The Sims 2 | 2020-12-24

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2020-
    Originally titled "Lockdown means celebrating Christmas in The Sims 2"
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    1. Niall Abrahams

      My cat ran up to me before you said pspspsps

    2. Amy Miller

      Merry Christmas!

    3. Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach

      The really cool thing about the sims 2 is it was technically also suppose to be the sims 3. like, most of the stuff that made the sims 3 standout was supposing be in the sims 2 base game, but there was a fire or a flood or something and they lost all of it so they had to basically remake the game from scratch. There aren't many games that are honest to god sequels in every capacity, but the Sims 2 would most certainly be it.

    4. Smile More

      1:19:48 were you drunk while playing/filming this..?

      1. Flawless Whoreless


    5. weedthenorth 84

      I have sims 2 on psp it sucks

    6. Monster Bash

      Your story of waiting a year to play the Sims 2 reminds me of the year I got the Lego airport for Christmas. I think I decided in January that I wanted it and I just stared at it in the Lego catalogue for literal hours every day until Christmas came.😅

    7. nabsky

      "When in sims 4 its either too bland or darth vader" 🤣

    8. Tragic Comedian


    9. ClumsyDog13

      How is Kevin able to play The Sims 2, I heard most people complain that they can't play it anymore?

    10. Douche McCracken

      Lol, the dog just laying in the fire, chilling.

    11. Just Me

      1:08:10 Taurus is just random (he is possibly a determined person). Lady on a pale horse refers to the book of Revelations, in which Death rides a pale horse. His favorite band is Styx by the way. Referring to the river of the ancient greek underworld. That part about partying may also refer to The mask of the red death by Edgar Allen Poe in which every nobleman dies failing to hide from death. ,,Bringing 3 friends" refers to the other horsemen of the Apocalypse. As for long walks on the beach, I don't really know. Final destination maybe?

    12. Kailah Butler

      The poor son drowning in the backyard pool. It's especially grim, since that's how his father died. :P

    13. Chris aka Schulbus

      so many people can't spend their christmals with their families... and i was forced to spend it with my family when i would rather be alone playing games or something... life is never fair

    14. Pineapple DOES go on pizza

      When I was a kid and first got Sims 2, I had to speedrun making my family. If I took too long my conputer would get too hot and shut down. Good times, good times

    15. Douglas Goldbach

      Gameplay starts at 8:18.

    16. AyyExcuseMeSir

      How much does Bausah donate to him? 😬

    17. Cynder757

      Smoking hot Default and her hot Dog

    18. Jennifer Marie

      Half way through this video, I turned the lights on my Christmas tree off 🤦‍♀️

    19. Cynder757

      My old Sims senses kicked in when he said he hadn't bought a phone yet and I gasped in disbelief

    20. Frosted Pudding

      Playing chess against a Carlsen, probably not a wise idea.

    21. Zastier

      Maybe I should start watching these streams, shit's hella wholesome.

    22. Nadehzda P

      Not sending Dustin to the same watery grave as his father😭

    23. Mariane marangão

      I accidentally slept while he was making the Sim, and woke up to him playing on Brandi's home, where all her children are presumably dead and/or taken away from her, then she dies less than three minutes later. Why am I not surprised by this? lol

      1. クリスP Creme

        This is the true CallMeKevin watching experience LMAO

    24. Lemonily

      "Even the jumpers are crop tops." It was the early 2000s, Kevin. Showing your midriff was practically mandatory back then

    25. Tonicha Cross

      Thank you so much for another great video Kevin, I couldn't stop laughing! This made me wanna go back on sims 2 as it was also my favourite so thanks!! You have made lockdown better :)

    26. piratepeach

      funfact i somehow fell asleep during this and the background music gave me an anxiety dream

      1. Genis Diederich

        Same :0

      2. Finn Rey

        Wtf me too lol

    27. Abigail Gibbons

      i remember the free sims 2 everything deal .... i missed it by 20 minutes ....... :,(

    28. Nadehzda P

      My mums bathroom has carpet too. Idk why, neither does she. Just does.

    29. Kevin Kellogg

      2 hours in and he goes to work for the first time lmfao

    30. CowboyredPedro

      Why does Kevin go in a high pitched voice whenever he reads donations lol, like man, you’re at least 2 octaves higher

    31. Steven Clark

      Lmao. Kevin fought an hour long battle to NOT spend 50 bucks to buy a smoke alarm.

    32. Amy Sanders

      What on earth started the fire 😮

    33. Dit is Emile

      I'm a simple man; I heard Default was in this, so I came running.

    34. olivejoke

      the sims 2 was my whole childhood, watching you in CAS and seeing all the shirts brought me back lol

    35. Kristina Jönsson

      Omg yes please play more Sims 2! It has so much shenanigans you could explore! Hope you had a nice holiday :)

    36. micheleCR0FT

      1:38:24 Like father, like son. Now that's dark. Jim would be proud of you, Kevin.

    37. Morning Glory

      Happy holidays Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

    38. Honza Starý

      I think the xmas stuff was included in the seasons DLC, so all the stuff would be under the season collection.

    39. Venom_ 10

      I got a pet lizard what should I name him

      1. Venom_ 10

        Kevin 🥰🥰🥰 although his name rn is Aziz which means all powerful

    40. Tommy Kammers

      I honestly wish Sims 2 could be re-released on the current systems PS5 to series X to be exact Direct Control features and all but the game is also updated to be more modernized as well

    41. jason87077

      I feel like Jim, Default, and Turg is your own Golden Trio. 😂 Love that Default is getting more love too. Lol.

    42. V Glah

      When he is the only person that makes u not feel numb in life lmfao seriously jst was sitting outside in the snowy weather...idk for how long that i realize i was done eating...thankfully he does youtube or i would well thankfully he does.

    43. Candace Cotton

      Let it snow

    44. Kurkum

      I watched a lot of IRflowrs uploading game plays but none of them as funny as Kevin.😂😂 His humor is just something special. Even pewdipie (considering the amount of subs he has) is boring next to Kevin. And I am a fan of pewds as well. However, if you're looking for another IRflowr that has the same style as Kevin , I suggest you to take a look at my channel. Yes, I may be not as funny, and yes I speak in other languages but I do UPLOAD WITH SUBTITLES and I DO EDIT MY VIDEOS to make them more interesting and captivating. Plus , I post my own songs and music. Sorry for such a long paragraph but I would appriciate if you'd help me grow 😁 I think with enough exposure, many people may enjoy my content Thank you and good day , people!! PS If you know any other interesting IRflowr that uploads funny game plays, I'd like to check them out

    45. Rorie Ross

      I love the new take of Ground Hog day!

    46. Harley Cyn

      This year I gave someone a Jim Pickens poster for Christmas. They know who he is, but they are not exactly a fan. I feel their reaction was in line with the reactions I've seen Sims have with Jim in person. So, it went over perfectly in my estimation. Merry Christmas!

    47. Zapkin (⌐►_◄)

      If he had that cat dream.: It could signify as upcoming misfortune, bad luck, and all-around chaos. Should be aware (if not to late.) and a stuff toy as could signify as you need to relax.

    48. kayaaydin06

      Day 25 (I think) of asking kevin how's life m8

    49. Verti Roo

      "ooooo... she starved to death..."

    50. Gina Hardy

      this is what i needed. love you kevin!

    51. PippolinaSushi

      I just downloaded and started playing with sims2 on 24th dec too. Concidence? No, it's the cult's hive mind.

    52. Tya B

      Kevin, *confused* : no, dig for treasure... she is not doing it why won't you dig for treasure? Me, frustrated, watching this helplessly: BECAUSE SHE IS ABOUT TO DIE FROM STARVATION KEVIN Oh good thing I didn't join this stream :D

    53. yli

      When me and my sisters played sims 2 on our computer, we would have to make our sims in under 30 seconds or the game would crash. Ahh memories

    54. Cristyne Less

      Happy holidays guys!🎄❤️

    55. l m

      yesss i love playing the sims

    56. Randi Hutchison

      Who’s gonna tell him that most women’s jeans and pants go above the belly button nowadays.

      1. LocalMethHead

        @Nirvana Wright Milo umm

      2. l i p s . h o n e y

        @salzkuu I really hate high waisted >\\< it make my butts stick out & that honestly disturb me a bit lol

      3. 土萠 ほたる

        I absolutely love them and will never wear jeans that don’t cover my belly button and even go above them again. They really help “hold me in”.

      4. salzkuu

        @V Glah Yeah... I luckily got more happy with my body over the years, funnily enough by looking at it more. Wish you all the best for 2021 and hope everything gets better for you

      5. V Glah

        @salzkuu atleast ur able wear crop tops...u got more balls then others. Eh i jst go wit what comfy for me...not exactly proud my body i jst learn dont look in mirror if i can avoid it then other can avoid looking at it if they dont like it. If i am lucky enough if it offend someone enough maybe i can finally sleep forever.

    57. Blissie

      This is the default version of groundhog day lol

    58. cave kid

      13:20 saving this for myself later :)

    59. chanel moon

      omg this is bringing happiness into my life

    60. James Franklin Coffey III

      Merry Christmas Kevin!

    61. SizzleMyWizzle

      Did i make it in time to say first?!

    62. Arcadie

      Watching this at 2 am and trying so hard to not wake up my husband while I'm dying from laughter over the cornucopia of sound from the snowmen. Amazing 💙💙

      1. Natasha Hahndel

        I am doing the exact same thing now LOL default playing the drums in front of the kids window was killing me

    63. Literally a glass of water

      Honestly snowhenge perfectly represents my mental state at this point of 2020 and I am not even mad

    64. Meelie

      I blame the bow above the cooker

    65. PinkyStinkEye

      Merry Christmas Kevin!

    66. Yis Yis

      I like to think that Turg giftet Default the bed (as a moving present) 🥺 and she doesn't really care abt bed-designs so she's still using it because it's a functional bed after all

      1. Kristie Verstelle

        As soon as I saw the bed I thought "Turg would totally have that bed!"

    67. Karlynn Piña

      we love sim content

    68. 345

      Merry Christmas, cult!

    69. TJ G

      So much fire and death. That’s what the sims is all about.

    70. Blake Auger

      Man turkey was deadly

    71. Sweetpuss 420

      Default says " Have a neutral Christmas and a mediocre New Year. "

      1. Mr. Funny Hands-In-Your Pants

        Squidward: Mediocre? Squidward faints

      2. Tabea

        Tbh I would be up for a mediocre year :D

      3. Sleepy Ciderr

        I have no strong feelings one way or another about this comment

    72. TruMrs Popo

      Merry Christmas ⛄

    73. Rory Blessington

      Merry Christmas Kevin and hope ya have a good one too

    74. AskWhatever

      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 💕

    75. Kiss My Axe

      Merry Christmas and New year's my kings and queens

    76. Nathan Vaughan

      🤣 Kevin in his race car bed, now thats a grown ass man if I ever heard lol if they do double or king size ill have one myself 😂 and strap a steering wheel controller to front 😂 whats the pj's gonna be? Lol

    77. Sky Brian

      We're u looking at porm haha

      1. Nathan Vaughan

        Allways 😂 I love me some porm lol

    78. Justin Wright

      The best sims I rate

    79. That’s So Phiaaa

      merry christmas!!

      1. Vjotkr

        Merry Christmas to you too.

    80. Selena Heck

      Merry christmas 😊 I'm sad I missed the stream, as I have been sick with Covid, but i hope everyone has a good christmas :)


        Get well soon!!

      2. Nathan Vaughan

        Hope you had a good Xmas! Sorry to hear you have it and Happy Xmas! Hope you Get better soon! ✌✌

    81. SOLWOLF

      Merry Krimmas

    82. Nina Rae

      Omg YES i LOVE sims 2

    83. Benelli

      Watching him before going into surgery! Really calms me down. ♡♡♡

      1. Nikkiesona

        @Benelli I'm glad to hear you're doing well! I hope your recovery goes well and all. :)

      2. Benelli

        Thank you guys! I had to have an emergency surgery, my appendix was about to burst. It all went well. ♡

      3. Nikkiesona

        I wish you the best and hope everything goes well with your surgery and recovery!

      4. Nathan Vaughan

        dam! Surgery on Xmas day hope all is good! Happy Xmas!

      5. anna #

        Hope all goes well

    84. Oliviadon

      Merry Christmas guys! 🎄🎁🧧🎊🎄

      1. Oliviadon

        @Nathan Vaughan me too! We had spaghetti this year 😂😂

      2. Nathan Vaughan

        Same too you! Hope you had a good one! I've eaten to much lol

    85. Liam Hill

      Hey Kevin! You helped me through the toughest time of my life (I was in a really bad car crash) and I can’t thank you enough man, I hope you have the best feckin Christmas ever!!

      1. FirstFallSnow

        I hope you're doing alright now, seriously.

      2. Nathan Vaughan

        Shiiiit! Hope that was a while ago! If not hope you get better soon and happy Xmas!

    86. Rebe Bristol

      Needs more snowmen

    87. Rebe Bristol



      Merry Christmas!!!

    89. YellowFire

      Why does the KEVO tags is getting removed these days ?

      1. Pango-Lyn

        Jim Pickens is holding him hostage and is slowly but surely trying to steal the channel by slowly phasing Kevin out

      2. YellowFire

        @ghloob theres like 9 Vids without KEVO and But in the title, and the KEVO seems shrinking now

      3. Pear Pie

        Psychological experiment

      4. ghloob

        kevin probably forgot sometimes

    90. dovydas22

      JackMeGame more like bore ragnarok

    91. Dustin Sepencer


    92. Nuclear Effect

      Kevin starts open the game at 8:22 , friends! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it! Don't forget to take care of yourself ♡

      1. zyzyfuss

        Merry belated Christmas

      2. UserNotFound

        thanks man

      3. Vjotkr

        Thank you my dude, happy holidays

      4. Danueva '

        Thank you! 💖

      5. The Golden Viking

        Thank you

    93. Noor

      please call me, Kevin

      1. Ãмı

        hey i just met you, and this is crazy. but here's my number. so call me, kevin~

      2. Hemin Aysha

        Hey Kevin

      3. mk_games

        hey da friend

      4. Zack Attack

        are you asking to please callmekevin?

      5. Nikkiesona

        Hello, is Mole 2 available to talk?

    94. -Sir- *LOREntz*

      Ok, it's 1AM in my country & i was finish watching kevin's old video the sims 2 when jim & imaginary dad together... Now this...It's miracle & merry Christmas... :'D

    95. Brandon Knight

      Merry Christmas to all

      1. Donna

        Merry Christmas:)

    96. Eggman n

      merry christmas y’all!

    97. Kaio Rhoads

      Merry Christmas guys,yea i love the Sims 2

    98. Danueva '

      Merry christmas everyone 💖❤

      1. Screaming Banshee

        @IDK I been having horrible side effects from my new anxiety medicine gonna see the doctor, so I feel buddy

      2. IDK

        This year has a sad xmas but merry Christmas anyway

      3. Nathan Vaughan

        Hope ya had a good one! And the fat man brought you want lol✌

      4. Maztermox

        To you as well

    99. thebrettanator

      Merry Christmas!