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  1. weedthenorth 84

    I played destroy all humans, aliens can't swim

  2. weedthenorth 84

    You were able to go into a church without bursting into flames?

  3. neotheresa

    I love how they all start calling Dan “Daniel” whenever they’re concerned he’s doing something

  4. Zack Pullen

    So I’m not too familiar with Jack’s content, why are they calling him Sean sometimes? Or is Sean a different person and I’m just missing something lmao

  5. Jared

    The thumbnail makes the bad guys look like a couple that flip houses

  6. Lianne Degerness

    They keep apologizing for taking so long to play and I thought the chatting was hilarious!!! Also, I would totally watch/listen to a Irish Lads podcast

  7. Peter Sketch

    Good Times.

  8. Brent Merlinhoot Boodangy

    1:45:07 I love the toad voice

  9. Ol' Dreäddy

    Me: Dan the villain Kevin's chat: Dan the villain Kevin: Dan the villain Others: Dan the villain Dan the villain: *Teehee*

  10. RatCryptid

    every time I hear Burger Shot I think of Jackie (Kiwo's old character) and get sad lmao

  11. The Average Artist

    Well, I want to back Kevin obviously, but old Montgomery Mole is top tier character.

  12. Aly H

    I love that cute Swedish camera lady, hope she comes back :) Edit: I am in tears at Sherry dancing and the man screaming about glue in the background

  13. Alex SomethingClever

    Don’t think we are gonna forget about the hot tub stream, we will be waiting lol

  14. Kate Davis

    The Irish Lads make me so happy.

  15. Wa

    The synchronized "what?" At 27:30 lol

  16. Kadi Wall

    Dan needed so many friends because by the end nobody wanted to be his real friend

  17. Ariel Hebert

    You know it's gonna be a good day when you laugh so hard that your whole face cramps up. 😂 Thanks for making my day, lads! Sidenote: An Irish Lads podcast would be amazing, and I would totally watch it. I'm confident that plenty of people feel the same way I do. 😁

  18. cinny


  19. Gavin Barsby

    1:35:16 perfection

  20. Ol' Dreäddy

    I 'like' the fact that the mods on nopixel will perma-ban you even if you have to leave for a sudden medical emergency...

  21. Fun With Minerals

    I was waiting for the ddr5 compatible motherboards before upgrading.

  22. Kady Tabbert

    IRflow reccommendations: Hey, hey, psst! We think you wanna watch this next. :3 Me: Nah, nah, lemme choose my own video, thanks. This video: You'll watch me next, bb, IRflow *K N O W S*

  23. LongLiveHarryPotter7

    Spudcast or Spodcast, come on guys

  24. Elizabeth Joy Halladay

    3:12:00 my mind flew straight in the gutter omg that was hilarious 😂

  25. LongLiveHarryPotter7

    “I came outta the p*ssy Top-o-the-mornin’-ing, ya know” Blursed sentence for fecked up mercy XD

  26. LongLiveHarryPotter7

    Kevin’s face while he listens to Dan describe a dancing hole puncher ...

  27. Sebas

    Damn I have never seen that amount of bad luck spaces in action, my crew and and I only had 1 per game

  28. Kace Purnomo

    is it me, or kevin looks so pale and ill ? its concerning what happen ?

    1. SolidMoonbeams

      Nah, he just looks like that

    2. Armando Dynamite

      he's just irish

    3. Jay C

      He did get surgery recently so

  29. aamumyrsky

    does anyone have the timestamp where kevin is throwing the bowling balls

    1. aamumyrsky

      wait found it, it's around 50 minutes

  30. Fabio Vitoriano

    Yaay, the show hasn't worked. Grognak is the lone wolf she should always has been and is.

  31. Fraser142

    YES I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH :D the man of pure dedication of madness (josh) the man of pure evil / cult (kevin)

  32. Who Arted

    Who's our little hardcore boyyyy?

  33. edelmarzipan007

    Ah, great a new stream. I can't wait watching Daithi screaming at Kevin for 3 hours straight :D

  34. Liana Wiley

    I love how thick his accent gets when he talks with them 😭

  35. J Last Name

    Honestly I'm just surprised by how close Kevin came to winning both times.

  36. Infinitise

    Dhdjsndj I snorted laughing for the first time in my 27 years BC of Sean going off about his family

  37. Malin B

    all the other ladies when the host goes "there's no way you're single, look at you" to eva: (':

  38. TokyoDeathGhoul

    GUYS! I just checked Twitter and not only are Nogla and Brian following Kevin on Twitter, but so is Tyler. Of Nogla and Brian's large group, Tyler being the only other one following Kevin makes me think we will be seeing a 4 way GTAV RP crossover seeing as they all started a RP series around the same time.

  39. Raisa

    WHAT THE FUCK HOW DID NOGLA GET THE SLOWPOKE BONUS, not even mad just supremely confused

  40. Roger

    2:46:22 hahaha

  41. Aghross

    the video is fun but the wow this game is bad

  42. SuperSnoobles

    The hot tub stream is happening boyssssss

  43. Moira A

    2:01:38 does he say "very impressed"?

  44. tttiiaa

    I really like the dice guy.

  45. Noah Wattel

    1:33:54 he should have gotten that bottom one

  46. DataTheAndroid

    After seeing how Daithi won, I know how everyone felt at the end of Harry potter first movie when Gryffindor won the house cup

  47. Addict

    If they start an irish lad podcast it should be called the Pubcast

    1. Swedish Fluffery

      The Irish lads pubcast

  48. Noah Wattel

    1:05:08 sean was right and daithi was wrong

  49. Hauyne Geek

    I clicked so fast

  50. U・ᴥ・U

    christ, there were so many cursed quotes in this stream

  51. MoronicInsanity

    It always weirds me out whenever I see my home state get mentioned. Alabama does nothing good except memes

  52. Floaty Potato

    steve is the new damien

  53. Martin Andersen

    A great game to watch Kevin play

  54. iGameInMyPants

    Looks like there's just 1 person needs sacrificing to Glasnok ... -_-

  55. Pikaso Animations

    55:40 I though Alexa was saying "War Crime".. ngl I wouldn't be surprised

  56. Mr. Fister

    Callmekevin is the bestest !

  57. TD Atomic

    Oh hey I was watching this when it was live lmaoo

  58. M00

    Me: I like Daisy. She's my favourite. Dan: Daisy shouldn't exist.

    1. Ol' Dreäddy

      Dan the villain.

  59. TokyoDeathGhoul

    Oh God even The Lads know how severe Nogla's Pokemon addiction is.

  60. elvensith001


  61. Anime -rwk

    funny how everytime his char spawns in plane they always do a barrel role on their own lol

  62. Madeleine Barker

    “Kevin’s going to have 5 children” Me, having war flashbacks to Kevin laughing at test babies being obliterated during mediashare

  63. Ah-J

    next they have to play overcooke

  64. pvp G

    whos the tom behind the mask

  65. AbsoluteScotsman

    yo why dont you make a podcast called meth lads

  66. AbsoluteScotsman

    Daithi had the ultimate redemption ark

  67. A Name

    First a calendar, a billboard, and then a hot tub? This is perfect! 🤣

  68. Jessica B

    I was about to rewatch the Mario Kart stream and then I saw this. I never clicked on a video so fast 😂 I'm glad to see that Jack is back

  69. coldflame539

    RT is Luigi, while Kevin is Waluigi.... That sounds about right

  70. Yo, Nice Paprika

    I keep thinking kevin has a seatbelt on

  71. Ash Rowan

    Nathan on your side is fucking peak Canadian humour they had these sketches on 22minutes all the time

  72. Ferret Venom

    The surprised Kevin face is my favorite. For example: 1:04:15

  73. Jassie K

    Hands down the best Chaos mod video so far 😂😂😂

  74. PyroGamer

    Kevin being just a boss in League makes me like the man so much more

  75. horseless power

    Kevin your like juice wrld I only listen to juice and watch you on a daily lol ever since I founded u I watch you everyday theirs always something to watch bout you and u just human today other youtubers be bout clout you your actually genuine and thats hard to find shout to u watch you gonna grow a dummy lot either this year or next year your just a likeable person hope ur leg or foot gets better


    just started but i know this is going to be bonkers

  77. orange potato

    What's funny is that everyone thought Kevin would screw this up but he's the one that's giving decent advice to everyone xD

  78. Dreaming Rae

    Anything with the Irish lads is amazing

  79. Coen Koch

    6000 views if i watch ill ruin it but if i watch 900 times it will be even better

    1. Koala Kay

      *insert big brain meme here

  80. LethalScientist

    I’m pretty sure Kevin didn’t win the slowpoke because the ally moved count and dogla didn’t have one