Untitled Goose Game (with Max) | 2020-09-27

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2020-
    Originally titled "Untitled goose co-op stream"
    Together with:
    Max: www.twitch.tv/maxispio
    Some audio may sound distorted or is muted entirely due to the use of copyrighted music.
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    1. Wigiboo

      Ok so vin diesel speaks slowly but if you speed up vin diesel by 0.25 why does he sound like he is speaking normal speed, and his song sounds so much better? Bruh upto

    2. bugspop 1

      Did anyone else see that it said untitled Geese Game

    3. Sarah Scrabble

      That bell speed run at the end was glorious.

    4. Synful

      I don’t know why you would want to skip any of the beautiful almost thirty minute intro, but the gameplay starts at 28:12

    5. SOLWOLF

      man, I really hope that person gets to spend quality time with Kevin. Just wrecked my heart ah I can't even enjoy watching this fuck man just 16 like come on life's really unfair

    6. emi logane

      What does "kajunk kajunk" mean and what is it's intended purpose of saying over and over again

      1. Whitney Sophia

        Max is actually saying "Hjönk", it's become somewhat of a meme surrounding this game now 😂

    7. xman40100

      Channel switch???? Does Kevin use TeamSpeak lol


      I'm tripping balls

    9. Serendipity Gate

      Wait I’m here from Dan’s archive channel and looking for the Kevin start talking at blah:blah

    10. clairedreems

      Kevin duplicating himself reminded me of the time in scribblenauts where he ended up with a lot of maxwells

    11. Angela Myott

      It's not gooseman, it's goosemen! From the hit band, Kev182.

    12. Poke-Ladd

      I just realized it said Geese game when you co-op

    13. aceofspades7987

      Ask not what you can do for your Kevins, ask what your Kevins can do for you!

    14. Advanced William

      One of the Kevins is sus

    15. Jenn

      Late to the comments - but there is a village in the Cotswalds (I believe it is Bourton-on-the-Water) that has a model of itself & the model has a model of the model a la model village inception. It costs £4 to get in to see it, and i'm not even mad about it because it was so freaking cute

      1. Jasmin Miettunen


    16. Jessie Stewart

      I'm thankful for these vids because I almost always miss these because of work. It's nice to put on before bed as well.

    17. C.A.K. Comedy

      I’m so sad I missed this stream

    18. LazyBunnyLyn

      Im here for multiple kevin

    19. tigerfire 2004


    20. Killer Bean

      34:14 He beat Dunkey in mission rake in the lake by a lot

    21. Ruby Blue

      I was watching his stream highlights video and heard him say “I did this for about 15 minutes” and came straight here...it did not disappoint, thank you!

      1. Arty-Social


      2. hedgehogsnhotdogs

        Me too!

    22. Rudrank

      "Was there two of me there?" -Kevin 07:21 And so it began...

    23. Adam Scriven

      Anyone else feel like this should be a dark souls boss 😂

    24. NotAPotatoISwear

      God I hope he does do a song every month

    25. why tho?

      kevin's laugh is adorable and infectious🥺

    26. why tho?

      jut chilling watching kevin play with his camera while holding my jim pickens figurine😂

    27. Dean M1337

      When you're watching on 3d tv and you feel like kev is gonna whack ye in the face

    28. Gavin Broderick

      One of my fav parts was Kevin playing with the filter XD still laughing XD

    29. CalD

      "Someones going to find the new stream archive channel, and realise I do this for 15 minutes" - 15 minutes well spent..

      1. Kanra *finger guns*

        @plet 3 Same, I read "someones" as "sometimes". I think the lack of an apostrophe threw me off rip

      2. plet 3

        I.... messed up reading that so much I had to reread it 3 themes more...

      3. Arty-Social

        Same here

    30. hippopajamas

      It is pronounced... hyonk.

    31. Elliott Smith

      if the multiple kevin’s don’t make it onto the new clips channel i stg, this is gold 😂😂😂

    32. Autumn Dreams

      Goose man 😂

    33. Lost_Kingdom08

      Don't talk to me or my 7 sons

      1. yahoo12345jojo

        Don't talk to me, or my son, or my son's son, or my son's son's son, or my son's son's son's son, or my son's son's son's son's son, or my son's son's son's son's son's son, or my son's son's son's son's son's son's son. And now "son" doesn't look real.

    34. Tawnya Smith

      Hey Kevin my boi

    35. Winter Nevada

      That is the most Irish "hope you're all doing well folks" I've ever heard.

    36. Ann T

      I so want the beginning of this stream to be on the highlights channel

      1. Ann T

        Haha it actually happened

      2. Tawnya Smith


    37. Ertrick36

      Imagine watching the Avenged Kevinfold segment while drunk

    38. Kaleb G.

      Kevin's openings always kill me 😂😂

      1. Tawnya Smith


    39. Jonathan Seebeck

      The smallest of the 7 Kevin’s is the true leprican Kevin

      1. LazyBunnyLyn

        @Eloise Reyes lil kev looks like :(

      2. Eloise Reyes

        It's lil kev!

    40. Potato4life11

      Untitled goose game but its lofi

    41. ZombieMiezZ

      Kevin and his co-op goose Max

    42. Mrniceguy2209


      1. SunBoxesSky


      2. Potato4life11