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    People sure are complicated beings...just look at Jake's friend Caleb. He is nice, friendly, loves his woodworking, but he's also eaten 9 children.
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      Come on he is a woodworker

    2. sharp7866

      If jake could get so much street Raman smuggled in... surely he could have got a phone in?

    3. Reshirex


    4. Khvostov 7G-02

      This show's humour and timing does a really good job at masking the dark parts of society

    5. Svovard Long-Blood

      Nine nine

    6. BagelShark

      My body hurted just thinking about it


      these jokes are really messed up

    8. Astitva Sharma

      boyle give me a hugggg !!! ohahhhh

    9. Azzie Marrie

      I can not believe Romero is now my fav detective in the Prodigal son .

    10. Mahee Shah

      Caled YoU'r RuIniNg It 😬😬😶😶


      I wonder what would happen, if they didn't manage to stop the heart transplant as it was happenening. Would they force the doctors to take the heart out? Maybe the mafia would have to just pay some money to the relatives of the killed guys? What did happen to the heart in the end? Did they give it to the family of the dead man or what?

    12. Chai Latte

      I love how he said “you eat 9 people” so casually like everyone does it! 😂

    13. RezQ

      The video cutting away as they still scream is kinda grim and I like it

    14. K J


    15. Ramesh Krishna

      6:32 did no one notice peralta trying a shawshank redemption escape 🤣😂😂

    16. lonesomespageti

      "Reddit" Yeah.....

    17. A Hobbit

      They need to bring back Caleb. Most pleasant cannibal I’ve ever seen.

    18. •Pheønix•

      8:58 lol WeLl pEoPle Are CoMpliCaTeD

    19. Romie Yeo

      Caleb: "I want my baby back baby back back ribs, I want my baby back baby back back ribs"

    20. Porkotyler

      To be fair Caleb is a great name for a cannibal.

    21. CHOSEN

      To me he was the funniest person in the Show. I laughed at every line

      1. Theodore Tekkers

        Ikr. Just don't hug or touch him.

    22. Carina-jalh

      Anybody else confused by the fact that Caleb first started to try and eat Jake excessively after he sacrificed himself for him and got stabbed because before he like never tried anything like as he did when Jake left

    23. Femren

      He's a woodworker

    24. Zahra Khan

      B99- the second show that made me like cannibals, I think we all know what the first one is...

    25. evan tupan

      To be fair: Adam does look good enough to eat with that Beard...😉

    26. Jill

      Brings a new meaning to the baby back ribs song in The Office

    27. Pippa Dee

      The best thing about it (for me) is that one of my best friends is called Caleb, so that's fun

    28. Quantumgargoyle YT

      Wait that Reddit joke was way too good wtf

    29. fred mckenzie

      What series is this ?

      1. Sardines and pyjamas

        Brooklyn 99

    30. Jordan Gate

      The trick of getting away with it is to eat the evidence

    31. Liam Brown

      Caleb sounds like Cleveland from family guy.

    32. Paul Tritschler

      Was Callum just trying to eat Jake

    33. banana warrior


    34. 假作真時真亦假


    35. Diego Pansini

      4:24 9 and a half? He ate half a person?

    36. Tanush Embari

      Can you pls upload s7 full episodes pls

    37. 양수혁

      Can we get a compliation of all of Terry's NINE NINE! ??

    38. Creck

      6:48 the monitor,nice.

    39. Antonella Vasquez

      ''The wait for soccer practice to end'' I died there xD

    40. Lappy

      Wheres that forum , i swear i wont act on it (wink wink)

    41. onutroF

      8:50 I love Charles scream xD

    42. Quacker bruv

      I have watch this AMAZING AND MOST HILARIOUS series 7 times over and over I love Caleb in this episode he is just hilarious

    43. Loony Maven

      *"See Charles, he's a foodie like you"* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Loony Maven

      2:22 So... *Caleb: the Cowardly Cannibal.*

    45. Angie B

      I love Cannibal Caleb

    46. Rafael Agustin

      Who else thinks that rosa would be into romero

    47. sartorian darkstorm

      im very curious as to what company would make cannibal specific ads

    48. Maxisaysso Jk

      Imagine Caleb being vegan or him being friends with that vegan teacher

    49. Dr.Chethana Ram

      So Caleb and Armie hammer would have been friends on that forum...

    50. Version Omega

      *Nine and a half ;)*

    51. Muhammad Abdul Malik

      Jake has the weirdest bunch as his friends: obsessive Boyle, cannibal Caleb, Pontiac bandit Doug 😂😂😂

      1. B-Gambit 1st Block

        Demented Pemento

    52. lost soul

      Will Graham is in this prison

    53. H y b r i d


    54. FKA DragonSUNGod

      Ok but how come Caleb can be the admin of a totally-not-cannibal forum WHILE IN PRISON?

    55. Reya Mathur

      Am I the only one who wants to puke really bad now

    56. Peter Holt

      First off love the alliteration, second if you're going by what I'm most passionate about I think of myself as a woodworker

    57. Connor Kent!

      He's a meat connoisseur.

    58. SMG Productions

      Why is a cannibal in protective custody?

    59. Mayot Bayot

      "Did you film yourself the whole time" aaaa it gets me bro simply the best

    60. Allen Ruz

      He has the same demeanor as Cleveland Brown lmao

    61. Go

      They've been married?? C'mon.. Why are they post this spoiler?!

    62. Oleg Bondarev

      "He is a foodie, like you"..

    63. Abdülkadir Dursun

      I hope we can see him on last season as well.

    64. Okiiru

      i thought jake couldnt grow facial hair?

    65. Itz_ MøchiPxnda

      “Romero’s last name is Jeff?” 😂

    66. Gautam Bihani


    67. khaoula hachim

      Caleb trying to eat people always crack me up

    68. AJ DEVILS

      Jake and Caleb is like Oliver and Stanley in arrow

    69. Lorraine Doherty


    70. no one

      bearded andy samberg playing a wrongly accused cop is my new sexuality.

    71. Bhav Mittal

      before being a cannibal my boi Caleb loved some Chilis baby back ribs

    72. Gawain III

      so no one's talking about the fiesta filter? cracks me up everytime

    73. Not Official

      5:13 😂😂

    74. Ellis Cox

      Why did he suddenly decide to start trying to eat everyone after literally sharing a cell with Jake for months

    75. Dimitris Kastros

      8:29 it's hosted on Reddit Obviously I laughed so hard at that

    76. Jenna R 2005

      So basically his entire time on screen

    77. Reshirex


    78. A

      7:03 lol

    79. Philip Whitehead

      It's weird how, before he got stabbed, Caleb wouldn't immediately go for people if they got too close to him. Do you think he just does it to freak out Peralta?

    80. Un_Common

      I think you mean “All of caleb the cannibal”

    81. King Bro

      I know he ate nine kids but I can't help but like the sense of humour

    82. AdrainSynEdraina

      To think that he started from Chillis Baby Back Ribs to only baby ribs...

    83. Hareesh

      Imagine Caleb and Pimento meeting each other.

    84. Crimson Fern

      How cool would it be if Jake peralta met Michael scofield in prison?

    85. Xxx Zer9o

      Caleb : but we're friends? Jake : eggggeeeeh... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    86. Samuel Lalla

      “a little castratey”

    87. Ellie Woods

      Release calab

    88. Ghouls

      *W O R S H I P S A T A N*

    89. Jahstice

      "I am Charles, Jake's best friend." Sorry dude you are not. Jake's best friend, who understands him BY FAR best and shares most things with is Doug Judy. You on the other hand are just a good friend, co worker and mainly a jealous and cringe idiot who has nothing in common with Jake.

    90. Pavanan M S

      I mean..this really puts "baby back ribs" into a whole new perspective..

    91. Pawan Nair

      Don't call him a Cannibal. He's a woodpecker

    92. Sam Morris

      You know this is the same actor as the headmaster in Mean Girls :o

      1. Theodore Tekkers

        He was also in The Goldbergs and Schooled.

    93. Flora Barbour

      “Ow, ow, ow, ow, he poked me in my tummy!”

    94. IdentifiedYT **

      Caleb rlly lost it when Begerly Goldberg got him fired

    95. nooobiechild

      What an underrated side character. I just wish they utilized him a bit more. But its hard to put a cannibal into an episode every season. Oh well.

    96. Benjamin Thomas Tesoro

      Got a feeling that Armie Hammer is part of that reddit page lol

    97. Mr Tortoise

      Fun fact: cannibalism isn’t illegal what’s illegal is how you get the meat

      1. mike

        depends on where you live

    98. connor

      wow christian really had a bad time after meeting michael and jan...

    99. Rod Villegas

      "..but we're friends?.."

    100. Lars

      come hug me boyle :)