Crazy egg trick! #shorts

Dan Rhodes

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    You should try this one!

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    1. YouTube

      Ah, a magician never reveals his tri....😲

      1. MiY is Me UwU

        Hey magican, how much money you pay for IRflow recommended your video

      2. Mary's world


      3. T & C Productions

        Stop recommending this guy yt

      4. Doff

        IRflows back at it again

      5. Cat

        “Joined 51 years ago”? Do you mail your videos in the 1970’s??

    2. منذر الجهني


    3. Nahid Lambagdi


    4. Candy Hernandez

      No le sirvió porque se le cayó la carta de allá en la otra mano

    5. Adham Mohamed

      When u break the egg, dont u think people will wonder where the egg white and yolk will be???

    6. Catherine Telmon


    7. Paige Martin

      OK ok hear me out I honestly think he's better at hand tricks then magic himself like the way he sneakly moves the cars away like lmoa

    8. رغوودة ورنودة Raghad &Renad

      wow ❤❤

    9. Caroline Nunes

      Nossa que mágica besta você nem sabe fazer mágica

    10. Ash Theslient1

      I really hate this guy

    11. Ismael Pilo collar

      Rhodes 😀

    12. soumya guchait


    13. Ayden aydelyn Azli

      Uhmm lol such a good trickkk but i saw the card sticking out of the egg and the card falling Oof sorry....

    14. Parmita Reang

      He really look like nick avocado mukbanger

    15. Rasul Baxtiyarov

      Как же все по настоящему😁😁😁

    16. LK Meitei

      U lie

    17. Vanesa Vargas


    18. Øchako Uraraka

      Thats fake

    19. Øchako Uraraka

      Kartı yana attın

    20. Fatima Harbi

      Awesome vanity want them to shut up

    21. Radhika Narayanan

      It is nice

    22. шиппер киллер

      Дымы из oheekolts Брикс

    23. jazmin guillebeaux

      He’s the type of person to say hi to a dead man and get mad when the dead man doesn’t respond

    24. Evelyn Acquah

      Stop being so much to

    25. Wanderous Blaze

      Why are there so many comments that start with "hes the type of guy...."

    26. cemile

      Abi elindekini görmedim sanma yani abi 😂😂😂😂

    27. Wanderous Blaze

      Bruh you use the same song and same sarcasm everytime

    28. Jon The guy

      He’s the type of guy to stick is hand in a fryer and is still surprised when it burns him

    29. zach hext

      There all calling you an idiot

    30. Young Prada

      Can I cringe ?

    31. 三郎

      Dan 蛋

    32. Iza Kolodziej

      To nie jest magia

    33. Cameron Webster

      That sucked no a fence

    34. Jeniree Andreina Oviedo Alvarado

      Te amoooo

    35. Shahril Zairi

      Sorry bro you just kick out the cars bro sorry

    36. Pedro Piccioni

      How this guy have more than 1M likes per video?????

    37. Lone Star LelaOjie

      he's the type of guy that can make us stop looking like a bunch of idiots over magic tricks... love him a lot

    38. Iker Bigas


    39. Brajen Deka


    40. Nacho Zucca


    41. vaibhav chauhan

      Chal chutiye

    42. Geiva Maria

      não a credito

    43. grxdiee

      He literally expose himself

    44. الزهرة البيضاء

      واوا 😘😚😘

    45. Ian Villavert

      how do i get this off my recommendations

    46. Marus

      This hate this guy

    47. Nazwa Assyifa

      😕😡😤😡😐😈No 🙌👀👅👎👆

    48. Police Police

      Poda potta

    49. Maria Raheel


    50. lina cennel

      Aahhh ahh

      1. lina cennel


    51. GD Design Services

      I saw what happen too the card he threw the card to the back of u trust me like

    52. Самир Салихов



      Okay.... So no one is gonna ask where is the yolk? Hmm... 🥴👀

    54. Marcin Ż


    55. Rodrigo Ribeiro

      Esquecete-te da gema e da clara do ovo

    56. Abdullah Muhsin

      Tapi bagus jugaya

    57. Abdullah Muhsin

      Ngabetul itu ma😎😎😆😆

    58. nickniggle

      I loved that he claps at the end of every trick 😂 I can’t stop watching these thoughhh

    59. Abem Nepram


    60. Abem Nepram


    61. Panda Nightmare Gaming

      Its pretty obvious when you crack the egg no yolk came out

    62. Riski alldi

      Boongan geh

    63. Rizal Sirait

      Kartu ya tecampak😂😂😂😡😡😡😡😡penihpuh

    64. Rizal Sirait


    65. Morné Ranger

      I could see how you dropped the card

    66. Purplesaber King

      Im glad i naver heard the card

    67. vertex fortnite

      He dropped the card

    68. Prince Dhagaxow

      That.s false

    69. Mili Reji

      🤣i see how he takes the card to back

    70. 듀오컨셉

      근데 왜손을 탁잡으면서 놀라는표정이ㅈ같냐

    71. Araafath S

      Waste magic

    72. Cherry ann Sy


    73. Hans Postma

      He make 2 cards

    74. Angelica Sicat

      You look nicado avocado lol!

    75. mikhael theo


    76. ChiefChizzy

      I need to know this song so I can kill the artist

    77. Sunita Naidu


    78. Samar Charan

      We are not fool

    79. Hien Nguyen


    80. Linn Htet

      I saw him you drop it



    82. JollyYolo -

      He's the type of guy that would sho magic tricks to his friends that he got from YT and mess up right in front of them.

    83. Ymir Fritz

      He's the type of you think l was gonna say a dumb joke huh?

    84. Cuenta de Ejemplo

      Fotos dedicadas al trapo cidades eres un tramposo

    85. Indah Putri

      Ah jelas banget bo ongin nya

    86. Sakurako Akuma

      The fact that how can an egg break without yoke bruh-

    87. Jerick Madriaga


    88. Wylie Tharp

      Hes the type of guy to... well you know, the thing Joe biden

    89. Marwein Taburnal

      Ha nakit-an

    90. Eljay Meneses

      I Could Clearly See The Cards While He Was Performing The Trick. He Just Thrown The Former Card and Well You Know The Rest. But The Card Was Clearly Seen in the Egg Even If He Hadn't Shown How The Trick Works, Anyone Would Have Immediately Figured It Out.

    91. Elsha Novitasari


    92. Abhijeet Singh


    93. ali mudin

      Sing bohong sih

    94. Hariyansyah Riyan

      Gedek gua liat ekpresi mukanya

    95. Toofan

      He’s the type of guy that tries to find his phone while holding the phone

    96. Chantal Rameau

      But good try