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    Relaxing Christmas songs playlist. Christmas YULE LOG with CHRISTMAS MUSIC. High quality GUITAR instrumental, accompanied by a relaxing fireplace video (HD 1080p). Peaceful and upbeat Christmas songs and carols, suitable for relaxation and cozy Christmas ambience. ♫ ♪
    0:00 Joy to the World
    2:18 Deck the Halls
    4:54 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    6:42 O Little Town of Bethlehem
    8:39 We Three Kings
    11:20 Silent Night
    15:09 O Come, All Ye Faithful
    17:49 O Christmas Tree
    19:55 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
    22:45 Little Drummer Boy
    25:42 Good King Wenceslas
    27:14 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
    30:27 Greensleeves / What Child is This
    33:35 Ave Maria
    37:24 Angels We Have Heard On High
    39:41 Away in a Manger
    41:48 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
    44:40 Go Tell it on the Mountain
    47:41 Holy, Holy, Holy
    50:07 Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
    54:00 Nearer My God to Thee
    57:36 O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
    59:28 O Master Walk With Thee
    1:01:22 O Worship the King
    1:03:31 Rock of Ages
    1:05:21 O How I Love Jesus
    1:07:13 Abide With Me
    1:10:02 O Holy Night
    1:14:02 The First Noel
    From 1:17:05 the collection repeats.
    Musician: Mark Bodino
    "Christmas Guitar"
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    1. matt gilmore

      With the way 2020 has been going for all of us, I have to say that this music is very relaxing and it relieves stress. I seem to be listening to this more and more as the days go by. I hope everyone is well and please stay safe.

      1. Melodie Noon

        Yeah Matt Gilmore your right and also stay safe and wear your mask

    2. Tim Melton

      Wish my son could remember how much he & this means to me. Thanks for be #1

    3. Shawn Dawn

      Super amazing and zcozy :)

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    8. Gertrude Grammont

      Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy!

    9. Gertrude Grammont

      I love the Yule Log

    10. fdynda

      WONDERFUL God Bless the USA

    11. Paige Crabtree

      When I hear Christmas music I think of little kids gathering around the tree and opening presents on Christmas day infront of the fire place.

    12. Stephen Thein

      Dad and I would listen to this every Christmas Eve miss him miss those times

    13. Melvin Elliott

      My wife loves me playing along with this on my guitar - between opening presents Christmas Eve!

    14. blue green

      I love it! Thank you so much for making this for us!! It is saved!😍

    15. Vicky A

      Love the tunes chosen for this ❣️

    16. Jackie Hites

      It cheers my heart. Thank you, Jesus

    17. Macy

      Sending love from HK. Thanks for the playlist :)

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    19. Daniel P. Jurgens

      I love this it is the best it makes me fall asleep Every single night thank you so much!

    20. reagan whitby

      this has helped with my anxiety so much! thank you!

    21. Daneel Perrin

      I like watching the fire as the music plays. Very peaceful, bring memories of better times.

    22. joycehahn01

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    23. Playboy Guy

      Feels good❤️

    24. Step It Up Morons

      great stufffff, God bless,, thank you lord

    25. Runkay Hayward

      Absolutely gorgeous acoustic guitar arrangements of beloved carols. Thank you!

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    27. Mary Peters

      So beautiful!

    28. GK PRIVATE

      heaven, pure heaven, and I am not Christian but I did enjoy the holidays growing up. Having no money though, it made little sense and was not a happy time as I could not buy anything for anybody. I wish the holiday spirit was not so tied to religion

    29. Sue T.

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      I had a party at my house today and needed some music. This wonderful selection was just what was needed. 👍😊

    34. Justice Kay

      I suffer from insomnia so much, and always try different things to help me sleep. To fall asleep and also to STAY asleep the whole night. I love Christmas music and fireplaces especially when they don't emit heat that makes me get too hot lol! I put this on last night and slept LIKE A BABY ON A FLUFFY CLOUD OF ANGEL WINGS!! hahaahaa. thank you! My new favorite! I'm gonna shoutout this video on my social media. Hallelujah sleep is great!

      1. Justice Kay

        @Lullaby Baby thanks❤ I just sent it to a friend too!

      2. Lullaby Baby

        Thank you for watching! I'm glad it had a nice effect for you. Sleep well... :)

    35. Declan Lawford

      Im listening this on september.. But It's never early to say Merry Christmas.. May you have a very great month on December.. Stay Safe everyone :)

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      Wonderful selection, thank you. Yield grace, Christmas and All Ways. 'Merry Christmas' from 2018.

    45. Tania Dolphy

      This lovely holiday music sweeps me away to such a beautiful, wonderful place. My entire attitude changes and I transform into a peaceful, happy soul💗.

    46. Priscilla Rosario

      why am i here in september 2020?

    47. Josh CS

      Im listening this on september.. But It's never early to say Merry Christmas.. May you have a very great month on December.. Stay Safe everyone :)

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      this sound easily relaxes me. it brings me to Christmas. even if it’s September right now, nobody is gonna stop me from chilling to a Christmas yule log fireplace! ❤️❤️🍁🍁

    49. Liubov Baranovska

      Супер музыка. Знаю почти все что вы играли . Чуть-чуть бы громче треск костра. Спасибо большое

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      Thank you for this. My dad is coming over for the first time ever. This will be the soundtrack

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      Brilliant! Just what I've been looking for to get me through the last work days before Christmas break. Thank you!

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      I really enjoy the instrumental Christmas music and fireplace burning very relaxing wish I could listen to all year round

      1. Ashley Yago

        Hi Laurie. I agree. Why don't you?? This Stuff, is 8 hours of Christmas Music, and Fireplace, before it goes on Repeat. I Would listen to this, All Year long. I was Diagnosed with Anxiety Disorders, June last year. This is So Super Relaxing. It helps with My Anxiety, AND My Anxiety Medicine"💊💊, too!!😊😊😉 Merry Christmas!!🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁

    62. Craig Hoover

      I am 63 now. I missed only 2 Christmas celebrations with my parents until they passed away. There was always a fire and music. It did not matter how far or how hard I had to travel to get there. You see, they told me a story about when I was but a wee tot and they had to move and move on Christmas Eve and still they put together a tree and had presents under it on Christmas Day. Just for me. I can't remember that day but I can remember them. Thanks for bringing music and a fire to me this way so I can remember.

      1. Doug Hanada

        May they soar with the angels 🤧😇😇

      2. Doug Hanada

        I’m sorry for your loss, Craig.😔😇

      3. Tania Dolphy

        I am glad you experienced those wonderful, heartwarming times. It's made joyful memories for you ❤.


        Very nice story sir

      5. Gracie Roberts

        I was crying when I saw this comment. my grandma is 70 and her and my grandpa used to listen to a song on Christmas Eve. I was told that my my mom. ai can't remember what song. but he passed away a week before I was born.anyway.... my mom always says how amazing my grandpa was. this reminded me of him. I will always be sad I never got to met him. but this and my grandpa reminds me to cherish things while I have it. even the small things like parents. thank you for sharing this touching and moving story. have a fantastic day every one :)

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    64. Timothy Macdonald


    65. Beeinnit

      My teacher played this in class and i know it really helped me focus and calm me

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      Thank you I love listening I am having some major health issues and this helps me to relax I haven't any family but with this music nothing matters for a little while what l like most is this music has to race people of all walks of life can enjoy it thank you so much

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      I always love your Yule Log videos! I listen to a bunch and this channel posts the best by far; at least a few hours before repeats, amazing music selection, and fantastic fire place videos. As someone who likes Christmas music year round (I am an overly festive person...), I regularly study and relax to this, AND you have become the channel of choice for my family's tradition of listening to Yule Logs on Christmas morning! Thank you for the amazing content, God bless you!

      1. kaden porter

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      1. gene goepf

        Lullaby Baby thank you for your words of encouragement. I have 4 more classes to go. Then I have to decide if I am going to proceed in getting my Ph.D.

      2. Lullaby Baby

        Best wishes with your studies, Gene, and for raising your beautiful girls! I also pray that you find happiness again.

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