'The Winter's Children!' Sebastian Stan on Bucky Barnes, metal arms and unusual fan interactions.

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    Sebastian Stan talks to BBC Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb about playing Bucky Barnes in Marvel's The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. He looks back on a decade in the MCU alongside Captain America, the trials of wearing a metal arm, and whether Anthony Mackie ever skips leg day. Plus, he reveals hows fans try to trigger him in public.

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    1. BBC Radio 1

      Watch Anthony Mackie roast Sebastian as the most boring man alive here: irflow.info/award/mtuWrdOqv82t1s0/fy-lm-h-y.html And see all of Becoming... The Winter Soldier in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK here: bbc.in/3rEaki4​

      1. viralshield

        what? You are not dismantled yet? just dissolve BBC please, for the good of civilization.

      2. Andrew Sanderson

        Also not enough bucky in the program AT ALL IS ITS BIGGEST SIN like Falcon literary calls him names this that and really the best character is Bucky but of course they don't want you to think that way so he gets overlooked in every episode Totally else yours Anthony Mackie in every scene I'd imagine he could go onto really good things as he literally has kept us guessing since Captain America the First Avenger way back in mmix 9it sad to see this car believe after it's just been released in speculation and then almost as a certainty Sebastian Stan hangs up his boots they've only got to get rid of Chris Hemsworth Chris Pratt Jeremy Renner with the official statement yet to be finalised I think fans out tonight considering the way Marvel had been running so it's projects sunbase is always paramount to any concerns James Buchanan Barnes has always been a standout character for me as a kid and again without an adult and they want to drop him like a brick it does not make sense

      3. Vida Beatriz


      4. Gabe Sweeney

        They do that out of respect for each other.😂

    2. AliRhi

      Seb's words: it's always very funny Seb's tone: it got old real quick. Seb's face: I hate it. I'm so sick of hearing it. pls stop. baby, you said it best yourself: you're a terrible liar XDD

    3. UserMCSkull FormerlyknownasPowerofL

      Sebastian would make a perfect Harry Osborn

    4. hothotheat3000

      His smile🥵

    5. viralshield

      what? You are not dismantled yet? just dissolve BBC please, for the good of civilization.

    6. Billy Loomis

      Where the winter children

    7. Marcela Mendoza Taylor

      Winter's children !! yeahhh

    8. Chris Ghosal

      Very good interviewer and very good actor


      The guy doesn’t skip leg day

    10. Puspa Vellai

      "Now either Capshaw's younger than he looks.." Law and Order 'Sheltered' 2003 - Playing that role as a teen sniper ...Winter's Children?? ;D

    11. Andrew Sanderson

      After seeing Falcon & the WINTER SOLIGER the loss Off STAN LEE & CHADWICK BASEMAN . RED ALERT. ... MARVEL has become massive fiction based mediocracy after a year you'd at least think they would understand the Oscars All Time Low 9.4 million people tuned in Once Upon a Time the Oscars was highly spoken about because people cared people are sick of the virtue signalling but ironically they want Hollywood to succeed a lot of people's eyes it looks like there's many people that hang on doing very little getting paid an awful lot if you can work out that conundrum or sometimes I feel like they want to just let it crumble scary house on the hill is Hollywood there is a house in New Orleans they call the Rising Sun and it has been been the ruin of many a poor boy and God knows I am 1

    12. lilli

      I feel like.. if Graham Norton is ever going to retire (let’s not hope that’s never going to happen) I think Ali Plumb should take over!! Plus I love Sebastian Stan!! Just putting it out there!! 😍

    13. mariam mustafa

      prince seb.

    14. XxColor-My-Se4xX

      YES! I always felt like the show was more sam’s spotlight as the winter soldier had basically two movies for himself and I’m glad sebastian felt the same way for Falcon to have his spot!

    15. Sherry Lauren

      4:07 the best masked face on earth...😍😍😍

    16. dasophie smith

      seb should go up to the person saying the lines to make him winter soldier and say they only work if u say it in russian. and if they do it in russian he should say that he is free now!!

    17. Yamani Bryant-McCray

      LOL omg I love sebastian so sweet I could listen to him about the arm forever

    18. Margaret W

      CATWS days: Only a few lines: (SS, who does major eye-acting: Yess good.) Wear goggles: (SS: nuu)

    19. Wietske

      Sebastian is so cute when he's having a genuine good time in an interview. I feel like only Ali and Josh (from MTV) can achieve that.

    20. Shmaptain Shmerica

      The way he chanted all the trigger words 😂😍😍 he's one of the best interviewers out there.

    21. T.W.B. Art

      He was so kind......... SLAP

    22. Erika Fiore

      "And he was so kind" cut scene to being slapped by Robert LOL

    23. Scifisam

      This interviewer is good, you can tell he really does his homework before interviews.

    24. Wahn Yoon

      Question: As the Winter's Children do we have to call him Dad? Asking for a friend.

    25. Puja Prasad

      His laid back simple relaxed look is killing....... god he is hwwwwwt

    26. D B

      I love what Seb has done with the Winter Soldier! It’s one of those castings that now having seen it, can’t imagine anyone else in the role.

    27. Jordan Eyre

      My mother worked at Sundance ski resort about a million years ago, and she drove Robert Redford around. She said he was a massive, gaping asshole! She wasn't allowed to talk to him (this was before cell phones and laptops), and she didn't have a stereo (yes, he made her use her own car)... just silence. Asshole.

    28. Maggi Nicholls

      Ali is one of the best interviewers hands down. He asks questions differently and makes the person feel at ease!

    29. Ciara

      0:05 noooo bc cutest smile 😭😭

    30. Ciara

      when he said he has two movies dedicated to his character exactly king tell em!!

    31. Hadley Petersen

      i will quote all his lines (he only has like 10) if i see him

    32. Marek Frąszczak

      Man that cut scenes from CA:WS made my watch Steve vs Bucky fight for the thausand time 👌💪👍👆❤️

    33. Marek Frąszczak

      The best chill buddies, duo

    34. Heyyy it’s CcoffeeBean

      No no not Winters Children NO it should be White Wolfs

    35. Wandering Sheep

      Sebastian Stan: I've been lot better without a lot of words. Bucky: *shoots a smile to Sarah* Hi, I'm Bucky. Me: Yes Sir, you have. That single line was enough to disarm Sarah, us viewers AND Sam Wilson.

    36. tenstergo

      Did anyone else get Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker vibes when Sebastian said "it was, wasn't it?" at 8:20?

      1. emma

        oh for sure! i just really hope he gets to play luke in season 3

    37. Adrian Vaduva

      Ali just wanted to try saying the winter soldier trigger words without sounding like a desperate fan, i respect that

    38. Reverse Tension

      if there was a deus-ex movie sebas should play as adam jensen

    39. Chica Libre

      What. A. Smile. 0:05

    40. memelord1642069

      Winter children? At this point you're inviting your fans to call you daddy

    41. tico zayas

      I really enjoy your interviews, u have this way of just disarming everyone u talk to and turning an interview from what it is to what looks like a conversation between friends

    42. Justin Luong

      the mask actually focus the viewers attention to the eye. and sebastion is a bloody good eye actor

    43. December Sfy

      I literally won't watch any BBC Interview unless it's with Ali Plumb!

    44. Aaron Johnson

      Yo I forget he's not American

    45. jeremye02

      Kind of disappointed - I think they robbed him of his potential in IW and EG. He's one of, if not. my favorite MCU character because of his hand to hand combat skills. They just gave him a SAW and shot a few times.

    46. 123 456

      I’m still so surprised the arm is a practical effect. I really thought he just wore a green sleeve and glove to have it CGI’d in

    47. GabsKebabs _

      Sebastian just talkin bout how he loves the mask and rn i can just imagine him just wearing that mask prop during covid

    48. Jesus Mervilus


    49. R Menon

      Am I the only one who thinks he can play a really great 1984 Kyle Reese?

    50. effayeyeayzed

      Man i wanna show up in front of Sebastian and just say the trigger words in Russian. Might get slapped but yk how it is.

    51. lisa naeyo

      So he's.. daddy?

    52. Katiusca Arismendiz


    53. djsonicc

      It would be funny if Sebastian Stan went into 'Winter soldier mode' as a prank on someone saying the code.

    54. Michael Venetiaan

      The dude even speaks like Luke Skywalker! Please lords of film & TV make my dream come true! I want to see Luke (Sebastian Stan) meet Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson)... awh the feels!

    55. stephwart

      Winter’s children❤️

    56. Ron

      So people say those Winter Soldier activation key words to Sebastian Stan all the time. I guess if one day Sebastian gets real not in the mood for it, he can act real angry and pretend he's Winter Soldier and take your coffee and toss it outside and you will be standing there applauding, not realizing that you just pissed off Sebastian Stan.

    57. Chase Haney

      seeing Chadwick man

    58. Chase Haney

      hahahahha Sebastian Stan: their was so many times I wanted to ask him about all the stuff he's done and he was so kind next clip: guy slapping him in the face



    60. Daniel Beatty

      🤣 Sebastian: "Robert Redford was so kind..." Robert Redford: *slaps Sebastian in the face 🤣🤣😂 3:44

    61. umu hani

      He had the best character development in the mcu

    62. G.S

      Now that Chris and RDJ are gone, I can really see how Anthony and Seb have stepped up to take the mantle and shape the new culture of the MCU cast. From being a bit lost in the start to being more involved and invested.

    63. Madison1944

      7:12, poor Sebastian, feel bad for him! 😂😔

    64. Sonia Mendes

      I loved the old arm too seb!

    65. Ineng Ineng

      Sebastian feels so much like Luke Skywalker, looks like him too.

    66. Dr Shrimp

      Good day winter soldier

    67. Boa Hancock

      Sylvester Stallone as Monkey D. Luffy Ultraman Tiga

    68. Boa Hancock

      Sylvester Stallone ウルトラマンティガ IV The Legend Reborn

    69. Ashley Stockmeyer

      “And he was so kind” *shows video of him slapping bucky*

    70. mario yu

      The limping chill customarily enjoy because donna findingsinitially grab failing a fragile kangaroo. null, ugliest lamp

    71. Shannon Walters

      am i the only one who couldnt stop looking at his hair

    72. Shannon Walters

      i think im inlove with this man

    73. Rob Moss

      He’s so the next Luke skywalker

    74. Zin alabddin Mohieddin

      I love you Sebastian I love you so much

    75. Ewels

      He's not handsome. He's beautiful. Inside and outside.

    76. Hayako chan

      If I were you, I'd try it someday. I'd pretend I could have been activated, just for fun...XD

    77. Melania Vergoni

      So, I've been a huge fan of Sebastian's work for years now and can I just say that Ali Plumb is a hell of an interviewer? I remember the winter soldier's interview back in the day & he just asks the most interesting and right questions, it's truly compelling.

    78. Madeline Garber

      My brain can’t decide if his normal voice sounds like Bucky or a young Luke Skywalker or both. It’s a war of two franchises I love. We’re waiting for you to cast him as Luke Disney! I need to see my boy with a light saber.

    79. Dar Adamski

      He’s absolutely gorgeous 😍🥰

    80. wanda maximoff

      i saw an edit of the part with Rocket with the song from the sound of music

    81. Dude

      Sebby, don't be so modest. All 3 of the Captain America movies are about you. In every movie, Steve tries to save Bucky.

    82. Brandi Brown

      You always make the guys so comfortable when you interview them good job

    83. Jess Ivens

      argh he looks so good bye-

    84. Alex The Mandalorian

      The Winter Soldier And The Falcon

    85. Jitka Manová

      that's was a delightful interview

    86. Mark Hanna

      The real mercury notablely memorise because william individually squash apud a inquisitive technician. three, little paste

    87. erika bonifacio

      I love him sm omg

    88. Seda Akman

      why nobody talk about 05:11 ?? Helllo we see the arm proses in the falcon and the winter soldier...AWSOME

    89. Pearl P

      These two, their conversations literally revolve around anthony's legs, leg days, and his quads, and then sebastian's couch

    90. Abigail Jockle

      He plays such a dark character but he’s such a cute puppy in real life

      1. Bucky barnes

        @Sebastian Stan omg I am a huge fan of you. If you reply to this message, I will cry.

      2. Sebastian Stan

        Hello, thank you for your comment and support,your love and support is what got me this far,keep supporting me ❤️ Kindly leave a mail sebastianstanofficial17@gmail.com

    91. Leylanie Martinez

      3:50 3:51 3:52 3:52 3:52 3:52

      1. Sebastian Stan

        Hello, thank you for your comment and support,your love and support is what got me this far,keep supporting me ❤️ Kindly leave a mail sebastianstanofficial17@gmail.com

    92. Brianna Johnson

      Winter's Children makes me think of a story idea where Hydra used Bucky's DNA to make more Winter Soldiers and after he escapes, he goes on a journey to save these brainwashed trained killers who are effectively his children

    93. Felipe Sene Januário

      8:01 I wonder if his gf says that in moments like... You know... 😳🤔

    94. kj's brain dump ✌🏽

      i feel like... the eyeliner could've worked if they didn't overdo it... like the eyeshadow no... but simple liner YES

    95. Ethala

      I like Winter's Children, honestly. Because it feels like it came around so organically FROM the actor it makes it feel kinda fun.

    96. Ethala

      I'm glad he talked about the warpaint/eyeliner, lol! I appreciated the strategic use of it a lot. It never felt weird to me, and that's pretty nice

    97. paperghostt

      i really love sebastian for saying that the falcon deserves to headline the show

    98. Trista Webster

      is any one gonna talk about the dead spider hanging in the background oh no they killed spiderman

    99. döniz hargitai

      I love how Sebastian is the sweetest man on the Earth, really nice and shy and like "people leave me alone please, I dont wanna talk" but then in the MCU he's the deadliest weapon, a professional assassin and gives you the creep with his eyes and silence (okay, not anymore but still could be)

      1. Bucky barnes

        @Sebastian Stan hey Sebastian Stan, I am your biggest fan of the winter soldier character that you play. If you reply to the comment, I will cry because I always wanted to meet you

      2. Unboxing dudy

        Like someone said here ,we love an introvert

      3. Sebastian Stan

        Hello, thank you for your comment and support,your love and support is what got me this far,keep supporting me ❤️ Kindly leave a mail sebastianstanofficial17@gmail.com

    100. The Mad Titan

      Ali is such a great interviewer he asks the most interesting questions and knows how to get the most out of an actor while still keeping it fun like in this interview here with Sebastian. I also appreciate a lot the fact that he turned down the lighter metal arm for the sake of being true to the character and source material which I never knew that before and I think is a mark of a superb actor.