Monopoly Plus (with Irish Lads) | 2020-05-31

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2020-05-31
    Originally titled "CallMeKevin is just chatting before some games with Irish Lads"
    Full quality video:
    00:00:00 - Just Chatting
    01:21:46 - Monopoly Plus
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    1. Araz


    2. Bitter Charmer


    3. Hannah Suffridge


    4. Shock TNC


    5. Musicallison

      2:08:01 *(ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴀʀɢᴜɪɴɢ)* Background: _”I LOVE THIS PART OF TOWN”_ The seemingly random background lines have been making me crack up throughout this, but the comedic timing and total disregard of the announcer by everyone really got me here 😂

    6. U・ᴥ・U

      Kevin would have actually won after being in last place at the beginning

    7. Nathaniel Krinock

      Kiwo is my favorite irish lad

    8. Stephen Johnston

      They really robbed Kevin Of his comeback win, wow

    9. Akira

      10:46 It’s 6 am and I was falling asleep :’) i forgot he did the thing for hype trains like a fool lmao

    10. skullyairsoft80

      How can someone be simultaneously Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Good

    11. Kana

      Kevin is like really good at monopoly that's crazy, I know it had a lot to with Kiwo getting auto bankrupt but like Jesus that was amazing

    12. jonathan Hamer

      kiwo saying the rail will prevail late in game is like england in ww2

    13. X marks the spot

      I wonder how come they never play GTAV together?

    14. Yuyun Yuliendanie

      why i didnt watch this earlier😂😂

    15. Daniel O'Connell

      Ok why would they post this if the game got disconnected I actually became very enthralled in this game and watched the entire thing just for it to say “game disconnected” not gonna lie I’m actually mad over this I actually spent 2-3 hours watching and didn’t even see how it ended

      1. Obo505

        It's not like they posted a video on it. It's a channel where they archive the livestreams so the audience can rewatch the VODs if they want because it'll will be lost from twitch. They DIDN'T post videos on it BECAUSE the 'game ended'.

    16. I T3CHL1N I

      The fact they call pink purple bothers me so much

    17. Angelica Meade

      Kiwo sounds SO much happier than when she's playing Phasmaphobia with those boys 😂😂

    18. K F

      All those dislikes are from Kiwo's alt accounts

    19. Kitxu

      Damn, quite alot of people really hate Nogla in the comments.😂 Lads just chill, their just having fun and the other Irish lads don't really mind him.

      1. LazyBunnyLyn

        Ig i do dislike him like not as a person but yelling and whatnnot, but theyre still friends, who am i to judge that. They mustve been okay with him

      2. X marks the spot

        Because dudes always trying to pick a fight with other people playing. I didn't even mind that he was loud at first but after awhile it's like he was trying to specifically be a douche to people (Mainly Brian) and he just gets obnoxious sometimes. Don't get me wrong Brian's not perfect ether but damn.

      3. Egg

        Yeah I don't get it

    20. Fun With Minerals

      eardrums? what are eardrums?

    21. Ethan Phillips

      I want monopoly optimised for next gen consoles

    22. Reagan Orton

      I sometimes forget that Kevin is a genius but then he goes getting people to fund his monopoly game

    23. Alexis Kelley

      Poor Dan😭😂

    24. Alexis Kelley

      Daithi is such a snake 😂

    25. Alexis Kelley

      Brian just casually singing some bs song to the tune of ‘Take a chance on me’ 😂

    26. Cole Moore

      All aboard Nehbkiwo’s cocaine train!

    27. Louis Gaulke

      Thats not the American names

    28. Emma Canlas

      Monopoly it chooses the name based off of where you live

    29. Matthew

      Here to fall asleep Kev. Dont disappoint me

    30. Jared Schrader


    31. R Hobbs

      56 minutes in the monopoly starts and now I’m leaving cos that annoying lass is there. What a waste of time

      1. Donna mali


      2. X marks the spot

        Good get lost.

      3. BatgirltheRobin

        No one asked.

    32. Heaths Ledger

      didnt appreciate the megaphone bit

    33. Tim Hänsel

      You cannot collect rent from jail

    34. Scam Likely

      Watching other people play board games seems like a good substitute for friends

      1. X marks the spot

        Really friends aren't everything, don't beat yourself over it.

    35. Kay Haven

      1:20:00 is when the game starts.

    36. Dani G

      damn i really don't like daithi

      1. Donna mali

        @X marks the spot yet they still play with him? Lol

      2. X marks the spot

        @Awyang no he's obnoxious, and he doesn't know it.

      3. Awyang

        Lads, its youtube. Ofc people exagerrate. Hes grand, the lads will tell ya

      4. Dani G

        @Kay Haven yeah thats why

      5. Kay Haven

        I do but I don’t. He strikes me as being a somewhat abusive person, but he doesn’t recognize it.

    37. Amy

      Okay the megaphone is the reason I need to stop putting these streams on in the background as I go to sleep xD

    38. Jimmy Little

      You're locked down till august? That seems crazy. I thought it was bad here in Australia (although we were in lockdown for like 6 months till recently).

      1. Libby F

        Yeah it was crazy we were locked down till august and then got out of it for school to start in September but the cases shot up so they locked us down again for like a month from November to the 3rd of December haha

    39. bees ey

      10:40 now we know why the mic keeps running away

    40. FreeLifeStruggles

      To think that Kevin was doing so well when he only bought 1 property and then dominated when he got 1 set

    41. thechaoswolf

      03:14:00 -Tories

    42. Toushea

      I was watching some real life horror story bs before going to bed... so I thought I'd watch something more cheery to take my mind off it. Then just as I was drifting off all I hear is Kevin screaming into a megaphone...

    43. Zan Viljoen-Kotzé

      It's a quarter to twelve on a Saturday night. I am in bed, eating Mento's and watching Kevin dominate in connect 1 then going on to watch the entire damn game of Monopoly. I don't tend to even stick around for games of Monopoly I suggested to play. What has my life become? Anyway, good game Kevin. Having the best time watching.

      1. Jeffery Crouse

        Welcome to the Cult of Kevin

    44. David F

      NGL the ending to this really disappointed me

      1. Lauren Ajaero

        The same thing happened to the Game Grumps it REALLY sucks

    45. Tyler Holden

      Kevin... idk man.. you are such an amazing dude. You inspire me to keep going. You’re so very genuine and I appreciate that about you. Listening to this stream really helped me because I was having a really rough night. When you were talking about motivation in the beginning it made me really happy that someone recognizes that struggle. It made me get up and actually work on my schoolwork during a depressive episode. My grades are better now and I might get some good scholarships for college :)

      1. Satya Divya CH

        I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But yes, Kevin has the same effect on me too. Helps me a lot with whenever I feel down. Hope you're doing well now.

    46. Merel Van Egmond

      Can you double-like a video? This was amazing lol

    47. H. W.

      Honestly that one guy with his "I'll sell it to you for $1 dollar less than you own" really deserves to go bankrupt. Just say no instead of pulling this bullshit and you won't be hated so much lol

    48. H. W.

      Game starts at 1:22:00

      1. Db2000

        Gods works 🙏

    49. Niamh Waite

      How is his mic not broken lmao

    50. Kittikat4124

      Oh how I love the PC port of this game. Its so perfect, no bugs

    51. Murzel

      might be 2 months late in the video, but damn I wanna chug a glass of whiskey with ya Kevin ;/

    52. Wardaughter

      The rail will prevail! Lol.

    53. Caboose 646

      Kenvin sanders: Oh wow thanks for the free money! Dahi trump: Just give me the monopoly!!!! terror biden: Whats happening?

    54. James Place

      I swear alcohol is like soda in Europe. It like the main beverage

      1. Jeffery Crouse

        Generations of drinking makes alcohol less powerful

    55. BatgirltheRobin

      I like how it’s always Kevin’s birthday lol

    56. Maxime

      Would just like to say, pretty quickly, trans rights are human rights and I hope you’re all having a good day :)

      1. Jeffery Crouse

        Not really related to the video but yes.

      2. Катя Гарь

        What do trans people have to do with anything what the fuck

    57. BoopleSnoop

      1:22:55 they start playing Monopoly Before that they were playing connect 1 and just chatting ( there is one hole for the piece to go in and one space for one piece to go in and they spend like 20 minutes playing connect 1)

    58. Xay

      3:51:20 I dropped my phone at this. I hate you so much, Kevin 😂

      1. maxine

        @blueberry. it’s the price you must pay for eating the disgusting excuse for food that is soup

      2. Spoops

        @blueberry. Man that sucks

      3. blueberry.

        @Spoops it was my favourite jacket ;(

      4. Spoops

        @blueberry. I mean it just makes life more interesting tho-

      5. blueberry.


    59. FeelingDangerous 113

      Nogla speaking up for us Americans 🇺🇸

    60. Sam The Lion

      Kevin's neighbours: 🔇👂👁👄👁👂🔇

    61. Yee Haw

      This was a true story of betrayal, trust, and capitalism

      1. Diego

        So America

    62. Yee Haw

      1:35:30 you’re messing with the famous ZxNoregretsxZ

    63. RatCryptid

      the end of that game was a disappointment ahaha

    64. Nightcore Demon

      so anticlimactic xD

    65. Alex Ross

      Kevin for president. I don't care if he rallies for extinction, he's my man.

      1. Blank Comodo

        that would be so Kevin though

    66. Sn0rck

      The guy who plays the dog is such an asshole, honestly. Like he traded Monopolies with Kiwoo (which makes it more or less even) but he still made her give him a lot of money. What the hell?

      1. Donna mali

        @X marks the spot you’re everywhere

      2. X marks the spot

        Guy is probably bad at the game.

      3. Egg

        It's just gameplay

    67. jellyfish 4

      It's 1am for me and he pulled out an microphone

    68. MaiSarah

      oh gosh my tummy hurts from laughing! Kevin , the natural charmer, people just be giving him money for doing nothing, CLASSIC KEVIN

    69. Araz


    70. Ricola Popsicle

      kevin shares a birthday with my cat named moaning myrtle mayhem

      1. Fun With Minerals

        I hate your cat's name.

      2. SadBoiBlue

        I love ur cats name 😂😂🤣

      3. Ricola Popsicle

        she likes to scream and we kept her in the bathroom before we introduced her to the other cats, so yeah, i suppose so. we usually just call her myrtle may tho

      4. Esdeath

        Why did you name your cat that? Does she haunt your bathroom?

    71. Andrew

      Daithi sounds like a car salesman

      1. Jonny Boy

        He's probably the most Irish sounding IRflowr in existence as well.

    72. Autumn Bunch

      Kiwo, Dan, and Kevin are the best trio omfg

      1. X marks the spot

        Dude calm down your taking it the wrong way and blowing it out of proportion. People are going to have different likes but nobody's treating them like Pokemon cards. Geez.

      2. X marks the spot

        @Obo505 I don't support shipping ether, it messes up stuff.

      3. scoobis


      4. Beelzemo Babbity

        @Smile More no, you won’t. And even if you did that has nothing to do with if someone else “embraces it”. There’s nothing wrong with being sad that people are saying mean things about you. I just hated that they said “trading” as if they aren’t people. Idk man get some empathy I guess. You’re radiating the vibe of someone who’s memorize every tank and airplane model..

      5. Smile More

        @Beelzemo Babbity Go ahead and say that about me. If it's true then I'll embrace it.

    73. N Rod

      All of the irish lads carry their own brand of chaos but Kevin is definitely king of chaos because he just wants all sides to be bothered in someway, even himself.

      1. CountryMusicMann

        @Pohorex From what I've seen, Dan is much more about cheerful psychopathy, whereas Kevin just wants everything broken.

      2. Pohorex

        Kevin has the subtle under the radar chaos, which contrasts to daithi who is loud chaotic. Personally I enjoy Kevin's chaos much much more

    74. Abigail Rose

      this was an emotional roller coaster. 😂

    75. Bluecy

      Thank you for that Video 😊 I hope you like it to be a moderator 😁