Scrutinized | 2020-08-20

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2020-08-20
    Originally titled "Ridding the neighbourhood of crime while trying not to die"
    Some audio may sound distorted or is muted entirely due to the use of copyrighted music.
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    1. Jacob S

      "You either die a hero, or you die anyway." - Kevin

    2. Olivier Jasul

      I noticed this is a hour video

    3. AlmalexyaBlue

      1:22:14 this person has a conversation with the same name as one of my DnD characters, Cara Lee. It's so random, it's hilarious

    4. Jorge William

      11:45 for the bimpson

    5. Killerofcats


    6. Kana

      Is this made by the same people who made welcome to the game? Gameplay seems similar and that game over sound haunts me sksks

      1. Moonlight Galway

        @Kana no problem!

      2. Kana

        @Moonlight Galway oooooo very cool, thanks so much!

      3. Moonlight Galway

        Yep! Both welcome to the games

    7. The First GP

      Nobody: Literally Me after doing 2 secons of hw: I think I’ve earned time to watch some Kevin Streams 😂😂

    8. Myriel Lachance

      When I heard someone in the chat mention "John Wolfe" I was so surprised. Honestly didn't think that there are people subscribed to Kevin *and* John Wolfe. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. /w\

      1. Anna B


    9. Isla Larbalestier

      gameplay starts at 3:20

    10. drsergen

      Why did I watch this before sleeping .... Well wish me luck..... Good night.

    11. Horfenico

      You think a detective would have a gun to defend themselves lol.

    12. Swordseye

      omg I actually got a scare! I thought I desensatised myself with all the creepypastas I've listened to

    13. pimkin pie

      We just got bimpsoned

    14. Adam Filinovich

      Their movements are apparently partially based on report progress, so you shouldn't just spam shred

    15. Adam Filinovich

      Oh, this is the game where he shredded the closed case!

    16. Kelly Houseknecht

      That 1:11:02 jumpscare gets me every time. I've watched this video like 3 times now and every single time I jump. Its so quiet for so long then there he is.

      1. slythavaknaful

        Same! 1:31:00 got me so much worse tho. I was not prepared for him to just be there

      2. geoeatstoast

        @Midori McCarthy literally i looked, knew it was coming and still nearly screamed HAHAHA

      3. Midori McCarthy

        nvm i still jumped 😂 turning down the volume would have been smart

      4. Midori McCarthy

        Thank goodness i just found this comment at 1:10:00

      5. geoeatstoast

        LEGIT just had a HEART ATTACK

    17. MissLaBoeuf

      About the briefcase.. If you see something odd, say something!! Better safe than sorry.

    18. Ominous Psycadehlic

      I think you should have let the kidnaper in by opening all the windows and turning off all the light. Than they had to fight for you.

    19. Hana

      I was very confused when bimson came up 😂 well played, Kevin.

      1. Sionnaich

        I wasn't paying attention and thought it was just part of the game at first.

    20. Another Commenter

      The best part is that he can use the Bimpson prank in pretty much any horror game

    21. Maddy R

      Please play more of this

    22. Mono4on

      past kevin is such an idiot

    23. Kanra *finger guns*

      2:50 game starts

    24. Emily Nguyen

      my ideal scrutinized video would be john wolfe teaching kevin on how to beat the game lol

      1. lady gaga

        I LOVE JOHN

      2. Em 12344

        Oh yeah ! I'd love to see these two play a game together !

      3. emma lennie

        that would be absolute chaos…im interested

    25. LadyAcid

      At first I fell for the Bimpson, then I ended up making the same face as Kevin when the Doctor did a spook. I hate jumpscares, but I love Kevin so I endure.

    26. The SarCast

      Y'know the Bimson bamboozle was scarier than any of the "vanilla" encounters. Very well done!

      1. Rolf Henning

        @The SarCast its the regret for me😂

      2. The SarCast

        Nevermind this shit is intense

    27. Kyliefer

      I wish Kevin would play more of this game. I’m obsessed with it

      1. Og 40

        He’d never finish it. The game is VERY hard and reading chat and talking makes it impossible to complete because of tiny audio cues your life depends on

    28. chargenari

      it's so sad that he hasnt played this game again,,,

      1. Matt Sturino

        @SgtMaggi welcome to bot advertisement

      2. SgtMaggi

        @Jeffery Blaine what does it have to do with this video. What the fuck kind of advertising is this

      3. Dorian Kace

        @Jeffery Blaine Checking it out right now. Looks promising.

      4. Jeffery Blaine

        i dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram account using Instapwn. Find it on google if you care

    29. M.C CheddarBox

      I would play this game minus the horror part lol

      1. wikbe2

        They added detective mod were u just solve cases

      2. Kelly Houseknecht

        Theres a game called Orwell that is similar to this. Just no jumpscares and without checking windows or cameras or anything.

      3. Ashley Smith

        @Christopher Smith well someone certainly has their panties in a twist

      4. Jari Kir

        I mean, I think there is an option to turn jumpscares off

      5. Christopher Smith


    30. Ally Hijazi

      This channel has dramatically improved my life.

      1. Taylor Wilkinson

        That is good.

      2. Chicken Logan

        Dramatically or drastically?

      3. Jes

        Same! 😊

    31. Rusiel Delvalle Jr

      I Have Big Robux.

      1. MaLo Victim

        You are about a year late to your memes

      2. Christopher Smith

        Damnnnn nice mate

    32. John bennett

      I really love watching Kevin. he really listens to everyone commenting during stream and seems like a great guy! 👍🏼

    33. oddBeep

      "She's into creepy shit" idk man those pictures of the moon were pretty cool

    34. LucasIDK

      When this game was relevant all I would do is listen to this with headphones and play vr

    35. Philippa Lee

      peeka-boo 1:31:05