Lady Obsessed With Baby Dolls Is Banned From Visiting Newborns In Hospitals


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    Today Me and Pewdiepie react to TLC My Crazy Obsession were this lady is completely obsessed with realistic life like baby dolls. She is banned from the hospital to view babies! She makes them and they look creepy and almost real, they even ask her to recreate baby Jesus!
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    1. CinnamonToastKen

      Leave a like for baby Jesus

      1. Agritude 101 Weekly


      2. wiener gaming


      3. megan griffin

        @Morgan smith even funner fact: there are babies that are born with full sets of teeth!!!!! Could you imagine giving birth and the nurse hands you your baby and he's got a mouth full of teeth like steve harvey!?

      4. Morgan smith

        Fun Fact there are people who put teeth in there doll you know those like monster looking doll's that have creepy smiles and like black eyes ya those teeth there were molded from real teeth yay- my brother bought me some so i would be terrified and i burred one and the rest are in my chest locked up havent opened them since- (LE CRY) XD

      5. Jeni EL J

        Ken’s cabbage patch doll is simply the best!!!! 🤣🤣. 💚💚

    2. William

      That’s a muscle car ken

    3. Ecktor

      2:06 I like how Felix keeps casually fidgeting with a pocket knife mid recording

    4. Stickingnote

      Wait, did Felix just say that most people in Sweden are catholic? That's very far from true.

    5. Tay

      Felix reaction is priceless seeing the grandson move thinking it was a babydoll😂 have to admit I was laughing so hard I lost my breath😅

    6. A_nvil _

      Felix plz have a beautiful Nordic/Italian bebe

    7. Manchester United

      Who can see a hand behind piw di piw chair

    8. Jackson LaFave

      Ken: this baby don’t look nothing like me Layla: *looks just like him*

    9. Mandie Harvey

      Felix is all sorry I’ll stop knife flipping, continues to knife flip the entire time 🤣🤣🤣

    10. garage weapons

      Yo the ringing on the box TV's

    11. Karen Hawkin

      @cinnamontoastken I got a Cabbage Patch Kid in my childhood, at the height of their popularity. I didn’t care about them but someone convinced my parents they NEEDED to get me one. You couldn’t get one anywhere in town but someone found some a couple of hours drive outside of town so off they went and got me one. Apparently there was a weird gas-like smell on that (totally, 120%, for sure authentic) doll though. My parents thought the weird smell emanated from the plastic limbs, so they took those all off and replaced them with stuffed fabric tubes. To this day, I can’t believe my parents went through all that just to give their daughter a knock-off, emotionally scarring, quadriplegic Cabbage Patch doll.

    12. Celeste Layne

      The fact the sons gaming set up is an entire conversation piece 😭

    13. Nithin Chandhru

      I get scared of bottle falling by my sis she on whole another level

    14. LittlestH3artis

      Ah, Parent v Newlywed, I like it

    15. FiReDrAgOnCro X

      Me form future: This is Eva from RE8 on 3:12😉 Edit:😂

    16. Cheesethe Koala

      Well, it’s better than this weirdo creep lady who would give birth to babies at home and then drown them as soon as they were born and keep them in the freezer... Just a thought.

    17. Ella Curry

      You think PewdiePie whips?


      Not me watching Felix spin his little knife in the mirror

    19. Not Hisoka

      This is an amazing video! You fell for it fool! Thunder cross split attack!

    20. Rustian Phelps

      According to Dr. De-Kun Li, a reproductive epidemiologist at Kaiser Permanente, pacifiers reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by 90%. Yes, pacifiers increase the risk of ear infection and dental problems in older babies, but the baby in the video is of prime pacifier age. It's not at all "bad parenting." Also, in Finland and some other counties, hospitals give new parents boxes for the baby to sleep in. In Canada and England, they are called Finnish Baby Boxes. The box ensures that the newborn has a safe place to sleep next to, or even in, mom's bed. Again, not at all bad parenting.

    21. Jamal Uddin

      Thats a baby dont laugh i hate you poodiepoop dumbo

    22. Vicki Miller

      I don't think I've ever seen Felix laugh that hard in all the years I've been watching him lol. When that baby came on the screen, he went through so many different emotions so fast lol

    23. Lumania Nilin

      *JAB JAB JAB*

    24. Poop Man

      24:14 ish that chin man

    25. Zeljko Dzijan

      Doll is frist super sayan

    26. miranda navarrete

      Couldn’t understand red headphones guy whole video

    27. Spencer Carroll

      I had one of those TVs a long time ago

    28. Vickyyy

      “take them to a shooting range” 😭😭😭 ID DO THAT😭😂

    29. theepikhat

      7:29 Yooooooo. Cmon Everyman that has a sister or a cousin that has a barbie does

    30. WhiteDrakin

      Making copies to replace the originals

    31. trikucian

      I have a 7 month old baby and this video is absolutely horrific to me. These look like baby corpses.

    32. Trip Potato Chip

      uncanny valley scare at the beginning lol

    33. Dakota Galkowski

      I actually have a true story that this reminds me of. My grandma actually collects antique baby dolls, and has her office space full of large glass cupboards filled with a variety of dolls. As kids, my siblings and cousins referred to that as the doll room and were always scared to be there alone. I remember one such doll of a little girl had a lifelike face that looked pale and almost sickly (this one scared me the most in particular).

      1. User16

        Room of horror.

    34. Makenzie Hogarth

      Felix gets more and more concerning as time goes on

    35. Tdog

      I screamed when I saw kens baby doll w the micro p

    36. hartlei's vanity

      When she drove away in that mustang literally kicking up dirt i just imagined the babies flying across the seat in the back💀why she going soooo fast

    37. Stochastic

      My parents don’t use my teeth for dolls 💀 but they did keep my teeth

    38. Vibha Satuluri

      Woah ken has a jojo shirt

    39. Wan Nur Iman Wan Zamzuri

      Fun fact: When I was a kid, I was traumatized by my cousin who told me that dolls moved at night while people sleep. Ever since then, before going to sleep, I would literally throw my sister's barbie dolls outside of the room as far & brutal as possible.

    40. Gister

      I love them so much

    41. PrincessBunhead

      My grandmother made dolls, but they were cloth/soft. She sold them at holiday bazaars. She also made clothing and blankets for these dolls. One doll she made special for her granddaughters - Rainbow Brite. She said later it was insanely hard to make so she never tried to make it to sell. I'm the only one who kept the doll

    42. carlos silva

      This is the queen Karen, and the dolls are the baby Karens. This is how Karens are made

    43. Abby Lee

      Why does this woman remind me of Ursula off of The Little Mermaid? I mean look at the haircut, they're like twins🤣

    44. clovermaria

      baby doll from the oven , OMG !

    45. K.E.W

      She has the KAREN haircut !!!

    46. Danny Worsfold

      26:03 for gender reveal

    47. With Moolin

      Felix child of Sweden Practioner of Swedish philosophy - funny yet disturbing.

    48. Vania

      That’s horror house for me.... i hate dolls.... it creeps me out.... hell nah

    49. nour

      I really think pewds is drunk

    50. Tonya Pendley

      Those are called reborns, lol

    51. CSLGSKS

      So Felix's problem with Ken's anatomically correct doll was that it wasn't "realistic" enough? What experience does Felix have with that?

    52. Rachel Tuomi

      Yooooooo this is creepy af🤣 I never had mixed feelings like now Annabelle is so PC than these dolls ... The deeper i get into this video,I don't like it🤣 Target practice would be fun with these....

    53. Andi Fluffmaster

      20:35 PBS Kids, ABC News, and Qubo lmao

    54. Sumitha Nandani

      At least 10 of them are cursed.....and chase you down to hell.....

    55. Emily G

      React to bluey kids show australia

    56. Bleak Automaton friend and I kepy memeing over this video and then on my birthday she did the creepy thing. She bought me a reborn doll. I have no doubt it will try to destroy me in my sleep.

    57. TTortTheMeanie

      How is this woman not on an fbi watchlist

    58. Gercho-San Andrade

      Am I the only one who thinks she looks like the mom from birdemic?

    59. Reistr

      Seeing the room full of dolls triggered my adrenaline 😭

    60. Ezexzo

      Jab jab jab 🔪

    61. Denki Kaminari

      8:47 everytime any political party starts talking about something they know nothing about

    62. Denki Kaminari

      8:47 me everytime i watch a pewdipie video

    63. itstheonlylisa

      Distracted by the hand behind him

    64. Brianna Horton

      Felix: “I don’t get scared anymore” Felix sees a literal baby: (ᗒᗣᗕ)

    65. Joshua RomanCe

      Grandmothers will purposely add weird dolls in the visitors bedroom, where you would stay for the night, so you'd be scared of them, making you go to her room to ask to stay, increasing your dependency of her

    66. EvaEvaEva

      Whenever Felix swears, he starts speaking the Demonic Language. Felix is clearly from hell

    67. Animal Crossing

      Felix walks in kicking the dolls and then accidentally kicks the real kid

    68. Captain Cyberspace

      porcelain dolls are the waifu figurines of the boomer generation. just imagine what your grandkids think when they have to sleep in your waifu room... oh wait

    69. Teresa

      We need more videos with the Pewds, just where he’s being tortured like this 🤣🤣

    70. Ahmad Maco

      I appreciate you give a shoutout to smaller youtuber such as Pewdipie, that guy seems like a fun guy to hang out with

    71. XXLninja

      14:27 lol i have that Hamburgler Beanie baby

    72. Shrute Farms LLC

      21:45 makes me die laughing time and time again.

    73. Oopy Doopy

      If you have a boat and one by one over the years, the boards get old and replaced. Eventually everything is replaced the boards, the sail, and the helm. At what point of the process is that boat not the same boat anymore?

    74. Greg Ford

      I think I understand what pewds was saying at 8:30 he meant like how can they make dolls that look like humans that don’t exist

    75. Kaotic Thinks

      No one: Sasori from Naruto: 👁👄👁

    76. al hafidza


    77. Bichen Up Ur -

      Marzia watching this realizing their parenthood is never going to arrive

    78. iSango5050

      I kept getting so distracted seeing Felix knife flipping in the corner of his mirror 😅😂

    79. J Girl

      From what I hear, a lot of the buyers are used in therapy for people who lost their babies or cant have kids. Its not super normal but Im not gonna shame someone in grief

    80. Dark Rainbow

      Here’s an analogy: women : babies :: men : women :: the T-800 : the target The relationship is that one targets the other based on topology and texture.

      1. Eben Ezer Amanuel

        No you idiot

    81. Catgaming49

      8:30 lol you can see him knife flip in the reflection

      1. Dezired

        @Eben Ezer Amanuel bruh

      2. Eben Ezer Amanuel

        F you

    82. Mads The Cat

      wait is ken wearing pewdiepie merch??

      1. Eben Ezer Amanuel

        Because he is not idiot of idiots

    83. Rhea Rachel Stephen

      this video was weird on too many levels.

      1. Eben Ezer Amanuel

        Isn't you slow ppp

    84. Emily Guerrero

      Felix:How did we get here? Jack septic eye: Do you have 90 minutes?

    85. Orange Pretzel

      My grandma loves baby’s, she has a whole room filled with at least 10 hyper realistic weighted baby dolls. She makes me hold and say hi to them, it’s honestly one of the strangest obsessions I’ve come into contact with.

    86. Nicole Johnson

      Omg he laughed so hard in the beginning

      1. Eben Ezer Amanuel


    87. Panzer_HD

      I like how pewds says most people in sweden are Catholic, while sweden was the protector of protestanism for hundreds of years

      1. Eben Ezer Amanuel

        We know

    88. Maria Gonzales

      Angry Boy looks like Elon Musk

      1. Eben Ezer Amanuel

        Your two weeks late bitch

    89. PantheR

      Why the kid in the thumbnail looks like naruto

    90. Kimberly Casper

      9PM make a small wres

    91. Sophia Stef

      This video ist so offensive

    92. HalloweenPandaPlayz

      It reminds me of Donna Beneviento and Angie from RE8

    93. Phantom Scope

      I’m dying rn 😂 right after Phelix said my Donald Duck subscription got canceled an ad on how to cancel a subscription came on 🦆

    94. JohnWasFound

      K e n

    95. Kobe

      i keep seeing pewd's hand on the mirror doing knife flipping

    96. kyu-sec

      Its so tiny😂

    97. Shiloh Ivy

      Super creeped out

    98. Di na

      I can't get over how funny Felix's reaction was to that baby😭

    99. Lucian Andries

      2:26 If I had babies, I'd feed them cement and bricks! You're welcome for the tip! ;) "She lives with her son"....... I think it's the other way around! lol

    100. kenna crook

      She looks like roz from monsters inc