Fat Cry 3


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    Did I ever tell you the definition of an overused joke

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    Video Sources:
    GTA IV Mission: www.youtube.com/watch?v=V493K...
    Far Cry 4 Gameplay : www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfaFy...
    Hellblade Gameplay: www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7QZQ...
    HALO CE Flood: www.cccyoutube.com/watch?v=96...

    ► New Outro music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE29i...
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    1. he could even be me

      Half life 2 review?

    2. oan124

      me at 27:00 - its rather lengthy, innit? *looks at the runtime and realises its a mf videoessay on far cry 3*

    3. debido 41

      i opened up discord when he starts talking about vaas so a little pop up blocked the s in the title card so it just said VAA

    4. Lieutenant Avocado

      4 and 5 where pretty good -_-

    5. Gore Obsessed

      Telekinetically playing the drums

    6. Datheft

      makes so much more sense now

    7. Some random Shmuck 1122

      1:10:09 Pyro says Cock, Sus

    8. Nigle Bigleman

      I love how you found a diamond nearby when crashing im the water when talking about the map in fc2

    9. SakuyaUchiha

      No matter how many times I watch this, I can never get bored of a single second

    10. David Hehir

      Is it sad that i have 100 hours in ac oddesy

    11. Dumb Ass

      Far cry 4 pls

    12. Lonely Hunter

      If you think about it the story also kinda relates to the Matrix. Blue pill being Jason being in the world of mediocrity and the Red being the wonderland of the island

    13. Maximus Panela

      damn this vid was a banger

    14. Niklavs Buks

      I love this video so much! i hope pyro makes more far cry videos

    15. Neetika Pendse

      Thanks for showing a broke student the gameplay for free :)

    16. Andrew Munro

      I have a small theory for why the back up pirates that arrived ignored the fact it was destroyed. Most likely when you where spotted someone probably set the arm while you were distracted but I could be wrong.

    17. Myriad Pro

      The Entire Reason I got the game 1:32:44

    18. Generic

      1:27:25 funny fall into wa'er

    19. Gil Serranito

      41:05 "Under woha"

    20. Templates; Carlos The Bedbug


    21. Blinksalott 1273

      Who else is waiting for fat cry 4

    22. Emerald Shield

      The climbing up hills in this game was annoying to me and my dad. Like you would get so close to the top the just slide down. To thus day every time we play a game and the character decides climbing is done for we start yelling at them "oh Juesus it's fucking Brody all over again" even that is enjoyable to me and him cause we laugh about it 10/10 game

    23. k

      None of this occurred to me when I was playing this as a dumb kid lmao I just saw it as shoot the bad guys help Citra.

    24. habib akbar

      I hope ubisoft can remake the farcry 3 and add MODE JASON DESCENT, MORE JASON DESCENT, (repeats the more Jason descent forever)

    25. Kole Johnson


    26. Fiat Tank

      2 million until it beats MLG Teletubbies

    27. Riley Belzac

      Based fear and loathing reference

    28. Joe

      If anyone’s interested far cry 3 is like 3.00 on the playstation store for right now


      the tattoos you mentioned in "hellblade" made me remember of another one which is called "dante's inferno". it had a very brutal story, hmmm yeah...

    30. Denis Parshin

      far cry 3 is prob best piece of technology I have touched.

    31. GypsyBells

      They had him come back for a "small character" and he saved the whole damn game. A legend.

    32. Big hunky creamy meaty sexy secks man

      Do a vid on assassins creed black flag

    33. 6recycled minds

      TAKE me into your heart. ACCEPT me as your savior. NAIL me into the fucking cross and let me be REBORN!

    34. Mike Litirous

      Literally 3 minutes into me watching this and I finally realized the title…🥴🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

    35. Lord Mute


    36. ________

      Can this please get off my auto play now. Waking up to it every other day is giving me psychosis

    37. tr0phy Scrub1

      Fat 👍

    38. HumanOddity69

      Far Cry 1, 2 and 3 were great games but things got a bit p"h" u""k--y with FC4, Primal and 5. I'm not sure why, they probably lost a key person somewhere for some reason and that person gave it that real game feel. I felt like God during my first time using the flamethrower to burn weed cash crops. I felt like a demon of vengeance when I learned of my enemies, their motives and of my unlikely survival. FC2 was a great experiment in many ways. The unlikely likely occurred somewhere along the line for most players as they observed AI ahead of it's time and a relationship/morality system that had everyone looking into the mirror and asking dark questions of themselves. Some of my first experiences in creating anything were in the FC1 map maker and that community is still going now. The series is not in a great place now. If I could wish for one thing in regards to this it would be for them to launch a mapmaker and an AI editor that enables freedom and easy sharing across networks. Some of us, like me, are old enough to remember the original impact of Legos, if you feel that then you get me.

    39. Ian Paneque

      01:04:08 Beastars? OWO

    40. W. RetroWaves

      This video really felt like an event.

    41. Frightmare Snowden

      Fat cry 4 next Plz?

    42. Die Luke

      this is so close to overtaking mlg telletubbies

    43. Mohammed

      I don't even know by now i watched that damn video 5 times now

    44. Table T. Chair

      Fat cry 4

    45. Furious Maniacs

      Didn't know that Nacho Varga was in the game

    46. Random Dweeb

      I’m pretty sure I watched this like 4 times already and here im back again

    47. Spungbwidn Parnt

      “Did I ever tell you the definition of an overused joke?” - your entire channel mofo

      1. Hank.


    48. sultan dickbutt

      Epic montage at the end there!!

    49. Intimidating-bloke #43

      Gay lol

    50. Liam Moran

      The fallacious coil increasingly snow because sponge respectively suggest besides a silly step-grandmother. half, dysfunctional mall

    51. Weirdo cat Guy

      Whats insane about this video is that I didn't remember almost any of this game because I did all of the game and only worried about helping Citra and looking back now is fucking freaky since I became a vas

    52. Corey Farris

      Check out fatcry primal

    53. WREN

      saving this for later :) 2:04:10

    54. Riasat Salmin Sami

      1:17:35 I didn't know mocap actors have to reset back to T pose in real life too to sync with the game. The more you know.

    55. KuruKuru

      Still waiting for Pyro for making Fat Cry 4

    56. Meme Sterrr

      wtf is this

    57. Noony

      Well the Thai bar named ไกล ตะโกน ไกล means far ตะโกน means cry or shout so that means the bar can be translated as "Far cry"

    58. Jon Sharkey

      ive watched this video littrally 10 times all the way through lmao

    59. Cheston Kordys

      The illustrious show phenotypically surround because puffin additionaly cycle via a alive manx. moldy, lush spinach

    60. Tilt Fuse

      Unfortunately, I had a beer while watching this video and went comatose about halfway through.

    61. Chun Wai

      when u realise rakyat stands for citizens

    62. gooseonaswing

      when funy vaas shooti game is 85% off on ubisoft

    63. Jack Liu

      where st that fifth floor Thai massage clip came from at 45:35?

    64. Third Temple

      Ubisoft: *Releases game and for 8 years sees almost no sales* Ubisoft on May 14, 2020: "Boss, sales for Far Cry 3 went up 10x today!"

    65. Sgt. Pepper

      I have a feeling that Citra's pussy grip is stronger than an elephant's stomp

    66. Irish Empire

      I cant wait for the Fat Cry 2 video, going by this one.

    67. La Lupara



      What is the name of the sound effect at 1:04

      1. Stinky Bean

        its from regular show

    69. Ewan Loughlan

      Anyone else notice the pathologic soundtrack at around 1hour 22mins?

    70. WALN Zell

      Jason goes back home. But then Far Cry 5's nuke ending happens and it turns into Fallout with... uh... tattoos?

    71. Krabsushi

      1:27:26 so guys we did it

    72. A Banana

      In total I’ve literally spent like a whole day watching this video over and over again

    73. AnonSoUndSo

      FINE ALGORITHM, i'm gonna watch it already!

    74. WALN Zell

      54:01 I killed them all. And not just the pirates. But the mercs. And the Rakyat too! They're money bags. And I looted their corpses like money bags!

    75. WALN Zell

      5:06 Shawn Hastings says this exact quote at the beginning of Assassin's Creed III. Coincidence? I think not!

    76. APissedOffGamer

      Sound cringy af when you saying tripping off fentanyl, its not a hallucinogenic, it does the opposite of make you trip out.

    77. Nathan Imamoto

      I want to say I wasted 2 hours of my life but I really didn't

    78. usmile

      pyro: makes a 2 hour long video with great editing in all of it pyro: Fat Cry 3

    79. Just a kid Dont mind me

      Deadass Dennis looks like Chidi from The Good Place

    80. A tater tot

      Idk if anyone else noticed but grant is also wearing red what I think is a little sign that he was in Jason's place when he was in the military

    81. 88xX_Xx88

      Pyro, you can get the money before the end, after Jason and his girlfriend who’s name I can’t remember escape, when your supposed to be finding the friendship cave, you can go into the room, as it is not locked.

    82. blin-cz

      This video always keeps you exited so you dont even care that this video is 2 hrs long

    83. FattestCat

      what's the music at 16:06?

      1. blin-cz

        I think kirby sountrack but im not sure

    84. Monguz

      This is the only interesting thing on IRflow now days

    85. Geleeuw

      You're a shithead

    86. Asnee Crabbier

      watching this video has become a monthly tradition for me i love it

    87. Index

      best 2 hours yet

    88. Dutch Van Der Linde

      I hate the Farcry series, It's more repetitive than CoD

    89. Brian Pallares

      Matt Watson from super mega

    90. The yawning koala

      Loved the friendlyjordies cameo

    91. Hello It’s me

      wow, just wow

    92. Deep Reech

      That ending man with the lowkey best fan made trailer for the game it is awesome

    93. zZOdysseus Zz

      Btw the multiplayer was fun

    94. Mr. Del Dorito

      I love the little trailer worth montages he put at the end of the video

    95. ion oh

      fell asleep and ended up on this vid, im and hour and a half in. jason stop getting tatted tf

    96. Auritro Hasan

      will you make another video for farcry 6? how it looks now is that the game will be very good

    97. Vincent

      I am really sorry for accidentaly hitting a dislike. Idk if it was now or if it happened just now. I love your videos and this one is my fav. Do any videos you want to do. This video is a gift for us, imagine editing 2 hour video for only just a youtube video. We love you all man.

    98. zZOdysseus Zz

      1:37:20 I spent so much time when I was younger messing with the wing suit, trying to manipulate it until I found exploits that let me fly around the map without touching the ground. This was years ago and it was on an original patch on the Xbox360 but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had found similar things before. The wing suit was my favourite part of the game

    99. elyes

      the ending was absolutely incredible. good job

    100. zZOdysseus Zz

      33:05 using a bow makes the stealth extremely easy and I enjoyed lining up a headshot with the bow and getting an instant kill