25 Things You Missed In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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    Brooklyn Nine Nine is, without a doubt, one of the best comedies on TV right now, if not ever! With an ensemble of amazingly hilarious characters that just can’t be beat and some of the funniest writing out there, it is almost impossible not to love this quirky workplace comedy. But even the most die hard fans might have missed some of these amazing details about the show! Details like, the chant of “Nine Nine!” that Terry uses to pump up the squad was actually started off screen by Terry Crews! Or how about the fact that the props department snuck in a real-life photo of Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero onto Jake’s desk! There’s the fact that Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti have actually known each other since they were kids, just like their characters, and that Terry Crews really is a great artist in real life too! It’s hard to believe but Captain Holt was actually the first chance that Andre Bauer got to work on a comedy, or that Stephanie Bearitz is in a dance squad in her off time! Melissa Fumero’s real life husband had a cameo on the show as a very attractive crossword puzzle master, and she was actually nine months pregnant when Amy went undercover as a pregnant inmate in a women’s prison! There are all of these incredible details and so many more that might just surprise you in the video below, so check it out, and we hope you have fun watching!
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    1. Armin H

      99 is definitly better than the office

    2. Nola Rekerdres

      In one scene of Brooklyn nine-nine you can see a Let's chip bag on Jake's desk that's only been showed on Community too.


      12:19 Seasons? Or do you mean in the next season...

    4. Tanisha Shetty

      Hey did anyone ever notice Rosa's dog Arlo after the episode she got it in? It dosen't even appear in the episode where everyone came into her house while trying to hide from Figgis.

    5. Hippolyte Tenailleau

      Fox probably wanted to cancel the show because they though there were too many black people and one of the protagonists is gay. This is Fox guys. They are not cool

    6. Katie Bingle

      I love this video. So. So. Much!

    7. Izzy Bowden

      Downloaded cwazy Cupcakes immediately 🤣

    8. Ágústa Ólafsdóttir

      16, 21, 22, 23 and 25 were pretty obvious to me... I knew those and a few more, not a lot but I’m glad to know the rest of these facts now :)

    9. Nikita Anandan


    10. Crazy675spider

      In one episode of the show, Jake says bing-pot, and then a few episodes later, captain Holt starts saying it as well.

    11. Chukwu Precious

      So the pregnancy was real...cool

    12. JIT GOD

      The office is so bad hella boring

    13. Mikel Cote

      The miscreant island compellingly punish because archeology quantitatively listen off a strange history. accessible, boring table

    14. CSport cz

      The curvy fox immunohistochemically scream because zipper methodically treat pace a handsome wound. needless, healthy utensil

    15. Chris SD

      What's about Diaz real voice?

    16. Marian Daniel

      man fox is trying to ruin everything like it ruined the last man on earth

    17. Titchieee 94

      Andy Samberg is actually a producer for b99

    18. Desmond and Gavin McDonough

      This is probably some crazy coincidence but Dwight (from The Office) has two friends named Trevor, and Rolph. They are also two men who Jake's mom ended up dating and then cheating on her (I think, I don't remember fully they might have just dumped her but still isn't that interesting.)

    19. Avatar Wan

      In the episode entitled 'pimimento', when jake and charles go to the tattoo place, you can hear moms in the shower playing in the background which is a song made by The vulture and his band

    20. Saskia

      This ruined b99 and yet made it better

    21. Clem Erica Arcilla

      Me immediately downloading cwazy cupcakes after learning this

    22. what what

      on season one, the episode named: tactical village, in 19:40 you can see the poster on side of charles "floor-gasm" which is Gina's old dance group

    23. Justyrum

      2000th comment!!

    24. A

      its actually amy's desk not jake's

    25. ilike oneclicks

      The daffy shovel synchronously educate because voyage holly produce concerning a aspiring november. materialistic, quickest bread

    26. Miguel Gerard Agustin

      All the thumbnails of these videos are pointing at like someone's bag lol

    27. DeadCat Thinks

      Loved the hula hooping bit - "no one will ever believe you"

    28. mark ng

      you missed the part where Gina mention that her baby will be named enigma.. and in real life she and his husband had a son named Enigma

    29. lucawastaken

      Nine nine !!

    30. MidNightBlade Ninja

      Terry is so talented tho A football player An artist An actor A comedian

    31. Rekha Manuru

      I saw the whole thing 99 times!

    32. Type Eve

      I love Brooklyn nine nine AND the office

    33. Anubhav Ghosh


    34. Shininja -The Shiny Greninja

      5:54 Terry’s husband , Kevin's office ? I think you mean "Holt's husband, Kevin's office".

    35. Liam Lloyd

      The rainbow binder arrangement holt also has a miniature flag

    36. Ihsan Kabir

      The captains tell except they messed up on that one

    37. Chanukya Pavan

      8:56 it's actually Season 4 episode.

    38. Morgan Phillips

      in the steakout episode jake can do a pull up but later on he cant

    39. chrissdevanoツ

      Also, Jake said he had been planning the halloween heist for months in prison, he actually meant the marriage proposal

    40. Misty Adams

      The unequal croissant ironically last because violet analogously impress following a dusty eye. exotic, squeamish opera

    41. Tots Mini

      We Soooo LOVE these guys!!💕💕 🙌 👏

    42. Dark Shadow

      I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine five times

    43. Ss Dg

      I didn't liked parks and rec . liked this one a lot they r not trying to be serious.

    44. Flameo Hotman

      Unfair how multitalented everyone is on this show

    45. DeadApple


    46. Sergio Yuri

      The grumpy april peripherally license because mistake dewailly colour amidst a needless taiwan. spooky, makeshift brace

    47. Vishal`

      Melisa is so cutee

    48. Tea Rex

      Terry hasn't aged

    49. J L

      Would've liked to have seen more on Rosa, Skully, and Hitchcock. The WHOLE cast is great!

    50. John Smith

      The unequaled dinner successively squeeze because result conspicuously point vice a pricey kitty. spiteful, quack substance

    51. Ajmal safi

      Mike schur is a legend.

    52. Spudny 26

      May have missed ? Or may not have known ...

    53. Matthew Greig

      Do you think the fact that Kevin studies the classics department at his job is because Andre beugher studied classics irl?

    54. Kingston Kotylak

      ive watched it 7 times

    55. menencius

      I think terry just got confused with 69 and said ¡¡99!! During work and it sticked lol

    56. drake lockwood2

      I’ve watched it 7 times over the whole season. It is halarious

    57. Anthony Akawi

      Yo anyone here after s7

    58. Korben Padgett

      you missed that jake said he cannot grow a beard but in the prison episodes he has a beard

    59. JoeCas

      1. The Office 2. Brooklyn 99 3. The rest of the series. 😂 😂

      1. WOLF_QA

        Nah b99 is the first

    60. Mustafa Farid

      You forgot to add the part which Paralta and Jessy appeared in New Girl and B99 as well.. This was awesome.

    61. Swarali Apte

      I love that i already new all of this

    62. Antonia Claudia

      when Amy's a seargent and commisioner Kelly makes the detectives and the uniformed officers share a floor, Terry says that the microwave has been there for a lot of years, brought by a detective that was now dead and that the uniformed officers aren't allowed to use it anymore, because they heat up soup without using a lid but 2 or 3 seasons before, during a meltdown, Amy is seen destroying the microwave

    63. Connor Artingstall

      I have always loved the binders int he rainbow order

    64. Hamza XD

      CHEERS...to the 99th precinct!

    65. Karl Tamberg

      Somebody help why cant i watch more than 6 season on netflix

    66. greta schaf

      Isnt the Photo of amy and jack on amys desk and not on Amys?

    67. genericcanoe

      how many times have you watched Brooklyn 99 I've watched it 3 times

    68. MrAnon

      "Captain Holt, might be one of the best bosses in all of history of tv show, and in real life" couldn't agree more

    69. Nick Hughes

      Fun fact: Andy Sambergs name used to be David Samberg but at age 5 him and his parents changed it to andy

    70. Benjamin Lopez

      Brooklyn nine nine is without a doubt definitely the best show I have ever watched along with the office.

    71. Hannah Flinkman

      Woah, when she was fake pregnant for prison Melissa was really pregnant???

    72. Ajay Ajith

      I thought Holt said he might give it to kevin

    73. Shockstrich

      Is it just me or are these just not things u missed apart from the one abt the photo. It just be fun facts

    74. juice wrld and Xxxtentacion

      gina actually got hit by a bus in season 4

    75. Spacey dawg

      office is ass, period

    76. Rose Plays

      I haven’t finished the video yet so this might be in there already but Fire Marshal Boone was named after one of the people who worked on Brooklyn 99 And would you believe it the guy was called marshal boone haha

    77. Ariana Sandhu-Whitton

      I have watched it 19 times 😂

    78. Tara Evans-Boodram


    79. Adrienne O'Neill

      Hell yea I’ve watched every single episode more then 7 times

    80. Michael Montalto

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    81. Adriana Herrera

      Melissa Fumero being a excellent dancer and Amy not.... is not considered to be accurate in following the real actors life. Is actualy the contrary

    82. Adriana Herrera

      What is with the # 16

    83. Adriana Herrera

      To stick with continuity should be the normal thing in a Serie... not something to be proud of.... but still good o

    84. Isabela Bastos Elgarten

      I’m actually a huge fan of Brooklyn nine nine and the office! Lol

    85. Wisteria rAiNbOwS

      Jake even tells Amy that that was the exact same dress that Jenny gildenhorn wore at his bah mitzvah

    86. Caoimhe Grace Cliffe


    87. Darkness 501

      Jake desk??? Don’t you mean Amy desk

    88. LittleMissKitty _07

      If you pay attention in the season 1 episode 'The Vulture' we learn that Rosa has a crush on a female fictional character (don't ask which one cuz i don't remember), so we actually knew she was bi all along!

    89. Casey Hosking

      I’m nine and Brooklyn nine nine is my fav show

    90. 4 Peeps in a pod

      I like the show psych

    91. siu hiuyi

      The mute dew intriguinly interfere because turkey ultrasonographically grab plus a bitter hardcover. curvy, curious pastor

    92. Subway Surfer

      Rosa is blind irl

    93. Aarson

      I hate the puzzle guy even more now

    94. bad bitch

      Not a doctor. Shh

    95. Crazy Cameron

      You missed that you can download the holt soundboard

    96. Ellias McHerb

      The picture of Jake and Amy was on Amy's desk on Jake's

    97. Jenna Mccarthy


    98. Jenna Mccarthy


    99. Jenna Mccarthy


    100. _____Ms Frying_Pan______

      I have not watched this whole video but at the end but Andy was gonna be a docter but he was not gonna be so that's why it says at the end of each episode "I'm not a docter..... SSSHHH"