Crackling Campfire on the Windy Tundra of Norway (HD)

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    I recently traveled to the beautiful country of Norway and was able to capture some of the magic for you. This campfire was shot on the high planes of the Jotunheimen, which is a tundra-like environment with some really rough and snowy mountains, surrounding the desolate planes. The campfire was made by collecting all kinds of shrub wood that you can find on the planes there. The hardest part is to find some dry shrubs to start the fire.
    I picked out the best scene and looped to 6 hours, so you can use it as an ambient background video, to relax, sleep or create an outdoor like atmosphere within your home. The scene is actualy about 5 minutes, filmed in 1080p/50fps, with high quality stereo audio.
    It's really quiet on these high planes, so the only thing you can here is the ambience of the surrounding mountains and wind that's beating on the campfire and actually helping to keep it going!
    I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I did filming it and I'm always curious what you think of it and how you use it. So leave a comment or send me a message if you like! :)
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    1. Virtual Fireplace

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      1. Anderson Chad

        @Aiden Jameson i will try it out right now. Looks great so far :)

      2. LucaBumble

        How did you get the idea of starting this channel and putting up campfires and filming them for us to experience them? Also if you want to answer: How do you travel that much? and which microphone do you use? And lastly, Thank you so much for uploading these kind of videos as they help me to fall asleep and dont get into all those bad thoughts that sometimes come during nights. Im really enjoying nature so much but through my situation as a student I have to study all the time :/

    2. Chill Gaming Quest

      i very impressed that you obtained this footage yourself while in Norway!

    3. noyie blooda

      0:00 don t mind me

    4. Jakub Celý

      Wow. Very beautiful. I love this music.

    5. Danielle Underwood

      The evanescent platinum splenomegaly paddle because bowl parallely seal under a bumpy flesh. bent, zany quarter

    6. john sakowicz


    7. LilMsLorelei

      This has been a lifesaver for me...has helped me get to sleep so many times. Thank you!!!

    8. Captain Mack Sparrow

      This is not hate but... OKAY I HATE THIS VIDEO I DIDNT SLEEP I JUST GOT COLD JUST COLD, am Norwegian

    9. JT Pettymoore

      I've never been One to ask much of others. I humbly request You edit this video into a 12 hour Valium. Blessings.

    10. 何かがオカシイayu


    11. Tracy Perdue

      This is, by far, my favorite campfire video on IRflow!!! Well done!!

    12. Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack

      Just wondering if that fire would have any effect 🥶

    13. woodland wander

      So beautiful!!!

    14. Kori Emerson

      This is near where my family in Norway lives. This just makes me happy .

    15. Mishelle Cook

      I love this thank you so much! I have it on all the time ♥️

    16. violet kojak

      Beautiful sound Listening to this reminds me our old house back in Nain Labrador. Waking up to a cold house in the winter and starting the fire stove. What a beautiful noise. That's the sound that I love... (Niel Diamond)

      1. Virtual Fireplace

        Thank you for sharing your beautiful memory! :)

    17. itsaguinness

      I never been to Jotunheimen. Werent u scared for the frost giants?

    18. Andrew Bowers

      Perfect to have on in the background whilst reading; especially, books about viking fairytales and magical fjords.

    19. NDR 7652

      And on a COLD night like tonight here in New York . Put your headphones on and grab the thermal blanket .

    20. Ruslan16reg


    21. James

      My viking blood loves this.

    22. To relaxing nature sounds

      close your eyes, forget about any worries or stress, and just breathe. I've had a really bad day, plus me being sick. If you had a bad day, remember that pain is only temporary. Focus only on your yourself and your thoughts. I love you, no matter who are and remember it will get better. Good night. :)

    23. K B

      Perfect for reading.

    24. eatmuffinsallday

      Crackle Crackle

    25. Damian Morningstar

      This is great!! It looks beautiful, sounds like heaven, and the heat of my CPU and battery keeps me warm :)

    26. John Riley

      so, i lit a fire. isn't it good. Norwegian wood.

    27. roger awkward

      *jumps in*

    28. manuel plez

      j 'ai regardé du début à la fin et c 'est les 3 mêmes bouts de bois qui brûlent pendant 6 heures ! on essaie de nous faire croire quoi , là ? ...

    29. Stephen Galindo

      This takes me back to a hiking trip where I met God

    30. Joe Alessandro

      Wood does NOT pop that much. Unrealistic... dislike

    31. Rachel

      I love the atmosphere, feels like I'm really there. Thank you for sharing!

    32. Fathema Sultana

      Some people are Messi's helping hand. They are destroying my life. Is Luther a higher class and good boy?

    33. Vlado puszkojad

      Imagine stalker in 2021

    34. Dan Wu

      Flames of the holy spirit powerful n strong authority conquering the hearts of humankind Amen in Christ Jesus alone Amen allelu amen

    35. Alanna

      We're watching this for Christmas Eve as we unwrap the presents(人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

    36. Luddite

      When you and your bandit homies are just chillin and then all of a sudden you hear Fus Do Rah

    37. Sentient Hotdog

      I don't get it.

    38. Schwartz Prime

      That's the stuff.

    39. Emack B

      Jeg elsker Norge 😍🙌

    40. Suzy Lux

      I imagine this was a sight very common to the Vikings centuries ago :) ty for this!

    41. Fred Flintstone

      🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 👎👎👎👎👎 ✍💅🕘

    42. Dan Wu

      It automatically put woman in.sorry i meant without

    43. Dan Wu

      Now all i need is a powerful woman space heater

    44. Dan Wu

      I like seeing n hering the sounds of a fire

    45. The Ganjacologist

      3hrs in and not one piece of wood added it seems. Wth are you burning?? lol

    46. The_ Joker

      Trying to sleep sounds like the house is burning 🥵

    47. R N

      When you are listening to this nice sound in your house only to find that your PC was muted.

    48. TheModer8ter

      Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. As Jesus says in John 3:14 "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: 15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life."

      1. Osram Dupa


    49. DaVinylBox


      1. Relaxing With Noise

        After hatred and hostility, you will find peace

    50. C A Campbell


    51. Chuck Balyeat

      I always smell mesquite . It's probly genetic.

      1. Relaxing With Noise

        If you want to find world peace, you must first achieve inner peace.

    52. x2malandy

      My brain is tricking me because I feel the heat from the fire.

      1. Unenthusiast

        @Moe Compton i suppose

      2. Moe Compton

        @Unenthusiast sure. But I also think its way harder to experience that state around technology.

      3. Unenthusiast

        @Moe Compton you dont need to be high to experience synesthesia. i think.

      4. Moe Compton

        How stoned are you? Lol 😆 🤭😎

    53. Ya Boi

      So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness. We have heard of those princes' heroic campaigns. Like if you're cultured!

    54. Noe Berengena

      Listening to this in the morning as I work at my computer. It is very relaxing. Maybe not ideal for getting work done. But as soon as I can I will listen to this to relax and take a nap. // It is the perfect mix of natural sounds. I like looking into that fire, especially its inner glow.

    55. Delmus Dugan

      I’m just waiting for apetor to come into camera view , eep eep and drink Vodka

      1. the silence


    56. Taylor Michael Holt

      Eat, shit.

    57. thewaywardpoet

      Minus the plundering, I feel as if I've been given the full Norse experience. By Odin, this video is terrific!

    58. Taylor Michael Holt

      Social distancing is rape.

    59. bvsg s

      So relaxing

    60. Croaghaun71

      Love. Love. Love!! 😊

    61. Kerry Maize

      I arrived at around the 3 hour mark. What did I miss earlier in the film?

    62. Fred Howland

      Excellent audio quality!

    63. Simon Proulx

      you need to make it 12h long so i can fall asleep and wake up with it

      1. Virtual Fireplace

        Well, we have a 12 hour audio version. Is that okay? See the web shop link in the description.

    64. Max Baranek

      Listening to this video in one tab and a thunderstorm video in another to reach enlightenment

    65. Bao Nguyen


    66. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub

      This + Jeremy Soule (Skyrim) - Tundra + "Winter Ambience" + Thunder sound no rain = you're welcome.

    67. منى احمد حافظ الحلفي C

      انا العراقيه الوحيده هنا لان ابحث ع اشياء غريبه♥

    68. dallaskj

      "There's like a tree every mile here. So we cut down a couple and made a nice fire."

    69. C Preston

      This is way better than the Firelog Channel

    70. Eva Harvey

      If you can sleep through this, u going to hell.

    71. EVEREST H

      I wish i had a cabin near a tundra i would lve their over a city a million times

    72. William Clarke

      As soon as I put this on before bed. I automatically feel so relax. Like I feel like a heavy weight lifting away from my body. 😌😌😌😴😴😴😴😴

    73. pencil pen

      this reminds me of darkthrone's arctic thunder album cover

    74. Desiree Wohlgenannt

      Musste beim feuer mich ausziehen und den Abend genießen mit nem E Teil und ein billiger wiskey #fu** isch Coron a bitch!! AMK wahllaa habibooos(ad my on snapchats) TNG🥶

    75. Bill Brasky

      This makes me miss my home in the Yukon. Thank you so much for recording and posting this.

    76. K March

      You hear one campfire you've hear them all. What makes it any different on a tundra?

      1. Bill Brasky

        The difference with this one is that when it burned it also simultaneously extinguished any doubters in the comment section.

    77. Barek Kamps

      Reminds me of a nice crackling campfire here in Alaska. Thank you.

    78. OneMagicWalk

      Guau creí verlo por solo un momento pero es cautivante , gracias por compartir

    79. Kev G H

      I like this, but the chorus sounds very similar to the verse.

    80. Rick Payton

      So relaxing and beautiful.

    81. Sleepy Fox, Relaxing Sounds

      awesome fire sound, good for sleep :)

    82. Zoomer Boomer

      So soothing for getting off to sleep, also reminds me of so many good memories sitting around campfires in the hills with friends.

    83. Becky Emmins

      This helps my to not get upset because my Nan died

    84. Krispy

      Techer: You can't smell videos Me:

    85. Scott Hill

      That is so beautiful. I think I will spend some time with this one I hit the sack tonight.

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    87. HappyDeux

      This is not even close to HD

    88. Medita Dream Music -IM


    89. Droopy Corndog

      *reads video title* you dont know what youre doing to me man

    90. Adrik0622

      2:07:03 right, so, am I the only one who heard the scream in the background?

    91. Mia R

      I can smell this video

    92. ABOVE 818

      Tundra Boy Hollowsquad

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      ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..... etc... I can smell this video. Love it.

    94. Roxanne Dalton එය පෞද්ගලික මිථ්‍යා විශ්වාසයක්ඔබ බොහෝ විට කියනු ඇත එය ඔබට තේරුමක් නැති බව මම දනිමි නමුත් මම කැමතියි ඔබ මේ සඳහා මා සම්බන්ධ කර ගන්නවාට

    95. i lean

      i steady love these campfire videos

    96. 49558201

      try Glacier N.P.,...... enjoy.......

    97. Inner Zen


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    99. traviss4444

      I have tried all the ' fall asleep stuff!, But I keep coming back to this one .So simple but for me so effective no repeat music it's just natural fire random but so wonderful cracking spitting wind. ,just everything. Thank you

    100. Çağdaş Bingöl

      Ağzına yüreğine sağlık ablam bu parçayı en iyi sen söylemişsin rahat bir 500 kere dinlerim 😊

      1. Çağdaş Bingöl

        @Panica UA

      2. Çağdaş Bingöl

        @Panica UA 🤣🤣🤣çok teşekkür ederim yanlış yorum yapmışım bu türkü değildi bu huzurdu türkü ise linki atıyorum yoruma