The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft


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    The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft. In this hour long documentary I give an overview of the complete story of Minecraft legend and IRflowr Technoblade. I will cover everything from the MrBeast $100K Dream VS Technoblade duel, to Minecraft Championship, SMP Earth, Minecraft Monday, The Great Potato War, Minecraft Ultimate and even the Bedwars Winstreak World Record!! This Minecraft Documentary is the first in a line of new content I want to post. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!

    Big thanks to my sister Kaiya and friend Konner for helping with sections of the script!!

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    Intro: ( 00:00 )
    The Origin of Techno: ( 00:36 )
    Hardcore With a Steering Wheel: ( 02:54 )
    Bedwars Winstreak Record: ( 03:51 )
    Minecraft Monday: ( 08:05 )
    Hypixel Skyblock: ( 16:22 )
    The Great Potato War: ( 17:46 )
    SMP Earth: ( 24:13 )
    Minecraft Championship 1-4: ( 27:51 )
    Dream Rivalry Begins: ( 34:57 )
    Dream VS Techno MCC: ( 36:40 )
    Minecraft Ultimate: ( 43:09 )
    Final Events Set in Motion: ( 46:05 )
    Dream and Techno MCC: ( 47:00 )
    100K Duel Announced: ( 52:16 )
    Dream VS Techno Duel: ( 54:16 )
    The End: ( 58:32 )


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    1. sean5490 sean5490

      "just killed a woman, feeling good"

    2. memer boi

      i spended 1 hour for this

    3. Hydrogened

      And pvp isnt even technos main game

    4. go ahead n' try hard

      Ahhhh pvp is just 1 aspect

    5. Pixel kid

      Wow insane video

    6. Neal Mindy

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    7. heliah

      I feel like I just watch a whole movie... that is not yet done as we all know.

    8. CrxngeChez

      i feel like techno's sub count fell behind due to people not seeing his streams on the Uploads category

    9. Marcel

      I mean techno always had the crown 👑 🐷

    10. ketzz16

      btw wilbur soot made smp earth

    11. Citraputri Danellia Chrisdiokta Purnama 1417061

      11:23 Jeromeee was a minecraft boi? i thought he would play with ssundee -


      Technoblade is the king Dont compare him to that stupid blue blob

    13. Lucas Asay

      hi guys Techno is good

    14. Youtuber Merkez

      I am happy for giving 1 Hour to this video :)

    15. KrazyKiwi

      It's funny at how different both Dream and Techno came to be, but from very similar roots. See, Techno wasn't the greatest at PvP at the start, he took his time to learn, and gradually became a master of it. Dream was different, he was all about PvP from the get go, learning mechanic after mechanic as fast as possible. Both started out on faction servers, just like most MC PvPers do, and both were known by that point for their PvP. (Hell I did, our faction dominated whichever server we went on, grew a bit of infamy during that time for what we managed to do). Than Dream went into speed running, whilst Techno delved even more into PvP, even if a different style ;) (potato war). But basically, whilst Techno stuck to his roots, Dream did not, and that is why he's the better PvPer. And that's not taking away Dreams skill either, he is still well versed (as anyone would be if you used to do it constantly). But doing the speedrun world records moved him away from focusing PvP, unlike Techno.

    16. Spiderpig420

      Techno is better at pvp, Dream is better at minecraft. I have an will always say this

      1. Diamond BG Bedwars

        *Techno is better at fighting, Dream just fights smarter*

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    18. Trixie Bigby

      I was subscribed to studio lore

    19. Gamerboi11

      Techno dosent autoclick he just has a good gaming chair.

    20. Utezz

      now i know where mr.beast gets his money from minecraft monday!

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    22. iConsumeChildren ,

      0:48 ''He posted infrequently for the next 4 years'' when did he stop posting infrequently?

    23. aura

      Ohh thats why in some servers he’s Technobald

    24. XxhorgexX gaming

      Me when I see technoblade:guess I'll die

    25. taehyung will be the death of me

      That MCM was miraculous

    26. Aurrize

      28.50 i like how tommy scord more than techno

    27. JP Shirley

      31:56 anybody else see techno’s casual egg count of 420

    28. Jedi - Pisit Devakula Na Ayuddhaya

      Shortest conclusion : He is the best Minecraft player and a god

    29. RODLIGHT

      9 HOURS? DAMN

    30. xxbi_hawkeye_4xx

      my nephew was cheering for techno (I dot know how to spell) ;-;

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      People are gonna be like: Hey, wanna hear the story of The Great Potato War?

    35. Garrett Johnson

      Bruh at 54:20 he's playing the song from Hexagon Force from geometry dash That's epic

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    37. xWalterr

      Minecraft Ultimate was the most chaos I've ever seen a few pixel cause lol

    38. Blind Object

      i love the halo music in the background

    39. diamondminer61

      dream is a fucking cheater. L

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    45. Oscar Figueroa

      Hope technoblade comments

    46. Julius Padilla

      Why you put Halo music in the background if it's a Minecraft video

      1. Julius Padilla

        It's just I was just saying

      2. Njsmndz 2

        Because the music is good and it fits

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    51. Iyaz Rozaimi

      I love how after he said “made all the creators looks fool” then its started lag because of my wifi, the sudden pause made me laugh lol

    52. fallingtoilet

      Its funny how mr beast is a big part of mine craft history

    53. Stephen Aerbeydt

      Dream had gewoon pech, hij is de beste!!!

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    62. Graham Goodness

      Do the story of tommyinnit

    63. 8urg3r801


    64. Ophqlies

      what abt dream smp?

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    66. SapphireX

      Damn, your voice is soo smooth, it doesnt annoy me thanks :)

    67. Blue Eyes Loli Dragon

      this is the only one hour long video that i watched more than once

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    71. Partha Mukhuti

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    72. Carsten Dambeck

      Bruh, my birthday was on the day, Techno and Dream teamed up for MCC.

    73. Lez Playz

      August 8th!!! Thats almost my birthday cuz its 9

    74. NotStormYT

      He got his fame through his sheer skill and working hard

      1. NotStormYT


      2. Yahya farhan

        I liked the part where he said "On a career built from number ones, he had one more to add"

    75. Venom Azoz

      This video aged like fine wine also i spent an hour learning things i already knew worth it 😂😂

    76. Savase

      "Who is the best Minecraft Player? Techno or Dream?" Me: *neither*

      1. Savase

        @wHy ar3 y0u Ga3 okay?

      2. wHy ar3 y0u Ga3

        totally original broo

    77. #Shin Logzilla#

      Lolz he used a halo song in minecraft monday


      Yeah I Agree Techni Is best in PvP but there are other factors too in which dream beats him

    79. Danny Bao

      A small child is a dangerous threat guys 25:34

    80. Sydney Bro

      Wait… Technoblade has been on IRflow longer than I have been alive for???

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      Him: ill put timestamps the timestamps: ADIOS

    93. Sylent C1n3mA

      😂 why is he killing all these fortnite pros in Minecraft Monday. MrSavageM and Mongraal 😂

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    99. - Brightfeather & Snuffles -

      Dream forgot one thing when fighting Techo; _Techoblade _*_never_*_ dies._

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      U use a lot of TheFatRat Music. I like it.