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  1. God Flave

    Did I just see Doritos is a pringles can

  2. Fireskullbro


  3. mr.Viel-man

    "Sir we have to retreat, they have aim assist. What do you mean they patched it on controller? He clearly has aim assist sir!"

  4. GettingReported

    Haha, they’ll never see it coming

  5. steven erwin


  6. Ricardo Bravo

    I can’t wait to take over this place in just cause 5

  7. Guillermo Garcia

    It's either the concrete was made in Germany or the jet was made in China. (Its a joke don't take it seriously)

  8. John Wick's pencil

    They never plan on this thing seeing actual combat. This is very obvious just for show, a jewel in the crown so to speak to say they have a carrier.

  9. Brandon Heyen

    Leave got denied

  10. Deaven Cuellar

    No thats a kosatka

  11. Ron LaFlamme

    Except for the new mega carriers....

  12. Zzzz

    That's one big fucking plane -Master Oogway

  13. Jose Abularach

    "......Its not what you think!"

  14. じえーび。

    Real life metal gear 😂🤣

  15. Artillery Boi

    I think its a ps controller

  16. today's need

    OUR submarine

  17. Gamer 197

    2:26 war thunder in nutshell

  18. Blaze Duffy

    Its a counter uav lol

  19. amjid ali

    This is how they tested Pentagon wall concrete live on 9/11 with a passenger plane and there concrete faild because plane penetrated all of there ring walls 🤔🤔🤔🤔😬😬😬😬

  20. San Amitah

    Not special from edited versions, sad to know

  21. Brainglow_Litebright_

    “Enjoy the last moments of your life” LOL

  22. Nicolas Rose

    "quadurat demunstrandum" That which was going to be proved..... As in :"what do you think will happen ?"..."um..that ?"

  23. Guido Huijsmans

    New number 1: human

  24. Michael Hynd

    That's cool.

  25. Gaseous Clay

    PVT: I bet you won't. SGT: Bet.

  26. Mr.X

    I set an appointment at my local dealer to test drive a nuclear carrier

  27. Doc. Herbal

    Tbh, I think it’d be pretty soothing for them. Making it feel like they aren’t in the middle of the sea.

  28. Agung Wibowo Ibrahim

    just don't go to the ocean

  29. Kartik Savaliya

    Only one question Why we can not use a simple fuking horce?

  30. Betterifitsfree

    That's strange, 2 inch dent in the concrete here but when a jet hit the Pentagon with no cameras filming, it bored a linear circular hole into the building they said.

  31. Ricardo Bravo


  32. jericho hill

    Great video. My sister and I were literally talking about this yesterday

  33. Rey Carroll

    How dare you end there

  34. C. Hawker

    I prefer The Red Arrows

  35. Macken Markus

    " Laser weapon that you can't see or hear " - of course not, its a laser weapon ! 😂

  36. PaleRider

    Navy isnt a branch. Just a cheap getaway cruise

  37. Marine

    When your name is Marine: IM SPECIALLL

  38. Mr. Suspicious

    His cousin has one long pp

  39. Minerva Galvez

    Oooooo, MILITARY LEGO SET!!!


    Plot twist : The plane went into Hogwarts.

  41. Jack Hoff

    "But in russia.. its not what you think"

  42. Ed edd

    I think you are trying to say something with no fire and no explosion 🤔

  43. MakingKnowSense


  44. Vince Stevens

    I clicked on this vid thinking this was the name of a formula 4 car 😂

  45. Christina Sornbutnark

    I’m a destroyer girl myself, great choice, amazing ship!

  46. HYDRO YT

    Looks like an 👽 alien

  47. HBomb HPlayer

    Look at that and think what your kids kids will see in 100 years what we do to this planet I think space is the only future for us.. Let's hope we live in a country that belive and are willing to spend money for the future. 👍

  48. Z K

    I hate people that purposefully waste things!😡

  49. dat boi

    This is one smart fucking plane

  50. Normisity

    Sea wizz


    Speed: light Power: unknown Weakness: *mirror*

  52. E vazkee

    Future disaster


    “What’s worse than having your arm fall asleep” “Getting your arm blown off in combat”

  54. Cody Tain

    I am glad we do return that stone to our Fatherland. The german treatment of veterans and combatlosses is actually pretty non-existing outside the families of servicemembers. So I think its super nice and an act of honoring all who served overseas, especially them who paid the biggest price and left their lives in foreign soil.

  55. Patriot Rebellion

    Except now we can't wait to see ShitsHisPants fly and fail to land in an Osprey. Amazing how things change.

  56. hey_youtube Im_back

    Brilliant assesment

  57. Valley Boy James

    So Bush did 9/11

  58. Arman Moradi

    I love this Plz make more!

  59. Edi Wow

    I remember 911.

  60. Mi Gu

    Mark the airdrop

  61. Wylin Out

    And thus the idea for 9/11 was born

  62. Ultra instinct Goku

    R2D2 goes beep boop whilst cwis goes *BRRRRRRRRRTTTT*

  63. Capt. Mc Devil

    Russian problems requires bombing solutions

  64. Laugh timed 14 Da ads

    This is a training video they show to the sniper in tf2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Joshua Jimbun

    What made the Al Qaeda think that a commercial jet would have any effect to a concr.....wait.

  66. W Lewis

    Ya still to this day I have nightmares of the Blue Angles, I was just a boy when I watched them clip each other's wings when trying to do a stunt at the Niagara Falls 107th base when I was a young child, my father helped put out the fiery recks because he was a local firefighter and also one on the base. If memory serves me I don't think the where supposed to be flying that day because the airshow started the next day but someone put the wrong date on the flyers and posters for the event. Sad sad day in my young life

  67. Blake Taylor

    Hold up is this Alex from DOJ and FIVEPDwith buggs and Jeff??????

  68. lukie

    There's this cool animal called Donkeys, it's better and more efficient than that fake bootleg horse military robot

  69. Phoenix

    Water cooled Gatling gun, sick

  70. EPizzle

    Did he say “don’t pee”??

  71. Rian Cendana

    Well, now we know that 9/11 is very weir

  72. Kopi O kaww..

    do you really see that those ships being cancelled? or was it being cancelled on papers?

  73. Darius Bailey

    I see u with the ax-50

  74. Frank Devitt

    What a waste of a perfectly Good F14 Phantom Jet. If you have any more donate it to me So I can beat the morning Peak Traffic!

  75. Craig Haines

    Wow.I would never have guessed that outcome . Thanks so much for clarifying that 🤦

  76. ahmed hussein

    Why the hell then the snipers in watch dog never miss

  77. Battlehammer

    A double edged sword... a) would be awesome to see this thing do its job up close irl, b) if you get to see it do its job up close, you are in some *real* shit

  78. Insomnia Nightowl

    "Were suppose to drop humvee to the battlefield, NOT DROP KINETIC BOMBARDMENT TO OUR COMRADE"

  79. caleb ganley

    I was close in the beginning I thought *big ugly fat freak 😂