SimCity | 2020-09-15

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    Streamed by CallMeKevin on 2020-09-15
    Originally titled "A disaster of a human making a disaster of a city"
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    1. xXDARKKINGXx 79

      Kevin: help, help, help... Game: HERES A HELP CENTER

    2. Mghaieth Alaeddine


    3. john doe

      A blend of communism and dictatorship with a bit of democracy for the important people... Jim City = CCP's China.

    4. Reagan Noelle

      2:13:05 stg this is the funniest thing he said the entire stream I'm _crying_

    5. Ethan Gatenby

      1:17:00 hey kevin, you think that oil is dryi- Kevin: *OIL OIL OIL*

    6. Jessica

      Ah this was my first CMK stream. Memories. :’)

      1. Burnout Paradise

        Oh so pog

    7. Kanra *finger guns*

      7:00 gameplay starts

      1. Burnout Paradise

        @Rayna DeLuna whaaat huhhhh

      2. Rayna DeLuna

        i love your screen name lollll

      3. Burnout Paradise

        @Kanra *finger guns* huhhh

      4. Kanra *finger guns*

        My bookmark 20:14

    8. 3Dimensional Games

      Kevin idk how often you check this channel but these stream archives are getting me through my day. Second one since this morning. Maybe one day I'll actually watch you live 😘

      1. Burnout Paradise


    9. Christian Hoffmann

      SimCity: the only city building game where you can only build small villages.

    10. Hana

      Kevin has been helping me fall asleep cause I hate sleeping in silence. Only side effect (that I enjoy tbh) is that his voice intertwines with my dreams creating a bizarre mix.

      1. rat illecebrasque dubitantium

        Legit what I'm doing atm.

      2. Marta Caroline Ferreira

        I used to do that too but I had to stop because I couldnt hear the clock alarm 😥

    11. Harley Cyn

      Why's there always that one person who downvotes EVERYTHING on IRflow? It could be a video about fulfilling someone's granny's dying wish and somebody would downvote it. Flock of ducklings crossing a road in spring? Downvote. Baby's first Christmas? Downvote. Irish fellow plays a video game to entertain his fans? Downvote. Yeesh. The IRflow Grinch needs to go back to Mount Krumpit. Thanks for the video, Kevin. My cats sleep much better during your extended plays.

      1. Burnout Paradise

        🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 wait a min

    12. Seven Ellen

      I want to see more SimCity gameplay! I LOVED this. :D

    13. Alyssa

      The modern temple looks like it would make the aliens happy. Also, citizens wanted police and fire station but not a hospital?? I don't think you built a hospital but I guess it doesn't matter since people just die in fire or explosions anyway.

    14. Chinema Pictures

      Last. No body better watch after me.

      1. SwHp_AH_Mc_AutismLego


      2. dyson burt

        Shit my bad man

      3. stan twice

        fool i am too powerful

      4. Mark Barker

        too late

    15. Michael Schultz

      Low key, this makes me want to play SimCity again though I prefer City Skyline

      1. Artsy Cat

        @TOTALLY RADICAL I always start a new city every time I play cause the previous one always has too many problems to deal with hehe


        I just started playing city skylines and it took me like four tries to make a city that made money on my first attempt I put a water pump in the MIDDLE of the town and was confused when they didnt have water so its safe to say im a genius

      3. Mark Barker

        i love them both

      4. Chinema Pictures

        More like bore ragnorak

    16. Blaize

      How does this have only 4 comments and 70 likes? This is THE CallMeKevin. The best lad that helps me through the worst of times. Love you bro.

    17. Josephine Paredes

      tyty for the streamsss

    18. László Poczik

      41:25 that's actually how that works mate

    19. Robert Lemon

      Hi kevinpoo

    20. Eg hop

      I said this on the last channel, but I will say again the best moment starts at 2:05:20

      1. Burnout Paradise

        @the majastic creature same

      2. the majastic creature

        i'm gonna pretend i didn't see that