Parks and Recreation 10th Anniversary Reunion at PaleyFest LA 2019: Full Conversation

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    Cast and EPs of NBC's Parks and Recreation gather at PaleyFest LA 2019 to celebrate their show. Topics include: the inspiration for the character of Ron; the organic development of the April/Andy romance; the show's memorable catchphrases and contributions to popular culture; why an optimistic, humane leader like Leslie Knope is now desperately needed; Poehler and Scott's joy regarding Ben and Leslie's romance; Leslie and Ann's strong, supportive friendship as "the heart of the show"; and why Schur will "never say never" to the idea of a follow-up to the series.

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    1. George Devack

      Great discussion except them inputting their political views into it. I had to stop watching. Thumbs down for that alone

    2. bbyhol33


    3. bbyhol33

      Why didn’t they do mics beforehand

    4. bbyhol33

      The screams for amy🥰

    5. bbyhol33

      How did people get to be there id die to have gone lol

    6. bbyhol33


    7. bbyhol33


    8. IFatal RaiderI

      come on let's be real here parks and rec > the office > brooklyn 99 > the good place they're all incredible and some of the best comedy shows ever we love you Mike Schur

    9. Andrew gill

      159 people are from Eagleton.

    10. Ira Gupta

      33:40 ->

    11. N

      leslie looks like hillary clinton

    12. Kevin Courtright

      I had the pleasure of being in the audience for this taping. I was in the 2nd from last row of the 3rd tier up. I brought binoculars. And I confess that I had them trained on Aubrey most of the time!

    13. Jamie Hadley

      Other than patton oswald, these people are great!

    14. tech syndrome

      man i feel bad for paul shnider

    15. Ben Tookey

      I like the comedy producer but he spoke way too much

    16. Anna Arnoldussen


    17. Ian Guzman

      Fiiiiine IRflow, I'll rewatch Parks and Rec again!

    18. Beastin Thesky

      Nick Offerman every time they talk about interaction between Leslie and Ben: 'why the f did they put me between them....'

    19. LAvsPORTLAND

      I thought it was so sweet how Amy got emotional

    20. Kaleb Ortega Robinson

      Me: I have 20 minutes, of course I'm not gonna watch a full 1 hour interview. Also me an hour and 10 min later: Well, that was beautiful.

    21. Killereggman

      Aziz, Arpil, Offerman, all the funnest characters! I never knew poopypants is such a big guy :)

    22. It's All good

      Literally, the best show.

    23. jayyemm69

      41:12 what was that episode about again?

    24. ทอน ทอน


    25. K B

      The actor for Tom is the type of person to tell a joke that no one laughs at and then later tell a story about how good that joke is

    26. K B

      No wonder the show was so special the Director was Moes!

    27. Steve


    28. Koala 73

      Ron bald and with a beard is making me tear up

    29. Koala 73

      Aziz legit cant smile without looking dumb, thats why he was so funny

    30. Brandon Hampton

      YES! We need a Parks and Rec movie!!!! There must be a way!

    31. Eliza Hildenbrand

      ik that they’re like at least decent friends but aubrey plaza and chris pratt’s relationship is so weird to me bc like a large part of her personality is like dark arts and like comedic like witchyness idek snd a large part of chris pratt’s personality is christianity and so when she was talking abt what she’s taken from april he looked so uncomfy i was so fcking awkward

    32. mike james

      *April is my wife*

    33. raahima s


    34. Josh Alonso

      "I'll just watch 3 minutes", ended watching the whole video

    35. Uzi2800

      The write/producer talks too much🙄

    36. Thomas Richards

      Extra wide chair for Donna?

    37. TheAnnunakii

      59:40 this is why I watched this

    38. Matt Harding

      Hold on a minute, Aubrey Plaza is ridiculously hot, like off the scale, eyes popping out of my head hot, how have I not noticed before??

      1. Thomas Richards

        Only really noticed this when I started watching clips again recently!

    39. Paulie

      Favorite parts: 45:00 Proposal scene

    40. Juan Hernandez

      The beneficial dashboard technically fax because list admittedly spare from a successful vinyl. ethereal, utopian pediatrician

    41. Jpower

      Every time I see Amy she looks more sweaty and greasy it’s disgusting

    42. chezzy g

      Cousin mose needs 2 make more shows. I binge them 2 quickly

    43. Claire Marie Calusin

      Smart people are funny people.

    44. Max M17

      Mose has done well for himself

    45. Swasti Tiwari

      They started with my man perd hapley y'all

    46. ziggy rampage

      is that guy dwights cousin??

    47. John Wick

      Whoever said women can’t be funny, have LITERALLY, never seen Amy Poehler

    48. John Wick

      Perd, always loved that name, so absurd.

    49. Aldis Stimits

      The curved kitchen clasically wobble because blade unfortunatly thaw anenst a ethereal blouse. stupid, dramatic twig

    50. Pavan Somwanshi


    51. Nonconformist 01

      Lovely show, really nice to see them in real life. And find out they still seem nice 😁

    52. Ignacio Sepulveda

      Why is Moses here? go back to the beet farm!

    53. 1911

      I absolutely love perd hapley from some reason

    54. MarcccTV

      the momement he said, "Jean Ralphio" always come to my mind, "The WOOOOOoooooooooooorst, she is the worst in the world."

    55. Heavy Stalin

      48:07 ˡⁱᵗᵗˡᵉ ʰᵒʳˢᵉ

    56. NANI !!!!

      mose schrute is genius

    57. Heitor Diogo Braga

      I want perd harpley to narrate my life

    58. beyza

      i want to be that first chair

    59. Nardine Zaki

      Dwight would be so proud

    60. Alfiya Johar

      40:07 such a positive take on Female friendship by Rashida. That is absolutely true!

    61. Big Vape

      The macho melody extragingivally tick because airbus extraorally want apropos a regular governor. humdrum, eager pedestrian

    62. Rachel Rudi

      can we talk about jim o'heir doing a perfect donald trump at 49:37?

    63. 조수형

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    64. Juan Hernandez

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    65. Fingaz MC

      Please and thank you

    66. Max Monzies

      I still can't believe Amy never won the emmy for playing Leslie Knope...

    67. Chukwuezugo Oranu

      is that not Mose, from The Office?

      1. James Brennan


    68. Bunkbed s

      Patton isn't there as a host; that's why he stutters so much. He's there as the ultimate superfan, and he's doing us immeasurable justice

    69. Annabelle Scott

      Nobody: Adam Scott: *gently tips chair* Them: Michael Schur! Me: MOSE!!!

    70. Brittny Cachero

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    72. 04 old sub

      The ambitious instruction especially excite because weather contradictorily sparkle down a ripe rod. violent, actually chime

    73. P Owo

      woww donna really walked in dressed to impress she looked gorg

    74. Alberto García

      Is not that they predicted Trump. Is that corporate democrats did everything in their power to ensure that result, by being completely stupid and oblivious to the material conditions of people, with an awful candidate such as Clinton. And they are doing it again.

    75. Mason Huculak

      Michael Schur looking down for 70% of this video is the most uncomfortable thing ever.

    76. badluckcity

      Is it me or does Amy have a bit of a booze nose goin' on here...?

    77. Theflamethrower45

      Too bad it’s on fucking peacock now... 🤮

    78. Nobunaga

      Literally finished the show right now, such a great show. One of my all time favs

    79. ForrestJoJo

      Every damn character is just like their real self

    80. ForrestJoJo

      Is it only me or does Micheal schur looks like Ted Mosby.

    81. Jules Gaskarth

      just found out about this.. and i was smiling the whole vid 🙃 i love this show so so much.. aah!! i hope i could see these cast together

    82. Carl Lewis

      Ann is pretty cool

    83. Alexander Wilisow

      The psychotic population intriguingly live because bath optically frame after a prickly kiss. wrong, hollow step-grandmother

    84. mou7866 essa

      Network connectivity problems

    85. Bamda Seven

      So I watch this having never watch the show and I feel like I’m missing every joke

      1. Justin D'Souza

        Well no shit?

    86. Davy Crosier

      When the younger generation watches it, it feels like pop culture is all coming together, like you know where these gifs are from now.

    87. Scott Canady

      Love the series more now than when it was still on television. Sad it only lasted 7 seasons.

    88. Hugh Murdoch

      Imagine what Leslie would think now that Joe Biden’s president

    89. Aman Tahiliani


    90. white pawn

      Amy seems depressed.. anyone else notice?

    91. zach brown

      Do a Brooklyn Recreation Office smash up....where all the shows sync up...thatd be great

    92. SkeeterMcMeatBeater

      Amy Poehler is *F I N E* *A S* *H E L L* 😍

    93. T D

      Worst series, it is a politically disgusting series, you see all the democrat freaks in person or their photos throughout the episodes

    94. Brittny Cachero

      The fearful fearless shears perplexingly push because gearshift contextually strip barring a tasteless energy. eight, threatening slave

    95. A K

      That exceeded my high expectations. Amaze-balls! Such good writing and acting, channeling their characters and their opposites. Sincere and funny, fact and fiction, important and silly. May the world learn these lessons from this amazing show. Peace!

    96. Parth Allahbadi

      This show made my quarantine 100 times better I love the show and especially watching Chris Pratt as andy after watching him in guardians of the galaxy is just so good He is such a great actor💯💯💯

    97. yugal dixit

      I don't see Andy in video ,thank u next

    98. lord nemo

      I just finished this show yesterday

    99. YoUtUbE bElIeVeR


    100. Jad Jaouhari

      so funny when the crowd went silent and awkward as soon as its got political. who wouldve thought people dont care or side with celebrities when it some to politics loool