Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel.
This channel is about Foodies, Street Food, Seafood, Bakery, Barbecue, and best food all over the world.
I am trying to record different foods I find delicious in all places I go.
Hope you enjoy and have fun in this channel.

My equipment:
Iphone X
Go Pro 7
Sony AX-60

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  1. Mikey mouse

    Makan nasi dengan gaya

  2. Life test



    What are those rectangular things? Biscuits?

  4. kapil kale

    Invitation to piles

  5. Thoughts of Maha Khan


  6. Mazinha Lanys

    Que vontade de comer que deu ... Estão muito lindas ❤️ parabéns 👏👏👏👏

  7. Chaudhary Usman

    Very very bad khany wali cheez ko asay nhi krtya

  8. ЛАТОЯ Позитив

    Красавчик,, рубит также как я👌👍... за одну смену рубаю 100 кг куриного мяса 😂

  9. man gray


  10. Ayşe Gül

    Bu adam çok pinti

  11. Jane Stylinson

    Why is the garlic unpeeled? LOL

  12. Jose Luis


  13. Ahmad Khan

    My fav Street food

  14. Prakash Prakash

    Kitne rupay ka hai yarr

  15. ام محمد ام محمد

    تبارك الله.. الحجاب جميل

  16. Vishiv Gupta


  17. Motoyo Suzuki


  18. ام مالك

    محجبه ما شاء الله

  19. Ahmad Khan

    My fav STreet Food

  20. Laura Nunley

    They need to have inspections on every establishment to ensure the safety of customers. They just want the money rolling in and not wanting to spend all the time it takes to clean up all the grease, dirt, etc. I wouldn't eat there.

  21. Pydro

    Is that...is that edible?

  22. Naitik kasera

    What is it ?

  23. محمود محمد

    Peace be upon you. My name is Mahmoud, from Syria. I live in Lebanon. My situation is difficult. Milk is right. My daughter does not have. If anyone can help me, God will help me.

  24. Conan Cooking Bacon

    Where is this place

  25. susanti santi

    I can't eat it. Its too beautiful to eat.

  26. スーパーるーたん


  27. 千石亜由美


  28. Uma Reddy

    Wow super

  29. 千石亜由美


  30. ey gy


  31. Nour Barkat


  32. Loud Dream

    Now this is amazing 🤩 🤩.. Who else wanted the shinchan ❤️❤️

  33. 로스카이

    한국의 파절이 청양고추 쌈문화도 가져가는 클라스

  34. 月桜とホエミー


  35. Jabberwocky o

    A country without food, Russian never know

  36. Nabilla Rosita

    mirip Lumpia basah?

  37. Dipika Dutta

    Awesome 🎉🎉🎉

  38. kusnul cahyono

    He is dancing with barbeqiue

  39. kae 56


  40. Đá Nhỏ Hòn

    Ngon lắm í 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. 바다새


  42. HeyHe-y Y


  43. Elizabeth maribel Rojas cardenas

    Ok 👍 que rico 😋 porfa envíeme tú receta y está perfecto 👍 con sustitulo español porfavor te felicito 😊👍 saludos desde Lima Perú gracias que Dios te bendiga siempre 🙏 señor Jesucristo amén gracias

  44. らら


  45. Eljhai Aa


  46. achinliujim lover


  47. Silviana f Hanum

    Cuma terong di kasih sambel😂

  48. Srishti Sehgal

    I have seen this video with the title indian street food it was not indian

  49. Шевкет

    Imam baildi

  50. Roja Rani

    So fabulous

  51. Bad botch Down

    Marvelous work meanwhile all that kind of pastry seems dry as desert no syrup not enough cream garnishing so nice to see not to eat

  52. Angel Casis Toreja Veloz

    What are those black in color?

  53. SJ Han

    could someone please translate these comments ? I'm curious

  54. Jaswant Singh


  55. Santhoshi Harper


  56. Taste A Minute


  57. cook with sanjana

    I've spent my entire lockdown watching this channel. Maybe this will be a turning point in my luck. Love the aesthetics of the channel...

  58. apex k

    Ngl this looks like it tastes nasty. Burnt rice yum

  59. Eljhai Aa

    Should use gloves next time

  60. Yuvraj Shirose

    Khane ka kaise 😂

  61. Ponky Wolf

    Damn! Them the bread 11s?!

  62. Cokro kembang

    Bisa ga boss...

  63. Difficult Hkomo


  64. Jemah Puaka

    I love thosai

  65. Bipin Shrestha


  66. Bipin Shrestha


  67. 가을꽃



    Congratulations, is he very good cooking

  69. yoko stephano

    hey my sausage is not shared equally!!

  70. Choudhary Sawan

    It's so nice & yummy 😋 dish

  71. Marcéline Diamé

    C très bien bon travail