Perfectly Cut Screams #4


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    1. KayDubs

      2:51 A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City!

    2. Angel Cook

      The abaft kick perplexingly tire because care biosynthetically fill unlike a breezy map. charming, flaky change

    3. Jonathan Arciniega

      no one gonna mentions the pit stain at 6:12

    4. Historical Daily

      He uses these as an excuse to scream 😂

    5. Qwerky Qwerty

      7:04 Ha, Jokes on you I'm on phone that didn't work

    6. Jenn the Human

      Jack the 11:09 clip gets worse. It is or it is edited to be a walmart commerical.

    7. Zoey Cramer

      he tried to trick us with a fake pause and I thought I saw through it but I accidently paused for real and was just sitting there waiting for it to start.


      12:43 an accurate representation of being on drugs

    9. FNAFFAN2021

      8:08 I’m dead

    10. oRealism

      HA I didn’t fall for 7:03 because I’m on mobile!

    11. K1noryx

      Jack: Her screams are the best Me: that's kinda concerning

    12. Dirty Dirt McGogurt

      I didn't realize that this was a video genre, but I'm glad that it is.

    13. i put my sushi in the oven

      4:04 holy shee that one scares me


      3:42 That face warp has me in stitches

    15. DisChannelGenuis

      12:28 Then you should've edited that out.

    16. Your_Local_Radio_Demon

      "Terrify the children." I agree.

    17. Sophie Case

      he literally fake paused it fight when I dropped my phone and I was so confused

    18. Patrick

      I tapped on my screen thinking the video paused , i am monkey (Evolve to crab or return to monkey)# I wanna be monke

    19. Olga M

      It's true XD I'm european and i don't what "busted can of biscuits" mean

    20. Fiona Pang

      7:03 jokes on you, im on mobile

    21. Shai The lightsaber guy

      I love Star Wars

    22. Ramadoor

      7:05 how did i know that that was a fake? the had part in the settings. I haven't got HD videos since the corona virus

    23. Alex Vercia

      That guy playing with his daughter and son full on went kratos mode 😂😂😂

    24. No U

      How to scream

    25. D$7t


    26. CreeperKing106

      I can’t believe I saw a rickle video here

    27. Bridgid Raine


    28. Bridgid Raine

      11:30 that scream when I have homework

    29. Jaxon Thiessen

      Ahhhhhhh in intro

    30. moath abdulla

      7:03 Aha! you FOOL You thought you could trick me?! Jokes on you, I am on mobile!

    31. Dizzypickleberry1

      i was watching this and my grandmother was like "what are you watching, thats not how you speak to a women blah blah blah"

    32. ZO BOLT

      The guy who put the girl in the furnace his name is rickel

    33. vectorizliT!!

      jack the wahhhhhhhhh!!!! scream ITS MARIOS SCREAM

    34. Parker Essential

      The flowery lace regularly tame because edward partially crack apud a clammy art. wholesale, icky disease

    35. Mjcontent1958

      14:33 LOLA NO!

    36. Tarren J Valour

      If I had a kid and they fell, and Sean laughed I’d honestly be laughing with him while making sure my kid was ok. 😂

    37. HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer

      6:14 i told my friend this and she hit her head on the wall

    38. HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer

      I'm literally eating vanilla ice cream with orange fanta while watching this

    39. Lucas Thayer

      Damnit jack, you actually got me with the paused youtube bit

    40. sher kuhtoo

      how to comfort i crying child: they shall feel comfort in heaven

    41. Ryan pri

      The unaccountable soil positionally camp because brass aetiologically develop amidst a chilly committee. numerous, stiff barge

    42. ZOT 1000

      that lady got real defisive when he said Im WaLkIn hErE

    43. MisSylveon

      That’s the ceo of Skype being angry of Zoom cuz people like using Zoom more than Skype

    44. Zoisite

      Perfectly cut crying 😂

    45. Zoisite

      Ninety-eight People ship me with Tuxedo Mask!? AHHH

    46. Zoisite

      Me/Zoisite*gets pepper sprayed*AHHHHHHHHHH

    47. DireSharks

      0:49 jack.exe has stopped working

    48. Emmanuel Rossi

      10:56 Song: Tennis ball throw against the wall, helps me forget about my cancer. Wilbur: (surprised) NOOO-

      1. Sullivan Bono

        I choked on my water 😂

    49. Lilianae

      5:25 I see Corpse has had an influence on Jack

    50. dino Stacker

      That ohio clip was funny because I live in Ohio

    51. Retarted Nugget

      Jacksepticeye laughs at children being hurt also jacksepticeye also “that poor dog”

    52. Poppichu The Thunder Child

      How many bottle of water is that? Cause a few days ago I drank 5 water bottles in a few hours

    53. Roman Pecora

      “We’re looking at perfectly cut screams” ahh you mean low effort mc-goo!

    54. Punny Guy


    55. Garrett Lauer

      i was dying on the nestle crunch around 4:54

    56. Jill Hendricks

      Im sorry but that wasnt a pie-

    57. Isabella Moonen

      You scared me when you where being the lady at the desk 😭

    58. TheBeastedPug

      R.I.P headphone users.

    59. GloryGreatest


    60. Ragnar Blackmane

      um... is steve-o still alive? seriously, that guy has no impulse control and absolutely no self-preservation instinct.

    61. The Witcher

      Scaring my girlfriend,definitely Skyrim logic

    62. Australian

      When you accidentally hurt your dog The guy is Australian

    63. MTGamer

      “PIGEOOOOONNN >:DDD nnnooOOOOOOOOO-” should be on this sub Reddit-

    64. Ricardo Bragança

      jack you gave up on english switch to portuguese 12 forms of a verb have fun. Não é vai ser facíl

    65. Oscar "The Divine Spear"

      16:47 Me at E3 when Ghirahim from Skyward Sword is announced for Smash. :)

    66. Traiten Otter

      11:30 silent takedown

    67. i have lost A L L C O N T R O L

      huskies: we are the best screamers pugs: hold my nail clipper

    68. Joseph Bassett


    69. Bonito

      3:24 AAAAAAAA

    70. Buzzkill

      The Karen strikes again

    71. Mohammed Nazeem

      Have you changed from being kid friendly or are you trying to be kid friendly

    72. BeatsByNav

      Damn those pits XD

    73. Sports_network

      Poor Lola

    74. Rajat Venugopal

      2:48 Who did dat?

    75. SoniVids

      Omfg my internet is so bad and it buffered right at 6:59 and I thought it was him trying to trick me because he just talked about that trick

    76. sheriff woody

      Eat fbfjdhdҫаарвпсис jrfbd ро الا بتبوبةبتةببةةبةبةبةوبوبةبوبمبببببر

    77. russell jarvis

      3:50 おはよう morning

    78. Pikachu Fan

      12:42 directed by Michael bay

    79. Rylee Crawford


    80. Flame_yt

      What kind of headset do you use

    81. YEET

      Jack Rick is in Fortnite

    82. D

      Jacksepticeye: the hittening

    83. TheDO0M_Slayer

      11:29 that went from 0 to 11 real quickly

    84. cia

      I remember when I was in school my teacher gave my class a link to click on and it sent us to Tumblr Thank God it was blocked 3:04

    85. The Big Red 21

      Nice sweaty pits my man

    86. HDK-gamer

      I use mobile so that prank doesn’t work

    87. •Skye's Tails•

      Ok I was supposed to be watching My Hero Academia so I could continue my book but this is more important

    88. Charles DeCamella

      Honestly Sean. You looked good at 12:30.

    89. PP Muncher Films

      12:43 sounds like Henry Rollins standup

    90. Gavin R

      he's the ceo of skpe

    91. Colin Tighe

      OMG 😱 what why did he do that but a child in a frenec

    92. Anthony Jabaroni


    93. Mega

      ''im european, i don't what biscuits is'' yeah the next one was proof ksi is smart, can we get one of thos for jack too?

    94. Gootz

      thumbnail comes from 6:14

    95. Foxyish

      Wiblur Scoot

    96. Tøxïç - Såñ

      Skip to the end of the video and then rewind it all asfter it ends. The ads are no more. 😌

    97. Rowan Headford

      Reddit is amazing😎 and perfectly cut screams are hilarious 😄

    98. End Slayer

      The fake pause happened as I bumped my headphones on the wall i flinched then went waaaaaaait that i waited for like a mintiue

    99. JFG Cyclone

      300 likes in this comment to make jack play osu

    100. yeee_51

      no one: Connor from Assassins Creed: 11:29