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  1. Animals Fun Dub

    ZHC in 5 years: "Today were gonna paint all planets in a month 😝😝😝😝

  2. romaisa aamer

    i have a science exam tmrw

  3. Ayaana Gupta

    Next video: painting 20 apple products for black pink ( by the way big black pink fan)

  4. Clys Vhynn Chyas Janayan


  5. Danee Adriel


  6. BLINK💕


  7. Chinnari Infra-Con

    Can I get 2 Nintendo switch please please I am bagging you

  8. Pranati Kanungo

    Zhc ♥️

  9. Arwa's Magic Fantasy

    Why isn't Micheal here

  10. Billieh dianahu

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  11. maithili gupta

    I think this is the first time izzy is doing space theme

  12. Vinh Nguyễn Chính

    when i saw these gingerbread house my mouth was like super yummy :D

  13. Emma Jenséus

    Hi ZHC I love your videos they are making me happy

  14. Ghislaine Latina

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  15. Sean Wongso

    wait do jake watch attack on titan :O

  16. char sue ping

    I subscribed!🥰😀

  17. N S Gaming

    viv's dragon looks like its a taxi dragon

  18. J van Es

    I did this

  19. Aaswertuiol Xsrtyuionu

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  20. Roblox with Reem


  21. Anushree Srivastava

    Meishealle is so cute.

  22. kallmekris03

    Hi ZHC your are the best IRflowr EVER my life has been so hard my phone is craked I don't even have a iPhone and my brothers beat me up

  23. Anna Rose

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  25. Anna Rose

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  26. Gaming Tazzy Dev!l

    if I were in that challenge and lost scissors paper rock it would not matter because I am ambidextrous

  27. Therese Brigitte Mariievska

    ZHC fam... can you share your blessings on me? 😇 The best you can give...

  28. good wins


  29. ბარბარე სალია


  30. Cookiegirl joey

    5:54 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. ts_126

    I felt sad for Izzy bc she had a lot of attacks, but she WON!



  33. Sean Wongso

    i may be abit late but i subscribe in zhc and zhc craft and more for viv i hope she can get more more morr money

  34. Candy Mreow

    I subbed bestie

  35. Ash lewis Martin

    I always wanted to have dyed hair like Jaz.


    seriously I love all your videos your are doing great keep doing me and my family watch your videos thank you : )

  37. Roblox.vlogs.sisters X

    omg the dogie at the back in the start

  38. Ash lewis Martin


  39. Andre Wu

    I SAW A little white puppy in the backround

  40. Ash lewis Martin

    Izzy is so kind. And her house was littery the best

  41. SamuraI GaminG

    I subscribed😁😁

  42. IRAH

    Hi everyone

  43. Andre Wu


  44. Andre Wu

    FIRE EMOGIES FOR PRESTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. All In Pandu

    I've liked the flamingo most

  46. Andre Wu

    love you to :3 ZHC

  47. Andre Wu


  48. BlisS

    You have such a good friend s

  49. Andre Wu

    i also big fan f preston:)

  50. Ash lewis Martin

    0:25 what is a blue ball

  51. Andre Wu

    i subscribed:)

  52. Neighbor Hoodie

    Click bait it worked tho

  53. Ash lewis Martin

    They did awsome work but they destroy each others that is really sad

  54. Yandetheo Okayana

    Love this!!❤️

  55. umme haani

    this umme haani i got a mail that i was shortlisted among our winners but they are asking for shipping charges

  56. Angellika. Potsangbam

    I'm from india love from india

  57. Anay Das

    Good job


    3 years sub stiill noo giveany to me


    If you guys look closely attack on titian is inside

  60. Ash lewis Martin

    10:10 Viv finnaly win

  61. Aravind Babu

    new subscriber here hiiiii zach

  62. Ash lewis Martin

    We love Jaz. Tnx for saving a dinosaur. She should win too

  63. GamerX

    plz make it red and black

  64. Candy Mreow

    I subbed and turned on notifz

  65. nithin umesh

    How can you do that that so hard

  66. Ash lewis Martin


  67. hiro1111

    You you're copying mr beast

  68. hiro1111


  69. Harshith

    Bro my dream is to buy a iPhone 12pro can u please give me pleaseeeee

    1. Harshith

      Please bro

  70. Vinh Nguyễn Chính

    you guys are so creative even i can"t even made like that

  71. Jeremy Nelson

    Who the hell does he get enough money for all this he would have to have at least 12 jobs

  72. Ash lewis Martin

    Viv deserve a 1st palce

  73. Shaema Mahmod Mohamed Alkhder

    I’m shocked u r a fan of Lisa but wow , join the club blink !!

  74. Ash lewis Martin

    Please stop destroying their work. 3:27, 4:30 that is unnesecery

  75. Unxplored NeIndia

    i like it

  76. Ash lewis Martin

    Izzy's best one


    7:10-7:25 haha

  78. Ruth Buenaobra

    VIV is my fav artist she is sooo cool to draw