DAZN Boxing

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    1. 有Flex

      Split decision

    2. kyler Yarborough

      this commentary is so biased to logan its not even funny

    3. The Type of Guy.

      Most biased commentary ever.

      1. Luka Jekic

        Yea bro I was literally going to comment that

      2. WeebMasterBoi 69

        Fr I was about to say the same thing especially ryan i thought he'd say the honest truth

    4. Meh heM

      The best boxing match including a youtuber(s)

    5. Greeny

      1 dislike is from Logan.

    6. Mehmet Abak

      KSI hak etti saten logan sen gel turkiyeye delimine ile kapis bide o dovsun seni keke

    7. Orphan Obliterator

      Round 1 - draw? Round 2 - KSI Round 3 - KSI Round 4 -logan Round 5-Logan or draw

    8. dead citizen 22

      3:12 I just noticed that's Austin Mcbroom lol 😂

    9. Robert Anthony

      They is faze was thew

    10. TK

      Logan vs ksi 1 and 2 Logan: looks fine just sweaty Ksi: bruised lip and eye

    11. TK

      Am I the only one who noticed that every time Ksi fights Logan he gets a bruise or cut but Logan looks unscathed. Mind you I do like jj

    12. Suhaib Ahmed

      Logan is just doing the free hugs challenge

    13. Tech N Earn

      Logan Paul won

    14. Siddharth Dhananjay

      Gib better than KSI hands down. Better form and technique. No chance he’ll get caught by an upper cut like that.

    15. Ishan Gupta

      Logan Paul punches KSI commentators- He is doing better than KSI and he can do it the whole night... KSI punches him back commentators- .... .... ... .. . ... .. ..

    16. sid viscus

      this fight is too evenly matched, it's like anakin skywalker fight obiwan

    17. Tyler Howell

      I fell like Logan won bc he that's a bull call if that logic is used shouldn't jjs hits after the bell count against him in the first fight

    18. Abdul Aziz Rashid Al Shaqsi

      who saw austin mcbroom at 3:13

    19. Ahmed Elarifi

      13:40 Logan Paul just scared of KSI.

    20. Ahmed Elarifi

      11:18 JUSTIN BEIBER!

    21. Gaming JIMM

      3:04 she wasn't having it 😂

    22. The Truth Gaming

      The power of social media combined with money can get you just about anything.... like a boxing match against one of the best of all time even though you have no business boxing a professional.

    23. Ahmed Elarifi

      7:20 the sidemen be cheering though.

    24. Ahmed Elarifi

      This will always have a place in my heart.

    25. TonyTheCat

      Anybody realized that austin mcbroom was there

    26. WARWOLF369

      7:19 here's the answer for those 12 year olds

    27. Mike Johnson

      Logan Paul needs to stop grabbing



    29. F165

      15:00 he didn't slip. He tried to back out of the ring.

    30. CJ lll

      this is basically a Boyka vs Chambers Ö

      1. CJ lll

        but like as in. what we want: vs: what we got:

    31. Shanalda Campbell

      watching this after the ksi vs joe weller fight....I'm normally a WWE person but I kinda like boxing now

    32. garchomp pizza

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    33. The Robloxian Troller

      Why were people cheering for Logan Paul when he started?

    34. Close_ Fleet


    35. Jordy

      2 points what?!? That was a clean knockdown. Probably would’ve been a ko. That ref should be fired

    36. Jordy

      Ksi throwing bombs! Logan’s arms look so heavy. He can hardly keep them up

    37. Ashley Curcie

      Who wins?

    38. Pipkin

      It works out in the end because KSI shouldve had the knockdown which wouldve resulted in a win for him regardless of the two point deduction or not.

    39. userrqndom

      3:11 Austin Mcbroom

    40. Sugoii

      Skill wise Logan is the winner here.. Sad that he gassed out so fast.. x)

    41. parallel blocks blocky

      Did you saw austin mcbroom

    42. Latasha Moodley

      This was actually an amazing fight

    43. Jeremy143

      fat neek

    44. Begėdis

      Jake Paul: let the fight start your scared I know you are Ksi: I'm winner

    45. Mohammad Zainuddin

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    46. Elise Croaky

      jj made a knockout and they didnt count it, i think that 2 points reduction is fair

    47. anthony dinota

      Two dude flailing around. Is all I saw.

    48. Pie Diddi

      Man, what a fear in Ksi's eyes after the knockdown!

    49. Vixs1938

      Guess I won because of the 2 - points Jake Paul got

    50. Harish A Kumar

      Austin McBroom watching this fight there, not knowing he beat a throw it back guy.

    51. 100T MRDARK

      Here after Tik tokers vs IRflowrs🥊

    52. ho s ea

      Who else noticed the referee pushing ksi a little more harder than logan

    53. Psycho Ackerman

      this is the best youtube boxing event ever hands down.

    54. ludicrous

      F logan

    55. Jeffrey emmanuel

      JJ did Logan bad bruh just like Big Gibber did Tayler holder

    56. georgiopoulos _

      what a fight!!! I was crying back then when KSI won

    57. Elmar Cerdeña

      3:03 is it Chris Sebastian?

    58. Trophy fighter - Omar Sheikh

      We want rematch

    59. yusuf baba

      Kadın boksörler bile daha iyi ve sert dövüşüyor

    60. Nylinxton

      who watched this after the tik tok v IRflowr fight I did KSI WINS SIDEMEN ALL THE WAY!

    61. Rebecca swer

      Logan paul loves to hug...

    62. Bernard Joannette-Rocheleau

      BTW 4 ROUND

    63. Bernard Joannette-Rocheleau


    64. Mastergofight Gaming

      30:20 COUGH Austin McBroom not knowing he would box later on

    65. Jonathan Reid

      "Let's go champ!"🤡

    66. Jonathan Reid

      Bruh logan is fast asf

    67. nightclan10

      I like how Logan was putting his hand up in confidence but he still lost

    68. Branson Ellison

      As someone who boxed for 7 years, I will say this. Logan is clearly the better boxer. Better form, technique, decent hand speed, as well as some clear power. However, Logan came in and tried to play boxing, while Ksi came in to fight. I scored this fight 56-55 for KSI.

    69. Firefox

      Dude Logan won that fight 🙄 those two points shouldn’t have been deducted

    70. nash dondashe

      Ryan Garcia is a biased commentator

    71. Tired asf Zuzu

      The comments are so recent

    72. Graciel Serna

      this fight was 7 months ago?!??????

    73. Jaiden Sprout

      it felt like logan kept so much distance the entire fight and then immediately grabbed & hugged ksi anytime he started getting crowded. like yeah logan had better form but i feel like ksi had a lot more stamina and could have won if logan didn’t always resort to hugging him?? idk much abt boxing obviously so maybe i’m way off. honestly only got invested bc of vinnie lol

    74. Alyssa McCallum

      Im so late but KSI should have won, He knocked down logan paul twice and it wasn’t a knock down for either. Such BullCrap bro..

    75. Evan Vanderwerf

      I see no reason why Logan shouldn't have won, he blew it.

    76. Jaxson Garzella

      Logan won

    77. Jdn

      I don’t care ksi did not win this fight



    79. roblox_vids

      austin mcbroom was caught in logan paul and KSI fight KSI gonna win

    80. Darkous Gaming

      c'est un combat ça? 😔😅🤣

    81. Dorante Nandecie

      Was that Austin from ACE FAM in the crowd?

    82. Pia Chu

      Loved the TikTok vs IRflow but this will always be the greatest fight

    83. Raiziel 78

      The commentators are so biased. When KSI gets a knockdown: “Oh? Is that a knockdown? Oh no!” When Logan Paul gets a knockdown: “OOOOHHHH!! BIG UPPERCUT!!! BIG UPPERCUT FOR LOGAN PAUL!!!”

      1. Brenda Danso

        @Zion ZERO 자이언 I know!! the fight was in America tho therefore commentators are Americans

      2. Albert Marqz

        @Zion ZERO 자이언 That's why, he was saying how the commentators were biased against ksi

      3. Zion ZERO 자이언

        @Brenda Danso Ksi is from the UK tho 😂

      4. Brenda Danso

        This is America for you smh

    84. Jbassshredder

      They just don't know how to box at all do they, with all that professional training and money and all , I mean come on son ! Much different when it comes to the real deal huh.

    85. Justin _

      I was they the right went crazy

      1. Justin _

        Just kidding lol

    86. Christian EX0t1C I miss u

      Lol Logan knocked him out

      1. Shut Up


    87. Joel Sletten

      I dont really get the problem people have with the 2 point decuction? He got the knockdown and 2 point deduction so its a 1 point deduction? Seems hella fair to me

    88. landooooo

      Pls ksi win

    89. HTK Frost

      That's why he is the goat ksi

    90. Izdiyadidrus

      i feel like he deducted 2 points instead of 1 because: 1. logan held the back of ksi's head when he landed the 2nd uppercut and 2. Logan punched ksi when he was on the floor

      1. anthony ferrante

        @Izdiyadidrus no, if he deducted 1 he wouldnt give the knockdown and jj still wins

      2. Izdiyadidrus

        It's as if jack reese knew that if he only deducted 1 point they would end in a draw again

      3. anthony ferrante

        the reason he did it was he was gonna deduct 1, but decided to even it up so gave logan 2 points in the knockdown, and took 2 points as well to even the playing field, if he deducted 1 with no knockdown the scores remain the same

      4. Abinash Sharma

        and he punched him in the back

      5. li0nofpunjab

        Yeah and the thing is lets say only 1 Point got deducted it wouldve been a draw and ksi also didnt get a knockdown scored so that wouldve been another Point for him as it would be a 10 8 round so he still wouldve won

    91. SK31

      who else i seeing this after yt vs tiktok and drops their jaw when they see austin mc broom

    92. Gwendolyn Paul

      jj is the better over all boxer, he has potential, he has the spark and the drive to become something big… even bigger then he already is

    93. Otsmarco

      1 1 2, 1 1 2, 1 1 2

    94. Amaramoney Dixon

      KSI face had me laughing

    95. Mason Nguyen

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    96. Reisa Smith

      KSI got a big for head man

    97. MrBej

      looking back at it after the Jake and TikTok vs YTer fight, DAZN are just the best

    98. Baka-

      who else watching after the Tik tok vs IRflowrs fight?

    99. Jordan Baker

      Who else came back to watch this after the Mayweather fight?