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    Welcome to the Outlander Yule Log! Enjoy 90 minutes of our glowing holiday hearth, straight from Lallybroch.
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    Outlander follows Claire Randall, a married WWII combat nurse who falls back in time to 1743. As the season continues, Claire and Jamie's relationship is tested. Ruthless redcoats, volatile clan politics and a merciless witch trial force the couple to escape to a new home, only to be drawn back into Captain Randall’s darkness. Ultimately, Claire will struggle to save Jamie’s heart, as well as his soul.
    Outlander is internationally distributed by Sony Pictures Television.
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    Outlander | Yule Log | STARZ

    تاریخ انتشار پیش 6 سال


    1. william kidd90


    2. 레어88

      한국팬 없나유!!!!!! 아웃랜더6 존버중입니다ㅠㅠ 제이미........

    3. Muddy Witch

      the Druid Dance ALWAYS sends shiver up my spine.

    4. ender daşgın


    5. Sondra Cumberland

      Had a bad day. Thank you for this. Like so many others I have a love for this series that I am afraid isn’t even normal. When it is really over I hope to see things like this.

    6. Bernice Best

      Didn’t know this existed! What a treat, this will join my ‘Men in kilt’s’ Yule Log 🪵 video, while listening to ‘Clanlands’ Audio Book with glass of ‘Sassenach’ whisky 🥃 in hand, Christmas Day Sorted! Cheers 🥂

    7. Margaret Davis

      How did you get the dogs to pose like that? Where are the humans?

    8. Buffy8Fan

      Found this again after years of not remembering what it was called and not finding it where it had been. So happy.

    9. Harley Quinn

      I wish it were five years ago right now.

    10. molly rosie luera

      I watch this every morning and night it cheers me up brightens my day.

    11. Vicki Mosher

      Love it!

    12. Alyssa Waitt

      I LOVE these!!! Thank you and please continue to make new ones! I have it on often 🤗

    13. DixieBelle

      Best yule log video..... EVER! 😊☺️♥️🎄🎅🤶🦌⛄🔥

    14. Terry NB

      Guess I didn't realize you did this in the earlier seasons. Love all the recent ones you have posted over the 2019 holidays.

    15. Filbeckistan

      Thank you for bringing this back!!! I have missed it deeply.

      1. Terry NB

        Didn't know they had done this one I. The earlier seasons! Love the newer ones for 2019

    16. Driada Jelonka

      I love it! Thank You Starz :)

    17. Noemi Kelemen

      Love this! I am reading the books while listening to this! :)

    18. Hortense

      I keep listening to this while I study and it's the most comforting and nice thing ever, I really recommend it! (it makes me think of Jamie as well, so that's never a bad thing haha) (can't wait for April !!)

      1. Archip3g

        hope this droughtlander ends quick. I cant stop thinking about what will happen in season 6 ToT

      2. Archip3g

        @Dragonfly cait XD. season 6 is mostly coming out in feb 2022

      3. Dragonfly cait

        Sorry, saw this was posted 5 years ago.

      4. Dragonfly cait

        Is April when #6 is coming out? I have t heard.

    19. Suzanne Lucero

      Even after the holidays this is a wonderful video. I get up long before the sun rises, especially in the winter, and my new favorite thing to do is play this vid on my Kindle, set it on full screen, then place the Kindle upright on the kitchen counter. It's lovely to have a fire going and Bear McCreary's music is a perfect way to start my day.

    20. Fridaber

      What song starts at 1:08:50? Does anyone know where can I find the lyrics? Fantastic! x

      1. Ousia Cellier

        Hi, Its on the OST of Outlander, its called " The woman of Balnain ". But I don't know if the lyrics are available.

    21. Maryse LaBrie

      J,adore tellement relaxant

    22. Idi Leon

      but april 4 it so far away :(

    23. Idi Leon

      it's amazing!!!! my favorite film adaptation of book. Team of "Outlander" it the BEST, all is so realistically to ants

    24. April B

      Beautiful! I love it! Thanks.

    25. Marissa87

      That puppy is just killing me! So sweet. I wish I knew about this before Christmas.

    26. Rhonda Blanton

      I love it! Thank you for the Outlander soundtrack.

    27. susan wilson

      I believe I heard alittle "rob roy" music in there. Verra Nice. Thx

    28. Laura Hise

      I noticed both dogs left when Frank's theme started playing... Good and loyal the dogs of Lallybroch!

    29. Taleg's Channel

      Love this, perfect running in the background while I'm reading.

    30. Marcia Matthews

      Very restful.

    31. deckfullojokers

      Anyone know the breeds of the dogs? Terrier might be a Patterdale?

    32. S V

      the only yule log worth watching/listening to!

    33. Adriana Rodriguez

      Should make a CD with the Outlander soundtracks and the Yule Log! :D I'd buy it for sure.

      1. Niki Stevens

        yeah me as well x 2 :)

    34. summer&sunshine

      Love. Now if they would just put this on a cd I would buy it. XO

    35. Pork Eggyeolk

      @Eloisa Ricarte Me too XD And the dogs are sooo cute!!

    36. summer&sunshine


    37. Jeannine Gravem

      This just may hold me over until April. Maybe????? Merry Christmas

      1. Julie

        Hang in there...We are all in this waiting pattern together...but it will be worth the wait...I just know it!

    38. Jen KayOss

      Thank you

    39. Erin Conrad

      What good dogs!

    40. Daniel Duszynski

      I wish I had a real fireplace ! :(

    41. 26Anuszka

      beautiful music and adorable dogs ;)

    42. Tricia L

      Love this. Thank you. Would be fantastic if it was also available on Starz On Demand. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    43. Chris W.

      Listen to this all night on a loop..

    44. Lola1

      Love it!

    45. pixielove2000

      This is going to be my new yule log video. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

    46. Karolina Dyjewska

      Finally!:) but they should have added Jamie&Claire theme too.

      1. S V

        There's a very small snippet of it in there actually, a little while after the video begins but it only lasts a few seconds so you have to listen carefully.

    47. Molly Smith

      Adorable! Could only be cuter if Adso was curled up there too. Thank you, going to enjoy this many times!

    48. Stark Serenity

      If this isn't the cutest shit I did ever see

    49. Robin Butler

      I know what I will have on the TV during Christmas! Love this!