Hallmark Channel's Holiday Yule Log

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    Cozy up to the fire with Happy the Cat and Hallmark Channel.
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    1. Pam Gross

      Hallmark failed beyond belief. Of all years for them to cut out this time honored tradition. People look forward all year long to watch this Yule Log Special. Epic disappointment Hallmark.

      1. vyiars

        pam the cooking spray JWAFSCDFIOJKN

    2. Dr. Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ

      I want to sit here n kiss that kitty for hours. Sacred precious cottony love!

    3. Janet Peters

      Why isn't this on the Hallmark channel this year?

    4. Relaxing Channel

      Christmas is about family and friends and thanking god merry and prosperous 2021 please like if you're watching this in December 2020 legends❤️❤️❤️

    5. James Loftin

      No matter how many times I see this, I love seeing this kitty my the Fireplace puts a smile on my face 😼

    6. Aemilia Carol PhoneTube

      What a beautiful cat at a beautiful Christmas scene

    7. Mzu5000 Mzu

      325 days to Christmas

    8. That Canadian

      I love the part where the naked woman runs by with a yule log stuck in her ass. Reminds me of my childhood.

    9. Lisa M

      Does anyone know how to get this on a DVD please let me know thank you so much

    10. Alexa horse

      So rustic, rich n quaint yuletide fireplace....loved the decor....I wish some carol played on the backdrop to add on to christmas feel!! :-) :-)

    11. Ms. Christian

      NO MORE HALLMARK FOR ME, I do NOT RECOGNZE OR SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE. -- tho heart goes out to anyone LBGTQ.

    12. Shivannah 77

      My dog can't for the life of her figure out where that cat dissappears to😂she looks behind the tv and everything😄😍

    13. A Google User

      Sad ending...cat sets itself on fire :(

    14. Amy Craig Scarduzio

      I hope that they keep this tradition up and happy the dog and happy the cat comes back for the 2019

    15. J Eastwood

      No sound.... open this window for the video and another one for an audio ... Merry Christmas!

    16. Anne JustTryin'ToBeCreative

      I couldn't keep watching it. (Yeah, I did, just to watch that poor cat!) That is NOT a happy cat. Watch at 9:50 where the cat is trying to get out of the bed and is obviously being restrained. And at 20:20 and 22:30 and 27:40. And 51:50-54:25. How would you like to be in a fur coat and made to stay that close to a fire? This cat must have been sedated to not fight more. That is just not the way cats normally move! Ok, never mind about the fire. Not really there and on a loop. And it doesn't shine off the cat when in front of it.

      1. Thu Ya Win

        Well he got up at 1:16:35

    17. Holidays & Celebrations

      I so love the holidays. I watched the whole thing!

    18. Lady StormRyder

      Too quiet. I have better and they don’t have a stamp and run much longer in time. Like the kitty though

    19. PC Henderson

      I love that this doesn't have the annoying christmas music like the other two! The sound of the fire is so much more relaxing. (Nothing against christmas music but you couldn't hear the log fire at all in the other two videos because of the loud christmas music.) At 1:59:00 Happy looks so content.

    20. Dawn Ratliff

      Lol this is so cute , did they just sit a camera in front of the fireplace and film it fo a long time.

    21. Kylie Smith

      This is very cute and makes it slightly more bearable to do a take-home test over Thanksgiving break.

    22. Bc Atypical

      Flicking tail suggests not so happy cat.

    23. HurricaneHetta

      The kitty makes this video ;)

    24. Raph Sherman

      Does hallmark make any gay movies? It's hard to find a good gay romance. Let's face your audience are women and gay men.....

    25. Jane James

      Merry Christmas "Happy" the cat🎅🎅🎅

    26. Father Time

      A Norman Rockwell Christmas

    27. D Alt

      Love this cat. LOL

    28. HagerHaus

      Love it! Thanks for making it!!!

    29. Shazenne FireySiren

      love this video , it's so relaxing the crackling fire and the cute cat ,,, love cat's got one of my own and a fireplace too,, thanks for sharing,,

    30. Heidi T.

      Where's the music??

    31. God's Favor Gear

      Alsome btw I'm only 11 so stop swearing

    32. Vegan Vocalist

      ha ha ha ha ;D that's one fuuuunny cat , thank you for the very entertaining vid

    33. Amice Marina

      I'm not a Veterinarian, or know pet medicine, but it appears the kitty's breathing is labored. Perhaps this is why she is having problems trying to sleep, or even snooze. Maybe all of the Christmas smells, from the trees, decorations, and fireplace are making it difficult for her to breathe. Remember that animals' sense of smell are way much keener than any human's.

    34. shawn eldridge

      I am so looking forward to watching this like totally. big time so loving it and it starts next week Thanksgiving Day.

    35. Stacey Carmody

      Happy the Cat LOL!! You DO know when a cat wags its tail, its NOT HAPPY!

    36. DevanyPlayzYT

      I got here from aphmau

    37. RajteR


    38. Russ Se

      Very Relaxing. Thank you for taking time out to do it.

    39. Peter

      Just came across this, I have it projected onto a 106 inch screen, my cat Ollie likes to sit and watch videos, he sits right below the screen and follows anything that moves, as soon as this cat got up he jumped up and tried to touch him, now he's watching him in the bed, it's so damn cute, I still have an old CRT TV and he will sit on a box that's in front of it and stare into it for long periods of time and its not turned on, I don't know what he sees in there, it reminds me of poltergeist when the kid is staring into the tv.

    40. Uscenes relaxing videos

      One of my favorite fireplaces ever :)

    41. madelen kilgreen

      HOLY moly isin pisi


      Where can we buy that cat bed? =^ :^=~


      My husband and I are in love with this kitty !

    44. Colm

      Very good in deed no doubt. Just thought that maybe 1080p would be better. specially in full screen.

    45. Dan Johnson

      We love this video!! It is the best fireplace video on IRflow in my opinion. Would love to see more with that cute cat!

    46. o

      it's a Christmas yule log

    47. Robert

      Catnip is a hell of a drug

    48. YTNinja13

      My cat loves watching the cat.

    49. Maureen Anderson

      :Love dog NOT CAT

    50. CraftyChica

      Aww. Your cat is cute! :)

    51. Roman Reigns

      maybe it was just me but I was hoping the cat would go into the fire

      1. Suzita

        Roman Reigns now now its a festive time. And the cat I love. So get off your pompous chair and take a hike.

      2. IM BATMAN


      3. Roman Reigns

        @***** lol...i'll post what ever i want...cats do burn

      4. spykatt

        +princeofdarknessxyz1 You're depressing.

      5. missfloflowers

        +princeofdarknessxyz1 you're Cat hater, baby abuser too? That's what they say. Hurt animals , will eventually hurt children.

    52. Roman Reigns

      where is nick offerman?

    53. Seven Vapor LLC

      Where's the music?

    54. Darlene Pickett

      love love love this!! thank you for sharing!!

    55. blackheartxx1

      My cat just stares at this cat. She can't get enough of watching it.

      1. Chante Farsht

        How did they get it to stay like that for so long? It never even meowed or purred once.

      2. Vegan Vocalist

        HA HAA HA HA HA ;D)))))

      3. missfloflowers

        +blackheartxx1 Oh that's so cute. Christmas cat friends. My kitties love it too.

    56. Brenna J

      No crackle?

    57. Jamie Hume

      Beautiful. Just wish I could hear more of the hearth sounds.... even the cat.

    58. Sally Perkins

      Bless his heart. He looks just like our "Larry Jr."

    59. KingDennisJensen

      **Breathes a heavy sigh**.... goodnight world.

    60. Benjamin Rubin


      1. Sharon Mynes

        Then go back to your mom's basement. You might also want to look up some lessons in the proper use and spelling of the English language. Have a nice life.

      2. Kelli Tv! Jr.

        God's Favor Gear hduduuruttjuduruutururitititik

      3. Kelli Tv! Jr.

        father thomas is grhrhhrhuru hehejjruuuuuikkkjtgthjtjujihhxhxjdkkdkjdif

      4. God's Favor Gear

        father thomas SHUT UP I i'm only 11 years old shut up with your little Flippin Bigmouth btw your fat as well at lest I'm skinny and also strong athletic even know I have a cast for jumping off of a (10 foot) height and braking my ankle so yeah I'm a flipping SAVAGE.

    61. Mel Schmidt

      Very nice!

    62. Vesper

      Needs Cracklin Sound, Guys!

      1. ksol1460tv

        +Vesper It's there, turn up the volume or put your headphones on.

    63. Heida


    64. Wanting One Angel

      This is a heartwarming screen saver. I just love Cats and fireplaces are so comforting. This is a nicely done Christmas seen:)!

    65. Brianna G

      One of my teachers played this while we worked. I had to check it out because I LOVE cats. I have two of my own too. 3 hours of cats, Christmas, songs, fire, amazingness.

      1. Brianna G

        I mean stockings not songs :P

    66. julia goetz

      I wanted to know how to bake a Yule log hehe

    67. Леонидт Медвед

      дрова бесконечные..

    68. Azura Lauren

      this would have been perfect if you only had the crackling sound. :(

    69. Dillon Cumming Cumming


    70. Schmitti1982

      thats Purrfect thanks

      1. Tim Spriggs

        Well, it's almost too purrfect, if you ask me.

    71. setite

      This is sort of the best and worst fireplace video I have seen. I'm not a cat person, I actually hate cats most of the time, but it was neat watching the cat along with all the decoration. I usually prefer Yule Logs that are zoomed in on the fire but this is neat. It just needs better micing, I want to hear the low roar of the fire.

    72. Harolyn Allison


    73. ErosMidnight

      This is a very cute Kitty. ^^

    74. Adamant

      but Happy is blue...

    75. Lisa C Texas

      Can't thumbs up this one,no sound!

    76. Nut Crusher

      this one is the best fireplace relaxing video ever, defenitely. fireplace's design, distance from the fireplace, crackling sound, the mood, no middle ads..and even a cute&quite cat! the ideal version

      1. Michel Almonte

        I dont know if anyone cares but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you care

      2. HearthSide

        I could do without the 12 ads that just as I'm about to fall asleep scare the shit out of me

      3. Lee bearrat

        Cat is "quiet" too

    77. ParanoidPixel

      Can barely hear the fire.

    78. Selene Becerril

      I can sleep here:-)

    79. Baked Potato

      Anyone agree that Happy the Pug would be a nice addition?

    80. robert szvetics


    81. Jane May

      Love, Love, Love this!! Nothing more relaxing than watching pets lounging by the fire. Makes me Happy, Happy!

      1. ksol1460tv

        +missfloflowers 2015 version (you can see it here -- v=Ye2gMvRa-iE) had a little dog along with this same cat. Both are named Happy and Hallmark has a website about them and encouraging pet adoptions. Happy New Year!

      2. missfloflowers

        +Jane May I totally agree, the cat makes i special. Maybe 2 kitties and a dog would be better.

    82. Tom Smith

      Does anyone know if this can be purchased (with the music of course)? Thanks!

    83. Casey Prajzner

      Where's the music?

      1. Lee bearrat

        No music for a change

    84. Janie Doe

      What happened to the sound?.

      1. Tikiguy

        So what is different about this video as compared to the 10 other Hallmark Happy Dog and Happy Cat videos on IRflow... that I have been listening to since Thanksgiving... every day... with sound (music)? What is so unique about this one?

      2. kathy cavitt

        Janie Doe I Know, you hear a little sound.

      3. applcinamn

        +SOCHEESYGAMING Duh, just pointing out you obviously didn't know what you were talking about earlier. But that seems to be your style so fool on. I'm done. Baiting over.

      4. applcinamn

        +SOCHEESYGAMING FYI, this was shown on the Hallmark Channel on tv with Christmas music last year. That is the sound we are talking about. Pretty sure it's likely the music rights for all those artists' performances were only good for the tv broadcast and not allowed on youtube.

      5. applcinamn

        +Janie Doe I'm thinking copyright issues.

    85. ILoveGodsWord413

      Love it! Please always keep this up!

      1. Pamela Nelson

        Meant to love

    86. Nu Cornhusker

      This is an absolutely amazing video. It was on one of the Hallmark channels on Christmas eve. This is one of the most disciplined cats I have seen period! I am so glad that Happy found a nice home and hope he lives a long and healthy life! Thanks for posting this video for all to enjoy.

    87. Nell Marie

      I also want to buy a copy of the video. Absolutely loved it! I have re-played it many times over. What a treat that I happened to tune in at just the right time.

    88. Bobby Daniels

      What a beautiful sight it was to see on television! I enjoyed every moment of it until the next morning on Xmas day. My wife and her sister also were with me as we all looked at this little disciplined cat and the roaring fire in the background. How can I get a copy of the video? Please advise. Thanks/////

      1. John Swithen

        @Bobby Daniels You can easy download the video from here. It ain't like the uploader owns the copyright to this upload.

    89. Cathy Singer

      We love Happy! It's like having your own cat..

    90. J Morgan

      I really enjoyed Happy & the fire with the music on the Hallmark Channel & recorded it to play another time.

    91. 7peacefrog

      Thank you I loved this I only wish it had the music like last night It was the best Thank you again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years :)

    92. Aaron McClay

      We love hanging out with Happy.