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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)



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    1. Виктор Суханов

      0:48 woof

    2. Ishmam huda Isty

      17/06/2021 This video has 1M Likes

    3. Eugene

      This game predicted ww3

    4. John Michael

      What happened to BAD COMPANY? Ive been waiting.

    5. Peter Hübler

      Too many human victims!

    6. RiiZe

      3:06 the amount of goosebumps when the jet goes straight up and the song goes FREEEDOOMMMMMMMMMMMM

    7. Gabriel Avalos

      La canción es "kickstart my heart" from motley crue

    8. LWS niCKey

      If it has a story mode i would buy it

    9. iClavel3

      This is a virtual representation of “I’m going to do what’s called, a pro gamer move.”

    10. A Garcia A Garcia

      cinematics are one thing, game play another.


      I have hope. Don't crush it DICE. I cant handle it.

    12. jobking thegod

      Se ve bacan el trailer

    13. MLG bread QC

      I want the game

    14. Fidel Arcilla

      Pov when Mr beast hosts a 1 million dollar war and there's 5000 players competing for the million dollar

    15. Divecut

      1:46 Penguins there like "smile and wave boys.. Smile and wave"

    16. OwOtakuOwO

      2:51 *Squeak Noise*

    17. INCOGNITO Mode

      Please include this in the next trailer: Tank peekaboo, Whiplash and wood log missile.

    18. Victor Almeida

      1:12 isn't it better if the SG goes first?

    19. RbitR

      At the end of the video he really did just dip and leave the boys back there

    20. Victor Almeida

      And then everything changed when the Air Nomads attacked.

    21. Muhammad Khan

      What a dumb trailer.

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        Then don't play it if you complain toxic.

    22. fox cm cloud

      guerra estupida sin historia y sin sentido. los juegos de battlefield eran muy realistas y EXTRAORDINARIOS. esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza y de verdad que la escena de jet es la mas estupida de todas. esta bien que se pueda hacer en el juego y es bastante divertido de lograr pero cuando lo pones en un trailer oficial le quitas seriedad a lo que quieres presentar y pasa a hacer un chiste o una burla. lo siento pero no me gusto. queria algo mas realista como siempre lo he tenido del battlefield no esta matazon ridicula y sin sentido

    23. Sgt. Buck

      0:45 Good doggo

    24. Zisaan Malik

      Lmfao nice the song Vince Neil can't sing anymore

    25. Efrin Aguilar

      En el aire weon!

    26. Daily Vlogs With Alex

      This trailer is sick! Can't wait for it to come out.

    27. Andrew Powers

      What’s the name of the song that you hear in the background

    28. Gian D

      The jet kill scene proves that the Battlefield creators cares about the fans

    29. Gian D

      It's back battle field is back

    30. João Marcelo

      Sem palavras p esse trailer

    31. Jp


    32. xJM1993

      Anyone noticed that at the beggining everyone jumping don't have a parachute except the main character?

    33. xblindfolded

      Game literally looks horrible.

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        Then don't play it if you complain toxic.

    34. Slim Rhyno

      I'm in. I am in.

    35. Hedgehog


    36. Centurion

      Now that I see a tornado, I want this game

    37. Max Caulfield

      crossplay battlefield 2042 plis

    38. John Doe

      It's a shame it's only half a game. I guess I'll catch it when it's on sale. Charging $70 for a 7 map multiplayer only game with no campaign shows EA is laughable.

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        Most f2p games has a lot of hackers while pay to play games may be impossible to cheat just like the old battlefield.

    39. Tao’Tao’Mona 75_6

      Yes the soldiers look like soldiers!

    40. Mr Tortoise

      Kinda sad it’s not getting a campaign

    41. Everybody Loves Scout

      Actual game play would be nice tho

      1. Boltpoke

        Bro. Gameplay trailer is out.

    42. Lookmander

      the best answer to know what's the reason of the war is simple. Over-population

    43. Ian

      1:01 I suppose everyone went to the Prometheus School of Running away from things

    44. Omg I am so triggered but


    45. Kakashi Hatake

      This looks good but remember fellas it’s an EA game, you know how those tend to be.

    46. Son Goku

      Titanfall 3 looks pog

    47. Hamradio

      You can't raise my expectation with trailers unless it's like the upcoming battlefield 3 and 4. Sorry.. My expectations were very high at 5, but when I played, I saw how mediocre it was. please surprise me this time!

    48. هو تاو

      The true battlefield, chaotic, huge and natural disasters

    49. Joseph J Arbolaez

      Hope the cameraman got a good pay for getting all these captures, he must've traveled all around the world!

    50. 𝙽𝙾 𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙴

      Как будто фильм посмотрел

    51. Nancy Cabrera

      Alto homenaje en el minuto 3:00

    52. OG GAMING

      Last time I upgraded my PC was for BF4 now its time to upgrade it again for BF2042. WELL DONE DICE

    53. Hien Hoang

      Let's conclude that this is better than Cyberpunk 2077.

    54. Main

      cut scenes do nothing for me.. game play is all any one really wants to see

    55. psychodany

      02:54 spec ops the line??

    56. yes lad


    57. hyper neon

      This is sick

    58. KRUSHER

      pretty good you stil here?

    59. XBOX RULES

      Pay $10 more than the PC version for Series X for a game that cut the campaign out, why? Why would I pay $10 more, better yet why would I pay even the old full price when you cut the campaign? Good thing XBOX has a tonne of other stuff to play, I'll play thins when it hits gamepass.

    60. Dor Dar


    61. Dor Dar

      Ja pierdolę!

    62. DoughBoy Jimmy

      3:58 there is a mexican flag on his helmet

    63. Neysu

      3:11 someone did this in Battlefield 3 or Bad Company and now we got almost the same thing in trailer :D

    64. Deadsnake989

      3:18 Stun_Gravy's patented RendeZook

    65. Angelo Montoya

      I’ve watched this trailer over 10 times

    66. Andreas Zielonka


    67. Darth Armos

      Dice: Welcome to Battlefield. Players: We are finally back at home.

    68. Sarim

      Just watched it for the 20th time, but now hooked up to my car audio, this is really epic

    69. Zotek

      Well I gotta say, the trailer looks nice.

    70. PUMBA_YouTube

      I need me that game

    71. C Claytor

      Atvs on the roof?

    72. Oberst Rabbit

      Ich glaube ich bin verliebt

    73. MAXAND521

      Like los que notaron la referencia de zonkman y rendezook

    74. Crumbs on toast

      I know this is extremely unlikely but I hope there’s an Easter egg where you can go to space in the rocket

    75. Thiago Felipp

      if you don't have battle royale, they'll shoot you in the foot

      1. Jeevan Sahagun

        NOC about br though, they care for fun not competition.

    76. FROSLEX

      Stun Gravy must be proud

    77. Cruellas09

      The king is baaack!!!👀🥰

    78. NovaLand

      I feel all of this is old news and been tried already. I've bought every battlefield ever released, and will most likely buy this one also. But I don't feel this game will give me any satisfaction unless it will come with something new. :(

    79. cr4yv3n

      This is a joke right??

    80. SumoShark798

      Why can't I watch this?

    81. Carlos Enriquez


    82. z

      BF2 Nostalgia Buzz, didn't show all of the stunts we used to pull on it... but we can instruct people on that :D

    83. Thomas Jones

      It has gun dog am buying 100%

    84. TYLO

      too bad the music doesnt fit battlefield spirit at all

      1. TFromThaSix

        I think it's good, BF3 still holds up as the best though imo

      2. Angelo

        Bruh this music is perfect 11/10

    85. Mike H

      I rarely like videos. But you developers earn it, deep respect to you!

    86. Cine Jhon

      1:31 I screamed in that moment! In my mind that was exactly how I imagined those moments!!! EA SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    87. say my name

      Трейлер:ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ Геймплей:ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    88. Vitalick

      EA may be incompetent at keeping their games free from boytoys, but they make the most amazing game trailers, ever. I always get hyped to watch them, not because of the game but the actual art quality.

    89. MKD KPOP

      like bf4 this same thing but add same weapon

    90. Kotaro kun

      Nice movie. They should make a game on it

    91. AMStorm

      I park my quad on roof too next to my bike

    92. نواف او مجرم الزهراني

      المقطع ما يشتغل عندي ليه

    93. Awesome Awesome

      Cheaters know what to do

    94. notbrucewayne 5

      The guy with the wingsuit in the tornado I think I found Rico Rodriguez

    95. Captain Sponge

      looks better than what i've expected, not gonna lie

    96. Devin Moran

      There better be a sharknado easteregg in this game...

    97. FishingWithFabe

      *guy jumping out of the jet with a launcher*.... it really be like that LOL

    98. Dimitri


    99. JEZUZ SM 831

      Christopher Nolan should make a movie about this