The Deep Web Iceberg Explained


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    Today we cover an iceberg, an interesting phenomenon where we go from the surface of a topic to the very depths. For my first one I want to cover a Deep Web iceberg that's been floating around as old as I've been browsing. Let's see how much of it is real and how much of it falls into a joke. Thanks for watching!
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    1. SomeOrdinaryGamers

      Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping at Manscaped with code SOMEORDINARY at

      1. A broken egg

        @bomb boy the fu-

      2. Owyn Papajanis

        The bible is on the surface web too

      3. ilusions4

        trash buy a oneblade or something

      4. Raven Echo

        my VM exits on starting resident evil, vmdecoder needed? do I need gpu pass through?

      5. HatTails

        @Craftguy22 I think you can set a comment before the vid gets uploaded publicly

    2. :/

      i wish vampire freaks was still around

    3. Pringles Man

      That G-Fuel stash...

    4. TASH

      watching this intro was like getting punched in the liver consecutively for a minute and 11 seconds

    5. Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt

      “Imagine playing Minecraft without mods Truly disgusting” - Mutahar 2021 I mean he’s got a point tho at the very least get optifine

    6. Neck Thebet

      The bottom should be page 2 of google

    7. Kaushik Kumar Bora the government of everything thing pls hack it xd

    8. Frankie Bloodshed

      There was a website dedicated to goths? Damn, I wasn’t around for that. Would’ve loved it

    9. Fredrick Steputis

      Heh I used to be on VampireFreaks!! Didn't know its gone, kinda sad.

    10. Jason Brown

      Did he say ape cham A chan or 8 chan

    11. TheLuigiNoidPerson 109

      My man mutahar really hosting a redroom over here.

    12. GD FEAR


    13. Zexa XIII


    14. Bruh man

      holy shit you butchered picos name lol, love your content tho btw

    15. Jeremy Johnson

      “A bing search if you’re desperate” lmaoo fuck bing

    16. Ced Lux

      From beginning until the end of the video. At first i didn't understand about the deep/dark web, after watching i still didn't understand a thing

    17. Алексей Власов

      Foreign social networks can be a really fucking vile place. Let's take VK (vkontakte or ВКонтакте) for example. In the early days it basically was a go-to site if you wanted some easy access to pirated stuff (I watched films and anime there in 2015-16), unlimited free music, (including some rare and really underground indie music) and hundreds of groups with varying degrees of nsfw content. I've seen cheese pizza on this site quite a lot of times since 2009, and I'm not even talking about gore. There are groups with hundreds of thousands followers that post gore stuff, and those groups still exist to this day. Finding banned books, drug marketplaces and other stull alike was simple if you spent some of your time. Also, nationalistic movements, islam radical groups, bruh, there were hundreds of them. Situation is obviously much cleaner in 2021, you can't find anarchist cookbooks anytime you want now, you need a subscription to listen to music, and there are no terabytes of pirated stuff to find, but it's still more dangerous than reddit.

    18. Nick Williams

      Atlantis is at 'The Eye of The Sahara' :) Look up Richat Structure on Google Images, and you'll see what I mean.

    19. uSkeeze

      I don’t think I’ve heard the word “buzzword” more in the last 53 minutes than I have in my entire life.

    20. olawff


    21. MelancoliaTropical

      Man, vampire freaks was my JAAAAAAAM when I was in high school. It was so much work to keep that rating up. It was like mean girls, but goth. Rivals used to spam 1 star ratings on people they hated. It was a nightmare and I miss it so much lmfao but I found out about a lot of great local music and events on there :)

    22. Sean Pearson

      "bergie web" is just slang for berg. As in iceberg. Its the "bergie" part of the image. The next part is just water. Basically it's stupid meme speak

    23. Nugget24

      this video's fine, but he said "pyko's school" instead of "pico's school" bruh

    24. isaiah valerio

      anybody know what bunny tube is?

    25. Jean-Francois Bordeleau

      salut muta. j aime ce que tu fais et je suis religieusement tes findings. particulierement le GGGQEP. its amazing. gouvernez comme ca! salut! :)

    26. SchrottTV


    27. Big pp


    28. Wast1980

      Asian Richard Cheese...

    29. Steampnke

      Why did I just watch someone advertise ball deodorant, to me, a female for over a minute

    30. Ulrna

      Wooohoooo Reddit is at the top of the iceberg :D

    31. Onyx

      pie-co's school

    32. Robeon Mew

      8:30 - I have a clean workaround. Yahoo! Mail offers you a disposable email chain. You have to use a prefix. I use mailjaxx-. If I am unsure of a site, I can make mailjaxx-anything02°yahooca, and if it spams me, I delete then make mailjaxx-anything03°yahooca You can nake whatever. Donmail-, or 34005838383-...🌹

    33. Chaken Noogats

      3:38 FLASHBANG OUT

    34. Rustlin' Bustlin

      12:20 Discord notification

    35. Tim Williams

      So are so intelligent

      1. Tim Williams

        I meant you are so intelligent

    36. Veljko Mitrovic

      Intro is troll

    37. Mark Tom

      Thanks to everyone who recommended *Cardholders1* on telegram he’s indeed an honest vendor💯.. just got my CC delivered few mins ago! I’m the happiest man on earth!

    38. Rainbow_Brite

      Was pleasantly surprised to see VampireFreaks on here! I used to be part of the forum and actually buy a lot of my clothes from their site. They've got the best catalog of Tripp pants that I've seen anywhere. Even some deadstock/discontinued pairs if you're lucky

    39. Branden Zeledon

      Muta, RuneScape classic mobile has been used in prisons as a currency 💀 also there’s a massive bot issue where like 80% of the servers are just thousands of bots farming for irl currency (it’s not that diff from most games but it’s overly rampant and still sketch)

    40. VincentJones

      I forgot about VampireFreaks! I was a member in like 2003! Along with a couple vampire usergroups on Yahoo! Groups. Weird time.

    41. Techtato

      Now explain her giving birth

    42. Paelin

      Danm can’t believe I missed out on vampire freaks social network I love their merch tho I’ve been tryna cop those baggy bondage pants for a fat min

    43. Dan Rustle

      8chan does not exist anymore.

    44. Southy567

      To access level 9 you're gonna need a GGGQEP

    45. B G

      Downvoting for paid promotion

    46. Mr Pegwin

      good god i hate manscaped adds just because they ALWAYS scream BALLS!

    47. EvanGamesGoodman

      Oh ho ho, but there is no such thing... as level 0. (You'll know what i mean if you watched kung fu panda)

    48. WÆRM HØLE

      Lol I probably have even more white t shirts than you do, I'm even wearing one right now.

    49. eye espea

      So 80% and everything...

    50. Danny Cap

      Damn, you know how to make a 19 y/o feel 60

    51. Geisa Sousa

      I hate 4chan

    52. Codez The Gamer

      if anyone don't know. newsground have an adult section which contains some messed up animations.

    53. Rpix

      This man just: Pie-co school

    54. Solysteri

      piyco's school

    55. MyPcWorksAlot

      I use my main email for weird furry sites .-.

    56. ghoul gamer

      ah yes, piecos school

    57. prod cashflip

      muta kinda goth

    58. Ghostly LF

      Why do I feel 10% more intelligent when i watch muta's videos?

    59. Gurkirpal Singh

      Idk why but muta's setup looks so comfy.

    60. HelMaschine

      Just di9d run the gauntlet. Nothing was that bad except level 19 with the slow beheading. Slow ass morons, just get a sword. At least be efficient.

    61. Ashley Sosa

      oh my god, I had a vampire freaks account back in the day, as a teen. lmao I miss those days. I did love it, before facebook, I believe around myspace time, but it was really nice. I loved it. If you wore all black and lived in a small rural town, this was where you could feel normal. Never met anyone from there though, but I was a teenager. i wasn't emo, I wore black, I guess kinda goth, maybe punk, but not emo. but it was mostly filled with emo people. never the less, it was friendly.

    62. alpollyon

      bring back goth facebook

    63. TryAgain115

      12:20 discord ping pog

    64. Willy Billy

      Sadly newgrounds has become a much more responsible and much less fun babysitter

    65. Robby Mangel

      does anyone know what video it was where he looked a vtunderground?

    66. AKXU

      16:40 after this i googled beastiality to see how they censored it and i assumed i was gonna see a blank space or something but i was greeted with actual beastiality

      1. Cryptonaut

        I think google gave up on censoring that one 😰

    67. VoiceActingGod

      Ah yes the fog virus soup, my favorite part of the internet!

    68. TheWeirdo486

      holy shit the way you pronounce "pico" lmfao

    69. error415

      Bergie Web is pentesting/Kali Linux speak. It means non-indexed clear web sites.

    70. EpicBubble

      The dark web only consists of hacking and illegal activities nothing new all of this has been floating around since day one.The deep web is exaggerated from truth it's like real life but virtual anyone can log on and start doing this lmao it's not as "scary" as explained.Although it may not be as scary I understand people can be sensitive and most of it is HIGHLY ILLEGAL I would not recommend it

    71. error415

      Muta, you don't have to put on the red light.

    72. ReznoV Vazileski

      Haven't experimented with this lol but theoretically, the copper wire with iron bits just sounds like a load of crap to me :') I'd love to read Tesla's alledged paper on this matter to better understand if he even said anything of the likes but just realize that everytime you switch from material you're going to have to transfer all this energy and convert it to the new materials 'ruleset' so to speak to explain it in a bit of ley terms. Every single time this signal has to convert to the other bit of iron and then the copper then the iron that's gonna absolutely ruin your signal I think because of all the energy loss and noise you add to it. Not to mention the dozen problems a simple google search or a highschool diploma will be able to show you already with actual particles being faster than light.

    73. ReznoV Vazileski

      Wait how is 4chan not surface web lol that shit shows up in a google search and as far as my /b/ experience goes from back in the day it's literally just reddit for people that don't give a fuck if you're offended or not :')

    74. Shangoo

      I get worse than tor speeds without tor lol

    75. Liemon

      so basically the internet from top to bottom, in its entirety, is pretty damn boring. Theres no actual 'meanings to life' validated to sacred magics that ACTUALLY affect people in a 'third eye' kinda crap, just all comprehensible mumbo jumbo. Damn that kinda sucks

    76. lilmoris1

      This iceberg was true like 10 years ago when the Deep Web started to become a known thing, today it’s just a meme, Deep Web had its time

    77. hendrix_exe

      Speaking of the Freemasons, my local McDonald's has a Masonic Temple down the road from it.

    78. Derek Steele

      Can you talk a little slower? I'm getting a headache!

    79. Derek Steele

      Clean, smooth, balls today.......itchy fucking nightmare tomorrow.

    80. SuperLlama42

      Guys DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO I'm currently pinned down by a hitman sniper sent by the MIT cosmologists I'm not making it out DO NOT WATCH THIS THE COSMOLOGISTS WILL COME FOR YOU T

    81. Andy Vv

      God, vampirefreaks.. I was there as an emo though haha

    82. Kasper Jensen

      Do people still use 4chan? I thought Reddit had pretty much taken over at this point...

    83. Marisa Kirisame | ZetiX | Alex

      Id love to make up sum shit like cicada301 gatekeeping Lvl 8 Internet, but finding fucked up shit with google is so easy that im not even capable to asspull somerhing stupid enough to habe ir being gate kepr

    84. Angelo Cazorla

      The moment when IRflow decides to dont put automatic subtitles in english in great videos is the worst. Time to use my latinamerican english classes.

    85. JacobPug Poirier

      So level 7 is basically 2b2t.

    86. JacobPug Poirier

      I’m kind of hesitant watching this

    87. Charlie Martin

      POV: An Indian man has invaded the strip club you're visiting while in toronto has killed everyone and tied you up to tell you about the deep and dark webs

      1. joneken Wong

        As Muta once said, '' *PUH-HUHHAHAHAHAHA* ''

    88. MetalEvening110

      Tf is Lolita, I don’t wanna look it up

      1. MetalEvening110

        What is it???

    89. ArrowOrion

      that "joke" about runescape classic is kinda real. People legit buy gold and bet it on that game, and there is people legit scamming you 98% of the time.

    90. Innarian

      pieko school its literally just pico school


      My man just called pico pie co

    92. Smithy95

      18:55 I'm not gonna pretend like i wasn't triggered while i AFK on my maxed oldschool runescape account

    93. Volvith

      "Assassination networks" Lol, that shit is on fucking reddit. Pretty sure there's gotta be some stuff set up on the dark web, but most of this type of ex-military contractor stuff just gets encrypted and slapped on the front page of the internet. And if it isn't reddit, it's some other site you can type into your search bar.

    94. Hans Aiajdnsn

      The like to dislike ratio 🌝

    95. bava lucket

      This man has basicly become my IT teacher now.

    96. Sena

      42:33 bruh that’s my normal internet speed :(

    97. Han Ulu

      what a useful captins

    98. russel shackleford

      Foia is freedom of information act

    99. Alan Geisdorf

      I don't give a rats what ever any one says, but when a guy publicly talks about his balls, then something just isnt quite right.