CallMeKevin your song cover 1 HOUR

salted harry

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    Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed!
    This is not my video just a 1hour version the channel is linked below i just liked the song
    Kevin’s channel -
    Main channel -
    Instagram - salted_harry
    Website -

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    1. Chase Dabu

      Call me kevin 1 hour your song cover more like Bore ragnarok

      1. salted harry

        @Sender 463 posted

      2. legoowls

        @salted harry 👀

      3. salted harry

        @Sender 463 sure ill have it up soon

      4. Sender 463

        @salted harry hurt by call me kevin

      5. salted harry

        @Mannequin Man what more 1 hour covers?

    2. Hello :D

      please i really just listened to this whole thing no regrets there, his voice is stunning *edited a spelling mistake rip

    3. John Franks

      ngl I like his arthur poster in the back

    4. Aaron Schwarz

      Elton Johnny Cash

      1. salted harry


    5. phoenix

      He should be on a talent show!

    6. Evo0Mode

      I cried to this when he first released the video

    7. Renee Luk

      God bless

    8. Gunther Smurf

      I love this song

    9. Olivia12333

      Plz do Let Her Go (it’s on call me Kevin sings), I wanna put it on loop but idk how to do video editing and he talks quite a bit around the corners

      1. salted harry


      2. salted harry


    10. QuackinOut

      I love this, this makes me do the cry of the good

      1. QuackinOut

        Making a cover of Kevin's version of this song, pretty excited for it, but my friend says he needs to get some stuff set up, gives me more time to work on the vocals. :)

    11. IggySSBU

      Kevin could totally make his own songs and just become a professional singer/songwriter. It would be sad to see him go, but if that's the route he wants to take then we'll let him do it!

    12. The Nameless

      You are my hero! I'm trying to fall asleep to this but it's hard when you have to restart it. Well, I'm off to sleep. Thanks :)

    13. Thelastarcadegamer

      YAY! Now I just have to restart it 10 times!

    14. Ahegao Jesus

      mmh crispy!

    15. Ms. Squidward

      Did you do this with his Hurt cover? if not you should

      1. salted harry


    16. Adam Wieczorek

      I almost forgot to listen to this today

    17. Norma Arroyo

      Can someone give me the lyrics to this cover. I would really appreciate it

      1. Olivia Magaro

        it's the same as the original lol

    18. Shania ツ

      kinda forgot I was listening to the one hour version

    19. Eisen

      This song is literally perfect for any/every situation.

    20. ms. panda

      thank you so much, i have about 53 minutes before work, i need this

      1. salted harry

        No problem lol hope you got the work finished

    21. Calla Schiefelbein

      I would love it if you also did one of these for his “hurt” cover.

      1. salted harry


      2. salted harry

        I will get it dome asap!

    22. David Nickel

      Now I just need a Spotify version

    23. Oliwia Mańka

      amazing! anyone knows the chords to this?

      1. salted harry

        Sorry i don’t know

    24. SOLWOLF

      YES YES YES. I just love this version and his voice so so much

    25. DannyBoi

      Putting this on repeat

    26. Hey, Shut Up

      Kinda wanna learn guitar and try this

    27. Brandon Wells

      You made a video of what I was doing for the last few days. You’re a hero

      1. salted harry

        No problem lol 😂

    28. Ashley Stewart

      Let's be honest better than original one

      1. salted harry

        @Olivia Magaro nope lol

      2. Olivia Magaro

        take it back-

      3. salted harry

        Yeah 100%

    29. rift_

      thank you.. this is like a blessing

    30. nsjs17

      This video auto-played while I was doing something else, and I didn't even notice it was the hour version. I was enjoying it so much it took me some time to think "wait why is it STILL playing?"

    31. Danueva '


      1. salted harry

        Np 😂 but thank kevin for the song

    32. Kris

      Kevin is absolutely amazing, Such a genuinely sweet and kind guy, I love when he shows us this side of him.

      1. salted harry


    33. Owen Brown


    34. Taylor Gwaltney

      Fuck it I need a 10 hour version

      1. salted harry

        I can make one lol 😂

    35. Rude Pancake

      He’s such a great guy and his voice is beautiful

      1. salted harry


    36. Declan Terry-Lacrosse

      Kevin definitely has a great singing voice.

      1. salted harry

        Yes 100%

    37. This is a YouTube account.

      Thank you so much for this!!!!!!!

      1. salted harry

        Np! I needed one for my homework so i thought id make it

    38. FevShin-


    39. FevShin-

      O dislike wow

    40. Robbie Hoye

      I don't have to restart it manually now!

    41. badgermatrix

      damn son, good job with this one.

      1. salted harry

        Yeah its nice

    42. Juxtaposition

      Thank you!

      1. salted harry


    43. Scrambled 59

      1 hour of pure talent

      1. salted harry


    44. J0K 3z

      Hey I love it man

      1. salted harry

        @J0K 3z haha np

      2. J0K 3z

        I know he made it i love Kevin but I thank u for making a 1 hour version

      3. salted harry

        @J0K 3z i didn’t make the song callmekevin did but i wanted a 1 hour version for my homework so i made it lol

      4. J0K 3z

        Thank u for posting this

    45. salted harry

      I know i don’t own this video and the music but this got claimed by like 10 things wtf?

      1. salted harry

        @Rijul Singla np!

      2. Rijul Singla

        @salted harry cool cool thanks btw ! Helps a lot.

      3. salted harry

        @Rijul Singla i have no monitization and credit him and the original song in the description

      4. Rijul Singla

        Btw Kevin is okay with people posting these type of videos right?

      5. Jay Wawa

        @salted harry you are a legend