Watching Take Me Out: Irish dating show | 2021-03-23

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2021-03-23
    Originally titled "Watching a cringe Irish Dating show"
    00:00:00 - Intro
    00:09:00 - Take Me Out
    03:40:35 - Outro
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      3:13:17 - Reys face gets me every time

    2. Ronan Byrne

      This Donna one doesn't drink how has she survived this long in ireland

    3. The Adventures Of Flop

      "If we can fill the follow bar we will watch more" Me, knowing Dam well there is 50+ minutes left: hell yeah And good news Jessica is engaged, but not to that guy

    4. HBMHD

      1:42:13 **"aryan_dangergamez" ReSubs** Kevin: "And uhm... Danger... Thank you for the sub..."

    5. Camilla Wynes :D

      this comment section told me kevin has a girlfriend and now i’ve fallen down a chess rabbit hole

    6. Louis Wendlander

      I'm passing away over the computer thing. I'm passing away and I have died. I CAN'T. WHY. NO. PLEASE NO STEVEN WHY

    7. 1Umbreon 4Life

      "How small is Ireland, honestly?" Kevin, you have a premium GeoGuessr account. You should know this.

    8. 1Umbreon 4Life

      Ok, that dancing guy's moves were solid tho. Like, I genuinely can't understand why so many girls ducked out after that.

    9. melly

      I don't really see any guy seeing their girlfriend practicing to be a sword swallower as a *bad thing*. SHEEEEESH he was prolly like i hope she the sword swallower i want that good head

    10. Sky Solitude

      Sometimes I cant understand their irish accents. What does shifters mean?

    11. Geoffrey Devereaux

      I NEED CMK to stream more of this

    12. Christine Williamson

      Wow I have never seen a follow bar fill so quickly

    13. Wizard Gamireal

      I love the facial expression when she spoke about handcuffs

    14. Christa Flurry

      Ralf the darkness is actually just Kevin's beard

    15. Kadett 7842

      1:23:20 Bookmarking for later

    16. Kadett 7842

      God I hope Kevin makes more of these

    17. giacchina

      Y’all mad at Shane but “I picked them because of looks, not like I have literally any other information about them yet” is a totally acceptable answer here lol

    18. righteous knighteous

      If I were a car, I'd be a Reliant Robin because I can't exist without stumbling like an idiot.

    19. Toxic Jellywing

      Why don't they ever just ask, "Why did you keep your light on" for the final question, or something like that.

    20. Lara Jayne

      Jessica should be a detective 🤣🤣 awww no not Jessica 😣😣😣 I'll miss her already Owlyn I love you so much 😂😂 you are so funny girl!

    21. Lara Jayne

      Hahahahaha awww this is such a great Livestream Kevin 🥰❤️ this is awesome, I feel like I'm hanging out with you and the community and watching some Irish TV! Ahhh I actually really love the Irish TV 🍻🍺🍀🍀 it's so funny! Oh also I found the Australian version 🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲🐨🍺🍻💚💛🎉🌟 Please react to it Kevin! 😂😂 It's actually more brutal when rejecting some of the girls who kept their lights on 😅 The soccer guy Ryan won my heart 🥰❤️🍀 he is definitely a stud and if only he was a bit older😔 Good looking, passionate about his soccer and did an impressive stunt, seems like a down to earth genuine person with a good heart! I hope he finds happiness 🥰🥰❤️❤️ Poor Eddie Kenny (45), I hope he finds his happiness! I vote Eddie to be the next batchelor and even Married at first sight! Just avoid that Australian MAFS 😂😂 it's legit full of drama and it's absolutely brutal! Kevin that actually reminds them, you should definitely Livestream our version of Married at first sight with the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies 😂🤣 apparently the American version is boring compared to the New Zealand and Australian MAFS 😂

    22. Frida Schneiderlein

      This is the best thing ever.

    23. Itachi Uchiha

      37:13 “Lolicon” 😐📸

    24. redleader antilles

      2:36:00 yikes with the racial and sexist slur. As if the host wasn't unlikable enough

    25. Sophie Sanborn

      Okay, but what does "asher" mean?

    26. Petalflipper

      Did someone really come out to Faith No More? I'd keep my light on just for him and I'm a straight male.

    27. Edi Posavec

      its a fungal infection...I had it too...just wait for warmer and drier weather

    28. Count Vidian

      Hold on hold on hold on -- look, the guy that read the poetry (the guy @1:00:00) said he picked the two women based on looks alone. Sure, that sounds bad, but he's literally had no opportunity to actually meet any of them and has to whittle 14 down to 2 presumably under some sort of time restraint. He has no choice but to go on looks alone at that point, in my opinion.

    29. Laura Watson

      The woman that buzzed out when he said elegant and kind 😂 at least she's honest 🤣

    30. caroline edlund

      A bit unfair to have a 1.92m tall host on a dating show. All the guys seem short. I’m guessing because of Kevin doing these, the most googled thing for Ray Foley is his hight

    31. Henry Milne

      1:50:10 "What's your motto", lmao my family motto is literally just: death before dishonour. Its generic but idk I find it funny

    32. CommonlyKnownAsAngi

      Am I the only one who thought Charles wasn't trying to be a misogynistic prick??? I thought it was kinda funny, honestly, and like...he started it with the old "women are never wrong" so like it's obvi gonna be a joke piece

    33. Colin Hussie

      Imagine being stuck on a desert island and the one thing u choose to bring is a pair of high heels

    34. WestminsterAbbey.

      2:10 it never fails to put a smile on my face whenever Kevin goes full Irish

    35. Fillebonbon

      "If the horse is dead, get off" Word. Didn't think to do that

    36. 08 08

      Lol I love Kevin’s new look with the walking stick 🤣😭

    37. Thelving the Wing

      Sounds like Kevin's got recurring chilblains on his hands and feet from poor circulation. I hope he is aware of that...

    38. BrightBlueInk

      My dad is a Charles from Texas so I was gonna be like "haha that tracks" But he's not a blatant misogynist, like, woof. Why did he think that would play well with women?!

    39. David Jelínek

      I love how Kevin is dying everytime he says shifters. Also how epic it would be if some guy rickrolled everybody with his music :D

    40. Sarah Says Hello

      I have a theory that Folly (or whatever the hosts name is) is mean to Olwyn because she's a plant, aka also paid to be there, and much better in the show than him.

    41. Katie Kay

      I love this content

    42. Sarah Says Hello

      The host is always so mean to Olwyn. When he said 'don't take two Olwyn' I don't think it's because she took two. I think he was just being mean to her.

      1. hkazu

        It’s supposed to be banter but it usually feels too mocking? Idk if it’s just bc Ray lacks the charisma for it, but it ends up feeling weirdly mean spirited.

    43. Andrew Campbell

      3:05:52 "I would live on Uranus because I'm into butt stuff"

    44. J Girl

      Usually I feel a little bad for these guys who get rejected (because they seemed to intentionally cast the most shallow girls on purpose), but that one old professor dude that was trying to date people young enough to be his students and told boomer sexist stand up... he was just gross and I'm fine with those girls dodging a bullet, even if they kind of suck, too

    45. Andrew Campbell

      little did they know that he has a shredded body lmao

    46. CarolinesConcertVids

      You really need to replace Graham Norton (as great as he is) doing commentary in Ireland for the Eurovision Song Contest. You'd do a great job. It's as cheesy as can be, but you nail reacting to cheesy all the time. Perfect pairing lol

    47. ISetFireToChildren

      I hate how much I love these.

    48. Ethan H

      The British version of this show sends them on holiday, this show sends them back stage Lmaoo unfortunate

    49. FourCGames

      "Valerie Curtin (22)"... what the hell? she's like 40 at the very least.

    50. Paige Lyman


    51. sae

      1:40:27 this where i finished watching w

    52. P M

      the guy looking for a native american woman... that's on ~fetishization~

    53. draco5991rep

      that show makes me so uncomfortable on so many levels. And yes the worst part is the host.

    54. Shia Lebeouf: Life Coach

      What about the Black Irish? Aren't they naturally tan? (Black meaning Spanish descendants, not African Descendants.)

    55. Miss Yandere

      I was wondering why Kevin didn't upload in a while, turns out video is blocked in my country 🤦🏻‍♀️

    56. Sunny gaming

      the song to discribe this video would be tell me why?

    57. Sean Looze

      Olwyn isn't the hero deserve, she's the hero we need.

    58. James Place

      Ray: You're going to *SHIFTERS!* Kevin: shifters.

    59. Sword Forger

      Honestly I think we need a reverse American version where the girl picks out of guys

    60. bennie russchen

      A mate of mine could not play but he juist carried a guitar around at school to pick up girls, the dumb thing was.... it always worked.

    61. Thatsweird

      I want to see the version where a woman comes out to impress a panel of guys. Did that ever happen?

    62. Chelsey Jianni

      Charles: Telling misogynistic stand-up material didn't go well among thirty women? I'm shook.

    63. Robert Torricer

      2:27:23 Kevin : "Oh that's pretty cool" Mark : "that's pretty cool, yeah" 😂

    64. Robert Torricer

      2:10:09 dude is having the time of his life in the background 😭

    65. Nat M

      Came here for Kevin, stayed for Olwyn ❤

    66. Salem

      No clue if Kevin will see this but the cold feet thing is called Raynauds Syndrome! It commonly affects hands and feet and is more common in women. It's caused by your body reacting weirdly to things like stress, intense emotions, and any cold exposure. Basically your body thinks it's going to die or something so it says "screw the extremities, I need blood in my organs!" There's no known cause or cure but there are a few experimental things that seem to help. Most people find wearing compression socks and gloves and stuff helps. It also helps to avoid the cold but thats uh...kinda hard if you live in Ireland. Source: I have this! It affects my hands, feet, and even my nose. I also can't avoid it cause I'm n Canada

    67. Carly

      I love these. I love watching trash TV and now it’s trash TV night with Kevin and the cult which is even better.

    68. Miguel Macieira

      I had high hopes for Olwyn and native american man

    69. Rusty96

      Imagine if this show has a reboot because they see Kevin watching it with thousands of viewers demanding for more.

    70. Spaghetto

      Little does Olwyn know that a cult worships her

    71. manouchecaj123

      I can't believe Steven did that... I mean, he was better than Steven but... Come on Steven, for shame.

    72. big L

      The Fritz 'joke' ( 2:15:14 ) was so out of place, that guy kept his own daughter locked up under his own house and had seven children with her. They managed to get out only 3 years before this show aired, after 24 yrs in captivity. Why did Jessica think that was a popular one liner. What is this show. I love it though 10/10 we stan Olwyn

    73. Alex

      Girls: "I like a sporty guy" Guy: "I play sports" Girls: "Oh he's not for me"

    74. Alex

      The guys always pick the worst girls when given a choice

    75. draco5991rep

      There is a very easy way to directly gross out every girl, you choose the song "I'm Too Sexy" from Right Said Fred as intro song.

    76. ComUniity

      The Steven at 1:28:00 gives off hardcore npc vibes

    77. Krystal McIntosh

      When the horse is dead get off? Doe she mean work it till you die? Wtf that's a terrible motto

    78. AdventSonne

      *Holding Out for A Hero Plays* Kevin: "Excellent song Steven. Any Shrek fans in the audience." Me: *dies a little inside* "But Kevin...that song is originally from Footloose..."

      1. ribbonfly

        Sorry any songs in a Shrek movie belongs to Shrek now. It is the law.

    79. Kolibrick

      why do they all sing

    80. Poi Lethe

      Yooo Donna is my spirit animal on this show. I'm afraid she's got a kid or something which would explain her no nonsense attitude, she seems like a mom. But Olwyn will always be number one.

    81. Poi Lethe

      Kevin is the raidon foot to dan's big toe

    82. DragonofEpics

      1:44:54 WEREWOLF

    83. Jackson Panetta

      1:55:07 I almost prepared to skip the ad

    84. Beau david

      Ill be a Lada cheap and always falling appart

    85. inquestor Raven

      I'm genuinely enjoying this show

    86. MrEDZ

      Finally Fleur said something... and it left me on the floor :D "I like a bit of cocky"

    87. po. tato

      I love these, but what are subs and bits? Is someone sending him sandwiches and crumbs?

    88. Kolibrick

      Get olwyn as a guest on ypur chanel

    89. Squishy Doo

      Imagine if one time a new woman came on, Ray went up and asked her "Are you lookin' for a man?" and she said "no" and then started making out with one of the women next to her.

      1. Darren Criss is totally awesome

        That's what I hope for everytime he asks that question. It's just so perfectly set-up, I would go on that show just to do that

    90. Vilda Lishöj

      HAHHAHA who added Kevin to Ray’s Wikipedia??!

    91. Charlie Barley

      Shauna is a simp

    92. Charlie Barley

      Olwyn is a Chad

    93. Charlie Barley

      Is there a reversed version of this?

    94. D_boi

      1:25:48 me everyday for the whole year of quarantine

    95. sweetheart

      amy looks like jimmy neutron

    96. Grizzly claire

      Olwyn x Kevin collab? I'm here for it

    97. Christian Mirza

      I would be a Vodka Mio, ehhhh... it gets the job done.

    98. Jacqueline Hodson

      I'm 33 and found out last week I have a bulging disc😭 R.I.P. to our backs and youth😫

    99. Sophie Carthy

      I’m addicted to watching Kevin watch this show

    100. Battle_knight 04

      He should compare it to the English one