I spent a day with DREAM


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    I spent a day w/ Dream to learn the truth about being the fastest growing Minecraft creator on the Internet.
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    🎵Theme Music Composer - Matt Good AKA The King of Emo
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    1. Dream

      this was a lot of fun!! such an amazing interviewer

      1. zetsu


      2. Ander Sandoval Gutierrez

        Dream looks like the mona Lisa

      3. Poke Ved


      4. Lincoln and Jackson time


      5. Abuzittin GILLIBACAK

        thapa rath we know he ain’t gonna do that

    2. Plain&Pink

      Anthony should make a whole video on "I spoke to a chair", he'd probably make a few new friends.

    3. BloobyJoobyJoob

      I feel like it's not fare that as soon as someone gets famous, they become a role model for people even if they dont want to. No ones perfect. But celebrities are expected to be.

    4. RazoplayzTests


    5. Astro FN

      That looks kinda fake cuz of the mask and he is not moving

    6. jeff northrop

      1:54 my brother got 100k on a video called "hey apple" Subscribe to SeaBucket

    7. SmexyWuman

      Dream: My girlfriend wanted to do a matching pfp George:..huh-

    8. Franciesca Ocuaman

      the fuck

    9. juggaloKhaos420

      is this real

    10. MrGabeGaming


    11. forbest reign matthew

      why is mask moving

    12. Kurt De Guzman

      When that is real or not real dream

    13. Robin


    14. Marshwajr

      i actually thought i was subscribed, but was not

    15. Marisol Rau

      I knew dream had ADHD, i do to, and the way that he described it, is how school is rn for me! As soon as i heard it, oh my gosh! i fet like a weight was taken off, like finaly someone who seems to understand. Espesialy with covid , like my mental health went on a down spiral, then i found dream, and then tommy and then i found "my people" . These people are amazing! And they pribably won't see this, but they have saved me. Any way, have a great day, these people are so fricken tough its insane, BYEeeeeEEEeEEEE :) ( also this does kinda sound cheesy/ wierd... sorry )

    16. Marshwajr

      please dont face reveal…

    17. OBpro1

      Dream neck reveal

    18. Warren Murdaugh

      Okay or was I just the one listening but watching half of it because when I was watching it dream did not move a muscle the only muscle that were moving was his necklen he was talkin clickbait that was not even him

    19. jouske higashikata

      Haha fat

      1. domeatspants


    20. Sabastian Pedersen

      Was this Dream made bye a comuter or What i dont Think it’s real

    21. Strawberrys

      Anthony tortilla

    22. Ryverse

      “I usually say advertising” Twitter: Time to add that to the list! We’ve got him now!

    23. Seth Ratliff

      Dude that mask dream it’s so animated

    24. Iryn Dayal


    25. 0fficialVixx

      Dreams shoes though.

    26. Mr Penguin

      Nice interview

    27. Katai Pro

      when dream said some 15 y old grinding minecraft for 12 hrs, the first person who came to my mind was technoblade XD

    28. a2ab

      Wait a minute. Dream sounds just like my computer science professor 🤔

    29. Dane Jude Aruja

      anyone remember the good old times when anthony was at smosh and everything was perfect

    30. Daniel Terepita

      OMG I REMEBER U WERES YOUR BROTHER. He’s fat I think 🤔

    31. Cyber Outlaw

      The body dream stans want dream to have ).( The body dream stans have ( . )

    32. Jol

      anthony is so trusted😭

    33. Jamesryan Demotica

      Dream has a hole in his mask

    34. Shremp The Shrimp

      Classic Anthony just like the one i remembered back when i was watching Smosh

    35. Tonight gamer


    36. i̴c̶r̶e̶a̶t̸e̴c̷o̸n̶t̴e̴n̸t̶

      The animation is great! :D


      I thought the leak was real nvm then

      1. A1320 9

        It’s a animation…

    38. epicpagman69

      Dream shows symptoms of ASDs not ADHD. The majority of people with ADHD describe ADHD as an attention deficit. It FEELS like having a million tabs open at the same time and you're trying to navigate all tabs but you just can't pay attention to everything. It also FEELS like you're having a million thoughts per millisecond but in reality you trying to recall a thought you just had and those struggles may or may not make you better at thinking. The ADHD brain is not more intelligent as popular culture assumes it just FEELS overwhelming to have ADHD but in reality you're generating thoughts at a normal rate. I don't understand why even self proclaimed ADHD people misunderstand this. Maybe there's a real reason why medication didn't help dream because the majority of people that I know with ADHD took medication and since then have become very successful citizens. Take. Your. Meds. If you actually are affected by ADHD. It's not cool to have ADHD it's a real issue that affects people's lives. And people with ADHD should accept themselves and stop creating false realities this is part of the reason why this disorder is confusing to many people and misunderstand it all together. This disorder is rarely a "superpower".

    39. johnny nguyen

      The mask when we started looks fake kinda

    40. Mr ComputerBox

      stampy and Dan are better

    41. Chromiako Cosmos

      Most people: Dream is the fastest growing Minecraft Channel on IRflow Steveee: *Are you sure about that?*

    42. Dream

      Are you me

    43. michelle troxclair

      Does anyone question Dream voice calling this after the whole cheating and animation music video thing? or is it just me?

    44. Mr. TopHat

      Dream is animated, he is only thru a call

    45. Johnny Evans

      The vacuous ant dewailly cheer because agreement neurochemically ruin near a courageous english. pretty, immense october

    46. Grant Buena

      Its so obvious dream is animated

    47. Nas Neely

      Those who dont know that isnt the real dream its just an animation

    48. ChutterMan

      it's funny how this came out like 2 days before dreams face was revealed

    49. MissEmeChan

      I'm keep on smiling. Depression make me play Roblox and Minecraft 10 hours....

    50. Kristine Ellis

      Watching your video on my TV and I seen the dream looks very very shiny screenco it looks very shiny it looks animated cuz why would his Mass be blinking put right

    51. Zint Noks

      0:47 A I R P O D S

    52. xwolfie123

      Anthony are you related to my classmate david padilla


      O no

    54. Gabriel Navarrete

      Since this is animated Anthony is just talking to air

    55. Heitor Gomes


      1. Heitor Gomes

        @Midnight Murderer i know, its a "pergunta hetórica"

      2. Midnight Murderer

        he stopped posting videos with him I guess, and he’s an interviewer channel

    56. Jaisen Garcia

      Faceless huh

    57. vas_happenin_lads


      1. MJ's lemonade

        @vas_happenin_lads I know right!

      2. vas_happenin_lads

        @MJ's lemonade Omg that's so cool

      3. MJ's lemonade

        yes they do! fun fact they've said this before they've known each other since they were like 10 or 12 so I'm not surprised they did😂

    58. HyperHarlee

      NGL, the animation kinda fooled me at first

    59. Ylang Poubel

      He looks animated...Weird!

      1. Basem

        It is animated

    60. StarryHD

      There is some thing that make me feel like that dream is fearless idk just my opinion

    61. hanab09

      11:11 IMAGINE LMAO

    62. wolf gaming

      Dream looks strange

    63. Guilherme Coelho

      Just so stupid

    64. Guilherme Coelho

      I think that everyone knows that that dream is fake right?

    65. Mr.Chickenstrips:Ryan

      He’s fat

    66. hanab09

      2:52 yez

    67. Zoe Ellmore

      sad its not really dream irl :(

    68. TRIDON

      Dream is fat stop using ur brothers body

    69. 1 Ba1d

      Fake interview, like look at the close up shots it’s hilarious

    70. Mictgo

      Is it me or will every girl look at this man will fall in love

    71. MLG Hazrad

      Dream's back in the thumbnail reminds me of Tommyinit

    72. TailsGamer 752

      Is that dream animated

    73. AutherAmirey

      such an amazing mask

    74. Wilburs_foot_locker


    75. Aidan Gravell

      Dream skin looks odd like if you think it does

      1. Royal Tia

        Animation, dream was just on a voice call

    76. Hover

      If dream wasn't there, what was Anthony looking at 😂

    77. Nikothegamer

      He did a face reveal on the mugo channel

    78. Xnorc

      I am sure Dream's face is going to get leaked by a person who was familiar with his voice irl

    79. Six school & Fortnite Kid

      Omg Dream I am a big Fan

    80. Lemon man

      Dude I thought the crack on his mask was my phone screen

    81. Ninja Dream

      Hey dream love your vid‘s can you make more please?! 🙂

    82. ‏‏‎ ‎

      Did he see your face

    83. Fxlco Vlxdimir

      Dream stood in the same position for…

    84. voziful

      how can i get into a manhunt ?

    85. Jose antonio García kaufmann

      Meme from jontron i think?:h-hey fuck you

    86. Caitlin :]

      Wait so he talked to a chair for 20 minutes? Wow 👏

    87. Hamza Zabeedi

      I hacked this vide and saw dreams face I hacked the filter 😲😲😲😲😲😲 u won believe who he is

    88. iron

      dream is fat

    89. Simon Cowell

      Plot twist: Anthony Padilla is Dream

    90. Erick 773

      This shit is cringe

    91. Kellen McMahon

      Waaait Anthony knows what dream looks like

    92. spicy stuber

      I wish he came back to smosh

    93. Cello_DV Gamer

      SHUT UP?!

    94. Manufar

      You spent a day with a cheater LMAO

    95. Rudy

      you did?

    96. AlzerNoke

      Alternative Title: I spent a day with a Professional Minecraft Cheater

    97. Preet Patel

      Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior ✝️❤️

      1. AKTA!


    98. maryann brunt

      So is anyone ganna talk about the begining ....

    99. Justyna Jezior

      I am tinos and this is real dream is his hair is blond?!

    100. legend

      This fake dream is fake lol

      1. AKTA!

        Logic + ratio