Top 15 Shootout Goals in NHL history | NBC Sports

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    Relive all of the heart-stopping skill in the top 15 shootout goals in NHL history. #NBCSports #NHL
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    Top 15 Shootout Goals in NHL history | NBC Sports

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    1. lach0125

      Girouxs goal was filthy

    2. mikekafcha

      malik ,]

    3. TURNZY66

      datsyuk is by far #1

    4. jeff c


    5. Graham Hudson

      Before video starts: #1 better be what I think it is... End of video: Yup.

    6. pedro mor

      why crosby goal???

    7. Derek Richard

      Datsyuk is simply the best goal scorer of all time. His stats don’t reflect it, but his hands tell a different story.

    8. Graham Read

      Tatar at 0:55 doing the Rut Daniels didn’t gooooooo 20

    9. Richard Czarniecki

      Malek Best Shootout Goal EVVVERRRR

    10. acommenter

      Are these great shootout goals? Yep. Are they the "Top 15 in NHL History"? Nonsense.

    11. Jason Croan

      Crosby’s goal was weak!

    12. MisterMister5893

      Datsyuk on Niemi.... so creative.

    13. Jeff Nowak

      The Crosby goal shouldn't have been on this list. Just a mediocre goal

    14. Ben Perri Photography

      I'm a Ranger fan. I did not like Malik.... Except in that moment.

    15. BreeZeTSHQ

      Datsyuk remains to have the best hands ever in the NHL. Truly the Ronaldinho of hockey.

    16. Patrick joyce

      It’s about the only thing good on NBC

    17. Ali Dez

      It deeply bothers me we never got to watch Dats in 4K.

    18. Ali Dez

      Me: Sees video title. Me: Sure, I’d love to watch a Pavel Datsyuk highlight reel.

    19. Barbara Kiewe

      I guess you guys thought it wouldn't be fair to put two Crosby goals on the list, but seriously, not including the goal in the inaugural Winter Classic?

    20. rlylolno

      i wish datsyuk played during a time that allowed for his highlights on youtube to be HD :(

    21. rstriker1980

      Where's Thomas Vanek? He had sick shootout moves especially his "Around the World" move.

    22. ImNoEdWood

      That Bouchard goal should have been waved off. He clearly runs in to the goalie before he puts the puck in.

    23. MKGaming By Munish

      “I don’t think he lost it” Haha Barkov is straight up savage

    24. Zachary Boccia ( Student )

      Wow!, Maliks was really good!

    25. Sean Graves

      That Crosby one at 10 wasn’t even that good

    26. Matt Richter

      How did Mikko Koivu’s backhand upper shelf not make this list?

    27. Jed Ricker

      Who else saw Malik's goal in real time? Absolutely unprecedented...!

    28. Sebastian Semelak

      Crosby's goal sucked.. take it off the list

    29. Danny Menard

      I'll always click on these videos no matter how many times I've repeatedly seen all of these goals

    30. Charles-Alexandre B.R.

      mike ribeiro between the leg goal agaisnt LA should've been in there

    31. armenianply

      Couldn’t be happier that Howard retired. Dude kept getting injured and it was always the same injury. A pulled groin.

    32. Drew Freeman

      You guys missed so many. Mario Lemuiex could be an entire highlight real all by himself.

    33. ZWM.

      Считаете его великим, а в Автомобилисте его не видно ,не зря тренер сказал что очень жаль потраченных денег , короче ваш Дацук гроша ломанного не стоит .!!!!!! А в НХЛ вся команда играла на него как и на вашего Овечкина , я смотрю и Ковальчук в Авангарде так себе !!!! Все они сдулись !!!!!

    34. Calliopi Vogiatzis

      I would have liked to have seen more classic footage

    35. Oodibigah

      Datsyuk a goat

    36. Donald Dees

      Malik the Sheik.

    37. George Swift

      How's Crosby's goal even on this list? It's a crime a Matt Hendricks or TJ Oshie goal isn't on this list, albeit in the 10-15 range.

    38. Cedrick Rozon

      Jesus Christ the PM Bouchard goal was such a Goalie interference! and the Crosby goal... the play by play guy saying :"Welcome to the Crosby show, Canada!"... ermm... you're aware that Brosby is Canadian and played his junior hockey in CANADA, RIGHT?!?!?

    39. Cameron Ward

      Sidney is an increadible player, but his shot was a pretty standard forehand fake to a backhand and roofed it... I'm pretty sure that's not even the best of Sidney's shootouts, nevermind top 15 of all time...

    40. jcd780

      I think Kucherovs was the cheekiest

    41. Nick Poeschek

      I just watched to make sure Malik was #1...

    42. ChillinLikeAVillain

      Ribiero deserved a second spot on this lost

    43. Curveballification

      Crosbys goal might be important (context), but hands down, it does not belong on this list...

    44. Jon

      Jarret Stoll, what did he go? 9 of 10 in 2011-12? And TJ Oshie isn't in the list? Nice video anyway - it should mostly be Datsyuk and Kane.

    45. thedreamisstilldead

      The Bouchard goal doesn't look legal.

    46. Craig Murray

      Bouchard goal is trash... spinner-ammas were still trash before they banned them

    47. herrdoktorprofessor

      Datsyuk's knuckpuck was the best.

    48. Estelle Grignon

      After all these years, I believe Marek Malik's goal is my favorite goal of all time, and not just in the shootout. I'm not even a Rangers fan, but everything about this goal is absolute gold

    49. Insane A Sock

      The shootout is a joke

    50. Mr. Noosis

      Datsyuk ranked at 11 is insulting

    51. Денис Железнов

      Is spin o rama is available today in shootouts?

    52. Jason Spring

      Why does everyone always have that Malik goal as number 1. Both of datsyuks and Kane’s were way better than that one.

    53. Emile Locas

      Not putting the original spinorama here is criminal. St louis deserves to be here instead of bouchard for sure

    54. Snow Leopard

      lmao i guess someone told them they needed crosby on the list... lol

    55. Darth Ollpheist

      Crosby's was trash.

    56. David Bojarski

      Some of these goals could of been prevented if goalie would poke check

    57. TTT T

      Whare are Matt Hendrick's crazy shootout goals?

    58. Blake DeRiso

      I don’t think all these shootout goals are the best

    59. Tappaja Hai

      This list is awful

    60. Jeepers Creepers

      What is Crosby's goal doing here? Let's maybe count all game winning's shootouts as top? Although this is the same story as with the Conn Smythe Trophy, when instead of the real heroes Malkin and Kuznetsov, the awards was given to Crosby and Ovechkin, respectively. Sidney is the greatest hockey player on Earth, and he will survive without your handouts.

    61. Dan Treview

      Didn't know Giroux could do that

    62. Neil Brown

      No Sam Gagner, not a real list.


      Kane and Crosby are garbage

    64. Mike Currie

      Russia has the skill

    65. G s


    66. Thomas James

      how is there no Zuccarello? 😡

    67. Hon DBZ

      Datsyuk has to be one of the most underrated hockey player of all time maybe due to the fact that he was a very low profile character. Datsyuk has in my opinion one of the highest hockey IQ and the greatest hands in the sport. He was never caught in the box for stupid penalties and was super reliable defensively. I used to watch Detroit games on TV even though I am a hardcore HABS fan just to see Pavel Datsyuk maneuver the puck in between skates and sticks without getting touched. He has to figure among the GOAT of this sport IMO.

      1. Vangelis A

        I agree completely. Just cause he didnt put up 100+ point seasons (he could have if he wanted to) . In my opinion the best player in the league for a good 7 year stretch. The NHLs first internet viral star. The best 2-way player ive ever seen and the best hands Ive ever seen. Like you mentioned too his IQ was off the charts. He was truly a very special player to watch and I cant believe how quickly his career went by.

    68. Steven Wilson

      Claude Giroux look so different back in early season before he have goatee

    69. fretkillrfan

      I need a barf bag there were so many sick goals.

    70. Flower fan lando 2!

      Where’s vegas

    71. Doops Doops

      Kane and Datsyuk thrxnastiesst

    72. Vilém Kopřiva

      Pavel, Pasha, Pavka...... Dacjuk Red Wings 👏✌️👍

    73. Master Yeti

      Missing some TJ Oshie magic.

    74. standoff

      were are kucherov noshoot goals

    75. Frank Yaeger

      That Malik goal puts a smile on my face every time

    76. Stereoboroda Buddy

      что тут Кросби делает?

    77. YorkA

      I'm Russian. When I read the comments, I understood how much Datsyuk was loved in the USA. Miss his magic

    78. Sami

      Dallas was best

    79. Matthew Lopes

      Alot of these were terribly played breakaways by the goalie.

    80. NathanTheBlackhawksFan

      My Grandmother can make a better list than this. Datsyuk goal against Nashville is number 3 or 2 maybe #1. Disrespectful.

    81. Muse Inglis

      Why is Malik’s goal #1??? Do you play hockey 🏒? Watch carefully...he puts the puck between his legs...all the while his eyes are on the goalie...he never looks at the puck! He just knows where it is! 😯

    82. Muse Inglis

      Grabovski’s goal 🥅...very impressive!

    83. Muse Inglis

      #9, Bouchard! How’s that even legal...I mean the spinOrama is fine but AS the biscuit 🍪 was entering the goal, Bouchard totally crashed into the goalie?! Interference, no?! He was completely in the Blue paint!

    84. Gary

      I've always thought the hold and forehand by Datsyuk was extremely overrated he did nothing to get Vokoun to bite early its overrated the changeup

    85. Andrew Hall

      The fact that Pavel is the literal thumbnail should tell you everything you need to know. He was a once in a generation kind of player.

    86. Paul Vincil

      Got to see the Tatar goal live. Missing you in Detroit

    87. Jason KH

      The only thing better than Malik's goal was his celly lmao the whole thing was just so slick, and unexpected XD

    88. Peter Zebot

      3:05 that one was a little stupid. he backed into the goalie. in the crease how was that allowed? smh

    89. Car Ramrod82

      Goalies nightmare. 1 v 1 with Datsyuk

    90. John Doe

      The best goals in hockey are any goal against the Bruins.

    91. David Short

      I don't appreciate one of the top 3 going in by chance. Kane and Datsyuk should have about 9 of the top 15 all time, to be honest.

    92. chuock

      I miss the magician is Detroit!

    93. FIgjam 19

      that malik goal always gets 1st on these lists, and i can't understand it lol

    94. Ольга Мельникова

      Pavel hands are magic

    95. Colin Scott

      Datsyuk is only on here twice!? Dubious,

    96. Gene W Kim

      The fascinated karate socially consist because tuesday simultaneously regret without a longing ex-husband. deeply, longing hygienic

    97. MattFromWork

      Top 15 shootout goals? Thumbnail says it all. Didn't even need to watch the video.

    98. jackfrostyfly

      Kucherov, that was a goalies nightmare smooth

    99. Michael Wirth

      Why did you show that Crosby goal, it was VERY lame compared to everything else in this video.

    100. Card Shark

      Great video