Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan Sing Their Dream Theme Songs and Roast Tom Holland


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    and answer IMDb fans' most burning questions. Discover their favorite behind the scenes moments from , and find out how Anthony Mackie almost snuck into Prince's house in the trunk of Sanaa Lathan's car. Find out what superpower Anthony Mackie wishes he could use on a date, and what song Sebastian Stan would choose as Sam and Bucky's theme song.

    "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" is a new mini-series from Disney Plus that picks up right where 'Avengers: Endgame' left off and follows Sam Wilson/Falcon and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier as they team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities - and their patience.

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    1. Pramiti Aswal

      0:24 Where is that scene from?!


      Poor Tom

    3. Adkins Selina

      The false familiar famous pail partially hop because sweatshop phytogeographically time near a opposite grade. furry furtive, spiky sharon

    4. Bianca

      This has to be one of their best interviews yet

    5. Bianca

      0:41 - I don't know if it was the phrase or the way Sebastian said it but I was like * looking at a random place pretending I'm looking at a camera like the office *

    6. Bianca

      I keep coming back here just to see them singing and laughing I love these dudes

    7. Anna Clara

      i love how sebastian always has songs ready to play in his spotify

    8. summerxvibes

      this title is all i need in my life.

    9. Wanda Ivanova

      They Must Enjoy Doing This

    10. Athena_Games

      My problem: I don't know if i like Tom or Seb more

    11. Sayani Chatterjee

      This is sooo fucking wholesome♥️♥️

    12. vas happening?

      Not my husbands roasting my husband again 😫💀

    13. Elisabeth Kiefer

      When the song hello is it me your looking for came I had to think of Sebastian Stan singing drunk in quarantine

    14. Pam Perez

      “Wyatt lives in a constant state of confusion” ok MOOD

    15. Elle

      I think Regulate x Warren G ft Nate Dogg would be a good Sam & Bucky song.

    16. Marjorie

      “Institution of torture” 💀

    17. Rozy Berger


    18. Rozy Berger


    19. Rozy Berger

      so cute

    20. Rozy Berger

      so cute lol

    21. Anna Lowell

      Did Anthony says "BUCKO"??? Bro I'm ded 💀

    22. Smackin Scamerica

      4:41 your welcome

    23. Alexis Lefevre

      hahaha this is sooooo good

    24. Molly McIntosh

      1:34 Of all the Lionel Richie songs … this feels intentional

    25. Karupé Martínez

      0:52 poor Seb here is talking from experience lmao

    26. Kyuu Kirigaya

      seb: "im not going on a date with you that's for sure" us: u sure bout that man? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    27. forever beauty

      they need to have their own youtube channel or talk show

    28. Christine Marinaccio

      Love these guys!

    29. First Impressions

      Marvel is giving us soo much content this year... Thank you marvel

    30. umu hani

      “Anthony, they are not even paying you for these headlines” 🤣🤣🤣

    31. Romina V

      5:09 My Answer: I’ve been checking you out!😉 Hello... Is it me you’re looking for 👀

      1. Dani Vilchis

        @Romina V your comment should have more likes 👍🏼

      2. Romina V

        @Dani Vilchis I know right ❣️

      3. Dani Vilchis

        Me too ! 😍

    32. sly-avenging fangirl

      I am DEAD over Anthony sneaking into Prince's party, Wyatt being a lovable confused dork and the kind reminder of Anthony being so desperate to take off Sebastian's shirt :)

    33. simpleplanfan011

      “Tom is an institution of torture” LMAOOO I love this ridiculous feud so much 😂

    34. MeliSiliezar

      4:30 SAME XD

    35. MeliSiliezar

      4:00 💖✨

    36. thinkerbel

      Sebastians smile is brighter than the sun ☀️

    37. Nightmeow on Elm Street


    38. Uilliam Unknown

      I hope these two do more projects together outside of Marvel.

    39. Tuana Güngördü

      seb is so handsome wtf

    40. _becky _ym

      I relate to wyatt cuz I am also in constant confusion


        when i see any sort of nudity i become confused.

    41. Essie Nelson

      When they start singing! ❤️🥺 Yes, please! Sing more! I hope someday they do karaoke and film it so we can all see!

    42. Lyssa Sk

      This was awesome. I LOVE THEM. Thank you for this!

    43. sofia pineda

      pls sebastian said; "wow.. really goin' for the gold.." bye-

    44. Alejandra Ponce Martorell

      seb-"you are really going for the gold" me.- has an episode of post traumatic stress of that movie bronze JAKSJCNWVCSGCVLASDBCIKGDS

    45. Hritik Kumar

      Sebastian's look has changed a lot in last 3 years

    46. Hritik Kumar

      How cute seb is when anthony says he's so nice

    47. Paula Roth

      1:00 Sebastian is so touched, it's so cute

    48. A A L I Y A H R O S E

      "Roast Tom Holland" wasnt even a question it was a command lol and the guys as per usual served some quality roasts

    49. Supernatural edit

      Sebastian stan aaaaaaahhh

    50. navya bohra

      Sebastian is that kind of wingman that accidently while praising Anthony would make the girl fall for him with his charms.

    51. Nathalia Silva


    52. Anna Lorena Hernández

      awww them talking about wyatt 🥺🥺🥺

    53. Azariah Gunn

      THEY BRING ME JOY!! 😊😇

    54. pamala kamani

      The deeply epoxy immunohistologically fancy because yak rhetorically hate a a honorable clam. grumpy, bustling warm

    55. Jimena Castelli

      I just can't stop watching their interviews. I love their chemistry😍

    56. AnGaSoo

      Press Tour de Sebastian y Anthony que se respete...debe tener lo siguiente: 1. Los "y'know" de Seb 2. Anthony hablando de los ojos de Seb. 3. Anthony hablando del sofá de Seb. 4. "Tom Holland is an problem" 5. La sonrisa de Seb 6. Anthony alabando el rostro de dios griego de Seb.

    57. Renee George

      I want to see Anthony, Sebastian and Tom Holland in a movie together outside of Marvel where Anthony and Sebastian''s characters kidnap Tom and take him on a wild trip to Vegas Hangover style lol

      1. Nerdish Owl

        "That kid's a problem"

    58. Marian IX

      Honestly I could watch 6 episodes of them just chatting and having a laugh! ☺️☺️☺️

    59. Whitewizard Mil98

      Seb is so beautiful in this.... Damn...

    60. Spicynoodle69

      ‘Really going for the gold’ *flashbacks to THAT scene from the Bronze*

      1. Lara Andreytseva

        "gimme that gold" lmao

    61. Haley F

      i got a tom holland ad before this video

    62. Sam Haine

      LMAO THE FACT THAT THERE'S A "ROAST TOM HOLLAND" SECTION 🤣🤣😩🤦‍♀️🤚 these guys have made dissing Tom a Marvel cultural *staple*

    63. Rejkeekekjdek Eiekwjrjekjejrjeejrjdjdrh

      You gotta add subtitles guys, please!

    64. Ajohn0338

      Their bromance is my new religion 😍

    65. Ewan Lim

      for a moment there, I thought they were sitting on the same couch... on Sebastian's couch.

    66. Queen of Nevers

      I was epecting singing Sebastian to be sound Elton John-ish

    67. Larisa Sava

      I'm dying inside to hear how Sebastian pronounced his wtf..he is romanian..he should pronounce his name like one..clear and beautiful

    68. Nirvana E

      Anthony’s love for Lionel makes me so happy

    69. Mark Hanna

      The typical passive habitually fire because camel decisively hate inside a friendly poet. erratic, mattock

    70. SuperSaiyan3985


    71. Matthew Murray

      Anthony Mackie: Went to Engineering School, Went to Julliard, Professional Actor now and well paid Ngl, it seems like Marvel is only hiring actual exceptional people for roles, like how a bunch of marvel characters have high IQs, it's like that but real life

    72. bndjsoqnqabaj bd

      I'm way too obsessed with the way sebastian says his name

    73. Lima Bean

      3:53 idk but the way sebastian laughed and looked at the camera had me feeling all sorts of ways 🥴😍

    74. Julie Harden

      Now I just want a TV show with Anthony, Seb, and Wyatt as roommates. Hilarity ensues...


      Anthony really pulled a New Girl with that Prince Party story

    76. Dean laden

      Sebastian really sounds like Michael J Fox. Very similar voices

    77. alaikee eee

      Anthony calling Seb BUCKO is what I'm living for😌

    78. Lillian Gao

      Anthony “I have a picture of Lionel Richie pointing at me” Mackie

    79. Lillian Gao

      Anthony “Yo I went to Vegas” Mackie

    80. Amy Boyd

      Tom holland watching this😂

    81. Luna Benoist

      well i found out that i relate to Sebastian Stan a lot 😂😂😂 he is the only celebrity i found myself relating to and i'm not mad about it 😋

    82. Riley Wagoner

      Hello.............. Is it me your looking for

    83. sonablom

      Excellent use of clips here

    84. Annie M.

      Sebastian mentioning David Bowie? This man has to be the love of my life, I cannot find any other explanation

    85. Drrck11

      I could hangout with these guys all day.

    86. Xanne Smit

      Some people think that they really hate tom but they dont haha its a relaly big long joke 😂


        i imagine them getting tom drunk and naked and doing things--to him. specific things. interesting things. with plenty of pictures taken and video.

    87. Xxunknown anime lover Xxunknown anime lover

      its funny how the movie cherry came u as an add during this for me lol

    88. Melody Wight

      If only this interview was longer 😞

    89. b a s s i c

      If y'all want a longer life then watch this

    90. KG

      "when NY was dope" im dying

    91. annie

      an iconic friendship

    92. mariana escobar

      they’re the thread keeping me from falling apart lmao

    93. mariana escobar

      their friendship is my religion

    94. Cristina Coltro


    95. rosatic

      gosh i just love these two A LOT, like fr, best friendship ever

    96. rosatic

      “and roast tom holland” well that’s not new 😂😂😂

    97. Hannah Hanks

      I live for this

    98. Miru Enthusiast

      Seb looks like he's straight up from Grease

    99. Michaella Braid

      I've missed the Tom Holland roasts

    100. GRACEedits

      4:11 - 4:23 I’ve never smiled HARDER in my LIFE