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    Boyle's pain medication has some brutally honest side effects.
    Season 1, Episode 13 "The Bet" - Peralta and Santiago's ongoing bet about who can make the most arrests comes to an embarrassing conclusion. Meanwhile, Boyle receives a medal after he's shot in the line of duty.
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    1. Kinsuk Mitra

      That's one of the best Charles' moments

    2. sit Din

      "Sure i love to see charles get punch" "Try again" "I will stop charles from getting punch" Screams father daughter energy

    3. Vedant Salunke

      Hahahaha you cooking meth, breaking bad, how many phones do u have hahahah good ref

    4. eminosose

      “How many phones do you have????” The Breaking Bad reference was out of nowhere 😀😀😀😀😀

    5. Naveed Akram

      Love how Charles destroyed Gina in this. She really deserve that and more.

    6. Guillermo Rojas

      1:30 was that Alonso bowden?

    7. a7meedd

      I love how ppl are loving every little thing about this show.

    8. Zach Brookes

      Can we just take a second to imagine if Charles had just hooked up with Vyvyan and was wearing Rosa's jacket when high on this mix of coffee and pain meds? He'd be an UNSTOPPABLE force!

    9. Rainbow Six Siege Amateur

      When i see that medal I don’t see it as a medal I see it as a sign that says “I have no filter”

    10. DiegoGarciCruz

      Thumbnail looks like it belongs in a “Top 10 photos taken before a major catastrophe” comp

    11. Shrinvas Pampatwar

      I sometimes worry I'm gonna become you!😂😂😂😂

    12. cherrytumblr

      Rosa died 8 years ago☠️

    13. Emre Can Korkmaz

      4:26 When her reproductive instinct completely took over and made her do the confused-by-sudden-extreme-arousal "I want to make multiple babies with Boyle!!!" face 🤤😍🤤😍🤤🥰😍🤩🤭🤪😍🤤 Totally justified reaction, and it's priceless! 😄

    14. Uncle Iroh

      Boyle is a legend he is the definition of taking a shot for the team

    15. Y H

      Maybe Charles isn't the best detective NYPD had, but surely he is best Police man they have.

    16. Wae Git

      I think like early Boyle more and this was one example, but I do feel sometimes they push the boundary of crazy with him later

    17. Mikha'il

      Every character in this show is so perfectly sculpted like this guy's butt

    18. Maicol

      *you Breaking Bad?*

    19. CrashSable

      Charles being such a badass is always such a stark reminder for me that this show only works because it's fiction - there are no good cops in real life.

    20. J Dawdle

      Theres also that scene where Boyle tells Jake that behind all the teasing, somewhere deep down Peralta likes likes Santiago.

    21. Jacobo Del Río

      Nice reference to Breaking Bad.

    22. Loony Maven

      2:31 "YOU COOKING METH!!" "BREAKING BAD!!???" "HOW MANY PHONES DO YOU HAVE!!!?!" Terry's wife seems like a breaking bad fan.😂

    23. Thunderstone

      DJs du du du du

    24. Jeongas

      These are my favourite charles' moments. Here he's just so unconditionally sweet to everyone(except peanut butter) and so unconditionally him.

    25. Kumar C

      Hitchcock's reaction was hilarious!

    26. Mukhtar A

      "Rosa died 8 years ago." Thats funnier than I expected.

    27. Kanika Garal

      Charles is not appreciated enough. And he deserves the promotion that he never got.

    28. Kaleb Calverley

      The biggest truth bomb was the one he dropped on Gina at 0:35

    29. Mike Webster

      What ever happened to his sister? He mentions her in the first season. The episode where it is his ex wife's engagement party.

    30. Sam

      Dang! Charles did say that.

    31. Aradya B

      “Bluup” 😂😂

    32. Sigma Surreal

      I do like the show but they all just seem to be trying increasingly harder after Season 5.

    33. Jynx V!xa

      Rosa... are you on helium?!

    34. Dick Succ

      The thumbnail looks like a horror movie poster

    35. VidinaSS

      In the end they didn't end up together

    36. Elliz Brazil

      Ive been waiting for this..thank you..

    37. The Marauders

      The most underrarted character on the show. Boyle deserves the best!

    38. Loony Maven

      They should make Boyle a Truth Bomber permanently, i love this look on him!!!

    39. SquidikaST

      We all need a "Boyle" in our live. Too bad not all deserve one. And for y'all "Boyle" out there looking after your buddies, we salute you.

    40. YourPrinceNXT

      "I sometimes worry I'm gonna become you."

    41. Pilolitao Pilo

      At that point, I was 100% sure there would be some DIazXBoyle action. Too bad my dream will never come true

    42. Bellemy

      I like how they didn't force this relationship.

    43. Blackbankai 03

      Is anyone going to mention how Charles almost made a married woman fall for him?

      1. YouGoGlenCocoxD

        nothing beats Boyle's irrational rivalry with Terry lmao let's not forget Gina crushing on Terry since the pilot, and Boyle, out of all people, being the one to have a thing with her

    44. Abdulla Fawaz

      Boyle is like the rdj

    45. B E

      Please make a compilation of all die hard references jake made in Brooklyn 99

    46. Kurt Garcia

      "Detective Boyle, I just want to say congratulations. Your medal was well-deserved." *Thank you, Sir. Your breath is terrible.*

    47. Louie R

      I'm surprised they didn't add the clip when Boyle told Jake the truth about him secretly liking Amy. I think that's where it all started.

    48. Bill Sabaton

      Charles seems like a psychopath cannibal in the thumbnail

    49. Chirayu Rabari

      Charles Boyle is amazing charactor played by amazing actor.

    50. Akhil Madhunlall

      Boyle is balances out Rosa as a character very nicely. In many ways it's better that they didn't end up together later on.

    51. Gioia Macfie


    52. LJ

      Rosa's voice is way more softer here

    53. ömer ünal

      ahh i was looking for this. this clip is perfect

    54. Novaargh

      Boyle is the best Actually, Gina is the best, but Boyle is a close second... he's the ultimate second, while he deserves to be the first..welcome to human nature.

    55. tanvi sharma

      I love the scene with sharon,terry and charles....but i am a little did sharon not know Charles since Charles and terry had been working together for at least 10 years at this point??!!

      1. Food Lover 09

        Truee point

    56. T.Tremblay Marketing Tremblay

      who else cant wait for season 8

    57. Sha De

      I didn't know I needed this compaltion.

    58. nitin kashyap

      1:50 "I sometimes worry I am gonna become you". Hitchcock face lmao

    59. Blazing Arrow

      Me everytime I do molly

    60. Jack Black

      Rosa just got shut down by Charles.

    61. Deep Sharma

      Best boyle moment on the show. Period

    62. H.L

      Vasectomy un-reversed. Snip snap snip snap. Must have taken a toll on him

      1. HHH HHH

        Michael scott

    63. Raychel945

      I love how Rosa is such a badass person and completely incapable of hurting a friend.

      1. Hiall Everybody

        @Raychel945 It's not hard to guess; we cherish, respect, and publicly praise things in others that exist in us. So, guessing that you would be as Rosa is not far-fetched.

      2. Raychel945

        @Rizwan rizu i feel concerned cuz u don't know me but flattered at the same time.

      3. Rizwan rizu

        Just like you

    64. DeadApple

      "Your breath is terrible"

    65. arunkamath

      Wish they would have ended up together.

    66. PAO

      “Rosa died 8 years ago”

    67. Dani Park

      This made me miss Gina more in the squad :((( I hope she'll have an appearance in s8!!

    68. Awais Hameed

      He's such a good actor!

    69. Peewee Maroske

      One of the things that pissed me off. They went anywhere with Charles and Rosa. Instead of they just him with a female version of himself. Rosa being Bi. That just came out of nowhere.

      1. Leanne Mitchell


    70. Harry Richards

      Charles telling Rosa that he didn’t know it was her he dove in front of is one of my favourite moments in the entire series.

    71. itsnoob 193

      "I will leave you for this short earnest man and his ex wife's new boyfriend's apartment "

    72. OPTIC

      Can’t wait till new season

    73. Ashwin Kv

      Where is the biggest Boyle truth bomb... The one with Jake... That should have been here

    74. Guy Nehemia

      I'm happy Boyle didn't end up with Rosa. They work much better as a duo of friends than in a romantic relationship.

      1. Wae Git

        Favorite part is Boyle's event for Rosa's Hen Night - definately the best of the three

      2. John

        You're only saying this because she's a Bi

      3. prakash dorai

        That's cause they're written and acted that way. In a different form of writing you'd say the same about jake and Amy and you'd really wanna see charles and Rosa together

      4. Saradhi Mamillapalli

        She did dress up once, for a Jamaican Party to be his plus one. She likes and trusts boyle. I think it would have led to an opposites attract kind of relationship, like Jake and Amy. In relationships, people sadly find the need to establish themselves as an alpha to a beta or as a Settler to a Reacher. But Jake and Amy found a way to respect each other's positions and went beyond that. I would have liked to see Boyle and Rosa that way too. I am completely content with how they actually turned out to be too. Friendship or a relationship, Trust and Respect are indeed the bedrocks.

      5. CalvinKalisto


    75. Vicente Castiglione Soto

      You should upload this kinda videos more frecuenly, this clips are hillarious

    76. knightmareco

      "When you go out with me, and you will". I wish I had Boyle's confidence.

    77. knightmareco

      Man I love Boyle

    78. Lucy tosei

      Is it weird that this has been my favorite clip so far?

      1. EmperorAnimates

        Absolutely not :)

    79. Jeppe vP

      Weird question but can you let hitchcock rap in season 8

    80. Cormac MacSuibhne

      1:38 I'm surprised it wasn't the other way around considering all the other things he agreed to.

    81. Ben Hinman

      Rosa died 8 years ago.

    82. Asttro

      Every like is every time boyle has made us laugh

    83. Khan Saab

      Bless Charles, he's so sweet

    84. kenneth dzengedza

      What Charles ended up saying , is not what Rosa expected which made her actually fall for him (for a bit) She was in a closet (literally )

      1. Mae Wobniar


    85. Mr Nerd

      It's sad they didn't end up together

      1. HHH HHH

        It's awkward

    86. Bárbara Vivas

      "When you finally go out with me, and you will" I've been holding on to this prediction for the entire series thinking that, at that moment, Charles could see and feel the future

      1. Samuel Bonafe

        @Jonathan Lundkvist what if they didnt ? They are going to reveal it slowly at the eight season that rosa is developing something with boyle. Ohhh

      2. Jonathan Lundkvist

        Actually, I am just happy they dropped that whole arc.

      3. Hamblin Approved

        @Henry Castillo Nikolaj

      4. Bárbara Vivas

        @Nirawit Karnjanasomwong That's right! Kkkkkkk

      5. Bárbara Vivas

        @Henry Castillo I know! When he appeared in the show, that's when I realized it was not endgame. But still, Charles seemed to know something, you know what I mean?

    87. Kaushik Kurudi

      I don't remember seeing any of these.

    88. Dhivya Duraisamy

      Protect this baby💜

    89. Choke On That Agust D

      I love that holt uses Charles fake text method later in the episode

      1. monolith

        learnt from the best

    90. Vas Zappenin Louis

      Rosa died eight years ago Lmao

    91. Aditya Dixit

      It'd be so sad if someone from the 99 sacrificed his/her life on active duty. Imagine Amy dying on active duty and Jake becoming a hard cold no non sense anti-hero cop.

      1. Radia Dn

        What is wrong with you, that's so dark for a comedy show😐 ...geeez

    92. Aarya Patil

      “Rosa died 8 years ago” 😂😂😂😂

    93. Psycho Kinezis

      Boyle calls his coffee beans gorgeous but all i see is Rosa being gorgeous.

    94. The Great Steve

      I've literally just seen this episode.

    95. Patt Rson

      Rosa have really different voice on this season and the last season..

    96. Mr Kiwi

      Charles is awesome

    97. Andrew Shhb

      Thank you sir. Ur breath is terrible

    98. Giorgio Brunelli

      Gina saying flatly “Rosa died eight years ago” will always be one of my favorite things about this show.

      1. WafflingMean44

        If someone told me my friend died with that much confidence I'd be worried I was losing my mind.

      2. lasaanya

        @Ashutosh Choudhari yeah that's what they were talking about

      3. Ashutosh Choudhari

        ​@Ta Thoi Classical Indian & Bollywood Dancers you know right? that she also played younger sister of Gloria from modern family.

      4. Ntwt Kngchtr

        I have been use this line all the time when my friends ask me where’s the other friend. That’s make me laugh at this more than I should.

      5. Ta Thoi Classical Indian & Bollywood Dancers

        Given Rosa's secretiveness, she may well be, and this could be her twin sister (Gloria!) or worse, she might have been impersonating a dead person called Rosa the whole time

    99. Mark Calloway

      I hope Charles finally gets a big win in season 8, such as winning the heist or our ranking peanut butter

      1. Stream Bot

        @Solidmoon 🤣🤣🤣 this comment killed me

      2. Arturo fernández

        Peanut butter outranks everyone except Holt and Terry, Charles isn't even a sergeant

      3. Solidmoon

        About that....

      4. Lucky Lord

        @Mark Calloway best idea yet

      5. Mark Calloway

        @Lucky Lord peanut butter saves Charles from a bullet with his but?

    100. Achutam Jha

      "when he got his vasectomy un-reversed" Gina's comedic moments are subtle

      1. clara pessoa

        @Gunslinger 9466 it's a funny one. The real cringy are Phyllis' wedding and Scott's Tots. THOSE are unwatchables.

      2. Gunslinger 9466

        @FuciMiNaKule please never reference the Dinner Party. It’s too painful

      3. Daksh Kapila

        @FFKonoko So they cut open the vasa deferantia, then attach them again to reverse it, and then cut them open again to "unreverse" it??? What the hellllll kinda bullshit????

      4. FFKonoko

        @Daksh Kapila that's not actually that medically miraculous. Vasectomy reversal isn't 100%, more like 55-75% depending how soon after it's done but it's also not that rare, people changing their mind...and then resnip after a pregnancy.

      5. Daksh Kapila

        @Selçuk Serfin OHHHHH okay. Didn't know that. Never watched that show. Thanks.