Who Will Chris Evans Text First, Anthony Mackie or Sebastian Stan? - Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz

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    Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan see who can get a text back from Chris Evans first, try to identify Marvel actors by their butts, and play Would You Rather.
    00:00 Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan join Josh for a new Stir Crazy
    00:38 What is Anthony and Sebastian's preferred combined nickname?
    01:18 Who is the better friend of Chris Evans? The two test it out by texting him at the same time to see who he replies to first
    02:00 Josh has the guys guess whose butt is whose in a picture game called "Avengers Ass-emble"
    3:21 Chris Evans texts back
    04:59 Anthony and Sebastian are asked to answer which of them are better at certain things and tests their acting abilities
    09:17 Josh asks Anthony and Sebastian some tough "Would You Rather..." questions
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    1. Comedy Central

      Watch more Stir Crazy with Josh Horowitz right here: irflow.info/award/lpGurLhz39mwxbs/fy-lm-h-y.html

      1. chris lee

        Erik Santino stfu

      2. X Æ A-Xii


      3. Laurence J.

        that's so great !

      4. Deena Behrens

        I’m so glad you

      5. Deena Behrens

        I’m I just got got home from the hospital 🏥 is a going to to get a little

    2. Tianna E


    3. Eugene Ainos

      2:30 🤨🤨

    4. Tuba Jesus


    5. LEONIE

      I really really love this combination of those three guys!!!

    6. XxItz_LilzxX -


    7. Harry R

      😭 this is so chaotic, and this is going in to my comfort yt vids folder

    8. Piyasa Mukherjee

      I'm pretty sure Sebastian has seen this interview here and read our comments 😂

    9. Piyasa Mukherjee

      I'm pretty sure Sebastian has seen this interview here and read our comments 😂

    10. Joirdann C

      I am obsessed with these men

    11. Cherrie Laxamana

      Seb: **smirk** Ready for the Falcon?" Me:* *swoons* * lol yes, please.


      I love how constant they are in giving Tom Holland shade 😂

    13. Lydia Davies

      7:02 "can't wait for this to be on youtube" I'm dying laughing

    14. Alex Savard

      Police everywhere confused

    15. Sibel Sürücü

      Sebastian Stan is on fire here 😂😂😂 I've never ever watched a single MCU movie in my life, but I truely love the interaction between these two beautiful men..

      1. Essi Kah

        Watch the series!

    16. holly

      "sensitive area" LMFAOAOOAOAA

    17. Meiling K.

      5:10 Love the Anthony impression! Also: *in a whiny voice* “Why won’t anybody kiss me!” xDDDD

    18. Ivette Mora Jiménez

      When i see this two, my day gets BETTER! When i see Sebastián smile my WORLD get better😭🥵

    19. James Reyes

      We are all here for 2:31

    20. okissey

      I havent laughed like that in a long time. I love these two.

    21. Andrea Van Schalkwyk

      Sebastian is in love with Tom Hiddleston... Change my mind

    22. Rogue Productions

      “That’s Scarlett Johansson “

    23. Travis Crawford

      I like him, but will never watch a movie with him as captain america. Better recast or it will fail

      1. Marshmallows are awesome

        Why won't you watch it ?

    24. Suldaan Mahamed

      Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie two legends

    25. Nafisa Tabassum

      This segment is why Sebastian will forever be the best Mad Hatter

    26. Taylor Eastman

      The way Sebastian says "Oh, No!" @ 3:07 gave me the giggles but something fierce.

    27. erin mcirney:3


    28. Romanogers.Mileven.Pepperony

      fun fact: i’ve watched this like 10 times

    29. withoutscars

      english isn’t my first language and i usually never have problems with words but i can’t find a logical explanation of the work narcotic which is asked at 6:38 someone help me google is not doing it’s job

      1. Ava Black

        He said who is more neurotic, the most anxious.

    30. Puja Prasad

      Seb's voice........

    31. angel𖤣᪥

      3:32 *"i LOvE hiM🥺🥰"*

    32. Adrian Oines

      I consistently come back to Josh's interviews, this man is so funny and respectful I love it

    33. Anna Luísa Manhães

      no one will do the james bond line better than niall horan

    34. Jordan Gerstein


    35. Rofl Waffle

      Man you can tell these guys have been doing this shit for a while. The way they're kinda just tolerating this goober overreacting to every word spoken is very telling of their experience in the industry.

      1. ISHA BISWAS

        You don't seem to know much about Josh Horowitz.

    36. Suchart Boontid

      Sebastian is so cute he's blushing the whole time I want to die kill me now

    37. Nikhil Sawant

      Man this is epic 🤣 I just can't stop laughing 🤣

    38. G

      i love sebastian so much pls butcher me

    39. laura villalobos


    40. Angelic Baby.

      I liked this interview

    41. depressionseason.

      Omg I love them so much lol

    42. Madison Schneeberger

      my comfort interview

    43. Fandom crack

      8:48 is the best moment of this whole interview

    44. Nissi Elizabeth

      seb's "OH HE GOT ME!" reactions is mine!

    45. Kianna Mendez

      Sebastians so cute

    46. Pheonix

      "cant wait for this to be on youtube" -Sebastian Stan

    47. Lu

      why is nobody talking about "would you rather be the new captain america" jeez this guy predicted future

    48. Fiona 2476

      8:48 I really hoped he would say "The name is Bond. James Buchanan Bond"

    49. AQuinn0630

      They are hilarious

    50. claire o'neal

      guys help this is like my 14,000 time watching this

    51. Siddharth Manu Motupalli

      anthony got the shield and also the first reply

    52. Mason Yadon

      This is comedy

    53. Aaliyah Ward

      Josh Horowitz continues to exemplify why he’s such an amazing interviewer! Love that guy, and the content he helps provide us fans with :)

    54. laprimaverrra

      Quality content.

    55. laprimaverrra

      The way that Sebastian said "You ready for the Falcon?"...

    56. 100Hasake

      I love this interviewer, he's so bubbly and lively. I also love the fact that he got them to interact with Chris

    57. Samuel Varga

      "Have you ever been sat on!?"

    58. Fin mccauley

      1:18 I completely agree with them about tom holland, I hate him too and I hate that version of Spiderman.

    59. Ryan Sproviero

      I expected Evans to message both back in a group text and tell them he loves them equally lol

    60. Rozy Berger

      omg he did not lol

    61. Rozy Berger

      staky what can ship name lol love you guys ship it

    62. Jan winkelmann

      I searched for "how much money sebastian stan" - but I'm pleased with the result.

    63. angel1202003


    64. Macy Freeman

      of all the discussion going around about feminism and stuff like that why are they plastering johannson's ass for two men to identify

    65. adeenah shams

      for a second i thought there was a bug in my ear at 10:24

    66. Revolution To Evolution

      Chris Evans: Why are you so obssesed with me?

    67. Ghada

      Uh, the fact that they both texted him i love you??? I mean,,,, c'mon. I didn't need more cavities man

    68. Lilfina


    69. Conroy s

      2:32 for the boys

    70. camryn


    71. Riley A

      He knew😂

    72. DAN Trotta

      I wonder if captain Falcon had to use lube on his he’d to get the costume on? 🧐

    73. rxyaltapes


    74. CitrousJaguar

      Anthian stankie🤣

    75. Micah Pecson

      10:23 is just making me believe that seb was once sat on by anthony

    76. THEE Kisywisy

      This was such a fun interview

    77. Boucher

      This was so funny

    78. bethany g

      “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SAT ON?!” I love these two so much

    79. eloyza sarkar

      Butt game loved it

    80. Emma

      8:48 where was he even going with that?😂😂

    81. the best youtuber

      "Its a lot of money"

    82. DDDeepikaaa

      This is the chaotic peak of Sebastian Stan and I'm here for it

    83. Cherry Nation

      Tht james bond though🔥🔥🔥

    84. Jacob Powell

      ANthony Mackie would be a great James Bond!

    85. Sara Buitrago López

      These two are my favorite non-married couple

    86. Nicolle Ikeda Widniczek Brunner

      Omg, literally the best interview, "the falcon is coming"

    87. yumna


    88. Dalton Hawk

      Sebastion could pull off both young Luke and older Marty mcfly

    89. Mia Moore

      I swear they’re in the same room

    90. ThePandoricaOfFandoms

      Everyone talking about Anthony and Sebastian but I absolutely love Josh ❤️🤣

    91. Moral

      bro these questions 💀💀

    92. Michele Peres

      this was so good man, they're so cute

    93. Zairah Naz

      The fact he knew that they were doing a competition imagine he was at home looking at both messages “mmmm who to choose who to choose”

    94. Georgia D.

      I feel sorry for Sebastian and Anthony experiencing these games and questions, they look uncomfortable and like they don't want to be there...

      1. Rose Gold

        yeah knowing the body image issues seb goes through it started to feel uncomfortable with all of the body part talk

    95. Kyuu Kirigaya

      4:25 that mackie's "I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT!!" and i was like, uhmmmm you... *knew* it? 🥺🥺🥺

    96. تبارك ميثم جاسم محمد

      *any questions exist* Anthony :oh my god SEBASTIAN STAN

    97. Z Ceren Ejder

      Seb praising Tom Hiddleston’s butt is my aesthetic

    98. Akshi Dutta

      Lol....This is best one so far!!

    99. stopme

      anonthy mackie laughs so slowly it cracks me up every time