Media Share & Little Nightmares II | 2021-02-28

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2021-02-28
    Originally titled "MEDIASHARE! I laugh, I gift 10 subs!" and "i want to cry in the corner"
    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:16:22 - Media Share
    01:30:46 - Little Nightmares II
    03:10:11 - Soon May the Wellerman Come
    03:13:29 - The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
    03:16:27 - Outro
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    1. Deborah Cabral

      I learnt a sea shanty today! With an amazing voice singing it! Thank you

    2. Hobbit Potato

      This was honestly 3 hours well spent. I’m getting a twitch just so I can watch your streams. I’ve fought it this long but seems worth it at this point lmao

    3. Eleanor

      I remember watching this and my mum came in and asked why I kept clapping.

    4. Essie Brooks

      I just went to 1:41:58 to hear Kevin’s beautiful, serotonin-giving voice before bed.

    5. rat bastard

      kevin: they really love their TVs, don't they me watching this after finishing the game: 👁👄👁

    6. EMERALD

      you may not like it but this is the ideal male figure. he can sing and play guitar, he can game, and he shot shrek

    7. Trevor smokes

      What does sus mean?

    8. sarah

      Kevin, please get Spotify and upload a Wellerman cover. Your version was literally enchanting and I can never listen to any other version of Wellerman after hearing yours because no one compares

    9. Venom_ 10

      Mono is thanos 😳😳😳😳

    10. Sean Looze

      That lizard man clip was from Harvey Birdman attorney at law.

    11. Calico Morgan

      I've lived in the US my whole life, but I have the complete box set of father ted laying around somewhere. My parents watched it a ton when I was a kid.

    12. Liam Milburn

      51:10. What is your water bottle?! I really want 1.

    13. Olivia

      *SPOILERS BELOW* Rewatching this stream, and I find it funny that Kevin keeps making jokes about leaving Six behind when in the end she's the one that lets Mono fall.

    14. void fish

      Enjoying the amount of monster factory clips in media share, glad Kevin's cult is aslo into good-good Mcelroy goofs

    15. EriiinJackson

      I lost it at “yaaas queen” 😂😂😂

    16. CountryMusicMann

      1:42:00 Finally, a door that can fit two people!

    17. Ignotus Capillary

      "I just have a nasty feeling it's going to fall off and I'm gonna have to run from a million angry little children." - CallMeKevin

    18. James Garlick

      *flips switch shutting off lights* "Hmmm... that shoe looks like it has a quest for me..."

    19. Connor Garrett

      Game: *has very nice atmospheric music* Kevin: SOON MAY THE WELLERMAN COME

    20. Bully Maguire

      Personally I think it’s the media share that affects the views in a negative way

    21. Gigit Gadget

      there's a mod version of characters in Little Nightmares 2, it's very good mod. Kevin should play that.

    22. Sabnicgra

      Kevin has me shook with the sea shanty

    23. idk man

      1:12:20 That's Dragon's Dogma and it's amazing

    24. Emperor Zalsibuar

      So glad I was there live, I was not expecting kevin to have such a beautiful singing voice

    25. Speedy Clips

      We need Kevin’s wellerman cover on Spotify

    26. Noah Wattel

      1:05:30 I like how he just gives up and says nul instead of zero

    27. Noah Wattel

      3 wheeled cars can work. But you have to put two of them in the front.

    28. Catherine Rothschild

      I love your singing and sense of humour Kevin 💜 Also whenever you sing I can't help but clap at the end.

    29. TealFlight

      I’m so excited for your next cover!! Watching you play through this game is really enjoyable too! I scare really easily, but you keep the mood up so well that it isn’t an issue lol

    30. TealFlight

      Thank you for blessing us with a sea shanty!!!

    31. Reagan Orton

      I know everyone has said it, but Kevin’s voice is truly incredible

    32. Blu Wolfe

      i love how he calls his fanbase a cult

    33. Blu Wolfe

      1:36:00 "don't shoot the tv, it's all we got nowadays" foreshadowing

    34. Yudha Dwi Prabowo

      I want to heard kevin sing "daughter of the sea" now

    35. Call Me Kai

      1:32:29 foreshadowing? Lololol

    36. noeLshiN

      "omg its not blinking" LUL

    37. Regan H

      2:58:01. “DiD YoU LIkE mY mUsiC?!?!?!?!”

    38. Flyingkitty67

      Is the music from ES:3 Oblivion public domain somehow? I've been hearing used a lot. Including in some of Kevin's videos

    39. The un Known

      The way he says sus is so fucking funny

    40. Rolf Henning

      1:46:40 it’s like a fucked up diagon alley

      1. Rolf Henning

        The second I hit post I realised that would be knockturn alley

    41. Seelen wolke

      Youre so talented damn

    42. Maverick143

      it all ogre

    43. Madeleine Barker

      Ahh I hope he covers Sunny Afternoon soon like he said!! I don’t know why Kevin keeps picking songs with depressing undertones but they’re so good 😂 The Sea Shanty was such a great surprise too!

    44. Niamh O'SS

      I love how Kevin was like "well if we're already in copyright territory we may as well do one more" when the wellereman shanty is an old folks song that doesn't have copyright!! Kevin you need not worry!

    45. Seelen wolke

      I love your videos and humour sm aaaa

    46. Luluco Nacolo

      3:02:37 the sound kevin makes

    47. Trey Walker


    48. ilose3

      I need more Call Me Kevin Covers.

    49. coca nut

      Grrr those 20 dislikes make me rumble lol

    50. Stanton

      Where is the first half an hour he got in??

      1. Why are you like this?

        on his main channel. It was a video rather than a stream

    51. ilose3

      I didnt know he was playing this on his stream. It feels like when you realized you missed some great anime day releases but at least you can binge.

    52. Danny Majors

      Like it

    53. Netriosilver


    54. ☣PoisonousMushroom☣

      '..omg kevin, please..' the sentence i used the most while watching little nightmares xD loved it tho!

    55. Jessica Lucia

      Its been so long since I've beat a concert/pub/bar I think I could kill for a fuser stream haha

    56. Holly Neal

      More sea shanties from Kevin!

    57. eames_art_137

      In my 4 years of Kevin watching, the Wellerman song with the Little Nightmare's door-boat right might be one of the most magical and majestic moments ever to exist.

    58. Terrence Brown

      The 17 thumbs down will be hunted down ans shot by orders of jim pickins

    59. Netriosilver


    60. TeamAllGamers 6969

      Adults: Thanos wasn't wrong. He had the power of a God and could do anything, so he limits himself to killing off half the universe instead of making more useful resources. He chose right.. or something. Kids: But he killed Spiderman. 👁👄👁

    61. TheRadiantDehd

      46:01 WHY ARE THEY GRILLING MY KIND?! We’re sorry! We know polygamy is bad! We don’t do that shit anymore!

    62. Can’t think Of a name

      If there was ever a question of how sexy Kevin is... just watch the sea shanty again

    63. EdwardHeroes

      yeah this game is amazing, just like you Kev

      1. EdwardHeroes

        And more songs :)

    64. kkrenkk no


    65. LadyAcid

      If Kevin sings, I always drop a like. I mean I usually do anyway, but especially if he sings. You did the shanty well!

    66. Sebastian Fletcher

      JAJAJAJA oh god the realization of the stretchy neck at @2:08:27 was so on point I think he smiled because he realized he acted so natural at it

    67. Suicidal Studios

      Kevin should make an album

    68. DigitalRoleplay

      That teacher bought back some traumatic school memories for my mum. I heard there's a 'Little Nightmares' television series in the works, fingers crossed it doesn't get cancelled and that it's made with stop motion. Will you ever lay the first 'Little Nightmares'?

    69. lisa109

      please please continue this game on stream! I understand if you don’t wanna make another video since the one you made didn’t do as well as others, but it was so much fun to watch!!

    70. Sam T. WP

      Will this be edited and posted on the main channel? It's really hard to watch full 3 hrs considering the schedule that I and many have

    71. Rvan B

      absolutely amazing singing!!!

    72. C RG

      since i never catch kevins streams, i just had the realisation that Asmer the penguin is called "asmr"

    73. Silver Striding

      Pleeeease keep playing Little Nightmares 2!

    74. Ferrel Agrios

      Even though Little Nightmares is a creepy game I find it quite adorable as well

      1. Battle Land

        Its generally really wholesome and charming for a horror game. I absolutely love it

    75. Amy Gemmell

      Pls more little nightmares!!

    76. Brandon Oster

      Going from Sea Shanty to Summertime made my ears have to do a full reset of Kevin's voice, jesus christ (praise be the griefer)

    77. Jack Zicrosky

      Kevin watching a murderer (six) put on her signature disguise (a raincoat): "oh that's nice" meanwhile the first time i saw that, I was trying to warn Mono to get the fuck outta there and away from her lmao

      1. Battle Land

        @Jack Zicrosky From my understanding of the lore of a game with no dialogue, thus nothing is set in stone, she killed the gnome because she needed more power than the sausage would provide. Its still Fubar she did especially after playing the DLCs for the firstt game.

      2. Jack Zicrosky

        @Battle Land nah this is the same girl who (spoilers from the first game) killed a nome in cold blood for no reason, so I kinda expected her to do something to Mono...

      3. Battle Land

        Funny when I first saw it I thought it was adorable to. I didn't have the context that its a prequel so I thought she'd eventually use powers at some point to save us or kill the main bad guy.

    78. Riswan Haryo Yudhianto

      I just realize that instead putting sub goals like other streamers, he puts follower goals. Feels more like a cult 😂

    79. Moondoria

      2:40:39. Teacher: And I’ll draw something even you can understand! ‘Draws a circle’ Teacher: That’s a door! Use it! Kevin: That’s a door? Only a Simpsons fan can understand this.

    80. DE SO

      It's my 3rd time watching this. Mostly because of 1:42:51

    81. Ps1 Hagrid

      50:30 Ayyyye Ramaphosa🙏

    82. John Doe

      1:43:00 Absolutely exquisite.

    83. Scree

      Sea shanty stream when

    84. Charlie Patterson

      1:18:40 oh my god... it's my chemical romance

    85. DoGGaDo

      Should really play Sea Of Thieves and just sing sea shanties.

    86. katy.books etc

      The singing always puts a smile on my face 😊

    87. Marissa Brusuelas

      not this hospital part its more frustrating and scarier

    88. Essie Brooks

      I enjoyed your music so much!

    89. Candy Can

      3:01:39 Normal people: Omg it's like in the movie "It" Real gamers: Oh no, the Origami killer...

    90. Mnoelis

      I got stuck in the school kitchen too

    91. Una Úlfrdottir

      I love Little Nightmares so much!! Please please play more!

    92. Swedish Weeb

      i actually didnt sleep

    93. Dr Dingo

      Wellerman cover was amazing but am I the only longest johns fan whos getting annoyed that no one is noticing ANY of their other songs. Like Ive loved the longest johns for years and I'm so happy more people are hearing it but I mean theres John paul was a pirate, randy dandy o, oak and ash and thorn (amazing), santiana, ashes, fire and flame (sad but really cool), Bones in the ocean (really sad) and so many more.

    94. Ethan Howard

      Man I thought they really shouted Kevin out in a song, then I realized they was talkin bout Kevin Durant

    95. Albert Harker

      Hey Kev 🙌🏻 the game with the snake heads is Dragons Dogma, great game if you’ve never played it

    96. Kiwismoof

      I'm enjoying the Little Nightmares 2 playthrough! Would love to see more! And I live for your song covers!

    97. Jason Antares

      46:03 "grilled mormons" Me: I'm in danger!

    98. Crazy Writer

      No no no no I was in fear for the LN2 Livestream. Sorry I can't stand livestreams and for a game like this it just ruins the immersion.

      1. Ein Konto

        You know you're not obligated to watch it here. You can just watch it on another channel as a non live let's play, or without commentary.

    99. Monster Bash

      I'd love to see you play Little Nightmares 2 to the end!

    100. Acceptable76

      The media that was shared this stream was a LOT funnier than it usually is -- great work. Kevin seems tipsy?