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    The Nine-Nine is not a stranger to some good old sass! See some of our favourite moments here!
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    This is the official channel for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Follow us to find the most iconic moments and the funniest clips of Detective Peralta and his colleagues at the 99th Precinct of New York City's Police Department.
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    1. Nicholas Akinola-Ajayi

      She the Queen

    2. Ayşenaz Kahveci

      the quarantine joke aged weeeeeeeeeelll

    3. AriRose

      That finger snap though

    4. Kyle Tristan Tanpoco

      Missed opportunity to say "Sass Squad"

    5. Daniel Mason

      The entire comments section is just quotes from the video you have just watched. To experience all of the comments in their best form: Watch the video again.

    6. Yuvraj Hanspal

      That "YAS QUEEN" just gets me everytime 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Felicia Advincula

      Alternative title: Holt being sassy

    8. Abbas Khan

      "I mean, I solved a lot of cases for you." "And yet crime has continued" Funny as heck.

    9. Angel Lachelle

      Yas Queen

    10. Piyush_D

      that laugh at 0:32

    11. arani sen

      Guess Oscar's political aspirations came to a crashing halt. Just never figured his fallback would be medical school.

    12. Anirudhya Jha

      That "Yas Queen" gets me everytime 😂😂😂😂

    13. The Marauders

      0:23 Oscar loved going to web md so much that he became a doctor.

    14. Jude Slater

      Anyone: *has goop in their eyes* Holt: *Death it is*

    15. Sonia Salma

      💅Yas queen💕 -Raymond holt

    16. Drey Galon

      I cannot Even

    17. Armand Azhari

      And yet crime has continued

    18. Armand Azhari

      Very muslim lol

    19. A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions

      1:37 Rosa was low-key attracted to Charles for a second there

    20. avery’s channel

      *Sassy Moments* basically almost everything Gina says

    21. KiwiHour

      Ngl the way that lady said "Very Muslim" sounded exactly like Trump

    22. Ananya Gandhi

      Heyyy it's Oscar from the office .....

    23. pearl

      The yas queen and the snap is THE most powerful thing ever

    24. Yasmin Oliveira

      The truth is everytime I look at it I wanna die and take you with me

    25. Romo556 Al

      1:49 what episode?

    26. Gedi Rojas

      That's why I don't have a fave character, because I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! ❤ ALL OF THEM!

    27. Lizzie

      rosa making fun of gina for being melodramatic is very funny

    28. Bartosz Dulas

      Sassy Holt is the greatest thing ever. My boss is gay and I always wanted him to resemble Holt in at least 1%, well he's more Wunch than Holt.

    29. Kim Alejandrino

      "I mean.. I've solved a lot of cases" "Then yet crime has continued"

    30. Ria Koshy

      i cannot. even.

    31. Rene Roo

      Ya bish!!😂😂

    32. Minnila Nalluri

      "Yass Queen" *snaps* This line is so iconic

    33. Akshat

      Will miss you B99

    34. mcfcguvnors

      Gutted there will be no more :(

    35. Filippos Koutsodimitropoulos

      I love how over half of these are Holt

    36. S4RCASM ._.

      Terry: “Cagney can right a lower case L” Rosa: “that’s just a line right?” 😂😂😂

    37. kamma

      when will season 7 be out in denmark?

      1. Fattipotato79

        Just use vpn

    38. AM NC

      You forgot the, "But left the BS in?"

    39. Sriram Vemuri

      I don't know why but Holt's bubble pops feel so painful. _Thats the right amount of drama for someone that had their bubble, burst._

    40. J at Large

      You can imagine Big G saying "I saved your asses against the Mutos in the last movie, and this is how you thank me? Bastards!"

    41. ABC 123

      Can I have one of those... Gay card please.🥺

    42. TheRottenLemon

      Holt: I know everyone is mad at Peralta for ruining their weekend Holt: *silence* Peralta: But? Holt: That was it. I was just demonstrating for Detective Peralta what a fact is.

      1. The Cosmic Dance

        I felt that burn, man

    43. Akshay Nair

      I don't know why Santiago and is very angry about the balloon arch.. I think it's magestic

    44. Francesca Hello

      I can't believe I was briefly attracted to Boyle.... That didn't end well

      1. Fin


    45. Ali HN

      "I've never been more proud of you about anything in your life" "I mean... I solved a lot of cases for you..." "And yet crime has continued..."

    46. Toni Read

      "There is something I need to show you Captain" 'Terry' 'Crushed' 'It' :0 "It Works! I've never been more proud of you for anything in your life!"

    47. That Guy

      Sassy boyle is the real deal🔥🔥

    48. Isabella Osborn

      “I got eye rolled to, not about!” There is no one sweeter than Sculley

    49. Harmann Multani

      "But not immune to COVID-19"

    50. Mitul Varshney

      Whenever I see the "Yas queen" scene I repeat it every time

    51. Marc Knotts

      3:18 is *chefs kisses*

    52. Arly Thatcher

      Amy is the first to get the vaccine im sure

    53. Kirishima_eijiro

      i love sassy boyle

    54. pranav

      "Good luck following this party *YA BISHH!!* "

    55. Capt. Smeralda

      I was just demonstrating for Detective Peralta what a fact is

    56. Ryhaan G

      I finally understood the meaning of sassy 💁‍♂️

    57. Stefanie Carina

      I know everyone's mad at Peralta for ruining their weekend----.

      1. Shadow Squid

        “But?” “There is no but. I was just demonstrating to Detective Peralta what a fact is.

    58. Dale Joe

      Nobody: My auto captions for Peralta:Pearl Tub😂

    59. Bhavya Singh

      Need a compilation of all holt and wunch convos

    60. Mascha.nitzling

      I had a bad day, but this helped..

    61. Judy SA

      Yas Queen

    62. Rhys Sanders

      "Your'e more the motorcycle type, I've seen you use a toothpick in public."

    63. Someone you know

      0:21 Is that Oscar?????? Omggg Lol we have Darryl too at 6:41

    64. Majesty Ninja

      2:21 when u remind the teacher of homework

    65. Benjamin Gibson

      Holt saying ‘Yass queen’ is makes my life.

    66. Sirius Black

      1:37 rosa is so coollllllll

    67. JeoMai Duldulao

      0:19, whats ragidusio?

    68. Damon S

      Yas queen 😂😂😂😂😂 best line ever

    69. firalogy _

      "I cannot even" 😂😂

    70. Radhika Gupta

      *"I just forget stuff like a cool person"* -Rosa Diaz My life motto.

    71. Arya Patil

      0:20 Oscar Martinez ( The office) 0:58 Danny’s mother ( Mindy project) 6:03 Devi’s therapist ( never have I ever) 6:44 Darryl ( The office )

    72. Veronica Wexel

      This is still the crispest snap to have ever been snapped.

    73. Buddhila Rameth

      I really miss these guys 😪

    74. Sara Ismail

      I love them so much 😍

    75. Argan Oil

      i MiSS gina!!!! why she gone??

    76. patricia

      Is Amy Immune to Covid?

    77. Arbab Ansari

      Whoever's reading this, you have goop in your eye

      1. Gabriela Molina

        You were right

    78. Emilee DeBoice

      I love Brooklyn 99 it’s my favourite show I’m on season 6 episode 18

    79. Sindhu

      0:20 Why didn't Oscar start with Actually?

      1. bitchxx


    80. Renec 81

      Captain Holt? More like Captain Sass

    81. Aastha Gupta

      Can we have a dumb dumb complication please?

    82. Vaishali Wasnik

      Is that not the most insane thing you have ever heard.. I mean can you even Raymond I cannot .. even😂

    83. Carcajou

      At 2:05 it was that girl that every elementary school has

    84. Anuj Pethe

      New font eh ..........the santiagos are immersed

    85. Eve M

      Hey guys thank you for producing Brooklyn 99 i love the show ❤️

    86. Bhavya Fadia

      I just realized the doctor during the mumps episode is Oscar from The Office

      1. Oliver

        THAT‘S were I recognized him from!

    87. Heidi Sm

      0:31. Jakes laugh when Holt says ' but you are not immune to Braggadacio' . 😂😂

      1. Samuel Lalla

        i’m surprised jake knows what that means 😂

    88. Leeam

      Yas Queen Snap

    89. Clare

      Holt really said 👁️👄👁️ at 5:12

    90. Sweta Das

      Yeah!! You just went back and ruined what you said. 😂😂

    91. Manchester United Football Compilations

      How do ppl dislike this stuff. I haven’t pressed the dislike button in 8 years

      1. liam hackston

        Thanks for not disliking b99. For that, you'll never walk alone.

      2. Fattipotato79

        @Manchester United Football Compilations nice

      3. Manchester United Football Compilations

        @Fattipotato79 I had different accounts when I was a kid

      4. Fattipotato79

        Your account is 5 years old

      5. Samraddh Garg

        Unless it is IRflow Rewind 😂

    92. Srishti Singh

      Yaaaaaaas Queen!

    93. Avni Chadha

      I just realized the doctor at 0:30 is Oscar. How did I miss that?

    94. Avni Chadha

      I just realized the doctor at 0:30 is Oscar. How did I miss that?

    95. Priti Jana

      2:25 always cracks me up😂😂

    96. A spark can start a flame

      Sassy moments.. you mean the whole show

    97. ram talla

      yaas queen is really one hell of a finisher lol

    98. Tulasi A Aiyar

      YAS QUEEN ✨

    99. E

      The video title: sassy moments what should it be called: holt just being an sassy icon

    100. Devnath

      "Why are you so obsessed with these things, its like your stupid babies again" "My babies aren't stupid, Cagny can write a lowercase L" "Its just a line isn't it"