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Stranger Things

Stranger Things

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    1. maryam faisal

      Guys, look at the description box for this video Look, it says there are two numbers that look like number of eleven We all know her number is.011 So there are two other numbers in the description. 002 004

    2. nadine naicker


    3. Venki 3vs

      When is the show releasing date

    4. Akriti

      They should bring kali as well in this season un expected entry must be there

    5. Dhaval

      is like umbrella academy thir is 47 and in Stranger Thing 11 or more so there more seasons coming

    6. Shiva Thourya


    7. Dawayne Harris

      Im so confused considering the fact from where they left off on season 3 eleven is with the byers

    8. 〖ᴀʟʟᴀɴ 〗

      Malayalis pever ✌❤

    9. Menna ᯽

      I think eleven is dreaming.. The future idk 😭😭😭

    10. djjlc

      Worst teaser ever!! No one cares about what happened in the past!!

      1. Ava Brown

        Bro are u dumb? She’s in the lab again dumbass

    11. GlenCodes

      No mouth breather is going to stop me from watching this when it comes out. Woohoo!

    12. STUDDS onLY

      11 is ❤

    13. Jacob

      theory: In the end, it says "11 are you listening " well it might be will"s mom calling her cause at season 3 will,11, and will's mom leaves.

    14. Peter

      Director: what do you want to show on this teaser ? Netflix: kids 11 Director: ok Whachmojo : 11things u missed....

    15. The Nerd King!

      This show is becoming more and more like neon genesis Evangelion *Signs point to Yes* Its Good at first, then it becomes more intriguing to watch. And then right at the end of it, its a big "WTF", "Huh", &/or "How?"

    16. Fun Unlimited

      Most waited series

    17. shira mansharov

      i'm really excited!

    18. john mclain

      When ??

    19. Ron Abellera

      another 4th of July 😊

    20. Magar FF

      Really excited movie 😊

    21. Watchbestclips

      I Want To Decode The 2nd Teaser Part By Part.. Watching At 0.25x Speed.

    22. Hey Siri

      Damn, I've been waiting

    23. Dide Beyza ÖZENÇ


    24. All you need to know

      No 1 trending

    25. Jacob

      guys remember in the HNL clip everything was wrecked as in this trailer things wasn't wrecked but there was a triangle saying "sing point to yes", that might be the child's power = whatever he thinks, the answer is in the triangle = then he might have thought that to wreck the place as shown in the HNL clip.

    26. Ebuka Orji

      I always said it...if she is Eleven, there has to be 1 to 10 and they have to show what happened to them.

    27. Ozan Ögetürk

    28. Ozan Ögetürk

    29. Ozan Ögetürk

    30. Ozan Ögetürk

    31. Ozan Ögetürk

    32. Ho Yan Hilary Tang

      Why does this look scary 👀 but yea exciteddd ❤️✨

    33. Jinke

      𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠

    34. Janey Jane


    35. Tarak Das

      নাইস টিচার

    36. Vxhplayz

      Lets go I am so hyped when they send these teasers it makes me even more hyped about the new season

    37. Ozan Ögetürk

    38. UnderFeels

      now: eleven are you listening ? 2 months later: yea

    39. Martti

      Here before ELEVEN million views!

    40. Twig Michael

      I swear if they kill of Steve

    41. Sabina Quluzada


    42. Miguel Ibarra

      You know this season is gonna be 🔥when you hear a group of kids say *”good morning papa”* to a man in a suit

    43. Mahamed Hassan

      The long wait between seasons are really killing this show lol but s1 and 2 were masterpieces so they were worth it but not s3 tho

      1. Anisul Islam

        It suppose to come this summer but bcoz of covid shooting had to stop and I agree S1 and S2 r best and this one also has same S1 vibe.

    44. Potato blink

      So excited!

    45. Anushka Phogat

      GUYS. GUYS. There's a "001/004" in the teaser showing hopper is alive and there's a "002/004" here. WE'RE GETTING TWO OTHER TRAILERS BEFORE THE SEASON FINALLY RELEASES.


      So excited 😍😍😍😍😍love you sadie sink😘

    47. kd Ilesh

      Can't wait

    48. Sukuna's markings

      im so excited omg

    49. ARottenMuffin

      OMG foreshadowing that number 7 is gonna be really important or something since the puck landed right there 0w0

      1. John Drew

    50. Revenge Vıbe

      " 002/004 " in the description, what's this ?

      1. Revenge Vıbe

        @Anisul Islam thank you ! (:

      2. Anisul Islam

        Its about trailer if u check previous teaser of ST4 their it says 001/004 and this one it's says 002/004 so I believe we will get two more teaser.

      3. John Drew

        You know white ppl

    51. PeRvi SagE

      2021 could be Fun!!!!!🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥

    52. Vineeth Ithi

      The only positive thing in these critical days

      1. John Drew

    53. Marcris Dumo


    54. vella's thought

      I think season 4 will be about eleven history with experiment. The origin of stranger things

    55. Egg Rain

      omg will the 4th season really be like that?

    56. Boszly Wekxzer

      Unevenly twerking

    57. Velxty

      yessirrre cant wait

    58. Lil.d got the Juice

      I’m bout to show this to my mom rn

    59. Ruben Schipper

      I wanna see season 4 so bad I watch all the other season more then 10 times like

      1. John Drew

    60. ferre feys

      I'm so hyped for season 4.

    61. 444 444

      Season 3 was very disappointing hopefully they pull it back.

    62. Zadina Shamoyan


    63. The Salesman

      As long as they don't do that annoying thing where they make someone gay as a personality because they don't feel like having real character development it should be good.

    64. Berlie Girlie

      Damnnn i cannot wait for 4th season oh yeh now we are old😐

    65. YourGirlCallsMeSenpai

      In the description it says “002/004” anyone know what that could mean 🤔

      1. Anisul Islam

        Its most likely about trailer if u check previous teaser in there it says 001/004 and here it's says 002/004 so I believe we will get two more teaser

    66. David TPHK


    67. KING THXG


    68. David Mendez

      Been a minute!!! Come out already

    69. Hypo

      Season 3 was so bad I didn't even watch it. Season 4 is gonna be even worse.

    70. Maxcarnarge

      Eleven is the impostor

    71. ᴠɪᴄᴛᴏʀɪᴀ

      Ugh finally🙄 I’ve been waiting for season 4 dude 😫🙏🏽

    72. Haribo Gold

      when will it exactly release on Netflix ? I’m so excited

    73. HARD SCOPE

      Congrats TRENDING NO 1 You are❤️

    74. Lyrics Dances


    75. Waveatjay

      And if it’s not it better before that cause I finna be mad

    76. Vedraj r.m

      Another cash grab. They should’ve ended the series at season 2

    77. Waveatjay

      I repeat August 11 is the release date it has to be

    78. Kane Versleijen

      I geuss this is the second teaser of the 4 look in the description it says 002/004 and yesterday there was a teaser to so that the first one and this is the second

    79. Waveatjay

      August 11

    80. Waveatjay

      August 11 is the release date


      Super duper hyped

    82. Shytie willems

      Maybe Dr. Brenner comes back😱😱

    83. Vichuvishnu vasudevan


    84. Vichuvishnu vasudevan

      I can't wait Hawkins 😍😍😍

    85. mike Buttowski

      What is the release date??

    86. Gry Karmisholt


    87. Fosterinoo


    88. Eva De Sousa Soares Soares

      Thnk u God for thiss

    89. LongSky

      Дождались🥰. Наконец официальный тизер, а не случайные слухи. Поздравляю 🌟⭐

    90. aexthetic Lifestyle

      i cant stop watching this....this is just to good.. ̄へ ̄

    91. ItsChale

      We got 2 more teaser! Read the description!

    92. Dani

      glad no one is twerking

    93. UDların gücü adına

      when the 4th season is coming?

    94. - Metallic -

      that's it? that's all we get?

      1. F.B.I Is watching you

        It's a teaser

    95. 15. BINTO

      Wo wo wo....i can't wait more.. Really excited 🔥

    96. Hari kiran Kante

      when will it release??????????

    97. Mujamil Hussain


    98. Sascha F.

      Not impressed

    99. Veronica Aledo

      Maybe in season 4 their mission is to gather all the kids that have superpowers like eleven to fight another mind flayer plus demogorgons

    100. Veronica Aledo

      What does 002/004 mean? Its in the video description