ukulele, and karaoke covers for your listening pleasure.
    not every cover done on stream is shown. in the case of duplicates, the most recent / most full version was selected.
    sorry for the volume difference i tried to equalise it the best i could but it wasn't having it. i also don't know what happened to the audio quality in some of them oh no.
    all content belongs to callmekevin:
    twt: callinghimkevin
    00:00 your song, elton john
    03:34 can't help falling in love, elvis presley
    05:25 i'll follow you into the dark, death cab for cutie
    08:33 someone like you, adele
    13:10 house of gold, twenty one pilots
    14:59 wonderwall, oasis
    18:52 that's life, frank sinatra
    21:58 creep, radiohead
    24:20 let it be, the beatles
    25:33 when i was your man, bruno mars
    28:57 riptide, vance joy
    32:57 big iron, marty robbins
    36:21 im yours, jason mraz
    37:05 take me to church, hozier
    38:39 let her go, passenger
    39:21 jolene, dolly parton
    42:07 end card and bonus

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      I love how theres over 1000 likes and 0 dislikes

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      It’s really good

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        Like really really good

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      Zero dislikes. Perfect.

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      If there is a Irish got talent or a Irish the voice call me Kevin needs to get on that

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      zero dislikes for a reason. fair to say I love you for this

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      12K views... no dislikes, as it should be.

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      If he sung like this atleast twice a day I wouldn't mind being trapped in his basement.

      1. CharlieFruit

        It does sound pretty nice from down here to be honest with you, been trapped down here for months and his voice sounds great!

    10. Adeng

      Kevin's like a siren. He lures you in with his voice and either invites you to the cult or traps you in his basement

    11. Chase Dabu

      Call me kevin sings a lot on stream more like bore ragnarok

    12. Frances Gardner

      It’s amazing to see how much his sense of timing has improved since he picked up guitar

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      more on call me kevin sings

    14. Elizabeth Andersen

      Thank you for this compilation.

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      Big iron is fire

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      That Wellerman cover from 2/28 thooooo

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      Thanks for making this! I love Kevin's angelic voice but I always have to go search the VODs to find them. I used to listen to songs in the background normally, but now I just put Kevin's covers or Callmekevin Sings, so thanks for the new addition to my playlist.

    18. Casey Gutsell

      i juts got recommended this after watching some of kevins cover songs, and i am very grateful for the compilation. time to listen to them all !!

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      Why did I cry?

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      Thank you for this. :)

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      Dude, Kevin could really just be Woodkid and I wouldn't hear the difference

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      I want Kevin to cover hallelujah

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      Thank you for this kind creator!

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      It’s 4am and I just discovered this and all I want to say is thank you?? Like seriously. This honestly makes me so happy I love Kevin singing. The best cult leader 💜 thank you for this

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      Call him Kevin

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      I love to hear Kevin sing! His voice makes me forget how crappy the world has become...

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        perfectly balanced, as all things should be

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        Ima dislike it :)

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      i want to pay kevin to just sing me to sleep

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      CallMeKevin but he sings on stream a lot more like bore ragnarok

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      For a guy who kidnaps people and let them starve to death, he makes me feel pretty well with his voice

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      No one has dislike it

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      480 likes and zero dislikes is what we like to see

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      Kevin is so wholesome. 🥺

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      kevin is so good at singing, his voice makes me wanna cry aaaaa this is so beautiful thank you for making this comp!!!

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      I was just watching Kevin drop kick his baby, and little did I know the greatest playlist possible has been out for over a month now.

      1. Kiwi

        ​@Elis George Told my girlfriend this, had to show her the clip again to ease her mind 😂

      2. Elis George

        if i didn't know the context, this comment would be very menacing

    36. Night Orcid

      0 dislikes. As it should be. Edit: Just btw, Idk if they were posted before or after (I assume before) this video but Kevin has Your Song, Cant Help Falling in Love, and Jolene covers on his channel that would probably be better (since whats on here was from streams, and so on his channel theyre probably more professional, yknow) and he has covers to Ill Follow You Into the Dark and Creep on his soundcloud ( No offense Elis George, thank you for putting this together. Ill certainly come back to this for Riptide, no doubt. Really, thank you so much he sang 2 songs at the end of his stream today btw, if youre ever thinking of putting another together soon, just if you dunno. Theyre right at the end, he also sang around the time stamp 1:42:00 -ish in the stream (though he sang that song again near the end as one of those 2, but I think the one at that time stamp would be better to put into a video, partially bc of whats being shown during it Idk) link to the stream: Im certainly typing too much, but I hope I could be of help to somebody (anybody). Sorry if you already knew that stuff in the last paragraph Elis >~< If you see this ofc Another Edit cuz *I cant help it* : _I LOVE RIPTIDE SO FECKIN MUCH IMA FECKIN SCREAM IVE HAVENT HEARD IT IN SO LONG AND IM SO FECKIN HAPPY_

      1. Night Orcid

        @Elis George ok I was mentioning the covers for anyone who might see who doesnt know about them *^ *. Im already excited for the part 2

      2. Elis George

        yeah i know about the covers on his channel, i debated adding them in but i wanted the covers to stay the ones he sang on stream. and i am planning on a part two! i was going to release it yesterday actually but i thought i'd wait a few more weeks and see if he sang anymore songs, because it was quite considerably shorter than this one. i'm glad you enjoyed it, though!

    37. RudelyInteruppted

      im so in love with this man

    38. Kayla Morrow

      I'm dying over Kevin complaining about the "BB" chord. I think he means Bb (B flat) major/minor.

      1. Kayla Morrow

        @em0rion lol yes

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      Thank you so much for this.

    40. mikiyachi2

      WAIT- Whenever I heard Kevin sing I hoped he would he would sing Take Me To Church - But it turned out he ALREADY DID

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      Wonderwall was my favorite

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      Algorithm comment

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      Finally something that'll get me through this year

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      His voice is better than mine my voice is bad

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      Very kind :)

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      Kevin has such a pure soul :') i love watching him grow

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      Omg I had this on quietly while I was reading in bed and I actually fell asleep😂 Kevo has got a beautiful voice 🥺

    48. Wuhoh :O

      he really is such a great comfort! thanks for this video! I always listen to some of Kevin's covers when I'm feeling down so this compilation is perfect xx

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      thank you omg i love his voice so much

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      *waves lighter*

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      This made my year ❤

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      Can't Help Falling In Love With You is probably my favorite cover of his, it fits his voice perfectly?

      1. Elis George

        It does! And he's done it so many times and every single time it gets better and better.

    54. Alex Ashley

      Thank you so much for uploading this! I love when Kevin does mini concerts in his streams, and his mini concert a few days ago on Tuesday was great!

      1. Alex Ashley

        @Elis George Ooh yay I'm excited for Part 2! Same!

      2. Elis George

        It was! I am waiting for him to do a few more and i'll make a part 2. I just love his music more than anything

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      You ANGEL amongst humans thank you

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      This doesn’t have enough views I hope the algorithm blesses you kind sir

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      the man definitely can sing!

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      Thank you so much for making this

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      43 MINUTES OF KEVIN SINGING-- bless you kind stranger!!!!

      1. Takotako

        @Elis George I've a feeling I'm gonna be looping this masterpiece over the next few days at work ;w;

      2. Elis George

        it truly is a miracle that he blesses us with his voice so often

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      That's amazing!

      1. Feny

        @Elis George So that makes you hero-helper haha

      2. Elis George

        Thank you! kev is the real hero tho

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      can someone tell me why im tearing up :')))) his voice is so angelic for a cult leader

      1. TheSaviorOfSouls

        Thats how he gets you, if hed sing that i should kill the president i probally would.

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        Our Dear Leader...

      3. Elis George

        It truly is ahaha