Top 10 Unscripted Parks and Recreation Moments That Were Kept in the Show


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    These unscripted "Parks and Recreation" moments were so priceless that they were kept in the show. Our countdown includes band names, stop... pooping, snake juice, and more! What's YOUR favorite unscripted "Parks and Rec" moment? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Animal Overload

      12:00 he got Star Lord's attention.

    2. Ros McCabe

      I think some of their mural presentation in The Camel was ad lib? Eg when April starts laughing… love that bit

    3. Josh Gladman

      you forgot about the comeback scene when Chris Pratt makes a reference to somewhat famous short film ;)

    4. Nick Dryer

      20 years of hardest touture to any kingdom bring her up dad tell her to kiss my right wing hardest come down bleeding out all orphises may she be reborn dad please I loved playing with her please dad she is so cute

    5. Nick Dryer

      Right wing kiss

    6. Nick Dryer

      Look lol

    7. Tim Scollard

      Ban Narrated Vids


      The Kardasian come on her back joke is what’s beyond spot number one. Truly amazing

    9. Bridget Brennan

      The thing with “reverse psychiatry” is that it really fit Andy’s character.

    10. Patrick

      Patton Oswalt's star wars VII would've been way better than what Disney actually made.

    11. Zen Maestro

      How's did Patton Oswald not predict that he was in the presence of Starlord, while presenting his filibuster about the Marvel universe?

    12. James Harr

      This only made it to the outtake real, but Andy talking about wiping being like wiping a marker (“Still poop. Still poop.”) makes me laugh-cry every time.

    13. Loofa Rigno

      Wtf is MS mojo?! Was there a Mr Mojo? Or was just gender neutral mojo not enough?

    14. winter darlin'

      That’s disgusting that he flashed Amy without her consent.. and then he framed the sexual harassment letter ?? Wtf

    15. Tansenmae

      Reverse psychiatry gets me every time

    16. Taylor S

      I never once thought of suicide until I clicked on this video and heard this voice talk nonstop. Burn me at a campfire, shovel me into a rocket, and blast my basic ass directly into the sun. Momma I'm coming home.

    17. Barbara Hultman

      "Stop pooping" should've been #1

    18. Andrew B. Johnson

      Given that the Infinity Stones have been replaced in the timeline and Wade’s penchant for time traveling and 4th Wall breaking, I have a feeling ‘Deadpool 3’ might finally be the film that Disney canonizes a crossover between the MCU & Star Wars (even if it’s only a mid- or post-credit scene).

    19. Godzilla Cheeze

      That's bullshit, her genuine reaction is a blooper, not the actual thing.

    20. sophie mae

      chris pratt really made the show 10× funnier

    21. Lydia DC


    22. Lydia DC

      NETWORK CONNECTIVITY PROBLEMS KILLED ME. No idea it was improvised

    23. naturedust


    24. Rocky Shah

      Ms mojo more like fcking pseudo Feminist

    25. Briana Stanford

      Okay but God Hates Figs is a good ass band name

    26. Brad Schneider

      Stop pooping. Lmao

    27. Bill Burnett

      It's one thing to enjoy the fact of ad libs. It's another to tout them as though they are somehow superior to the excellent writing that was pervasive throughout this series. The writers were sharp and hardworking and clever and it was always a pleasure to watch. These "unscripted" moments shouldn't be seen as somehow superior to the scripts themselves. Sincerely, a Writer.

    28. Izzy Perez

      I just saw the Patton Oswald episode for the first time in a long time and I thought this shit was genius

    29. agtac76

      This happens to be one of my favorite shows. I just finished watching it for the 6th time. It's just a good show.

    30. Mario Marques

      It's hard to hate Chris pratt for being a religious nut

    31. Patrick Donovan

      I went on date with a girl to see a band named “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” in Delray Beach FL. She knew the lead singer. The drummer was 20 minutes late. It was a Wednesday and there were about a dozen of us there. Swear to God.

    32. Boothill Bill

      These videos contain way too much talking. This video could’ve been 4 minutes

    33. B Lovett

      Honestly all of these are Chris Pratt getting genuine reactions from the cast. ROADHOUSE!

    34. taylor a

      ITS, POOPIN'

    35. Arissa Rodriguez

      Sebastian Stan could be Bucky and Young Luke sky walker My favorite is “reverse psychiatry”

    36. juliocesardelao

      Kim Kardashians come back history

    37. Andy

      Ba-ba-booey 🤣 probably my favorite 5 seconds in TV

    38. Ricksyboy1306

      uh the "network connectivity problems" should be #1!!!!

    39. robert upton

      Be nicer without all the commentary and just play the damn scenes

    40. Connor Gowans

      I like how she has to explain why stop poopin is funny

    41. vanLouw

      You missed the best one! Andy Dwyer's "come back" comment on Kim Kardashian :'D

    42. J B

      Why do I hate Ms. Mojo? There was never a Mr. Mojo .... why does this need to exist?

    43. Duperior Frog

      I like the network connectivity problems

    44. The Forsaken Baby

      Jam sitting up in attention when Patton starts talking about the reality gem is just the best

    45. blorpinino999 thing...we can do WITHOUT the narration, m'kay, Sunshine?

    46. Vedika

      Chris Pratt is so funny he’s so talented

    47. Vedika

      The actors are so incredibly talented

    48. KittySnicker

      Love this show ❤️

    49. frank thetank

      if your girlfriend is in love with Chris show her the fart outtake from the show :)

    50. Samantha Meuse

      NETWORK CONNECTIVITY PROBLEMS SHOULD BE #1!! Chris Pratt really is so amazing on that show. It wouldn’t be the same without him!

      1. Samantha Meuse

        @UCe79r4UCooi4Ivng8GXEebg Andy was trying to search her symptoms, but the computer was having trouble connecting to the internet so it probably says something like “it looks like you have network connectivity problems” and Andy took that as her illness

    51. GeographyGirl05

      “Stop... pooping”

    52. Detroit Killjoy

      I loved this sitcom I know it would be a hit with chirs pratt in it a star in the makeing

    53. Libby Green

      Best tv show ever!

    54. cassidy frank

      can you do this for the office

    55. MRaime

      What, and nothing about the "Comeback" impro?

      1. Forsythia17x

        Wasn't that just a blooper, though? Doesn't really count.

    56. Sting Rey

      The full Filibuster is available on line and is included in the dvd.

    57. PM

      So you’re telling me if it wasn’t for Aubrey plaza’s ad lib, the best on screen relationship in television might’ve never happened??? Whoa

      1. Rensune

        "ad lib" She had a crush on Chris Pratt.

      2. cody leslie

        No the writers had planned it after the first season

      3. Godzilla Cheeze

        I don’t even remember that

      4. Godzilla Cheeze


    58. Monster Hanna

      You're spoiling me, MsMojo; three Chris Pratt videos in a row. 😂😍😍😍

    59. PhanThief95

      The Kim Kardashian comeback line feels very unscripted & should’ve been kept in the show. A line that hilarious that made everybody break does not feel scripted & should’ve been kept in the show.

      1. Broken Drum

        People don't talk about cum in sitcoms... It just doesn't happen.

      2. PhanThief95

        @Eva McDonough And? I’ve seen sitcoms that have said worse.

      3. Eva McDonough

        it's way too inappropriate tho

    60. Jordacar

      The takeaway of this video is that I never appreciated Chris Pratt's contribution to the show nearly enough.

    61. Jommy Fonseca

      star wars and marvel that a crossover i would like to see

    62. redClover 83

      My fave has to be Ron dancing xD

    63. Yuky Wookie

      Duuude these are totally awesome sauce

    64. Paula Camargo

      Hell no, the funniest moment is definitely the one where they’re drunk with snake juice. Ron dancing is HILARIOUS! I laugh every single time I watch it. And the Stop. Popping one is also very funny. The second most funny in my opinion.

    65. Brandon Hex

      I love how Andy and Jam are all interested in the Star Wars filibuster story once Thanos shows up.

    66. Jelly

      I don’t know why, but the “stop pooping “ line kills me every time!! 😂

      1. Jenna


    67. Sofia

      Chris Pratt surely is the best pick 😀

    68. Marc Picardi

      This show is really funny. I'm so glad I have the complete series.

    69. Andrea Holt

      *What’s your favorite comeback story?*


        Terminator He said he’ll be back and he was

      2. Josh Matlock

        Kim kardashian obviously just so inspirational!!!!


      Yeeyy! 🤩

    71. RickeGnool

      The “Network connectivity” joke should have been nr 1.

    72. Sarah duke

      I want a marvel comics and star wars crossover it be so awsome

    73. David Martinez

      Sooo its not sexual harrasment because he's "cute" like he still flashed his junk to 2 others without warning or an ok from them. Sick

      1. Heather Stephenson

        That's true, yeah, I absolutely love this show but it's not at all appropriate to flash your co-workers without telling anyone you were going to do it, especially as he was proud of it and didn't apologise when he was reprimanded, which is pretty uncool. It's also quite rude to presume that they couldn't convincingly act like they'd seen it, as they're good actresses.

      2. Miriam C

        And he framed the letter he got. Yeah, that’s kinda skeevy.

    74. Artist Jennette Brown

      The best part is Chris Pratt being super excited about the Filibuster, when he was actually was part of the MCU.

      1. Ellie Mae

        yes! and the actor doing the Filibuster, Patent Oswald, is also part of the MCU, he plays 4 brothers in Agents Of SHIELD, Eric, Sam, Billy and Thurston Koenig😂

      2. Izzy Perez

        I thought this too!

    75. Sam Stern

      Most of the Snake Juice episode looks unscripted

    76. 07 & 70

      😊😊 wow 👍👍👍 Very good 😊😊 👍👍👍 👌👍👍👌

    77. Mascha.nitzling

      The “network connectivity problems” line is easily one of the best lines in the whole show.

    78. Passive Agressive

      1:47 The connectivity joke must be number one. 7:49 my bad......

    79. Emma Ray

      12:04, I honestly think the reality Stone would only be able to do that if used in combination with the space stone

    80. andrewthezeppo

      Parks and Recreation and Schitt's Creek are my all time favorite sitcoms.

    81. Lynne McGee

      Definitely snake juice. 🤣

    82. Butterfly13

      Let's be honest. There would be no Andy Dwyer without Chris Pratt! 😂

      1. Jorge Naranjo

        Literally. He was going to be out after season 1, but they loved Pratt so much that they had to keep Andy Dwyer as a regular instead of a guest

    83. Jonathan Harshman

      Cmon Disney canonize this. Every Star Wars Fan: Nooooooooo.

    84. Sin Archer

      Chris Pratt really knew how to embody that character and make it his own.

      1. Lakita Hesson

        @Gannon Dane Damn! It took like 15 mins but it worked!!

      2. Gannon Dane

        i dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instapwn. Find it on google enjoy!

      3. Vanessa Stegall

        @Angel bass, he’s a goof ball. But we wouldn’t want to have Chris Pratt any other way.

      4. Angel bass

        Lol he was playing himself!!!!

    85. Isaac Mulisa

      im your 185 like

    86. Derek Siakaluk

      I love this show so much.

    87. Trami Nguyen

      I love this show!

    88. Jericho McCallahann

      I'm still waiting for parks and rec characters based on zodiac signs

    89. Vanessa Stegall

      Chris Pratt and his nudity. I wouldn’t want to be on set that day due to laughter

    90. Ryan Appleton

      Do I look like I drink water? Best piece improv from Retta! I want my 💅 to be just like hers.

    91. David Cervera

      You have to go to the blooper segments to find a couple of Chris Pratt's most hilarious improvs, specifically his butt-wiping discussion with his doctor, and... well, I'll just let you find the other one.

    92. cheri0427

      Couldn't click fast enough! This is one of my all time favorite series :)

    93. GrimlockGuy34

      Im surprised the kim kardashian comeback comment wasnt on the list XD

      1. Kostis Papakostopoulos

        Because it didn’t make it in the episode, but still one of my favorites

    94. Michaela Miller

      the bloopers for this show are fire. "was it Vladerieem? Vladerieem Putenum?"

      1. Vanessa Stegall

        Miss. Mojo has a list for the bloopers.

      2. andrewthezeppo

        The Kim Kardashian joke is so funny and savage

    95. Imagine That

      Earlyyy 11 mins ago

    96. marciemay0

      Irrelevant thought : I was wondering where the boogey men were hiding...

    97. Elizabeth Hernandez

      That fact that Chris pratt improvised most of all his lines is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! 😆♥️😆♥️😆

    98. Christian Parrish

      I never watched the show, but if it's unscripted, I'm interested.

      1. Aleah Henderson-Carter

        Oh wow! You’re missing out!

      2. Lynne McGee

        A lot of it is.

    99. BrokenAkan 04


    100. Lindy And All Of The Above