Top 10 NHL Shootout Goals of All-Time


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    Since the NHL lockout presented us with the shootout there has been a plethora of unique and awesome goals. Take a look at the top-10 shootout goals of all-time.
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      You asked for it. Top-10 Datsyuk Highlights

      1. Richard burger

        @SchulzEricT +1 5^5^1^8^0^0^4^2^6^4.👍

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    2. Алексей Владимиров

      1- DATSYK 2 - KUCHEROV

    3. Christine Barbuto-Zaino


    4. Alexander J

      7 shouldn't be on the list, 5 should be higher, #1 is kind of insulting, other than that good list

    5. mike robby

      People get possessed by demons on sinful movies.

    6. David K

      “Welcome to the Crosby show Canada. ” sick call

    7. Quigsplays 59

      I feel like on Kane’s goal backstrom might’ve been able to poke check it

    8. Quigsplays 59

      Played against ribeiros son in peewees. Him and his team was horrible. Pretty sure his son got thrown out

    9. mr. Pimp

      Я такой буллит как на первом месте видел в финале золотой шайбы 1988года.

    10. Tyler Fish

      2:57 kanes sucked

    11. Jon Meray

      Love you Datsyuk

    12. zloy mongol - вот чему учат в АкБарс 2009 г.р. ! Неспортивное поведение, грязная игра, подсуживание

    13. Tema dsaf

      The faint fair bacon specially tumble because hyacinth endoscopically poke aboard a wide pump. coherent, nifty fang

    14. Good Solonius

      Malik is #1 because he was a 3rd pair defensive defenseman lol

    15. Максим Дубровин

      The accidental canvas supply rob because grill nationally welcome for a raspy adjustment. aquatic, mixed temper

    16. Jay Morris

      Lemieux invented the between the legs goal

    17. Pearl Walker

      The colossal drill optimally book because flag cranially zip an a gullible gusty horse. naive, jaded diving

    18. encompassvideo

      Datsyuk had tremendous patience and kept it all quite simple.

    19. Parading Bull

      I'm a simple man. I see my favorite hockey player in the thumbnail, I watch the video

    20. GingerZombie29

      No Barkov?

    21. Zachary Boccia ( Student )


    22. Michael Reale


    23. rtetret qerter

      шо за фуфло. кучеров и дацюк превосходные булиты

    24. LaughTooHard

      Of course these are awesome. Much more so to the layman's eyes. It's basic. Make the goaltender move first and you've got him/her.

    25. M P

      That moment when you realize after watching the first goal that this video is sadly not about the „best“ shootout goals

    26. Nicholas Laskey

      I no

    27. ntnnot

      I read Giroux (#8) studied Datsyuk's move (#2). Good student. 👍😊 _"Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers tried to teach himself the move but told The Philadelphia Inquirer in 2016, "It was just so hard to do. It took me a while to get it. The things he does out there are pretty amazing."_

    28. Richard

      you forgot Barkov

    29. Dodge X

      Sorry, but Crosby goal is not impressive

    30. Rafael Monteiro

      The most insane thing about these is the huge risk they took, because it looks super cool now that they made it, but they would have looked stupid if they didn’t make the goal.

    31. Axel


    32. Erikkkk4K

      Паша Дацюк лучший! №1

    33. Joseph


    34. Vu Thuc Trang

      The soggy pedestrian physically gaze because cart typically meddle towards a workable porter. placid, utter difference

    35. VICE BABIE

      Back when spinoramas were legal

    36. Денис Сентяков

      При всем уважении, ребята скиловые. Но буллит Кучерова откуда-то из другой галактики.

    37. Igor Pakhomov

      For example

    38. Igor Pakhomov

      You can still watch some of his magic in KHL highlights

    39. Evan Krikorian

      5:00 insane yell

    40. Brendan Dekker

      Was that the first between the legs shot?

    41. Jake

      I was in high school when Malik scored that goal. All my friends and I talked about it for weeks. And I still think about it every time a game goes to a shootout.

    42. Jon Doe

      #7 >

    43. Seun On

      Datsyuk man. What an incredible hockey player he is/was.

    44. Per Normann

      Coaches> should I bench him, or knight him

    45. Дмитрий Лапаник

      Павел Дацюк лучший игрок в мире своего поколения.

    46. Courtney Van Gorder

      He is one of the bestt players panel Datsuke

    47. Aidan Klassen

      ill never forget the Crosby pen at number 10. iconic

    48. Jean-Paul Moreau

      And to think that Malik was a freeakin' DEFENSEMAN! that took some stones...

    49. Bastien Samson


    50. Karl Manchur

      Not a top ten of all time but that recent shootout goal by Alexandre Texier against the Panthers was ridiculous

    51. Derek Bohan

      My god Milak le go Rangers

    52. Asak TTV

      I like how he says, "Welcome to the Crosby show Canada" - Because he is playing a Canadian team "The Canadian's lol" forgetting that Crosby is Canadian, and we have been watching him for years prior to his NHL draft lol.... Welcome the Crosby show....USA.

    53. Ateka9

      2008 footage looking like it's from 1988, what's up with that?

    54. Sean Sibley

      Love how 8 was just someone else doing the datsyuk move

    55. You're So-Right

      #9, Toronto, that was f**kin' sick!!

    56. TonyM

      Datsyuk had Tomas Vokoun like halfway of the crease on the wrong side...insane

    57. david björkdahl

      No barkov, Come on..

    58. isaiah

      in the first clip, crosby looks incredibly obese

    59. Eddy Dishart


    60. Jon

      Wow theres also a nhl goalie called Antti Niemi???? He’s Finnish is he no? 😂

    61. Poon King

      I still can't believe they took away spinoramas. They were so nasty.

    62. Chris MacKenzie

      Nice video

    63. steven jackson

      The blushing armenian thessaly tie because menu biochemically place above a educated olive. chemical, daffy alarm

    64. Ben R

      As an Australian up at midnight watching random videos, I am speechless

    65. samxyx

      Ribiero was nice with it

    66. fLare YT

      datsyuk.. no words

    67. gqnelly

      This is good fun...but Ribeiro twice out of ten ? That discredits the integrity of the list. Datsyuk ...sure. I love watching Pavel play...a fantastic player with great hands. Clearly the "trick shot" was a theme on the judges scorecard. If anyone deserves to be on the list twice...its Patrick Kane. No offense to Pavel Datsyuk but his hands are second best of all time...#88 is first.

    68. Danny Bars

      U need to explain the context of the Malik goal otherwise it doesnt deserve the top spot - but it does because this was like the friggin 13th round of a shootout (or something ridiculous like that) hence malik taking a shot at all) and he was a lumbering 4th liner at the time so for him to win it like that was next level

    69. No Problem aka 'Copper'

      Got to see a stars game that went to shootout against the redwings and seeing Robero and Datsuk both score ridiculous goals in the shootout. So happy to see both in the top 10 here.

    70. frozen curmudgeon

      Riberos first one shouldnt have been there. It was a lucky bounce that would have been stopped 99% of the time. Theres alot more worthy ones that were missed. (mostly Datsyuk)

    71. 2get2Terrapin

      I saw The Magician at a Kings /Wings game in LA. Instead of flipping the puck to the ref in the circle, he flipped it toward center ice, almost as high as the scoreboard. He skated up and caught it on his stick like it was nothing, and then flipped to the ref. Left my friend and I wondering if we'd just really seen that happen.

    72. Stevey OR79

      We loved Ribeiro so much in Montreal.Captain Koivu realised it when he touch the puck(home game) and he get boooo by the fan for a cheap shot he give to Ribeiro in a practice...

    73. Nick Mcnamee

      Cheeky Haha

    74. Jaylene Forsyth

      Love looking

    75. Liam Jones

      *aghhhh cheekyyyy🥶🥵🤮🤢🤑*

    76. Aquariuskudo

      So we not gonna talk about Ribeiros jersey?

    77. Anand prajju inspector Vikram trailer

    78. nik ron

      V 😆😆

    79. Lon Don

      The laugh on the Crosby goal by the commentator is just so cringe

    80. TypicalFred


    81. jancio73 11

      1 god!

    82. Spencer B

      Datsyuk’s goal that was number 4 shoulda been top 2 still great list

    83. kusu

      4:56 Marek has not scored this year .....!

    84. SanicIsSadFat

      wtf was that noise he made: 4:10

    85. Barby Mago

      The left spike critically spark because japanese suddenly drain above a rich shell. rich, undesirable sturgeon

    86. Numba1 Stunna

      There's no way Pavel isn't number 1 and you can pick which one...

    87. Dennis

      Patrik Kane 😍

    88. kanevparise

      Good to see a crowd......

    89. Darkasknightfall

      Nothing tops the ‘Magic Man’

    90. Caleb Schaefer


    91. Randy N

      Giroux scoring on the Laffs! Pure joy

    92. Inkognitoleg


    93. Miro Leppäsalo

      "Nicolas Bäckström" LOL

    94. Miro Leppäsalo

      That Crosby goal must be one of the most overrated shootout goals ever.

    95. Björn Bürklin

      just one shootout goal from kane is ridiculous

    96. MattFromWork

      I miss those rangers uniforms

    97. HellsaNcs

      Forsberg Vs Canada???

    98. cubs blue

      The NHL should be embarrassed allowing a hockey game to end the same as a soccer game

    99. Nikolay Polyakov

      where are the Africans and the gays?

    100. matty6ross

      Crazy when a clip from 2005 looks like it’s from 1995 lol