A 28 Years Old Lady Left America To South Sudan & Now Own 19 Acres Farm!


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    The Image of Africa has been distorted around the globe and we are changing the narratives via IRflow videos One Country At Time.Until the history of Africa is told by Africans, the story of greatness will always glorify the imperialists.!It's Time For Africans To Unite, Embrace their Culture and be Proud of their Roots & Tell Their Own Story!-AFRICA TO THE WORLD..Subscribe to unlocked the Real Africa!
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    1. WODE MAYA

      Have You LIked & Shared the video yet???

      1. Julia Amunime


      2. Judge Graham Jr.

        Awesome job 🙏🏾 How can I help ?

      3. dochi zedon

        Maya speak Kiswahili

      4. Donald Thomas

        I don’t longer get herpes outbreak after using doctorojie1@yahoo.com natural herbs medication 🇺🇸🌿💊🤍❤️✅

      5. Dre Day Rich

        This was Awesome. I want to leave America so bad.

    2. sharmake hersi

      Thanks for both of you guys for your motivation 🙏

    3. Betty Garrawurra

      Hey man that Dope beat anyway what the of Name song

    4. Tajungye Nibyo

      Can you connect me to that lady? I have interest to do farming in Sudan. I am UGANDAN living in UAE. 971523774359 WhatsApp number, deusnibyo3@gmail.com email address

    5. Sukhbeer Saini


    6. shuni david

      You always show good things WODE MAYA you are the Best of the Best. That Sister is amazing for sure she has a great vision for Maman Africa. It is a good motivational video. PLZ help her start her own youtube channel. UBUNTU is a great name. She is a real Panafricanist. The farm is very nice looking. A good garden is a therapy for our health. More love on you guys.

    7. Micky Puritau

      This lady is a hero and all Africans should hear what she's saying and doing!!

    8. Achuil Bol

      Changing the narrative! The Africa We Want

    9. Shokoloko Bankoshi

      What's negative about this? What's the thumps down for? Shame on you haters. Ride on my sister. All the best in your endeavors. The 👍👍👏👏

    10. Victor Mbogu

      Dear Joy, you're such an amazing soul! Listening to you sounds amazing. Bigger and better you I pray

    11. Benon Tinyefuza

      How can I connect to that lady am ugandan

    12. Kebda Alem

      I love ❤️ you from Ethiopia 🇪🇹 I hope one ☝️ day I go back home 🏡

    13. Jacinto Benavente

      im watching you from philippines..rapu rapu,albay..👍

    14. Judith Brown

      Well done young lady I am from Antigua and Barduda but originally from Jamaica and I have back yard garden and am loving it .Its the same thing am saying why are we importing and we have so so much empty land to plant

    15. Dscott Dinero

      Its a blessing seeing this.

    16. Arsema Redae

      I’m Eritrean who lives in South America/ I just want to thank to the young lady for motivation so many young people right now keep going

    17. Hassan Madeng

      That's awesome, am a South 🇸🇸Sudanese, and Agricultural Engineer... I love this ❣️

    18. street cat

      Wada maya did you sleep with joy at the end?

    19. Ramthian Thomson

      Cool 😎

    20. Every Water Drop Matters Tim Kange

      Wow Wode Maya, from 13mins & 40Seconds,there is a MESSAGE---The lady n ua Response is touching...Poverty is in minds, Passion n dare to different is key..bro av leant as i keep learning from your great researched episodes.

    21. aboche junior Hutingwa

      Joy ladoo and wada maya you guy doing such a good job

    22. Karuna Rajagopal

      I've always wondered but never surprised with the portrayal of Africa in the media actually they do the same for any non white country. Thanks for showing the real Africa and the progress. I've seen lot of news reels, documentaries showing different parts of Africa where people are starving but filled with greenery everywhere around them. I was wondering what was stopping them from dropping some seeds and growing their own food. I guess it all about awareness and little bit of help people will grow their own food.

    23. wanjiku chef


    24. wanjiku chef


    25. Moses2018

      Keep it up girl


      Safi sana Uko vizuri Dadangu

    27. Adjidan Wasiu

      She is intelligent and a good communicator

    28. Black Lives

      Yo guys im in canada , who wants to venture into agriculture with me lets choose a country and go invest .

    29. 2face 1

      Wow love every word from her. Great job

    30. Ms Audrey

      My fellow Jamaican needs to see this and take a page from this young ladies book...I am so very proud of you love and Wode... thank you for continuing to inspire us..


      This lady is so brave Smart and beautiful...am proud of u gal from Kenya

    32. Nikiatu Peter

      I fully support and agree with you

    33. Instagram alison70

      This is so good to see, Africa has so much land and some prefer to give the West their money. Plant the land buy local, help your country, create jobs. Looking forward to coming to Africa, the mother land! I will subscribe to her channel

    34. Lucia Tiña Cariño

      inspiring stories....

    35. lucy parling

      She is the one our next mangufuli of S Sudan

    36. lucy parling

      Tell my sister l want to work with her

    37. acajudi100

      You have the very best interviews and like me, you care for non beggars. You give with both hands, as other nice people. Hands are for helping and not hurting. God bless all the kind and non =greedy people in the world.. USA is my ancestral land for about 4 generations. USa has major and deadly problems, but God will deal with the evil demons, and he will continue to deal with them. Behave everyone.

    38. Arch Bishop Davis

      I love what I am seeing. God always helps us when we step out in faith. I see you as a woman of God who walks in the faith of God.

    39. Alphonce Assenga

      What's her name and website ?

    40. Lee Vidal

      Very inspirational you go girl

    41. Salem Mubarak

      Very inspiring

    42. Salem Mubarak

      I felt so peaceful watching this

    43. Nandkishor Nimkar

      Very Interesting Maya! I love people who believe nature and their passion. The female Agriculture Entrepreneur is young ambassador to youngsters of all developing nations and not only to Africa. Really speaking We the people with Precious land, Water ,Sunlight and abundant human resource are blessed people on this earth but trapped under illiteracy, bad politicians and carried away by wrong images of Countries like America. I appreciate the guts and venturesome quality of young lady who is fascinated and attracted towards her ancestors land and her own people instead of wasting time and energy in participating in rat race in America and killing hidden potential. Best of luck to young lady and keep posting growth and such inspiring and beautiful videos like this. .... 👌 .

    44. Hawa Isse

      Good luck. Good job

    45. Hawa Isse

      Fram it's good. Beautiful

    46. Bobo Coolboy

      Thanks to show my contry to the world 🇸🇸🇸🇸🇸🇸🇸🇸love you 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

    47. Joe Snow Zambia

      I am slowly becoming a farmer and hoping to grow it to a business sooner

    48. Ofelia Frei

      Wow God is really so good to have a person like you to help your countrymen your country for the better future for everybody. God bless you and more power to your bus.

    49. Justice of Peace

      You speak Kenyan

    50. Arthur Paineto

      Fantastic Story. Very Inspirational.

    51. Siddque drey farm GMR

      Hi Im from India .can you contact me .

    52. Vagabond Films


    53. The Grange Adventure

      Wow, amazing. Thanks for sharing😊

    54. Mr musiclover Bigone

      Jahguidence always sister i loveyour works

    55. kipkoech ambrose

      Waaauh maya you are doing great work to our Africa continent ,these lady joy from South Sudan can be the president because she can make people feel good up lift the so many young sudanes and all people venerable ones Africa is good and the nature is waaauh

    56. Michael Damptey

      Woman with substance

    57. Virginia Mugai

      Her eloquence is top notch. Go go go girl.That should be the spirit of all the young people but unfortunately drugs,alcohol and moral decadence has taken a center stage in their lives. God help us.

    58. daniel paul

      God bless you my sister


      Good swahili

    60. Hamas Junior29

      Beautiful lady love from Somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇸 long live Africa

    61. Curtis CNDTV

      Really nice video

    62. EL CEO

      its her intelligence and confidence for me

    63. Shirley Powell

      This is a very much needed movie, it would be very nice to not be worried about racial statement from the opposite race. And to have the opportunity to help so many other than people taking advantage of you. God 🤣🙏 Bless you and all you are hoping for.

    64. kiogora ntarangwi

      I have always been hearing negative things about South Sudan but i have now realized it amazing country.

    65. kiogora ntarangwi

      This really amazing..

    66. elias harun

      This girl deserve to be minister of agriculture in south sudan.

    67. Eshetu Dinka

      What a strong women, I am from Ethiopia

    68. Elizabeth Makonese


    69. Zuliyanti

      Excellent i like this video 👍👍👍🙏

    70. Jinn

      Very impressive !

    71. earlysda

      She doesn't have to be worried about "racial profiling" in South Sudan, just being massacred by the rebels or government or whoever has the weapons on hand that day.

      1. earlysda

        @Arusha Nioshaka Arusha, don't you have access to the internet? Learn about the history of South Sudan before you show the world you don't have a clue what you are talking about.

      2. Arusha Nioshaka

        Nope that won't happen and also don't people get shoot over there in the USA?

    72. rtwfreak

      This lady had the right idea. A self sufficient Africa is in everyone's interest. The media have a task too to show the positive narrative, not just the wars etc.

    73. Silas Sialuk

      Is she taken ? Wanna link her up with my brother 😜. She is brilliant . Africa can be set free from poverty through Agriculture.... Smart agriculture

    74. Mustafa

      Btful, hard working and inspiring young sister Much respect from Somalia🇸🇴 🙌🙏

    75. Kibaki Wilson

      Love you!

    76. Sal Naka

      How can I get in touch with this young woman

    77. samson kipchirchir


    78. Sian

      Why are people sitting in banks thinking they have made it 😅.. I love this lady.. So well spoken, so inspiring

    79. Abharana suddi fortnightly

      Very good video

    80. james backster

      she says she dont have to worry about racial profiling ok but now you gotta worry about kidnapping'....rape....genocide only a few of the many of things you will have to live with no thank you i will take racial profiling

      1. Arusha Nioshaka

        @james backster people are kidnapped everyday in the USA and also Africa is a continent of 55 countries try and compared the USA to one of each

      2. james backster

        @Arusha Nioshaka not at the same rate as africa and kiddnaping dont happen here in the USA almost ever not like africa where everday people are being taken

      3. Arusha Nioshaka

        Don't people get shoot kidnapped and rape in the USA ?

      4. james backster

        im not saying your not happy im sayin there are way more problems there with police the goverment and just not being safe so to say you moved because of racial profiling makes no sesnse and people there cant be that happy because they fight to come to the US so i really dont think most people are happy in africa

      5. kogi

        That's your problem, we in africa are happy here and that is what matters.

    81. F

      As an Indian I can understand the feeling of being colonized and the mindset that is cultivated. Like us Indians, Africans too can make the change happen. 👍🏻

      1. Arusha Nioshaka

        Indeed and goodluck

    82. Beautiful.Kerala. INDIA


    83. Enoch Antwi

      She gave me goosebumps!

    84. Aziz Abdallah

      This young woman has a powerful message! I salute you Queen, with honor&respect!

    85. phurba tamang

      I really love Joy Ladoo works. Appreciated

    86. Benaiah Caillot


    87. Tony Habia

      This is one of the most inspirational videos seen with WM. I shared it with some of my SS friends here in Minnesota and changed the negative views they still have since fleeing their rich country. To my young lady agric entrepreneur I give you Koudos. I am also recommending you the use solar panel & pump to do permanent irrigation via drips or shower from the river and save on gas and water machine pump. Am also an MPH holder with concentration in Global Health, InfD and épi but very involved in farming in my country Togo.

    88. J Seth

      You made my day my brother.

    89. Oladele ajetomobi

      Excellent 👍🏾

    90. Claire Fritze

      Such an important video for Africans to see! I hope they take notice of this smart woman! Love from America! I have been saying this, why import when you can grow yourself? If we are to clean up our planet, we had better grow in our own neighborhood!


      Eiiiiii masssa...u are now uni African

    92. Moreen Musiimenta

      My dream is to become a big farmer in my country God help me to make my dreams come true

    93. ZacKes7

      Corruption is killing many if not all African countries... Spending so much money on importing food especially Agricultural food, instead of growing them yourself... Grow local, buy local and eat local... Cut down the international food bill buy producing/growing local.... I pray she expand and increase in all areas of South Sudan, most of all thought Africa...

    94. garang abraham akoy


    95. Kenyan Boy Bakes

      Wode Maya speaks kiswahili... Wooowwww

    96. Kiden Miju

      Proud of Joy, I am also behind you though just started my farming journey last year here in Juba too

    97. Steve Raman

      don't waste your precisely water use drip irrigation Spray irrigation is generally less efficient and loses about 40 percent of water

    98. jason.T Mankina

      Ladies look she doesn't have Brazilian hair ,that money for Brazilian hair you can use it to do something productive. Africa needs for Queens like you my sister.

    99. Lisa Emery

      Well done . Look forward to see more. I have vidoes on Utube. Lisa v Africa I help community inKenya and Guiena orphanage Conakry

    100. Seyon Tharmalingam

      You are making a great difference in people's lives. This has to be expanded in every part of Africa.