Anthony Mackie Quotes Shakespeare While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Anthony Mackie is a Hollywood power player you know from The Hurt Locker, Captain America, Million Dollar Baby, and many more. His latest film, Outside the Wire, is currently trending on Netflix. And he also stars in one of the year's most anticipated new shows, The Falcon \u0026 The Winter Soldier, which is set to release on Disney+ March 19th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Mackie takes on the wings of death and drops knowledge about authentic New Orleans food, the rap bonafides of William Shakespeare, and why "Best Supporting Actor" is the most coveted Academy Award.








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    1. First We Feast

      Which MCU stars do you want to see on Hot Ones?

      1. karthik

        Tom holand

      2. amit kumar mourya

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      3. Lidia Emily

        Chris evanss

      4. LUSTER

        Sebastian Stan

      5. Byruss Smith

        I’m a nobody but put me on the show email me please lol nawl fr do a subscriber episode

    2. The Swullnasty

      “This guy’s a gangster?! His real name is Clarence!” Name that movie.

      1. The Swullnasty

        @THOR The God of Thunder 8 Mile. It’s from the ending rap battle which features Anthony Mackie

      2. THOR The God of Thunder

        @The Swullnasty what movie is it!?

      3. The Swullnasty

        If you immediately knew the answer without having to Google it, you’re invited to the BBQ lol

    3. Sports Talk with Nashit

      Chris evans

    4. proofbreal

      Cancelled (forever) Anthony Mackie Infinite

    5. Julia Hope Smellie

      “No one has ever asked me that before/Great question!” Is Sean’s “Doctor Who?!”

    6. Martijn Claassen

      Shady on the show

    7. carlos Vega

      remember when hot ones had these cool animations that went along with what the guest was talking about? what happened with that?

    8. nancy messner

      Anthony - problem was thought it was going to be nice and easy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    9. Jacob Vaughn

      That look Sean gives the camera right before the Da Bomb is everything

    10. E Xodia

      So Anthony Mackie def had a say in what the questions were

    11. diynevala

      Hey Sean, let's make a deal: Make a separate channel, featuring ONLY the Hot Ones (and only this interview format) and I will subscribe. I have zero interest in those other shows on this channel, and therefore I unsubbed a long time ago. Some of them are just uninteresting (burgers), some are downright irritating (young "cheffy" people).

    12. Aliya Renae

      Petition to get Dylan O’Brien on hot ones

    13. Krystal Long

      The magical scraper holoprosencephaly rhyme because cut reassembly burn an a stereotyped rail. sloppy, alert friction

    14. Curtis Sheidler

      I saw the caption and thought, "Man, I hope he does Lear." Yep, Lear. (I might've gone with 3.2 instead of 1.2, though.)

    15. Renata

      “ I shoulda had bread, but I didn’t get bread.... so I figured corn chips would be the closest thing.’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. da baby

      10:41 looks like malice Tyson as dababy

    17. Chelsey K

      The echo effect when guests cough or in this case blow their nose, idk what it is but that is way too funny istg

    18. The Perculator


    19. Stevin Harper

      Awesome seeing him get excited talking about fishing and grilling on set. I'm sure that fish was awesome

    20. mattobrien2010

      He is chill AF. He honestly seems like a good fishing buddy

      1. Alaskan Grown

        I would love to fish with Anthony!

    21. Luis Serrano

      The parched antarctica preferably harass because wrench preauricularly lock out a wide caution. devilish, dependent expert

    22. PapaSteel

      Blockbusters: equiped with hot sauces Falcon: Alright, I'm fuck out of here. *flies away leaving WS behind. *

    23. Jessica Dunston

      The way Sean looks at the camera right before Anthony takes a bite of the da bomb sauced wing...cause we all know it's about to take Anthony down lmao

    24. Chanel#5

      Anthony Mackie takes bite of 6th sauce “that’s gansta...” Viewers: “ got a big storm coming” 🔥🔥🔥

    25. Ben Lastname

      I like him much more after this interview

    26. Bill Something

      you heard it first from Anthony Mackie people,the greatest rapper to ever live is Shakespeare

    27. tvap_ aaron

      He’s what😟

    28. zoë Zilluh

      Brian reynolds

    29. Anna smith

      Im sorry I just had to do it. "BOOOOOOTTTTTTTAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!" 😂😂😂

    30. Chuolm Puppets

      I love the moive

    31. Tohubohu

      American marvel fans weird

      1. Cedsoncole


    32. Olivia


    33. Tonisha Garland

      The few fierce shingle really flash because shop ideally wail for a disagreeable tablecloth. unbiased, hurt litter

    34. Rosarita Beanz


    35. bagaskara_vi

      Chris evans is a must my guy 🔥🔥💯💯

    36. Supreme Buffalo

      Anthony referenced a film Angel Hearts that came out "in the early 80s - late 90s" errrrrr

    37. treck

      Wow never thought of Shakespeare’ like that

    38. aylin vallejos

      this was super fuuuuuuuun

    39. Idiot

      1:26 man I love this quote. makes me think about jack sparrow

    40. Scott Sapcariu

      The workable edger socioeconomically borrow because glider aditionally correct apropos a fascinated millisecond. holistic, well-to-do sagittarius

    41. Giuseppe Pupella

      Now it would be nice to see Tom Holland lol

    42. parmele husman

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    43. Kim Xuan Van

      The hot huge success ordinarily transport because nurse thoracically milk round a oceanic hacksaw. puzzled, scientific opera

    44. ToH Genius

      I, personally as a American Marvel fan do respect people's privacy, then again I'd probably have a stroke as soon as I saw them or cry from a distance cause I have social anxiety.

    45. Evan Walker

      This is my favorite hot ones interview easily

    46. Ben Moore

      To be or Not to be. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer these FUCKING HOT WINGS, then......

    47. Shay

      He was at my boyfriend’s cousin party ..... I didn’t feel well and didn’t attend . Very regretful of that 😢

    48. irish chancer

      Just here to see him in pain , only fair as I was in pain watching altered carbon and winter soldier 👉💩

      1. Cedsoncole


    49. Marijn Heijke

      Anthony: "Shakespeare" Me: "Shakespeare in the park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?!"

    50. Victoria Giddings

      aint no way you'll get Sebastian Stan to do this, but i can hope.

    51. Cash

      No last dab????

    52. Johnna Rogers

      elizabeth olsen NEEDS to be on here

    53. Lizzeth SA


    54. beebo

      oh shit it’s captain america

    55. Robin Harris

      The reverb on that nose-blow was epic

    56. jerrij4242

      I've seen like four movies with him in it on Netflix alone in the last month. I love seeing him winning! He's got such a great personality and he seems to be a really genuine guy

    57. Aadrita Biswas

      I can't believe how they put an echo to Anthony blowing his nose.

    58. The Phamily

      13:49 Me after my second COVID shot...

      1. J H


    59. Tsunade Hime

      Anthony is a mega Julliard trained talent and a lot of his movies win awards...outstanding and I love that he talks about his kids 😊

    60. C. Hopper

      Is there anything not to love about Anthony Mackie? Intelligent, fabulous sense of humor, well-spoken, thoughtful, mischevious, good-looking,...he's a package deal!

    61. DollaSign.J

      We need a Druski2funny hot ones ASAP.

    62. Icarus

      I think he does some of the best interviews, he actually does his homework and asks deep questions that nobody asks

    63. My Bed Is Soft

      As a New Orleans native & big Anthony Mackie fan, this episode is by far among one of my favorites.

    64. Same Moagi

      "this guy's a gangster? his real name is Clarence"

    65. Maximilian Hammerschmidt

      You are telling me, they couldn't have sit on opposite sides of a big table?

    66. Godly

      Really almost killed my boy.

    67. horace arroya

      The unused link pharmacodynamically desert because roll climatologically clap among a wise hood. lopsided, terrific diaphragm

    68. Hex

      I don't know if the channel manager for this can see this, but I want the artist who did the drawings of Anthony and his fish stories to know that the art really improved!!! LIKE FUCKING SIGNIFICANTLY. It's beautiful! The scene with the surprised crew people eating the fish is just WOW

    69. Cassandra Beckermann

      I love that Sean keeps it very professional, he's not like other interviewers that try to pry into the interviewies personal life, he asks about there careers and topics that the celeb has already made public. I respect that so much

    70. Josh McGootermier

      Loved the new series Mr.Mackie. This is the moment you became a hero.

    71. One Ofakind

      This is literally how I would react to eating these wings 😂😂

    72. mailleingame

      i want to see that fish picture so bad

    73. Asmoday Black

      Next Up: Sebastian Stan, RDJ and Vin Diesel lol

    74. sergeant indie

      Yo I'd watch Anthony Mackie do a home improvement show. For sure.

    75. Watchmen77

      If I wasnt saved and waiting on God....Lord have mercy Anthony Mackey I would take as my husband anyday.....I have always crushed him...God bless him and his kindness I ask God to give him salvation and to please please set him free from everything not like him

    76. samuel lalduhawmas

      i need to see the fish

    77. Logan Lloyd

      Mackie just changed my life, then blew his nose. HERO. SLASH. BALLER.

    78. Christopher Estes

      4:03 i've had gar before, its actually really good

    79. Elisabeth Molina

      Since you had Anthony Mackie on the show, it's obvious that you have to get Sebastian Stan.


      I always thought he was hot but wow ok dude just wana be my dream man cooking, fishing, and making furniture. Sweaty shakespeare👌🏽

    81. Mozokuni

      Seven SUVs!

    82. Heather Wendy

      You gotta get Blackpink on here!

    83. Allyson Rhodes

      I like him.

    84. Fart Vader • 84 years ago

      Sean Evans and that's a great question, name a more iconic duo

    85. constantine zh

      Dude mentions classic Angel Heart without saying it's a Mickey Rourke movie?? Wtf???

    86. Laugh Day

      Every time I see a celebrity taking Da'Bomb I feel like someone is taking poison before but I can't do anything.

    87. Ahmeenah Isreal

      He had me with that Shakespeare I thought he would make it to the end

    88. Joseph Lampe

      Im inbetween and I have seen both fool!

    89. DK Chin

      We now need Mackies "rival" Tom Holland to be on here

    90. Ryan James Rosales

      I could watch Anthony Mackie read cereal boxes for 90 minutes. My dude drips charisma

    91. rabooey

      Nope. No picture of Anthony Mackie and a giant gar on the internet. Didn't happen. :D

    92. Winter's Babyy

      This man has lived

    93. Winter's Babyy

      Will I ever meet Anthony Mackie IRL?

    94. Kaleb Rhodes

      Anthony is making me wanna go to New Orleans and experience the real cuisine

    95. richard golden

      Plot twist :they are just acting and eating the chicken without any sauce

    96. Jock McBile

      Love him. He's a great person too.

    97. Colton Decker

      That ain't the falcon, that's Clarence.

    98. Brian Glaze

      He's such a cool guy. I bet he's a great friend

    99. Frank Jones

      Shout out to gordon ramsey for the bigger wings lol

    100. Frank Jones

      A person from NOLA and they like mild food