The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather DEBATE

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    The Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather debate live on True Geordie’s twitch steam - The Knock Out

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      1. Motownisyourtown

        @Unpopular opinions literally all opinions.

      2. Frank Houttave

        You genuinely thought McGregor could beat Mayweather?!

      3. Seasaw


      4. Maverick

        I do respect the way Logan challenge Mayweather, not like Jake Paul challenging McGregor, as he said, who doesn't want a good entertainment, it never happened, what can go wrong as long as Logan accept taking a beating, will be pretty entertaining to watch, we all can imagine the results but at least he can try.

      5. Mick Porter

        DEBATE lol, stop trying desperately to hype up this bollox. Logan only hope is that floyd fixes the fight. KSI took Logans best punch...end of. Absolutely pathetic to even call it a debate.

    2. Suhail Sajid Ali

      “Logan Paul will not even lay a finger” lmao aged well he landed a few and lasted all 8 rounds💀

    3. Doctor Laughtor

      This is so bizarre after watching the fight

    4. PBLIVIN

      Who’s here after Logan won?

      1. PBLIVIN

        @randomguy on IRflow Haha no Floyd whooped his ass but Logan did very good

      2. randomguy on YouTube

        You gotta be kiddin me do y'all seriously actually think logan won?? 🤦‍♂️

      3. Piko72

        He didn't win? No one won, there was no referees

    5. AR 23

      a pro boxer can knock out a big man and he will now just because he didn't do it before its because he did not have to...he has a motive to do it, even if it scares of some more work from these mugs....EVERYONE FOOL thought magreggor had a will be served

    6. Hakanokjo


    7. Michael John

      If Floyd takes the fight seriously, he will knock out Logan clean in the first minutes of the first round. If he doesn't, then he will not knock him out at all. Floyd can put Logan on the canvas with a simple body shot.

    8. Endless Nameless

      This isn’t quite as easy a fight for Floyd as casuals think. There are weight classes for a reason.

    9. Ethan Bast

      Idk why, but I love seeing Rory there. Like, the guy who knows everything football, just chilling there. Amazing Also, and correct me if I’m wrong bc I just started following The Knock Out / fighting, but I understand Rory to know far less of fighting than football, and that’s how I would consider myself too, and it’s high key super helpful when they have to kinda explain things to him.

    10. Ethan Bast

      Yo, TKO fan help me out. Has True Geordie ever done a fight?

    11. Vídarr Odinson

      It's a half-decent, oversized white collar fighter vs a very tiny GOAT of boxing. There's a 1% chance logan lands a KO punch. There's a 99% floyd does what he wants with him.

    12. Steven R

      Dumb shits. Apart from the guys who says no chance.

      1. Red Death

        How are they dumb shits for saying Logan is gonna do better than people expect? They were right, the fight went the distance...

    13. Luis Rutter

      Logan is Getting a ppv and some grassroots boxers are not able to get there like conor benn is a great fighter he fights on sky sports arena not box office he is much better than wannabe paul brothers

      1. Luis Rutter

        Yes but im saying Logan is Not a boxer he is an entertainer people had to work for title shots with mayweather like ricky hatton had to work really hard fighters need ppv for money Logan already has millions and so does Mayweather I hate people who think youtubers are boxers they are just fooling you for money and views

      2. wqjwdirherfuehfriughf

        Logan is far more famous and profitable than whoever that guy you named is. That is why this is happening

    14. cusjola nufenju

      The graceful condition locally skip because rod optionally wriggle until a purring hole. plain, hard-to-find cry

    15. JOHN MC KEE

      Conor was saved by the ref , if not he would have been dropped ....... I predict Flyod to Hurt and Finish Logan with mostly body shots

    16. Chloe Taylor

      I've always had a huge amount of love and respect for true Geordie but I can't help feeling like his ego has grown and grown since the first fight:.he's chatting bs and gassing up Logan a guy he rightly so used to have zero respect for ! Maybe it's just me but I feel like his down to earth humble ways that make us all love him have been swapped for with a bit of arrogance

    17. A Z

      lol floyds getting 100mil

    18. wjgarner9538

      did he really say that floyd is not a knockout artist? huh? he has brittle hands so he doesnt go for knockouts now. maybe do research before debating

    19. Ramiro Villanueva

      Im tired of hearing Mayweather Jr is the greatest fighter his record of 50-0 doesn’t even compare to Julio Cesar Chavez who went 89-0 before his first defeat. In fact he fought Roger Mayweather twice and beat him twice. Im not saying Floyd wasn’t great for his era, but the greatest. That is up for debate.

    20. V. Ben

      Stop talking over the guests man..

    21. King Soul

      Who are those two pansies talking about fighting? The big one started getting on my nerves immediately, but the small one Just tops it off.

    22. Luis Jimenez

      mcgregor was going to kiss the canvas if the ref didnt stop that fight, there was no coming back

    23. Raunak botke

      No disrespect to Floyd he is literally the best but there is a little part of me that wants Logan to win just for the shock value of it all

    24. 20k Cr

      the only for Logan to win is that don't ejaculate for 1 year like Mike Tyson.


      Geordie said he would be eating through a straw if he fought Vidal but I'm sure Geordie probably could beat Logan so, I don't get the logic Vidal is no Floyd but, I know Geordie is hoping on a wish and a prayer

    26. Shade23753

      Money May better watch out. Young Strong and Ready is a dangerous combination.

    27. Efran Golston

      Man y'all must no how hard a pro actually hits

    28. Ryan Wiltz


    29. Rob Brooks

      The size difference is the only reason this fight can happen and won’t be a complete slaughter in under a minute. That does NOT make it competitive lol. It will be like when sugar Ray boxed that 7’ NBA guy minut boel or whatever. He is gonna overwhelm Logan at whatever point he decides to end it and that’s it lol he’ll let him get tired for 3-4 rounds and then it’s over

    30. Rob Brooks

      Floyd could definitely drop Logan or anyone of these guys. Maybe not one punch but 100% they drop if he swarms them with body shots, they have no idea

    31. Scott Curtis

      The ahead age geographically push because motorboat densply warm by a yellow answer. crabby, ubiquitous responsibility

    32. Javier Rubio

      Logan has no chance at all. He ain’t even that much bigger then Floyd.

    33. Brian Navarro

      Let's not forget that this is the culmination of Joe Weller vs what's his face

    34. Smutty

      Floyd isnt the best boxer ever but he is in this decade

    35. David

      Geordie let your guest talk

    36. Ag21

      Jesus is the only way to eternal life! Believe that Jesus died for your sins and shed his blood for your sins on the cross and that God raised Him from the dead to be saved!

    37. Harry J

      Floyd has nothing to lose, there is no belt on the line here. He pissed Floyd off is all.

    38. cian

      If floyed actually loses this fight he becomes meme level 5 billion

    39. Kevin Kilgore

      we ALL know Manny would have given him a rematch

    40. JCJ

      It is a bait for Floyd and he took it. Salute to the Paul brothers. What are their intentions? Isn't it to fall him down?

    41. Giz a Bit a Dat


    42. T N

      Viddal can you beat floyd mayweather?

    43. B H

      Geordie talks as if floyd can't come forward like this is floyd mayweather watch all his fights he can do it come forward on the back foot can litreally do anything beautifully

    44. Drew Chemicals

      I thought Logan’s size would affect the Ksi fight but look what happened there

    45. Rollxm Joey

      Floyd is gonna tax that ass all night long

    46. Tom Dewey

      Floyd can’t stop Logan? Fucking please. Dude with the long hair is spot on.

      1. PBLIVIN

        Well he didn’t

    47. Bam Mendoza

      Thats going to be Logan’s last fight

    48. Euan Mckay

      Wish geordie would let others say more than 2 words without interrupting

    49. tom yeoman

      Logan’s nose will be broken early it’s whether he’s tough enough and if he’s corner or ref stop it, the disrespect shown from viddal here is mad the fact he really thinks floyd can’t hurt a guy 30 pounds bigger than him is crazy talk smh

    50. King Dot

      Why can’t he just be making easy money...why is his money even the conversation?

    51. King Dot

      Floyd has to be going broke cus he taking a EASY fight for 30-100 million dollars? Lol that man is a professional boxer...Logan is a IRflowr 😂...y’all some haters, this man a professional boxer and we talkin bout can Logan beat Floyd, Logan can’t even beat KSI..if you think for one second this is going to even be smoking heavy crack rocks

    52. AfricanBumCleaner

      If Canelo Alvarez can’t beat Floyd then Logan fucking Paul is not even gonna come close Floyd will just play with him

    53. RJ Beats

      logan could not beat ksi why tf y’all think he can beat da mayweaders

    54. Bilaal Ahmed

      Why is Geordie such a d rider?

    55. Reiss HD

      facts what viddal like some fans so stupid cuz the guy big asf dont mean he can fight

    56. tase Brown

      Weight only means something when the bigger guy has skills to use it this will be a walk in the park for Floyd

    57. JimmyBhoy71

      I agree with the hair. Mayweather has punched for decades and will have enough time to generate full power and hit what he wants. Mayweather knock out in round 4.

    58. Slaatter

      Vidal and True Geordie are really trying to say that Floyd doesn't have the punching power to knock out Logan Paul ???

    59. Sek Kaddou

      Vidal against georgie ? That would be cool no?

    60. Les Blàse

      A lot of wasted air. Talking bout nothing

    61. True Blue

      For once, Rory is the voice of reason here.

    62. Kidane Tower

      When stupid people think they know how to beat Floyd.

    63. scuzzzy1x

      i pray floyd knocks him out cause at that point he is the best still not able to lose undebatable its crazy how people question his career hes the greatest suck it up

    64. LongLive JAH

      KSI IS TRASH. He won on a bullshit call. Logan beat him and fucking dropped him. Ksi boxed 1 time in his whole life and wants to run his mouth for years while Jake is actually walking the walk. Ksi is scared of joke Paul.

      1. Beef

        @LongLive JAH ok you're making it weird now

      2. LongLive JAH

        @Beef I already did, and you responded baby girl.

      3. Beef

        Cry about it

    65. Crypto Currency

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    66. Sam Hill

      I can't stand it when people say flloyd maywether is the best fighter of all time. He is nothing compared to the peoples champion Muhammad Ali ❤

    67. Draymond Green

      logan lost to ksi............. that’s all i have to say

    68. Will Parsons

      gotcha hat

    69. Steven Leivers

      i can't believe what I'm hearing - only on here as just watch TG in poker video(great effort btw) n landed on this. I'm a massive boxing fan but to hear these opinion us madness, bar the guy in the dodge shirt. Life full of grey however this is not one of those situations... This fight is either one of two things 1. a WWE joke where they have planned this to steal from the paying public, n are both laughing at us all while they make millions- or 2. a dangerous fight where Logan can be seriously hurt. if it's generally real n mayweather wants to hurt him then he will stop him in any round he chooses for that boxing trainer guy to say this fight can go to points is the craziest comment I've heard a so called boxing man. either this is a show n stealing money out of anyone foolish enough to buy it, or Logan will end up seriesoly hurt- what ever commission or powers to be are sanctioning this fight..... well they need to be stopped

    70. michael burnett

      ''I 'THINK' Floyd has more to lose...'' - Give the man a prize for original thought. Worked that out all by himself. Also, ''Floyd was defensive against Mcgregor'' - Walked the guy down the entire fight, but hey, Geordie says he was defensive, so obviously he was. A sweet science scholar, if ever there was one.

    71. Baynuz Rai

      weight difference don't even matter at elite level. besides do these idiots think that Floyd has never boxed anyone much bigger?? I am not in pro but I spar much bigger guys all the time in the gym. idiots making stupid content for views and comments.

    72. bunklypeppz

      They're talking about Floyd's lack of knockout power, but the thing is, any person has knockout power if they can land their best shot on someone who doesn't see it coming; that's why sucker punches are so dangerous. If the skill difference proves to be great enough that Floyd ends up landing power punches at will and Logan's reflexes can't keep up, we could easily wind up seeing a KO. The ability to take a punch isn't some innate property of someone's head-- no matter how big you are, if you don't see a shot coming and therefore don't reflexively brace for impact, you can get dropped even if it's not a very hard punch. It's like taking a surprise punch to the stomach when you're relaxed; totally different ballgame than when you're ready to be hit.

    73. Mark Gregory

      Rory should just listen here like Lawrence

    74. ukbigjon

      Realistically, Money is almost certain not to win by stoppage. Equally, Logan Paul won't win on points. Money is one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time/probably the greatest. The only way he realistically loses this, is if he's slow enough now that Logan can land. But Logan is so much bigger, people are making out way too much that it isn't an issue; size matters.

      1. Steven R

        @ukbigjon He has an essentially nil chance of winning. You're a clown, not the worst clown youll hear talk about this fight, but nevertheless a clown. Im making significant "risk free" money on this. I give paul 5000/1 odds on this.

      2. ukbigjon

        @Steven R mayweathers skill will bridge a lot of the gap you would expect; in that it reduces the chance of Paul landing... but it doesn't mean the bigger guy isn't still gonna hit BIG, it also doesn't change that he will still have reach advantage, also that he will have the extra weight he can put on him whenever they lock, also it doesn't change that it's unlikely he can beat him by knock-out. Size adds advantages that aren't simply irradiated by skill. Mayweather being an all time great means he has more skill to try to limit Paul's chances; that doesn't eradicate them.

      3. Steven R

        @ukbigjon incomplete. It matters when both fighters are boxers. Paul is a novice so size advantages will not matter given the chasm in skill.

      4. ukbigjon

        @Steven R in fighting it does...

      5. Steven R

        in porn it does.

    75. kersmash

      Floyd thinks its going to be a walk in the park ...he is misjudging Logan BIG time !!!

    76. East Asian Cinema History

      If it’s a 12 rounder. It won’t be power that stops Paul, but fatigue. Doing your first pro 12 rounds with someone who can conserve their energy as well as Floyd is a disaster waiting to happen.

    77. Miral Abualjadail

      9:04 Lol he is proper shocked. I died laughing at his reactions. 🤣

    78. Cody

      Stop interrupting Viddal if he is taking. Show respect. He ain’t interrupting when you guys talk.

    79. Richard beaulieu

      I bought the tyson Jones fight,and mayweather Paul,why not support your favorite fighters,should be an entertaining evening


      Floyd has fought bigger guys in sparring several times. He also fights 15,20,30 minutes straight without taking a break. Floyd is a lot tougher than you may think. Floyd will get you tired, drunk and then mug you.

    81. Gerard Vessey

      come on mate who has paul ever boxed? mayweather might be old but hes still class paul has got no chance against the best boxer of a generation

    82. elliot Stark11

      Brian needs to let the others talk 😂 bless him

    83. k0ng_p0ng

      This dude in the white headphones with the must have had a couple of drinks before this interview. Did he just say mcgregor won't come to you in a fight?? Dudes insane.

    84. Dexter Morgan 666

      The guy with the white head phones has the inky brain here logical thinking I mean

    85. Sean McKenna

      Mayweather is gonna bring it out the rounds and take the piss out of Logan. If he wants he can knock him out first round

    86. Oliverthedamnplace

      Rory really doesn’t know what he’s talking about😂

    87. funny

      I bet Floyd is getting knocked out

    88. Matthew Daisley

      Geordie clueless as usual

    89. blessed express

      Why are you talking like he’s got a chance

    90. Achoda Palwan

      Viddal: Mayweather’s gonna make 5 million out of this fight. Meanwhile, Mayweather: I am probably gonna walk out with 9 figures out of this fight. 😂😂😂 They are gonna make more money than you have ever heard of bro.

    91. Conor Sedgwick

      Literally love Rory. Feels bad being a 29 year old dude and saying that but he is sick

    92. mark penn

      A 30lbs difference is fucking massive

    93. chuckie crawford

      Any given Sunday

      1. chuckie crawford

        May weather gonna dance til 4 then he gonna sneak a 10 count bet on it

    94. Yves Albrecht

      I dont like Floyd but if he wants Logan Paul never touches him in the whole fight

    95. Marcus Coles

      Logan having the guts to fight Floyd Mayweather at all is a big deal this is real life Rocky a Legendary Champ going against an underdog with an opportunity of a lifetime

    96. Zach Mozingo

      Debate? gtfo

      1. Zach Mozingo

        Logan gets winded and Floyd goes to town. This prediction will age well.

    97. Peter M

      The deadpan seed fortuitously fasten because candle wessely press into a quixotic venezuelan. didactic, scary diaphragm

    98. Tom 23

      Logan’s going to KO him

    99. Shalva Namoradze

      So delusional to think that Floyd can loose to logan

    100. Anthony wilburn

      Floyd is gonna hurt him really bad