Parks and Recreation Out of Context


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    1. Alexandra Fowler

      This is the funniest fucking thing I’ve seen

      1. blackwolfkodi

        Must have a pretty boring life

      2. Oishii Kudasai

        That’s a funny thing to say to a human being? Are you crying? I’m not crying. I’m just allergic to humor.

      3. _donkey_gaming_


      4. _donkey_gaming_

        @Ash Draven re

      5. Trenton Fowler

        Nice name you've got there

    2. Acura Addicted

      2:52, thanks, now I have to change my underwear...

    3. Brent Lehman

      What the fuck is a German muffin?

    4. Chandler Gwartney

      "Theres no time, he can fly" I literally just lost it

    5. no

      Funny thing is these clips don't really have any context to begin with.

    6. Essie Coker

      0:34 *Andy being Andy*

    7. Ira Gupta

      leslie : "ben the jerk is here* oh leslie leslie leslie

    8. Ira Gupta

      *phony British accent* "was I wearing a tiara when I came in here because if you happen upon it will you have Lady Pennyface retrieve it and send it post hence"

    9. ItzzRuby99

      imagine if you didnt know the context to these scenes.

    10. Cynthia X Wang

      "i'm not crying, im allergic to jerks"

    11. Chris L

      Fun Fact: I didn't search for this video but watched the entire 1:05:18 anyway.

    12. Thomas Moore

      I’ve seen this whole 1 hour video more than 10 times

    13. aAaAaAaAaAa


    14. Samuel Packard


    15. Nabskull

      The literal 1 second clip of ron stamping asphalt and then just cutting to the next scene is fucking me up and I don't know why

    16. Nick Conley

      23:00 "get these f****** balloons out of here." more heroes like April in local gov?

    17. aperson thatisalive


    18. Junkie_Cosmonaut96

      I shouldn't be watching this drunk

    19. James Moriarty

      It's too bad they never had Ken say something to the affect of having owned a massage parlor in the past. Missed opportunity, for those who don't know Ken Hotate actor is John Redcorn voice actor as well

    20. isaiah rideout

      i’ve never seen this show so this is truly out of context and im on shrooms idk how i found myself here but this is amusing as hell 💀

    21. tosa

      at heart we all want to be ron don't deny it

    22. Joshua Troy


    23. kim

      model un ep is so underrated

    24. Lana S

      1:46 even Ben 's dancing

    25. KoaDoc

      I just wanted to be the one thousandth comment. Loved the show though.

    26. Kai Square


    27. James Moriarty

      Ah yes my son sells them on Etsy. He is a huge... disappointment

    28. ellen

      I should really watch this show it looks great

    29. Sam talamini


    30. Dive King Fan

      you can really appreciate the line delivery with videos like this

    31. Braulio Ventura

      21:19 we just gonna ignore it talked about meerkats but shows ringtails lenses 😂

    32. • Valor Tea •

      6:58 But she was dunking- nothing? I don't get it, there was no one there

    33. Jacky Ha

      doobee doobee do, i can't. lmao

    34. Jack Bauer

      This vid is like dopamine being injected straight into my veins

    35. David Crowley

      Skip to 2:52 lol WTF

    36. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

      "Did you know there was an off brand hy-drox" I'm dying here!

    37. Jacari Smith

      Andy perform screaming 😂😂😂

    38. Ivo Armstrong

      I would 100% watch a show of Ben at the accounting firm and just that

    39. Rachel Washburg

      this is one of my comfort clips and I watch it all the time!! tysm for making it!!

    40. Blastedminion05

      We all ignoring the fact Ben said baba boi

    41. nabila

      2:53 *NYAHHHH*

    42. Hannah Hartung

      Thumbs up after the scene when Ron is cutting the Indiana Building Codes in half

    43. Hannah Hartung

      This is an hour long

    44. Brittany Sterrett

      What the F*** is a german muffin

    45. Brittany Sterrett

      this video is pure chaos

    46. charlie simpson

      4:08 Spat out my drink all over my monitor...

    47. Oishii Kudasai

      Andy makes me want to eat skittles

    48. Georgine Verano

      craig screaming look at me is everything

    49. Chloe Scarbrough

      2:24 "wait a minute... what's inside that case?"

    50. Georgine Verano

      OH as if it makes more sense in context 😂

    51. Georgine Verano

      leslie is the rare friend who will never ditch you for a guy

    52. Phinesse Ash

      I know just from crying at 1:24 that my humor is ruined. 😂😂😭😭

    53. Peachy Bun

      This gives me the much needed serotonin, thank you so much op

    54. oneorfive

      18:29 dooby dooby *doo*

    55. Camden Gilbert


    56. M


    57. aliyah cruz

      andy sneezing is the funniest thing ever

    58. Silver Sadie

      Rob Lowe playing air banjo! 🤣🤣🤣

    59. Kaotic Bubba

      bo Burnham was like one of the funniest cameos on this show

    60. madgirlmuahaha

      Gotta watch out for those Jan Coopers and their chlamydia.

    61. Theresa Harris

      I completely lost it at the scene where Andy starts crying on stage 😂😂

    62. Humorous Boris

      12:18 I laughed way to hard at this.

    63. Sarah

      the cut offs on these are priceless

    64. Kaotic Bubba

      After living here for 47 years I have decided to move to Orlando to be closer to Disney World. gets hired by Disney for Star Wars

    65. Sea-Bass is a BottleCapCo

      20:25 still one of the most underrated moments of this entire show

    66. 쀵쀵귀염이

      i love how satan's niece is April xD

    67. aliyah cruz

      1:08 leslie is definitely a swiftie lol

    68. Alkoholik Chikin

      30:38 andy looks like yung gravy

    69. slumped xd

      I can’t believe they didn’t put 🎶Technically Im Homeless 🎶

    70. jane denardo

      32:19 they fucking predicted it

    71. Imlazydwi

      I knew with ever fiber of my being that the "if anyone wants to hang, I will be at subway" would be in this

    72. Lucas Cerchiaro


    73. Tremoral

      20:04 the og of TikTok songs

    74. ya boii skelly

      "hello fellow lover of the arts, have you seen the painting?" A pickup line I'll use in a museum

    75. forgetful stranger

      34:05 this is most confusing clip in this entire video and i love it

    76. Strawberrisx

      he said baba booey

    77. G Johnson

      after watching this show 12 times i know the context to these all. yet, i continue to watch these “out of context videos” because that’s just how incredible this show is.

    78. Madison McMichael

      this entire show was a fever dream

    79. jaden alexzandria

      i’m sorry but “look, even ben’s dancing!” then it pans over to ben doing whatever the fuck that was WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE like it never fails to make me sob

    80. Divinity Quartz

      is that bo burnham? 16:37

      1. Mr.Sherbert

        yes, he had a cameo on an episode

    81. Nat Schmoll

      8:31 is such a perfectly cut scream

    82. Matthew Curran

      You could redo the whole series without Tom and you wouldn't miss out on anything - him and Jean Ralphio annoyed the shit out of me.

    83. Dominic Distasio

      What are you looking for particularly? "Some sperm" 😂😂

    84. 667 link

      "There is no quiet anymore. There is only Doc Mcstuffins." -ron swanson

    85. Just Josie

      I have never seen this show and I just watched this all in one sitting. I'm going to watch it now, ty

    86. Nick G

      I like how peter quill and ant man are in my favorite show.

    87. Michael Schmeltz

      29:06 saving my place

    88. Mr Nobody

      15:00 time stamp don’t mind me

    89. Vanessa Barajas

      I have watched this for eight times or more, lost track, and I know the freaking timeline and what happens on that episode. When mark is on it I know it was the first few seasons. April's hair changes. Ben is with Leslie and so on.

    90. Yan Azeb

      apolgy for bad english where were u when sami fat i was at house eating they them pussy and playing rainbow six siege when phone ring "sami gideon fat" "yes."

    91. Cookie Cat

      i started dying not even 2 minutes in

      1. Cookie Cat

        6:00 plsssssss

    92. Eric Oxsalida

      The model UN episode was scarily accurate

    93. Andrew Heckman

      Is it bad I don’t need the context to know what’s going on.

    94. Duperior Frog

      This is so much less funny if you know the context of these clips

    95. Ashley

      20:57 a time stamp to come back

    96. Roisin Averill

      "I'm Perd Hapley and I just realized I'm not holding my microphone"

    97. playerknownwell

      2:15 I died when I watched this vid and the episode XD

    98. Leilani Munch

      this makes me wanna watch it finally lol

    99. Tom Cruise

      Skip to a random point in the video, whatever you land on is this weeks mood

    100. Sai Stuti Mittal

      This video is a blessing to humans!