This is Gaurav Arora

This is my vlogging , gaming and food entertainment channel.

On this channel i share my life and hobbies with you guys.

I am an dietician and entertainer.

( for collaboration - [email protected] and mad team will get in touch with you.)

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  1. Noah Lie

    IRflow shorts is fucking my brain up. I actually did an IQ test before and after an hour of this shit. I lost 30 IQ points watching this shit. This made me actually dumber.

  2. legend xt gaming

    BHI mere sat pubg keloge please

  3. Pranjal Tripathi

    Virat kohli lite

  4. Banana Man

    Ur videos can be used as a torture method, thats how shit they r

  5. Noone Knows

    Gareebon ka Virat Kohli 😂😂😂

  6. Jéssica Silva

    No nobono

  7. Panda Cartoon

    First I think he's virat

  8. Noor Noor

    Olympic shoes

  9. جوجو الرسامة

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  11. BearvilleBear 14

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  12. vin diesel

    I spit on this video aaaayyyykkkk tttthhhhuuuuuuuu

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  15. Vijaya Arun

    What a brain

  16. قحطان حمد

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  17. Keirkeir Arnold

    No chips here🤣🤣

  18. Twinkle Singh


  19. Shreay Khandelwal

    Wah gareebo ke virat kholi

  20. Shubham Baliyan

    Bhai dikhte to around 30 ho or "dikhte" around 12 ho😂

  21. silver palace jewellers By Zeeshan Ali

    acting k 50 cut kro is k

  22. Deepak Singh

    Sasta virat

  23. cesar Navarro

    cren que no me di cuenta la cojera de su cara

  24. Bihari Laika

    Lockdown me bs yhi dekhna reh gya tha... Virat bhai😔


    Dora the explorer in real life

  26. The Uncanny Nightcrawler

    Cranial nerve exam lene bol

  27. FF Gaming

    Rcb means

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  30. Shaheen Umar


  31. Areeb Asim


  32. Rejaul

    Sasta virat

  33. raj mohd

    Virat gandu version

  34. Umair Jamali


  35. sun rises

    Salty water.. 😂😂😂😂

  36. S maurya

    That girl is dora the explorer lite

  37. P. Ankit Kumar

    Misusing kohlis face

  38. Saad Food & Life

    Is say khatay hain Dak kar bhi andakha 😂

  39. Mujahid Shah


  40. youtuber

    Didi ki eye sight check krao

  41. 🦋wajd Alenazi

    كملي كملي مصدقينك 😉🤣🤣

  42. Rohit Singh

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  44. Vijay Kumar

    Ur looking like virat

  45. funny thing 😅😊🤘❤️


  46. Nishad Samanta

    Virat kohli..😁

  47. PriyaSingh Channel

    Apni family k liye kitne blessings ?? 💞 1 🅢🅤🅑🅢🅒🅡🅘🅑🅔 = 💯 million ❤️🤗 ignore = 0 💔

  48. Anamika entertainment vlogs

    Duplicate Virat Kohli - Ending nahi dekhi to kya dekha 😂 Meanwhile me - Yes, maine ending dekhi hai and ending sabse bakwas thi 😩

  49. Ashwin maurya

    Ek side wala virat kohali 😂😂😂

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  51. محمد سبورلي

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  52. tony tucket

    Another attention seeking Idiot

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  54. Mickey girl channel

    Tunas per Hathi Ne Mara tha

  55. khan yousafxai

    Wo andhi hai hum q bathai😄😄🙏

  56. Yash

    Bhai stay strong. Don't get demotivated. Bas thoda editing pe work krloge th bro kaafi vlog viral honge

  57. Silvia Salazar molina


  58. Sartajaziz Mohammed

    Ghareebo ka Virat Kohli

  59. Aarush Verma

    Matlab litrely koi dhang ki video banao

  60. T95

    Eso que tiene de chistoso 😐

  61. Aarush Verma

    Ham gadhe hai

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  67. Ashhal Ch

    Dora the explorer lite

  68. Suraj Bhuravane

    Virat kohli

  69. Davy Pratama

    Wrga Prndvn sllu aja telat bikin kontennya😅 bisanya copy konten org mll... rajanya konten cringe klean lah😂

  70. user

    sneak increased to 99

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  73. mishthi ungdu

    New virat 😜

  74. Shashwat Patkar

    Andha tu hai, vo ladki hai, ya bc hum andhe hain?

  75. Nini's Coffe #YanındayızV

    कोई भी उसके लिए गिरने वाला नहीं है ।

  76. Сергей Бондаренко

    Эмиль Кио

  77. Mehsim Warraich

    Larki andhi hai

  78. RemingMcGamer

    the demo for “virat kohli listening to usher’s ‘yeah’”

  79. Babul Chetia

    Table cloth hata leta...gadha kahika