Oh No.... 😂

Dan Rhodes

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    Got myself into a sticky situation there 😂

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    1. Mr ME

      To the “early people” you’re a legend and adorable also a true “fan” God bless you

      1. Shyldon Yt

        @Bafoonior true

      2. meghram prajapati


      3. Pika

        lol wth

      4. Manu Rasena

        @LkokamiLP eui

      5. Manu Rasena


    2. COM ANDO

      You Hacker 😂👌

    3. Pro Gamer

      How did you do that

    4. Goutamkumar Bera

      This is the best magic trick.

    5. Gaming Vlog

      I was studying all the tricks you show

    6. Gaming Vlog

      You are in Britain got talent.

    7. Leonardo Mazzoni


    8. shivam Kumar gupta

      Pure cringe content

    9. David Velasco

      That freaking song

    10. Nathalie Ballares

      How? I can't get

    11. Munni Singh

      Can u again explain


      Lol visa dig potato crane

    13. Milos Ligi

      Si heskej

    14. Ingenious Aayushi

      I watched it carefully so simple

    15. Manuel Mendiondo

      He has somethin on his pulgars nail so he can slide the fingef

    16. Mary joy Delos reyes

      Oh no i think this not the good idea 😮

    17. treanding king


    18. Itz_gummy playz


    19. Lilly Crawford

      Like actually how did you do that?

    20. João Edson


    21. OwlyIsHere

      107 million views...

    22. Strayberry E

      I love you videos!!!😆

    23. Sethi Das

      So nice

    24. Luke Paul Gabriel Malonzo

      oh no

    25. Luke Paul Gabriel Malonzo

      oh no

    26. Luke Paul Gabriel Malonzo

      i like him his the best all of you too!🙂🙂🙂🙂

    27. Fathima Rajeena


    28. SSR BOSS YT

      Thanks for 50 ab 100 krwa do please 😘❤️

    29. Khïm Hoňg Lóvé

      Fastest brother 🐱

    30. Jason Goh

      Wait a minute how can you do that?!

    31. !?

      Are we just going to ignore his acting!? He is overacting a lot

    32. bocil ff boz


    33. Thasmeera Yoonus

      Prank man

    34. mohamed hend

      المقاس كان مقسور

    35. LOLIHO 6787


    36. Jose Batista

      Acho que sou a única brasileira aq 🤔

    37. Berenice Valencia

      Cómo le hico no manches

    38. شنكار العجمي

      طلعا ب ايدك الثاني هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههۃ

    39. Bunyod Kalandarov


    40. Nur Arissa Yazid


    41. Nur Arissa Yazid


    42. Violeta Ama

      How is he gonna take that off😂😂😂

    43. Jordane

      How'd this get 100million veiws wtf

      1. Onus Promis

        Yeah wthh

    44. Lennon Yearta

      How this get so many comments?!

    45. djdj nxkxj


    46. Ashlee Perez

      I don't get how u did it

    47. Nuka

      He is making stacks off of you guys calling him cringe

    48. Yarleidis Escorcia


    49. Zeki Çamur


    50. Paris Zar

      Stop that counting sound. I have to always look for muting your videos.

    51. Alba Hernandez

      Eres un mentiroso

    52. ff


    53. ღSᴀм Goɴzáʟᴇzღ

      Aca esta el comentario en español que buscabas 🙂

    54. Jamilly Caldas dos santos


    55. EVAN 7 •• FILM OUT IS ART


    56. petty asshole


    57. ExtremHD

      Öhhhhh wie

    58. Engui-Erdene Uguumur

      Oh wat ever

    59. Engui-Erdene Uguumur


    60. Engui-Erdene Uguumur

      The scissor is cute

    61. Tayyab tan

      We are not fool like you

    62. Ashna Khan

      Kese howa ye

    63. Ra B

      Wait -- how?? That was good magic!

    64. axel

      He’s the type of guy that would eat cereal with a spork.

    65. Coloring book TV

      He's the type of a guy who just waste my time watching this

    66. Timmy O'toole

      Why he say shhh for?

    67. Romane TM

      Me: 👁️👄👁️

    68. Romane TM


    69. prov dawg

      Have some shame and stop posting videos

    70. fairy aria

      He’s the type of guy that as a kid was obsessed with Minecraft with the creeper hoodie and stuff idk no hate

    71. Aron Sumisu

      I hate people like this so much my god

    72. Reyhan Kuşan

      nasıl geçdi makas oraya ben 7 yaşındayım vav

    73. zehra eminova

      OH NO 👌👌😀😀😀😆😆😆😆😄😄😂😂

    74. Song Maker

      Honestly how?!?!

    75. I AM A POTATO

      I don't think I've ever seen a IRflow shorts with this many commenrs

    76. Jose Verro

      F POR DAN :V

    77. Frankie Torres

      I love the song 🎵😍

    78. DS Noah

      Well done bro u have done ur best❤️

    79. Joemamacar

      The face he makes right when he shows the tricks irritates me so much I want to punch 10 orphans

    80. Joshua Figueroa

      bruh i blocked this page why i still see it 💀

    81. yasmine mano

      مقس كان مكسر👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎نحن مش حمير

    82. Rajkumar Pillay

      The comment section's like... He's the type/kind of guy blah blah blah😂😂😂

    83. Ravikiran Pallerla

      Scissor small ring alredy broken,that is a trick

    84. your crush

      I hate people

    85. 7E Syed Waris Ali Shah


    86. fernanda jesus


    87. cremmy_crem

      Y'all, the "he's the type of guy" comments are getting really annoying. Please stop :/

    88. Cindy Faillace


    89. Elmar Aguilar

      Fake haha

    90. Cm Nagaraj

      M No

    91. Syeda Dua Batool

      How you did it

    92. It's lovely boy yt

      Anna 500k

    93. Bluefoxy

      Aren't you supposed to be showing us the background but the fact that you somehow manage to get that stuck

    94. Jacek Jacek

      Jak to zrobiłeś



    96. そんなとこもいいと思う。


    97. Smita Tiji

      This is a very old trick ,he did not cover his thumb with tape😎😎

    98. Ivan Lorenzo

      wey.... eres chingon

    99. Nuh Salehudin

      Bruh I thought it was nickocado avocado